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  1. Really? How would I make that application? I was under the understanding that it all comes under constructive dismissal?
  2. Thank you for the reply you gave SWEETLOREAINE, I will look into getting the book. I have a colleague who recently left this company via a tribunal with almost the same issues as me, the company in question wanted to avoid court at all costs as the evidence stacked against them is immense. It was also noted that the representative on her behalf really didn't get all the facts until the day, and basically, had my friend not had her wits about her and know a thing or two about the law she would have still lost. She stood by what was factual, logged, recorded and documented, ( as will I),
  3. If I don't earn enough I simply can't afford a solicitor, and the big companies get away with it don't they. I definitely qualify on almost half of the requirements and with statements and evidence I feel like I have nothing to loose.
  4. Yes I have thought about this very seriously, my job I love has been compromised along with the people I work with, I did not want to leave, I have been forced to leave
  5. The cost for solicitors is ridiculous, I only work part time so this is not an option for me. I have however represented my self in court for a few years previous (other issues not relating) and am aware of the way things are done differently. I have been with the company for almost 3 years after transferring from the council (previously employed for the same role for 15+ years) I have been bullied, discriminated against, and been asked to compromise my role which breaks health and safety. And compromises myself and others I work with. I have documents, statements and recorded meetin
  6. Hi, I have had several meetings, , and I've written complaints and raised issues, with manager and managers above managers. This company has no HR no payrolls no legal section. No one listens and no one resolves issues. I have no other route to take
  7. I am due to leave my employment and want to file constructive dismissal or/and discrimination. Can I represent myself, if so, how do I find out the way to proceed? Can anyone help me?
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