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Found 24 results

  1. After 25 years with my employer, a large UK financial business, I am being made redundant at the age of 51 as they are closing my office. They offered me Voluntary Redundancy with enhanced terms on the basis I signed an agreement giving up my right to an undiscounted pension which may be otherwise payable on my redundancy. (Due to my length of service, I still have a final salary pension). I have not been given a reason why I have had to sign this other than 'it's policy'. I was hoping to take Early Retirement but the minimum pension age is 55 now. None of my other colleagues have been g
  2. Hi, thought I'd see if I could find any useful advice here. I'm very anxious so any good pointers much appreciated! I'll keep it as brief as I can: I'm a one-man IT dept for a medium size organisation - permanent position that has risen in seniority over 12 years. My line manager is proposing a reorganisation that will end my current role and replace it with an extremely similar role on a 2-year fixed term contract. Redundancy is an option, and I am unsure as yet if 'they' are keen for me to take it, or take the new role. I want to stay on, and I believe the new role is precisely my
  3. We learned yesterday that our entire catering team are to be made redundant as the contract we are working under has been terminated. But we also know that the new building owner has every intention of providing catering when they take over in a few months! This cannot be fair and surely that is what the TUPE regulations are designed for - does anyone have any advice?
  4. Hi guys! This is my first ever post on here and I'm in desperate need of help. I was employed as an apprentice from June 2015 working towards my NVQ Level 2 in Customer Service. Originally, my NVQ was supposed to end in October 2016 but as my employer refused to let me work towards it (I was told that absolutely everything else in the office took priority over my NVQ work) the end date was extended by my NVQ assessor to October 2017. When my end date was extended, my NVQ assessor informed me that the minimum wage I was entitled to would have increased in June 2016 (after completing my
  5. Good morning all! Basically after a bit of advice. The company that i work in has been taken over and we all got TUPE'd over and after reorganisation of the company I am going to be made redundant in the near future. Being disabled I am only fit enough to work about 22 hours a week and I get enhanced rate in both the Mobility and Care components of PIP (as well as Disabled tax credit which will end soon after I am made redundant). I presumed after being made redundant I would be able to go on JSA whilst I found another part time job. But then I discovered that like most areas singl
  6. Hi, I'd appreciate some advice if possible? I work 2 days per week in a shop. Although I've been there for 12 years I only signed a contract last year when the owner put the business up for sale. My contract states that i am employed for 2 days per week. I told the owner yesterday that I am only able to do 1 day going forward. (Since she has had no luck selling the business and keeps suggesting she may just close up I have found other work which is now more important to me). I don't want to make life any harder for her and have offered for that one days work to be flexible and on a day of her
  7. Hi all I work for a local charity and following advice that my department (I am the manager) was due to be 'restructured' and having been advised that my job was 'at risk' of redundancy, a new post was created with a new title and with my old job description modified a bit. The salary was also increased a little. It was advertised externally and I had to apply and be interviewed. I was unsuccessful, the reason given that there were candidate(s) with 'stronger' skills and experience. I will be redundant with effect from the end of March and paid statutory redundancy pay. The newly app
  8. I’ll try to be as brief as possible whilst giving all relevant info, so please bear with me! I have worked for the same company for almost 5 years, initially I was employed part time but within a yr was made full time. The company had been downsizing for a couple of years and had gone from a six company outfit down to one company, although the last company had gone into administration and wound up, it continued to operate as always but had added uk ltd to its former company name. The staff were retained but no employment contracts were given and they used the services of an agency to pay o
  9. question from the brother in law hes just been made redundant (unipart) he has two cars on finance (differnt companies), one he is going to sell once paid off (3 months to go), the other is the one he uses and he has only paid 4 months on he has been offered another job (well 2) but wont see any redundancy money or new wages for approx 2 months, during which he will be unable to pay his finance ive suggested that he contact them the one he doesnt drive, hes going to ask for a break of 2 months then pay the lot in full on the last month, if he gets told no on this ive told him to
  10. Hello, I became bankrupt in December 2011, and have confirmed that I was discharged in Dec 2012. In June 2012 I was issued an Income Payment Agreement, under the terms of which I must pay £105 per month until June 2015. I have just been made redundant and am now ( temporarily I hope) unemployed. The redundancy payment made to me was £12k. My question is simply, is the redundancy money mine to keep, or, despite the fact I am discharged, is it still possible for the OR to claim some or all of this money ( the sum owed at bankruptcy was £37k )? thanks
  11. Hi all, I have had some problems with work since November as I needed to take time off due to a disability. I had asked for months for SSP but they kept ignoring me and not giving a reply to my request. They then became quite nasty threatening me with dismissal even though I was following correct procedure. I eventually got some sick pay in March but they would not give me all of it and would not say in person or writing why. I got about 10 weeks SSP out of 18 weeks and supplied fit notes for another 17 days since then but they have not given me anymore nor given me a reason once aga
  12. Hello, Need to get to the bottom of this pretty quick. THe company I currently work for have identified my role as at risk due to it not being financially viable. I agree and to be honest will be happier out working for myself. When I start up my own buisiness, the company I will be leaving have a number of commissions that they really could do with me finishing and hence I have suggested the easiest thing would be to sub contract the work back to my limited company. The 'boss' is open to the idea but is not sure if he legally can. Does anyone know if this is correct? My
  13. One in three workers in the UK would be unable to pay housing costs for more than a month if they lost their job, according to new research. The survey of 2,041 UK adults by homeless charity Shelter found that 35% could not afford to pay rent or a mortgage by dipping into their savings for more than a month. Among households with children the situation is more precarious, with 43% unable to pay for their home for longer than a month if they lost their pay cheque, while 23% could not meet their payments at all. Campbell Robb, chief executive of Shelter, said: “These figures paint an alarmi
  14. Hi to anyone who reads this, i just want to know a few things about my current employment. I currently work for a big loft insulation company, they are proposing to make 8/27 technicians redundant and i unfortunately appear to be one of the 8. The government have cut back funding and it means my company need to adjust as there is too many technicians to work available. the way they have chosen the 8 ppl is from score cards from june last year up until december. attendance/quality/complaints etc.. I feel as though some of the lads that have been kept on shouldnt have been and i should be
  15. Hi all, Writing this for my daughter actually.. Yesterday , completely out of the blue , my daugther and 3 others were called to a meeting and told of their position ( in my daughters case, an assistant Editor) was to be made redundant. She has been in this post for the last 5 years. She was told that she could apply for voluntary, but this offer, with no details whatsoever is only available for about 24 hours or so . ?? So far there is no indication of any written notice appearing . The actual current editorial work is still on going and is most definitely going to to b
  16. I have just returned from 2 weeks holiday to find my redundancy notice letter left on my desk. I had been informed my job was at risk just prior to going on leave. The letter was dated the 2nd day of my leave and says i have 7 days to appeal, which had already passed before i opened it.!!! Can my employer issue my notice in such a way??
  17. Just wondered if I might get some help in the area of my current situation, any help would be greatly received; I have been a lorry driver for some years having worked for Eddie Stobart until my health deteriorated. Taking stock of my situation and failing health, (I asked for help and this was not available apparently!) I resigned my position as HGV Driver. My brothers partner (transport manager for a tanker operator) told me they have a job. Since she knew about my condition, she said the work was 4 on 4 off which we both agreed, might be better given my medical challenges. I worke
  18. My husband was made redundant on the 17th Aug. He did not hear anything for 10 days and contacted them to ask when his redundancy payment would be made. He subsequently received a letter saying he had been reinstated and immediately suspended on suspicion of keeping company files and for contacting companies looking for jobs during the consultation period. He doesn't have any company files but they are sending a private forensic computer investigator to audit our home IT equipment and refusing to pay any redundnacy. They have also said he can't contact anyone else looking for a job
  19. Hi Sorry if this post is misplaced or echoes another previously posted also I wont mention any names or any personal details in this as I am purely after guidance and dont intend to cause anybody any trouble. I was offered and accepted a job in a small catering business at 40 hours per week. The buisness only employed three full time staff. After nine days of work I was informed by the buisness owner i would be let go due to slow business. Effective immediately I was made redundant and have in writing it was due to no fault of my own. Nether other members of staff knew about this
  20. After working for a Company for the past 18 years, holding many, many different positions within the Company. I was informed 2 weeks ago that the Company were restructuring again & my job role was being made redundant. 4 'new' job roles ( 1 Quality Manager & 3 Quality Auditor's ) were created & i along with others were encouraged to apply for these jobs & after various one to one meetings & an interview i was finally informed yesterday by telephone ( Due to being off sick ) of the Companies decision that i had failed in my application & therefore would indeed be made re
  21. Apologies if this has been asked before, but I have been searching and can not find my exact problem. My fiancee is on maternity and due to return to work in November (although she was considering extending this). She doesn't wish to go back full time, so contacted her boss recently to discuss her options of either changing her hours, extended her maternity leave and/or find out any other possibilities available to her. She was asked to go into the office to meet with her boss to discuss what she would like to do, which, of course she did, and when she arrived, there was actuall
  22. My company is embarking on a program of redundancies as a cost saving measure. We are currently coming to the end of 'collective consultation'. We asked the question "Is there a voluntary redundancy programme?" the answer was that there is no official program, but you can put yourself forward and the company would consider it. The cuts are drastic (about 70%). Some people would prefer to be made redundant. I am considering putting myself forward but I am not really sure what the risks are? Where does that leave me afterwards, if I am declined? i.e. once I 'show my cards' as it were? Colle
  23. Hello, This is my first post in this forum but i'm hoping that a few of you could kindly give me some advice. My organisation is currently in the middle of the TUPE process and the new employers have offered me another possition within the company although this is only part time and for a fixed term compared to my current full time permanant contract. Becasue the new possitions T&C's are no where like my current T&C's i have the choice of redundancy if i refuse the new possition. My question is - Am i entitled to redundancy money at the end of the fixed term, part tim
  24. Hi there, I am looking for some help on my impending redundancy. I am a trainee, and work in the Civil Engineering private sector. I was advised last week that I am at risk of redundancy along with the rest of the team as they want to close the close the office. Others in the office have been relocated to another local(ish) office but we did not have that option. I am a trainee, and am referred to as such in all correspondence and even on my confirmation of redundancy risk letter. I wonder if it is actually legal to make a trainee redundant? I don't think it is morally, or ethicall
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