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  1. Hi. Right Kind of upsets, but here we go. I WAS self employed. Had an accountant, etc. I gave this up in March 2015. I told my accountant, etc., and they said they'd deal with it. I then took up full time employment with a company. HMRC sent me a letter to my name saying I owed them for tax and a late filing of returns. The bill was £1654.72. I agreed, and for the last four years or so, I'm been paying it through my PAYE. In about February this year, they said it was paid off, and my codes, etc., returned to normal. Today, an enforcement officer arrived, demanding £9,198.66, plu
  2. MOD confirms the death of Corporal Jonathan Bayliss, Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team (The Red Arrows) READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/mod-confirms-the-death-of-corporal-jonathan-bayliss-royal-air-force-aerobatic-team-the-red-arrows Such sad news my Condolences to his Family/Friends/those who new him and served with him RIP.
  3. 10 years ago, my motorcycle was clamped for allegedly being on the road when SORN. I do not believe that this was the case, I paid the release fee and shortly afterwards moved to Guernsey. I learned that I had been prosecuted without my knowledge, but as there was no way I could be pursued for the fine out of jurisdiction, I forgot about it. Having moved back to the UK, I received a letter from HMCTS historic debt team demanding £523.75. I contacted them to say I had been prosecuted without my knowledge and was advised to make a sworn statement to that effect in my
  4. We learned yesterday that our entire catering team are to be made redundant as the contract we are working under has been terminated. But we also know that the new building owner has every intention of providing catering when they take over in a few months! This cannot be fair and surely that is what the TUPE regulations are designed for - does anyone have any advice?
  5. Prince Harry unveils the UK team for the Invictus Games 2017 READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/prince-harry-unveils-the-uk-team-for-the-invictus-games-2017
  6. is there an actual complaints team to contact and how can the email or postal address be found please? numerous phone calls with different people saying different things, wrong calculations, threatening letters, and no reply to letter of complaint to the office address given on the letter. seems like all letters to them are ignored and they say different things on phone calls.
  7. Hi all Nearly 6 months ago my Father in Law was diagnosed with terminal cancer. The Palliative Care team at his Hospital immediately requested that the council fit a level access shower in his council flat. 4 months later, his wife had heard nothing so rang the Council up. Was told that the adjudication Panel had rejected the request! The next day his daughter phoned to plead with them to reconsider. They immediately phoned back to say they had granted the application. No reason was given for the refusal or the reconsideration. She was phoned in August to say they would start
  8. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/prince-harry-unveils-the-uk-team-for-the-invictus-games-2016
  9. The shop where i work was visited yesterday by a member of the revenue protection team. Stating their meter had been tampered with and they have been billed £14402. (13500 is for estimated gas usage) Firstly the reason I am looking into this for them is that they are Malaysian and have a very basic understanding of English. They took over the shop from a previous tenant in 2007 and have had the meter read throughout this period of time. Last week they came and changed the meter and stated the meter would be sent for forensic testing etc. This resulted in the RPO turn
  10. Hello, can anyone help us please? A family member of my OH died recently and we're trying to sort out his mobile phone with Vodafone. I can't find a non-premium rate line for customer services and their website is very quiet about a bereavement team. One possible problem is that this relative has a Vodafone account that also includes his wife's phone on the same monthly payment. We're trying to cancel his account and leave her account running, with the same mobile number. Any suggestions gratefully received. HB
  11. All the web links to the Sky accessibility team are broken and emails to them bounce back as 'mailbox closed' leaving the only options for contacting them as the phone. If you're registered with them in the first place because you have difficulty using the phone, that is less than helpful. Using Live talk (through billing queries, everything else just says there's no one available, try later) I managed to 'speak' with an adivisor who promised to get someone from the team to contact me urgently, three days ago. Needless to say, it hasn't happened. I presume all will be fixed fair
  12. Hi Guys Could someone please set up an announcement regarding emails received by Lowell last night? I would like to see how many people were affected. If they could please let me know the would be great. Quote Lowell "We were attacked last night and out IT team switched off the exchange server to prevent other emails being sent. We have not been able to confirm numbers of people affected and if any data was compromised. If you have been affected please contact Lowell directly and they will put you in contact with their IT team who will endeavour to help you rem
  13. I today went to see the mental health team regarding my stress and anxiety. The guy i spoke to said i probably have health and social anxiety and could probably do CBT therapy to help. Will i get a letter from them showing my diagnosis??? Because i will need this for my ESA appeal.
  14. After Nigeria was eliminated from the world cup the Nigerian captain personally offered to refund all the expenses of fans that travelled to Brazil . He said he just needs their bank details and pin numbers to complete the transaction.
  15. Hi Everyone, On the 2nd and 3rd May totally £1250, my card was used and a refund was given for a number of transactions from a betting site. But then on the same day as the refund they used up another £1800. I then disputed these again. My daughter also put £2000 in my account without knowing what had been going on and this was also taken. In total I have £3550 missing. The fraud team at Nationwide said that they have a great relationship with the casino in a 'we don't believe you way' and asked me to go in the branch and present my passport to verify my ID and speak to them while I wa
  16. I recently spoke to Vodaphone about leaving them as my bills at £50 a month were too high for me. of course, their Retentions team were falling over themselves to help keep me. They offered me a new contract at £21 a month with free texts, free calls and alot more data to use. I also asked if they could replace my iphone 4s for an exact same model as part of the deal as I had dropped it in water awhile back and although still working, it occasionally turned itself off and lost sound etc. When my new phone came I was really pleased but it took just over a week to realise that I had ha
  17. i know this is not the place to put this and dont know where to put it but i guess someone will put this in the right place,,,,,,,,, just would like to wish all the cag team a very very merry xmas and a happy new year to you and ur family and a big thank u to the guys helping me here couldnt do it without u thank u to one and all and keep up the fantastic work you do for each and everyone of us here. MARRY XMAS
  18. Hi, Can anyone help please I had some loans with wonga through out 2010 but paid off loan and never used again, anyway after getting into a bit of difficulty I went to stepchange who checked my credit file and came up with a wonga debt of 1569.51 so of course I have contacted wonga who said the loan was from 9/12/2010 and as I had no knowledge of the loan except on my credit file they passed me to fraud department - who are now investigating. What I want to know is if i did owe this money why haven't I heard from them in last nearly 3 yrs? Are the investigators competent as in wil
  19. http://www.ipcc.gov.uk/news/Pages/pr_210812_HMRC.aspx?auto=True&l1link=pages%2Fnews.aspx&l1title=News%20and%20press&l2link=news%2FPages%2Fdefault.aspx&l2title=Press%20Releases
  20. http://www.ipcc.gov.uk/news/Pages/pr_210812_HMRC.aspx?auto=True&l1link=pages%2Fnews.aspx&l1title=News%20and%20press&l2link=news%2FPages%2Fdefault.aspx&l2title=Press%20Releases
  21. http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/newfoundland-labrador/story/2012/08/15/nl-olympic-athletes-touched-by-timbit-815.html
  22. I found a PDF where it is possible to see the adressee details please advise how I can pass this info on to yourselves thanx. I have posted in the thread as well.
  23. I got a letter: I already know they're reducing my Housing Benefit to £90/week (central London) - this will happen in a couple of weeks time. They told me this ages ago, i'm not sure why they are now coming to see me? As the HB will be lower than my rent, will they make me leave by private landlord? I had assumed they would be okay if I just made up for the deficit myself, somehow. (My rent is, and has been, lower than HB for some time. In a few weeks time it will become much, much lower) They want me to arrange an appointment for them to visit. Which is fine, I just need t
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