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  1. Good evening and thank you for this amazing forum It is a case for 5k where i am not sure whether to try and point out something or not in the hearing for setting aside judgement I am the claimant. the defendant replied their defence to an incorrect email address and therefore i was awarded default judgment as the court did not recieve their defence in time. the defendant sent an email to one of the ccbaq email addresses which was not the correct email address for filing a defence. in the atutomatic reply it said not to duplicate the email as it wastes court time, so they di
  2. I received a General Form of Judgement or Order dated 23.11.18 on 27.12.18. I have now missed the chance to pay this in full within one month. I filed a defence but did not attend the hearing, I didn't know I had to attend. I called the court on 6.12.18 to find out the outcome, I was told it was with the orders team being typed up but they had a 6 week backlog. Can I apply to have it set aside?
  3. I read recently that Barclays are the worst offender for dipping into current or savings account funds uninvited, but can anyone shine any light on whether Halifax are likely to take this course of action? I'm pretty confident it won't happen - it's my partner's current account which tends to be in credit for 3/4 days at the end of the month by a couple of hundred quid then soon reverts to overdraft. So if they did take a significant chunk they would effectively be using their own cash. The situation should be sorted anyway in the short to medium term but potentially having a months wages
  4. Hi all, I'm about to enter into an IVA. I have several thousand pounds of debt owed on my Virgin credit card and as a customer of Virgin Media, I am concerned that they may try to recover the debt through that account somehow (e.g increasing the direct debit) Does anybody have any thoughts / experience / advice on this? Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi I am sorry if this is in the wrong place and please move if necessary. Person on esa benefit due to ill health currently in the 'assessment phase' receiving £72 per week. Out of which they are making payments to csa and rent/ctax and food/living costs. Outstanding amount owed to Barclay card and current account with Barclays into which the esa benefit is paid. Barclays have now written to say they will be taking payments, explained as 'setting off' for amount owed on credit card debt. Is this allowed, as a minimum affordable payment offer appears to have been ignored. No amoun
  6. Hi I'm new to the forum and hope I can be a valuable contributor in some small way. I am about to move home and having a bit of a problem with Scottish Power - they are the providers in my new house. Well the people who provided the previous tenants with power anyway. I spent an hour on the phone trying to register for an account with them to no avail. It is a prepayment meter in the new property and my question is this. Do I have to register with Scottish Power initially or can I go straight to another company - I will be changing anyway as their rates seem a bit high. Also as a j
  7. Hello, I hope someone can offer some guidance. I'm writing on behalf of a friend who isn't very internet savvy, he had a PPI claim back in 2008 for a lot of cards/loans and went to Bank Smart to manage it (not realising at the time he could have done it himself). to cut a long story short, they didn't do much, he ended up dealing with the bank directly and then last month they won against him in the county court for unpaid fee's of 9k. He did issue a defence which said that they didn't do anything for the money but they had a tonne of paperwork and won. Now h
  8. Hi, I was hoping someone would be happy to share the process of getting Bryan Carter Solicitors LLP to consent to my CCJ being set aside. The court date of the CCJ was 06/08/2014 for £546. I have been living abroad outside of the uk since January 2014. I only found out that I had this CCJ when I decided to check my credit report. Got email confirmation from the court only in October 2015. The original debt was for a Vanquais credit card. Lowell Group are the listed claimant on the CCJ. When I contacted them they told me to get in touch with Fredrickson International
  9. i have received a letter through the door indicating i am about to be issued with a stat demand on behalf of a company called P&A receivables plc. it reads 'i have been directed to serve you with a statutory demand issued under the insolvency act 1986 on behalf of the creditor. unfortunately on the letter it does not give any further details. all they say is they will be returning on a date and a time to either issue the demand or post it through the letter box!!! what should i do???
  10. The bailiff regulations (that came into force on 6th April 2014) provide a simplified fee scale that is the same for arrears of council tax, non domestic rates, local authority issued penalty charge notices and Magistrate court fines. How much are the bailiff fees? Compliance Fee: £75 This fee is added to the debt as soon as the account is passed to the enforcement company by either the local authority or the magistrate court and will appear on the Notice of Enforcement. The ‘amount oustanding’ will therefore include the Compliance fee of £75. Enforcement Fee: £235 (plus 7
  11. Hi there! I was not sure where to post this, but as this forum has been useful to me in the past with personal matters I was hoping there would be a person here to help me with a current problem I have. Google couldn't help me, so .... Hopefully the kind people here can. When my grandmother died, she left me a sum of money in a Post Office account. She paid into it all the time and when I turned 25 the money was mine.. === Now, I don't have children, and I wont have. What I do have is two cousins who are the best part of my life. I wan't them t
  12. Used to just get an email when someone replied on a thread I posted on, and then wouldn't get any others unless I visit the thread again, and then someone posts another reply. But now, I am getting emails for every thread update regardless if I have visited it recently or not. Resulting in 8 emails within an hour just on 1 thread. Is this something changed recently?
  13. Hi All, can anyone tell me if there is a way of "stopping" a ccj before it goes through? Creditors know that I am a non-UK resident and they are taking me to court using a UK address which I am no longer associated with and they know this. I have no way to access any court papers that are sent to this address and so cannot defend myself. Can my UK property have a charging order placed on it or a order for sale? Is there any way of contacting the court pre- default judgement to let them know I cannot access the papers? Or will I have to wait till it
  14. Hi all, Just a quick question about banks right to "set off". If a debt is statute barred are they still able to do this? I'm guessing not but was hoping one of you lovely people will reassure me. Thanks.
  15. I have read that payment for a PCN is an admission of liability in itself and closes the file. I have been assisting a friend who wrongly received a PCN (she paid over the phone and I have a complete set of evidence to confirm this) from Manchester City Council back in October 2013. She did nothing to appeal it until she sent in Form TE9 to the Northampton County Court TEC in February 2014. Unfortunately she forgot to 'tick' a ground which resulted in an enforcement officer visiting her house in July 2014 and her having to pay £392 to satisfy the debt. I attempted to file
  16. Hello Forum I got a default judgment against a company who owed us money. I then got an Interim Third Party Debt Order against them and the money is frozen. In the meantime, they've applied to have the judgment set aside and the hearing is prior to the hearing for the TPDO. My questions: - how likely is the judge to set a default judgment aside (assuming that everything was served correctly - registered address wise) - when I read 'will set aside if debtor has a real chance of success' - does this mean that the judge has to be convinced that the debtor *coul
  17. I've read today that if a debtor contacts a bailiff at the Compliance Stage to set up a payment agreement, the EA will visit the debtor's home to set up the agreement and get a Controlled Goods Agreement thus costing the debtor another £235. If this is the case, no matter what the debtor does they're going to be charged £310, not just the £75 Compliance Stage fee. Is this right?
  18. Hi all I'm new to this forum and i'm looking for help. I have recently became an owner of a ccj on the 29th july 2014. The debt is with shop direct for a total of £4009. The ccj was issued at my old address which i havent lived at for 4 years and 9 months in england. I now live in scotland. I contacted the court to get the judgement set aside on the grounds it should have gone through the scottish court and if it did then my defence would be its statute barred. The default date of the debt on my credit report is 23/05/2009. Th
  19. Just got one more issue that I would like the advice that anybody can offer me. I have a CCJ that was put on the Register on June 2010. I was unaware of this notice until October 2010 when I began to make payments and finally, the account is now settled. I have contacted the lender and asked them to confirm that they sent the origional default notice, which of course they said they did, and they confirmed that they sent it standard delivery and not by recorded delivery. I did not receive either the Default Notice or the Court Forms asking me to submit a defence, hence
  20. http://uk.finance.yahoo.com/news/meter-clocks-set-to-wrong-time-could-mean-millions-overpay-energy-bills-105148366.html
  21. Hi, I'm trying to setup a repayment plan with Wonga - a few years ago I had to do the same thing and was told to just email : tarik.abdellah@wonga.com He setup a payment plan for the amount + 1 month's interest, froze the interest and was easy to deal with. Unfortunately that email no longer works. Does anyone have an email for someone similar (think he was an account executive)? I know there is the option on the site to setup a payment plan but that never works for me and always asks me to just phone...
  22. I had a payday loan with wonga which I couldn't pay back and I blocked payments via CPA request at bank. After some tooing and frowing they have agreed to halt CPA and interest and charges for 38 days. I requested to set up a repayment plan and sent them a very basic I&E detailing income, major expenses and debts. However, they are saying that they won't agree to any plan and collections will continue after 38 days if I don't fill out their 5 page I&E and provide evidence. Now I know that I don't have to fill out their I&E. But just wondering from other people's exp
  23. In short, I have been having very bad problems with my mental health and suicidal thoughts, my finances have spiralled out of control and I have been off of work ill. I contacted Minicredit asking for a repayment plan and they sent me nonsense about lots of fees and whatnot. I am not in the best of positions as my old wages were on there (£1300/mo instead of the now £850/mo). I took out the loan after already being signed off for work. I basically irresponsibly took out this loan because of a lack of judgement and I was already grasping at things. May I point out that upon taking th
  24. Hey Everyone, For a good while now, Ive been taking Quid Quid loans, paying them off in full then end up taking a new out later on in the month. I want this to end. Ive made a completely anonymous account so I can be up front with amount and etc; My budgeting is below; Sky 80 Phones 115 TV License 27 Provident 50 Rent 450 Storage 82 Server 60 Virgin 27 Food 300 Baby Supplies 200 Total 1391 Wages 1750 Left 359 We currently live in the top 2 bedrooms (Myself and the Wife + baby 4mnth, plus 2 boys 4yr 5yr) of my parent
  25. Hi, First poster, long time reader As in the title, I had a CCJ that was issued in joint names in 2011, and it was settled last month. The CRA's have been registered as settled, and all checks out ok.(EXPERIAN/EQUIFAX) My mortgage with Santander was due for renewal, and, things being tight financially, I cannot afford any more monthly cost. Santander had informed me, that i was due to go on the Standard rate etc, extra £140 a month on my payments, as they could not offer a more attractive rate due to CCJ history being on there. My previous credit searches are squeaky clean, not
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