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  1. I got my p45 from old employee company on 31st of july and new company took over on 1st august at the same work place but the new company never asked for p45 I did have a sheet that asked about hmrc if I got another job which I ticked but im after finding out as Ive been transferred will I get taxed due to not giving them p45 which I wasn't asked to give and theres other staff that wasn't told either
  2. Hi All I am about to be TUPE'd from a private company to the NHS. I don't have a problem with this but my main concern is that as part of my current contract I have a company car as i travel between sites. No one seems to be able to tell me what will happen regarding this as I cannot afford to buy my own car and I cannot get a loan as I am in my final year of an IVA. I know the NHS don't have their own cars, but they do run a salary sacrifice scheme. Would I be provided with one under this? I live over 50 miles away from work, so getting into work on public transport is not an opt
  3. We learned yesterday that our entire catering team are to be made redundant as the contract we are working under has been terminated. But we also know that the new building owner has every intention of providing catering when they take over in a few months! This cannot be fair and surely that is what the TUPE regulations are designed for - does anyone have any advice?
  4. Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read this. I am going to try break this down so that I do not end up writing too much... I currently work as part of a team within a charity which has been "acquired" in February, about 3 months ago now by another similar charity. Our team is on a contract that the original charity won and now we have TUPE'd over to the new charity on acquisition. Now this is where things start to get a little weird. We knew that the charity taking over also had a team in their area with the same or similar contract, with the same job titles a
  5. Hi some urgent information needed on Tupe Law. A friend of mine has been working via Tupe regulations for a number of years as she works for employment training / provider services the nature of which is that the services bid and the best bid wins resulting in staff then being Tupe'd over as I'm sure most of you guys and girls will know how it works. Anyway my friends company recently lost the new contract and untill today was being told they where all being tupe over to the new service so obviously along with others did not see the need to look for new employment. However today
  6. I could do with some advise on TUPE please. Luckily, I know a little, as I've had to deal with TUPE on 2 occasions within the last 7 years, but the current situation has thrown up a situation (or two) that I'm not sure about, so some clarification would be wonderful. I'll try to keep it as brief as possible, and answer further questions if and when necessary. My OH works in a public house, which is owned by a relatively large retail company, although this is the only pub they own. He's worked there for almost 3 years, although on a part time basis (full time work being difficul
  7. Hi, I have a friend that worked for Company A since 2006. In 2008, Company A TUPE'd him to Company B. Company B was at the time being acquired by Company C. That acquisition completed in May 2010 and as it was covered under TUPE, my friend's length of service was acknowledged as starting in 2006. (8 yars of service) In 2014, Company C announced a Voluntary reducdancy scheme to which he enquired. the response from HR was that he would be entitled to 6 weeks per year worked if he applied. He duly enrolled in the VR scheme. A month later, HR informed him, they made a mistake and be
  8. Hi Guys, after some advise, my company has just lost a major contractor to another service provider, I am 100% aligned with that contract... as the contract manager, I am being told that the new company have just employed a new contractor manager to do my job.... they haven't even met me yet, I'm not sure they have even received all the details from HR. there would be no work at my existing employer, so this could and probably will make me redundant, surely this warrants constructive dismissal, any advise would be massively appreciated. thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all, I am looking a little bit of advice once again, so I hope someone can point me in the right direction. I have been on Long Term Sick Leave for nearly 2 and half years now. I have recently found out that the comapny I work for, has lost the contract that I would have been working on, and the work is transferring to another part of the UK. My employer wants to offer me another position, albeit temporary for now, until a permanent position becomes available. The thing is, I will not be able to ever take up this post due to my ongoing illness and treatments, and I only rece
  10. Perhaps Emmzzi can shed some light on a question I've had for a while on TUPE. In the rail industry, tends of thousands of employees are TUPEd over every few years as franchises are lost and won by the different companies. A lot of staff leave and join other Train Operating Companies (TOCs), sometimes to seek better working conditions, sometimes because they are effectively forced out, or sometimes just blatantly dismissed. Occasionally the "area/station boundaries" of each TOC are re-drawn by the government. This may get a bit complicated so I'll paint a fictitious example: Ja
  11. My company has merged with another who get paid more generally ten we do. Word is they are not putting our salaries up in line with theirs. How does that affect Sex Discrimination Act where the different sexes must get equal pay if doing the same job? Appreciate any replies and thank you.
  12. Hi all, Would any one have any thoughts on my situation? I work as a night shift cleaner for a large Catering / Cleaning company. We have know for about 7 months that we were up for retender. Tender was lost few months back and it went to a rival. The new employer turned up last week to show their plans off for the new contract. The current staff set up is 3 Night shift and 1 day time Janitor. Our supervisor retires next month just leaving 2 night shift. All the catering staff and day time Janitor are going to tupe over as a like for like with some getting enhanced contract, Ne
  13. Good Afternoon CAG. Whilst our current situation is complicated and tediously long, i'm going to try and stick to the basics, and hope that someone out there can advise me on what to do next. Very long story short. Partner and brother both work for same employers, which up until spring of 2013 had an equal 50/50 share in a company (boss B bought half the business in 2008). Boss B, bought out Boss A with a regular transfer of undertakings. With all of the rules and rights that go along with TUPE. Boss A, confirmed this to me last night, and is going to help us out with a solici
  14. the company i worked for was taken over under tupe about 18 months ago by another company in the same line of business. there were 12 of us tuped across and since we have moved there has always been a difference in pay. we have always been on a lower hourly rate than the employees already at the company. during recent pay talks we were all offered the same percentage rise but that would have just taken the original employees even further ahead in wages. after a bit of negotiating the transferred employees did get a larger percentage increase but not enough to bring us level. we all do ex
  15. Hello, I am a first time user of the site and I have been looking for answers to my problem. If you do read this thread I thank you in advance for taking time to do so. I also apologise as my spelling and grammer isn't the best and my memory on specific words and probably important information is hazy at best. My situation at the moment is: - I currently work for company ABC as a Driver / LBO (Loading Bay Operative), I work a constant night shift and have done so since starting in February 2007. Our work consists of collecting, sorting and delivering internal mail for a large customer
  16. Found out today that the bus route I drive is going to another company in 30 days time. The drivers on the route are being TUPE'd to the new company. The rest day pattern that I am on gives me thurs/fri/sat/sun off every 4 weeks. I have 4 long weekends booked as holiday, do the new company have to honour these?
  17. Sorry - relocated post to proper forum, my bad feel free to delete this. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?392096
  18. Hi all I'm new to posting on here, it will probably be quite a lengthy post too so apologies in advance, and if you do read it all, thank you for your time. I'm looking for a bit of advice on what to do next or who to speak to or any info you think may be of help. My old company lost the lease on our office and were to make us redundant, I was sent a letter to be put at risk, we were consulted on what would happen next. A week or so later my old company advised of a possible role to prevent me being made redundant, the other 4 guys affected were not interested but I was. Ano
  19. Hi, I have registered today in the hope of finding some helpful information from anyone that has encountered similar circumstances. I hope that I have managed to navigate the site to the correct area! Basically my problem is this: following a TUPE transfer when my company was bought out by a larger entity, my new employer has restructured. A few weeks after the transfer the impending reorganisation was announced. A week ago I was informed that a 30 day consultation period had opened, and an email shortly followed with some "selection criteria" upon which my colleagues and I would be j
  20. Hi, I have my tribunal for unfair dismissal on the grounds of TUPE for a three day hearing on 8th 9th 10th April.On Thursday the respondent (the company that brought the old company I worked for) solicitor got in touch with ACAS who in turn got in touch with me (im un-represented) and asked if I want to settle on 3k that is their best offer and wont be offering again! My schedule of loss was done by a solicitor who I paid for and has my los at just over 33k. I KNOW i wont get awarded this much. But I feel its worth a shot at going to court if anything for the experience. Catch- I receive
  21. Hi, this is a complicated one but I will try to keep it brief! I had been working for company X for 3 years when company Y took over management of the site. I was told at the time that I had to TUPE over to company Y or I would effectively be making myself redundant as there was no longer a job for me with company X. I was also told that it was company Y’s policy to employ people at my level (admin support) through a contracting company (company Z). Now, this all went ok until recently. During the 2 years I have been working for the contracting company the original company I worked f
  22. Hi, I am hoping to get some advice. I recently settled a tribunal for unfair dismissal (I represented my husband!) but the respondent has not yet paid. In short, my husband was unfairly dismissed without notice, holiday pay and being owed around £1400 in unpaid salary. He had a clean employment history, no disciplinaries etc. He called the MD to ask if he could work from home one Sunday for a few hours as the fire exits were blocked in the building and his MD called him a some choice names and fired him in the street the next day. It transpired he was trying to save money as he had a
  23. difficult subject I know,but would appreciate any advice,My wife has worked in a school kitchen for a private company for 14 years,preparing dinners for schools,and serving them,her contract is a 27 hour a week ,and only works term times,which suits, so she can pick up the grandkids from school and have them in the holidays.over a year ago an additional workload of making the teas for 4 nurserys was added,these are open all year,so the 2 girls from another kitchen who used to prepare the teas,on 51 week contracts, did these in the holidays.2 questions,there were rumours that the nursery cont
  24. Hi Looking for a bit of advice to my entitlements, my employer has lost a contract i work on and has informed myself i am now under tupe to the new company who has taken on the contract. I have been asked if i would be willing to relocate to the new companys site ( approx. 120 miles away) which to me is an unreasonable request. The answers i need help with are, If i turn this relocation down am i entitled to redundancy? If so how much notice must i receive (i have 8 years service)? My employment passes over to the new company on 1st July, can they serve me notice bfore this period? M
  25. Hi, new member following company Liquidation on 6th February. Having read various documents relating to the subject of TUPE I am confused as to the likely outcome of my case. If there are any employment lawyers that can answer thiss definitvely for me it would be much appreciated, thank you. I transferred from a Borough Council to a Private Company in April 2007 following a PPP exercise to lease the Golf Course I worked at. We weremisled regarding our pension on the day we transferred and did not receive a "comparable" scheme. Things went ok for 3 years, however, the Companies busines
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