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Found 23 results

  1. I got my p45 from old employee company on 31st of july and new company took over on 1st august at the same work place but the new company never asked for p45 I did have a sheet that asked about hmrc if I got another job which I ticked but im after finding out as Ive been transferred will I get taxed due to not giving them p45 which I wasn't asked to give and theres other staff that wasn't told either
  2. Hi The company i used to work for has closed down, I do not have a P45 to claim benefits and I am unable to contact them by phone or in person. The company no longer exists, theres another shop there instead which has opened up. I only have payslips from December 2017 which is another company i used to work for (and I was paid cash-in-hand). These small busineses did not give us payslips but only when we needed one and asked for it they would supply it. Will I able to get universal credit if i dont have a P45 or payslips ? What will happen now ?
  3. Concerning the issue of whether we are a casual worker or a an employee there is many criteria to consider for example the time we work for the employer, our skills, whether he employs us only in case of shortage or during peak time or he uses us in the normal running of our business...etc. However I would like to know if the conclusive evidence is not when the P45 has been issued because if it has been issued one year after the start of employment this means that we are now an employee. It is up to the employer to decide if he need us anymore or nor and as a consequence if he se
  4. I left work in March and I have contacted payroll who have failed to issue a P45. They also said I won't get a P60. Their explanation for this was because of the time I left . Can anyone explain this to me ?
  5. So in April 2015 I walked out of my job. My boss posted me my p60, which I thought was all I needed, However now I am trying to apply for ESA due to health conditions and I am told I need a P45 form. I asked my boss for a P45 and she said she sent it with my P60, but I know for a fact I don't have it because I keep all forms like that in a drawer and I have checked for it multiple times. What can I do? She swears blind that she has given me it already, and without this I cannot finish my claim, also from what I gather you cannot get a replacement form.. HELP
  6. Hi, First of all, thanks to anyone who responds as I'm quite confused with this issue. I previously worked for a company for a short stint of time (2 weeks, 3 days), paid a gross salary of £1,200. I received a net pay of £911.28, which included a £60 student loan deduction. Since leaving that company, I have received no P45, however as I was under the tax allowance for the year any tax I paid was deducted. The problem arises when I have received a letter from the student loans company. There is no 'credit' into my student loan, just debits (where I received maintenance loa
  7. Hi all. I was claiming ESA from April last year until a week or so ago and have now got a new job and I start the training on Tuesday. I need a P45 but how and where do I get one from? I don't have one from a previous employer as I was a carer for my Grandmother but dont see how I can have what I need by Tuesday, especially as its bank holiday. What do I do? I didnt know I needed this until I came back from the induction today and everywhere was closed. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hello everyone, I'll try and keep it quick as it is a bit of a headache. July 2014 started working for a small local business. No contract signed. Dec 2014 found out I was pregnant. Jan 2015 told employer I was pregnant. We discussed my Maternity Leave starting on July 3rd. I tried to make all of my maternity appointments on days I was not working, even changing midwives. Due to my health this was not always possible. I had a few sick days in Jan / Feb due to pregnancy illnesses and depression. Feb 2015 prescribed 25mg Amitriptyline which was doubled to 50mg after 7 da
  9. Hi Guys Hoping someone will be able to help me with this Can my old employer give me P45 without first paying my outstanding salaries Regards Jan
  10. Hi, All I have not received my P45 from my employee from over a year ago. I asked again yesterday and they said go through a solicitor and they do not want to talk to me. It states on the HMRC website that your employee must give you your P45 by law. I do not think it is fair to go through a solicitor and pay out money to get it. Is there another option for me to get my P45 because the amount I earned is different from what they submitted to HMRC. They said they paid me a wage that works out almost double my original wage and two payments in month. No money went into
  11. Hello, so I have a little problem and I would like someone to suggest me what to do in a case like this and if there is ANYTHING I could do at all. So I was working for "GI Group" recruitment, M&S warehouse for like 5 months or something. Then I needed to leave the UK so I have left the job. I asked what is going to happen with my holiday days which I haven't used so they guaranteed that I will receive the last weeks salary next Friday (01/08/14) and a payment for all the holiday days plus p45 (on the same or the next Friday from when I will receive the last salary). So last Frid
  12. on reduced hours from job and now unable to pay loan back in full arrangement made with them for reduce payment with interest stopped. all done nicely . have today rung them to imform them that my employment has now ended and that payments will need to be £50 per month until back in work. they said will send out i & e form to fill in i said ok i will fill it in with zero's as i will have no income they have agreed to put a hold on the account for 38 days BUT i must provide my P45 :lol::lol:
  13. Hi, I am working out my notice period but in error, my employer has already notified HMRC that I have left and I have received my P45 in the post during the week. I asked them whether I'll get an updated version when I leave but they said as they've already notified HMRC, they won't send another. Is this right and also are there any major implications if I just keep this one in terms of either my final pay or tax codes for new employer, etc...? Also, does this technically mean I shouldn't be in the office!!
  14. Hey guys, A quick run down of the history of this situation: - Started employment in January 2013 at a relatively new web development company - Began going downhill and it had an impact on my mental health - Fought on, but resigned in October 2013 - giving extra notice up until the last working day of December - Four weeks later I was taken ill, informed my Project Manager and within 2 hours I received an email that said I'd been a brilliant employee but as of immediate notice my employment was terminated. This was allowed as I had worked my 4 weeks notice. --- I imm
  15. Hi everyone I recently left my job to start a new one. My previous employer claims i owe them money for holidays taken i was not entitled to. They worked holidays out in hours. I was contracted to work 37.5 hours a week, but they took 8.20 per day from us which i dont think is right as they took 41.40 hours for 5 days when surely if i am contracted 37.5 thats all they can take? Anyway they say i owe them over £1000 for 80 hours leave!! This is ridiculous and i am in the process of working everything out. The employee handbook (which i was never given but is online) states: If, on ter
  16. Hi, I have been on incapacity for a while, for depression and back problems. I have been doing some voluntary work, and tentatively looking for work to get back "out there". Well, I have now been offered a job! I think I am well enough to do it, its not physically demanding so will not affect my back and I think my depression might be less if i had a reason to get up everyday! But how do I get off incapacity benefit? Do I just ring them and say I have a job? And what happens about getting a P45? I will not be financially better off, but I would rath
  17. Hi guys, I was wondering if someone can advice me if im wrong but here the situation. I left Giant and received a P45, but there was overdue payment that was processed after my end date and ended up paying extra 2 thousand pounds in Tax. I'm a limited company now, any my accountant is asking me for an up to date P45 to claim it back for me and Giant is asking for a fee. Is this right!??? what do i do...
  18. Posting this on behalf of a couple of friends of mine who ran the UK office of an overseas business. There was a major falling out about 6 months ago and one of my friends was dismissed and the other resigned. Both had their hands forced but in order to bring the whole sorry saga to an end, they went along with it. Anyway, one of them has now received her P45 etc but it was all filled out wrong - including her date of birth! She has asked for the correct documents but the UK solicitor has not been paid by the head office and will therefore not now talk to her. The other friend
  19. Hi I am really hoping someone can help me understand why, whilst my husband is at the appeal stage (after been declined a transfer from incapacity benefit to esa) has he today received a P45? My husband has been on long term sick due to depression, anxiety and stress (I am really beginning to understand the condition, since all the above kicked in). Can anyone advise us why the above has happened and what we need to do next? Thanks
  20. Hi I was asked to leave my employment in July after one month. To date I have still not received a payslip or P45 from them, despite repeated requests. I have contacted HMRC and as they never submitted the P46 I completed they are unable to assist me any further. ACAS are unable to assist as it isn't a tax matter. Any further advice?
  21. My partner had to leave her job in mid-March this year, due to family illness and childcare issues. I wrote to my local authority benefits section to advise of our change of circumstances, and to ask what documentation was required for reassessing our benefits claim. A good 6 weeks later, after chasing it up, I received a letter stating I had to provide "bank statements, etc", very vague. As we were waiting for my partner's p45, we did not send documentation in. In May I received a letter stating our benefits were being suspended pending receipt of p45, bank statements, etc. In June I receiv
  22. I left my job 3 weeks ago, we didn't part on good terms and when i went to see them for my final pay, i got into an argument with them and they were saying that i owe them money as ive taken too much holiday. I still haven't received any payslips or my P45 which they originally said they would post, this was before the argument. Can they withhold this from me because i "owe" them money?
  23. Hi everybody I need your help, but first of all sorry about my english... I am french and i lived and worked in UK for 3 years in march 2010 i decided to move back to France so i resigned from where i worked, received my last payment but not my p45 In france i kept asking to my ex employer for my p45 because i needed it in france otherwise i couldnt find a job! but i didnt receive it June 2010 my ex employeur sent me a salary of 1200 pounds??? i called them asked them what it was?? error from them!!! I sent it back and asked for my p45 July 2010 still no p45 but
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