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  1. Hello, so I have a little problem and I would like someone to suggest me what to do in a case like this and if there is ANYTHING I could do at all. So I was working for "GI Group" recruitment, M&S warehouse for like 5 months or something. Then I needed to leave the UK so I have left the job. I asked what is going to happen with my holiday days which I haven't used so they guaranteed that I will receive the last weeks salary next Friday (01/08/14) and a payment for all the holiday days plus p45 (on the same or the next Friday from when I will receive the last salary). So last Friday I have received the last money for the last working week. But I didn't get paid for holidays nor p45. So that means I should receive it tomorrow yes? But yesterday I should have received an email with my payslip showing how much money will I get for my holiday days, but I didn't receive it. So I don't think that I will get my money and p45 tomorrow. And its quite a big problem for me, now I'm in other country and I don't know what should I do, I don't want to lose my money. I have called the agency but they told me that they don't have any recordings about me since I have left the job. But the guy told that he will try to sort it out (but I highly doubt, because people who did have problems with payments, could never fix it) and I should try to call them tomorrow. So what should I do if I won't receive the money nor p45 tomorrow? And if they will tell me that there is nothing they can do? Is there any other place to complain about it or reclaim my payment for holiday days without going back to UK? (the same thing is with my partner, we have worked in the same place... ) (Sorry for my English because I'm not British, hope you will understand ) Thank you.
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