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  1. Apologies if this is the wrong area. I'm having difficulties with my mobile phone provider. I was on one of the major operators and have moved to another provider because they told me they piggyback onto that provider so the service would be the same and can save me some money as a new customer. The problem is its really shoddy and now the company I've moved to wont let me out of the agreement without paying up until the end of the agreement. Every time I complain about the service and say its not as good as it was when I was with the main provider they come up with the new excuse and say their service is the same as the main provider because they piggyback on them. We go round and round in circles. I called consumer direct and they said I need to build a case by gathering evidence of the differences in the two services. Saying it and providing it is proving difficult. My question is ; what technical questions can I ask the piggyback provider about their service? I plan to then go to the main provider and ask the same questions so I will have comparative answers to then go back to the piggy back service and show them the differences at a technical level why the service must be different.
  2. Hi all - Hoping to get some help here with what to claim from Lloyds Bank. In a nutshell, I have been paying service charges as a Standing Order for via Lloyds, for £88.96 per month. This was set up since 2010. According to the beneficiary, my SO's were being made but not hitting my service charges account because payment reference was removed - that's what the beneficiary use to allocate the SC monies. It was found to have been going through but placed in beneficiary's suspense account on investigation. However, according to Lloyds, I cancelled my original SO, set up a new one in Aug 2016, but without a reference. I only went into the bank early Jan 2018 to put the payment reference back on. I have complained to Lloyds, who have admitted liability because they should have asked for a payment reference, but they didn't. And offered £500 compensation to which I declined. During this time, I have also made a DSAR to provide me with copies of the change in SO because I've never gone in or made any changes to my SO set up in 2010. The DSAR reply was that these documents cease to exist. I have since complained to FoS. The CCJ was made in June 2017, and I only found out in early Jan 2018. Ofcourse, if the bank did not remove the payment reference, I would not have got a CCJ issued against me. As a result, I lost a house in the process. What can I do from this point on wards? Many thanks to you all in advance for your help. Jay --------------------------------------------- this thread is a split of a larger thread involving a number of issues. For the history and context see http://cag.tw/273m
  3. Not sure where to post this so will try here. I was expecting a time sensitive document to be sent to me by the 28th of this month and it still hasnt arrived. The company sending it claimed it was printed and posted 1st class on the 29th and therfore they had complied with the requirements to issue document. Now, can I use the GDPR to ask for a copy of the metadata for this document to see if it was indeed sent out in time ( should show date doc created and then printed) as this solely relates to that document and can identify the document as being my data when it is processed so not anonymous or general. If so how should the data be sent as the old DPA stated it should be legible and easily understood or notes of explanation included. Your opinions please
  4. Hi all, My OD was cut by half recently, which will cause me some hardship, on top of which I also lost my job. I have a meeting coming up in branch to discuss, are there any do's/don'ts so I can hopefully increase my chances of getting my OD back to comfortable levels? Thanks, JB
  5. hello I had an interview with a health care professional ( HCP) When I arrived the HCP said he had 'not' read my questionnaire form This bothered me inside because i was hoping the HCP would be up to date with my condition and i could then just reaffirm what i had said in the form and add a bit here and there. On one of my first questions he asked me, i decided to elaborate a bit, to inform the HCP that my condition varies due to my depression and sleeping issues.. .but he interrupted and said "i only want short answers such as yes or no." I had no proper time to talk about my condition and how it effects my day to day tasks. i was all lost. I found a moment when he paused and I tried to explain the basics of how stress depression combined with lack of sleep greatly effects when i can get out the house and be confident. i said politely "does this make sense"... he said "no not really"! he tried to move on without asking me to elaborate... I turned to my mum and said: did that make sense to you ? and she said yes. I speak quite clearly. I was shocked he did not care to understand. my mum tried to make notes on a pad in pen.. ..he told my mum she was not allowed to take any notes as it could be used in court. so she put the pad away. The HCP cared not one wit how my poor health effects my tasks, how it varies. All he wanted to do was to type down what I could do at my best moments of health. The fact that at times I am so tired i can't move or get out the house does not seem to matter. I then decided to make it perfectly clear " My depression and poor sleeping and stress greatly effects all my day to day activities. Will you write that on your report?" he said "I don’t have to do that." not only did he not read my questionnaire, he also did not wish to type up my illness or care to understand. The HCP also kept referring to my old questionnaire not my new one ( which he had not read). kept asking me about my elbow ... but that healed years ago I said yes it is fine....yet 5 mins later.. "so your elbow. is it o.k now"? i said yes and moved my elbow about, not a trouble. But again..10 minutes later he asks..." your elbow? its o.k? " it is was just so weird that was from an old questionnaire also. surely the new one should be the most important? it was a very sharp, short and bitter interview. approx 25-30mins I was not asked at the end: would you like to add anything? I had a page full of items i wanted to say and my questionnaire content had hardly been touched upon. there was no care and I do not think at all professional, just bitterness, i dont think he wanted to be there. and hated his job. i am glad i had a witness even though neither of us was allowed to write anything down. btw. i did say to the effect: this is unfair you are just writing things down I can do 'at my best' without including how my poor health effects me too.. You just want to get me in the job que or cut my benefit. he then said: We can cancel the interview now if you like? I said: Well, that would not be a good idea as i would lose my benefit. I think you know that!? so we carried on. Thanks for reading and for any advice. : )
  6. I am at my wits end - any and all advice would be greatly appreciated. In my youth I was an idiot (25 now) I got into the trap of credit card then more then loans to cover the cards then loans to cover the loans. I have between 13-15K of debt across multiple cards and loan companies. I was barely keeping my head above water and then I was forced to resign due to my mental health and subsequent breakdown. I am prescribed meds - see doctors weekly - under psychiatric care etc. I am claiming ESA (first benefit in my life) however my debts are approx £850 month and therefore I cannot under any circumstances afford to pay. I have tried StepChange but the results were rather confusing - saying I am un-eligible or do not fit any criteria. So please...Any advice on my situation? I am beyond disappointed in myself - and would love to amalgamate all debts into one 'affordable' monthly payment. Thank you in advance. JB
  7. I recently fell behind with some rent payments, which I'm now paying back. My Landlord issued a claim for possession through the courts and the hearing date is in April, however, today I received a form 6a from the Landlord and I'm really confused! Does this go hand in hand with the Court hearing? It appears tactics have changed. How do I stand with a 6a as it states 'no fault possession. The Court claim says it's due to rent arrears. Please could anyone shed some light on it for me?
  8. Hi, I have a disciplinary meeting coming up for not abiding to a particular policy. However I have witnessed many people (in the presence of managers etc) do the same. There has been no meetings to say they will be cracking down etc Basically my employer and I had a disagreement over one thing, suddenly I'm being investigated for a couple of things, and straight to a disciplinary for others. So I wondered if I can ask for my disciplinary meeting how many other staff have been disciplined for the same reasons? Would that be appropriate? It does feel like they are looking for things to have a go at me with.
  9. I have written complaint to my local council that I haven't received few letters from them including one with PIN to 'Council Online' and other decision including some of my data and informations that if missed could bring further negative consequences. In response I have received letter through encrypted [?] means [egress]. It says that I should contact RoyalMail and chase why letters are not getting to me. Am I right that it is Council that is in the contract with RM and it's their job to find out what is going on and they trying to fob me off? What do you reckon I should do next? If I'm right that is. Thanks
  10. Hi all Unfortunately, last sunday I had my first ever car accident and I accept that it was my fault. My car sustained some damage on the front i.e. bonnet, bumper and atleast a headlight. I have claimed on my policy. The insurance company have arranged their car repair partners to pick up the car for repairs. I wonder if I can get advice for following questions please?. 1. How do I know if the insurance company will repair the car or write it off? 2. If the insurance company decides to repair the car, do I have the right to ask for the cash in lieu settlement? I would prefer cash in lieu settlement so either I can just sell my car and top up the settlement cash with my own money and get a new car. Alternatively, i can get it repaired at a lower cost and then keep the remainder of the settlement money for next years increased insurance premium. Thanks
  11. Hi looking for a bit of advice but not sure if this is the right place. Long story short is i paid of my daughters loan of 7.5k the loan company now want to know where the money came from and are refusing to update the loan as paid on her credit file and will not close her account. She told them i paid it off but they want details of where i got the money from, now i can show them but why should i Thanks for any advice
  12. hi been trying to claim back ppi on a credit card with midland bank/hsbc now since 2013 . i have no statements left but can produce some paperwork for 12 months they denied i had a cc but re searched by hundreds of phone calls and eventually they agreed i did have one but no ppi was on it . the cc was from 1986-2003 and did have ppi and went to metropolitan collections in the 90s the debt was fully paid up. hsbc said prove it or go away, i tried the insurance root for the policy number with axa who tell me the credit card number is the policy number and insurance is inhouse with hsbc. hsbc said not with them . so did a sar which was waste of time 7yrs of transactions of banking. eventually enquired with dataoffice and dc sent out by mistake copy of card details, start and end dates customer/card account numbers. i have asked for the past two years for them to confirm that ppi was on card from day one but they will not answer this question, i went down fos route which was fast tracked due to health but they wont or cant get hsbc to answer it either. i am at a total loss as what to do now should i just give up as the stress of this has not helped my illness. this is the short version of this sorry tale the first time i have ever e mailed anywhere so opologies if a bit rubbish.
  13. Hi all, back in June 2015 i was a passenger in a vehicle that was hit from behind whilst waiting to exit the motorway. A couple of days later i was contacted solicitors firm. I naively thought they had beed directed by Hastings insurance (the drivers insurance company) to act on my behalf for a potential injury claim as they had my details including mobile number. They arranged for someone to come to my house to complete the paperwork for the claim. This was a no win no fee basis .They arrived and all seemed legitimate (as for as i could tell as i had not been involved in an accident before) forms were completed and they went on their merry way. I spoke to the driver telling him about the Solicitor he called Hastings and they denied instructing the Solicitor to contact me and in fact they had instructed another company to contact both me and the driver about the claim. Alarm bells rang and i decided that i would cancel the agreement i had the Solicitor. I emailed them to with the instruction to cancel the agreement and this was 10 days after signing the agreement. I thought i would be covered by the standard 14 day cooling off period? Just after i sent the email i had a call from the Solicitor asking why i wished to cancel and i explained that i wasn't happy with way they conducted their business. I had a letter from them some weeks later saying that as they had not received contact from me the case would be closed. Then today i received another letter asking me to pay for the costs they had incurred on my behalf. The bill amount is for £1,143.00. I don't know what to do. Can someone please advise if i have a leg to stand on? I just haven't got that kind of money. :shock: Gary
  14. In simple terms this is 1 of my 3 accounts, its literally used for a couple of direct debits that I want to keep separate. Having second thoughts considering I keep missing them. I had a direct debit come out this morning which I had forgotten about, checked my bank and it had been paid so I thought best transfer enough in so i'd not go overdrawn which I did. And being extremely cynical of banks I take screenshots of everything just incase. Interestingly I just checked back and that same direct debit has now been bounced and if you have a look at my screenshots from lunch time today and this evening you will see that they prized the bounced dd between the dd and the credits. Naturally i'm extremely anoyed about this and you can bet that if i'd not of credited the account they'd of paid it and charged an od fee. I will be charged £25 for this so naturally if I can get around this i'd like to. I should add that there is no charge for being less that £10 overdrawn and they do not charge for being overdrawn if you are bank before 3.30 that working day. Any ideas much appreciated. Screens Lunch : http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af299/badgercraig/Dirt/before.jpg Just now: http://i1017.photobucket.com/albums/af299/badgercraig/Dirt/after.jpg
  15. Thanks in advance for any expert help. I received a letter from a company called IRCAS apparently acting on behalf of London Overground demanding £105 penalty fare that I don't have any clue about. I have contacted them and emailed to IRCAS (Independent Transport Associations Company) as advised by one of the staffs when I rang them. I told them that this must be an act of fraud and informed that I have reported this to action fraud. Then I had a follow-up email from them asking confirmation of my DOB, proof of my signature with copy of my driving license or passport or debit card's reverse side and a brief description of myself about HOW DO I LOOK LIKE! I was going to send a harsh response as I am very angry but thought to get some expert help first on how to deal with this ******? any help/advice is much appreciated. I have copied the response from them: "Thank you for your advice concerning the above referenced Penalty Fare/Unpaid Fare Notice and your kind notification of the use of 'false' details in this instance. This office acts in an administrative capacity for various rail and Transport for London services, and as such, we will produce reminder letters on their behalf where a Penalty Fare/Unpaid Fare Notice balance remains outstanding. Having failed to produce on demand a valid ticket, a notice was issued to a passenger by an Authorised Collector on the date concerned. Unfortunately, it is not law in this country to carry identification. Therefore, Authorised Collectors issuing notices often check an electoral roll system to help establish that correct address details are being collected. However, without identification it is impossible for them to be completely satisfied that the correct name is being taken or indeed, that the person is who they actually claim to be. Therefore, we try to capture as much accurate information about an individual as we can. This enables us to compare it against the information taken at the time of issue but also, importantly, it means that we can help Authorised Collectors to ask the right questions and get the correct information should they stop someone again in the future who gives details that have previously been proven to be false. In order to assist with this please provide the following information: 1. Confirmation of your date of birth. 2. Please provide a copy of a document with your signature on, such as a driving licence, passport or a copy of the reverse of a debit/credit card. 3. Please provide a brief description of yourself, including height, build, hair colour and length, complexion, eye colour, right or left handed and any distinguishing features such as tattoos or piercings. Upon receipt of this information we can update our database accordingly. We thank you in anticipation for providing this information, and therefore, helping us to provide accurate information to the transport providers which, in turn, may help prevent further misuse of personal details. We will hold the above mentioned Penalty Fare/Unpaid Fare Notice for 7 days from the date of this correspondence to await your response."
  16. I took out a package with Virgin Media, that started on the 25th April 2014, for 18 months, that included Broadband, TV, Phone. It included an introductory offer, that has now expired and the package now costs me circa £70 p/m. I've grown sick of the poor TV and don't want to continue. I was therefore intending to either ask them to stop the TV service at the end of October when the 18 months is up, or leave completely. However, I received a letter from Virgin stating they are increasing my TV package by £3 per month, from the 1st September, because of a new channel they are including (BT Sport Europe HD). Somethng I have no interest in, let alone want to pay for. I found this article... theinquirer.net/inquirer/news/2324658/ofcom-rules-customers-hit-by-mid-contract-price-hikes-can-leave-for-free Which states that I can leave my contract without penalty. Here are my questions.. 1) Does that mean I can terminate my entire package, or just the TV aspect of it (it was bought as a bundle)? 2) If I can terminate the entire package, COULD i just ditch the TV service? 3) Could I terminate as early as the 1st of September then? (assuming I give notice in the next few days). Is there anything particularly I should / shouldn't say when I call up?
  17. Hi, I need some advice. I have a credit card with Capital One which has reached its limit due to my card being stolen by someone in my family and used to make various online purchases which took me to my card limit of about £1500 - I did not find out about this until too late and I cannot possibly press charges against the thief as he is a family member. I agreed with Capital One that the best way around this would be to accept the charges and pay them myself, coming to a civil agreement with the man in question as a criminal charge would be completely fruitless as he is now in prison for something else. The problem this has left me with is managing my monthly repayments which are now in excess of £40 a month and I have already missed one payment so I am afraid that my debt is spiralling out of control. I know that I need to contact Capital One to agree.. .something. .. but I really do not know what to say to them, or how they will respond, as it is essentially my own fault that this has happened. Advice would be much appreciated. Thank you for your time.
  18. Hello A PDL company issued a claim against me on MCOL in early March. I acknowledged service, and admitted part of the claim,and put in a defence for the rest (the biggest part), within the time limit, and put in financial details to ask for time to pay. (I am on a DMP which the PDL wouldn't accept) I've tried to log back in today to see if anything is happening, but there is no longer a link to the claim, and if I put the Claim Number and password in the boxes, it just comes up with the message "claim number or password is incorrect" Is this normal at this stage of the process? Should I still be able to view my details? Are the PDL company expected to respond to my defence, or does it go straight for judgement? How do I find out the result? Does it come in the post? And normally what timescale? Thank you in advance WHT
  19. Hi I had an interview for a job today that I only heard about last Sunday, before then I had already accepted a job offer to start next Monday 1 December. After going for the interview today they didn't indicate either way if they wanted me or not but just suggested I delay the other job start date to give them more time to consider things. Should I just tell them no or is there a chance I could also use this to get the other company I was due to start with to up my salary or benefits? FYI these are both entry level jobs paying just over 20k so I'm not a senior exec 2 companies are desperately fighting over or anything.
  20. Hi I am wondering if anyone knows if the photo taken when I received a speeding fine will still be available to me after I have paid the fine and received the points? It was a police van parked on the side of the road, so not sure if it will just be of the car showing the reg or it will also show the driver. I know this sounds strange but someone at work is now saying I was not driving and just covering for someone else at work. I would like to prove it was me.
  21. In a bid to protect customers from fraud, the UK’s big banks have published a list of things they will never ask you to do. Sadly the list does not include “to repay your mortgage” or “to come into a branch for a ‘review’ of your needs”, but with luck it will save some from falling victim to the assorted phishing, s-fraudsters-seven-million-pounds"]vishing (phishing by phone) and -lose-money-bank-cards"]courier (sending someone round to collect your card) [problem]s which seem to be permanently doing the rounds. These all involve conmen pretending to be from your bank or building society or the police in a bid to get hold of your details. The British Bankers’ Association (BBA) reckons that millions of people are opening themselves up to possible fraud, while a survey by Santander found that a third of people aged over-65 were unfamiliar with the most common types of [problem]s, double the proportion of younger people. A leaflet and a new website, Know Fraud, No Fraud, have advice on how to avoid becoming a victim, and what to do if you get caught out as well, as well as the list of requests which should ring alarm bells. Here’s the list – read it and share it with people you know who may be less clued-up on these kinds of things. According to the list your bank will never: • Ask for your full Pin or any online banking passwords over the phone or via email • Send someone to your home to collect cash, bank cards or anything else • Ask you to email or text personal or banking information • Send an email with a link to a page which asks you to enter your online banking log-in details • Ask you to authorise the transfer of funds to a new account or hand over cash • Call to advise you to buy diamonds, land or other commodities • Ask you to carry out a test transaction online • Provide banking services through any mobile apps other than the bank’s official apps http://www.theguardian.com/money/2014/oct/13/eight-things-bank-never-ask-you
  22. Hi, I have a problem with my left foot which is being investigated by my Doctor, I have to have x-rays to establish if I have a Fracture or another problem. My doctor has not signed me off work and I have told my employer that I can drive or walk fine, however my employer has decided that I am sick and unable to work until I can prove otherwise. They have told me I'm to stay off sick but this is something which I really cannot do as I don't get sick pay and have a family to support. Where do I stand with this? Can they determine I'm unfit for work even though I've seen a Doctor and he didn't think it necessary to sign me off, or are they making their own rules up and have no right to insist I stay off sick? All this was decided by my manager last night at 6pm so it was too late for me to speak to HR or get back to the Docs for a fit for work certificate and as I'm due to work today I'm already missing out on a days pay. Thanks for any advise
  23. on reduced hours from job and now unable to pay loan back in full arrangement made with them for reduce payment with interest stopped. all done nicely . have today rung them to imform them that my employment has now ended and that payments will need to be £50 per month until back in work. they said will send out i & e form to fill in i said ok i will fill it in with zero's as i will have no income they have agreed to put a hold on the account for 38 days BUT i must provide my P45 :lol::lol:
  24. Hi all, Can i please ask if anyone can help me and support would be nice after a difficult few years I was on esa support after been on ib for many years. I went to jail for 12 weeks and on release i apply again. Now to try and make this easy as i am not good at writing. My hb was on ib but now went on to esa work group. He gets 112 pounds a week and i get 50p a week but its paid every 12 weeks! We have one child and get tax c for him. I put in for esa in july 13 and after many calls to the dwp they say thats all i can get. Well i went to welfare and she told me i should have had a medical done so she called the dwp and asked for them to get me one asap. She also told me she was calling the the mp and on mon i got a letter from the mp to say she had called asto to give me medical soon. I got a letter to say i have one in two weeks time so happy about that. Can anyone tell me what we should be getting to live of as we have a morgage and now owe alot of money out. I hope that makes sence and u can understand most of it. Any help u can give is welcome. Thanks guys
  25. Hello, guys, I really need you help. I received a letter from LCS saying that I’m responsible for a bill payment at my previous address. The bill comes from EDF Energy and the period of the bill starts from 2007 to 2011 .However, I only stayed in that address for 2 months with other six people, and I never have an account with EDF Energy. Then I sent the copy of my tenancy agreement to LCS to prove my stay as they required. After that I received an e-mail saying they have sent my agreement over to EDF in order for the account to be amended to the dates I were residing at the supply address. Now I'm very worried about the following two things: 1. I never have an account with EDF Energy. But it seems that I have. If someone used my personal information to open an account for the bill, how should I do? 2. If LCS sends me another letter in the future, and changes the dates on the letter to reflect when I was at the property with the same amount of bill, what can I do? Thank you very much for your help.
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