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  1. just get the clamp cut off with welder or if its chain buy a chain cutter
  2. well I got quoted at 3 other garages and got quotes between £200-300 so that why I decided just to go the one I mainly use that actually do a proper job as I don't trust blackburn garages
  3. what I don't get is why they charging you for excess when its not your fault I be claiming it back that's what I did when I had a crash few year ago
  4. wow this is a joke example have a crash in the car with stock rims and you may have alloy wheels you brought but not fitted and then kick off to the insurance because you cant use them lol what is this world coming to what planet is this guy on
  5. don't forget dealers charge more then non dealers mine cost 200
  6. also how can the buyer know if its failed if he only done 1 mile before taking it garage to get fixed i find that bull because how would you know its failed on stuff by doing 1 mile and i bet he lives far from where you are and wait 3 weeks:!: you would only know if theres a problem and take to a garage if you was overheating or getting milky oil or overflow from cap coolant or oil in coolant or see coolant on the floor
  7. if theres proof of the work being done then maybe he could take a chance taking you court but hes taking the **** a new waterpump and fitting would be £150 tops , and head gasket altogether 300-400 tops that includes coolant if just head gasket dealership usually charge 200-300 tops if he threats you with court action then you tell the person you want the proof of receipt of dealership thats done the work if he refuses then you know hes lieing about repairs but if he gives you one makesure you contact the dealership to verify they did do work on it as theres people that can do fake invoices also people would usually say sold as seen on the private sales i used it on a cbr 125 when gearbox was faulty never disclosed it just said its runs that was it and never heard nothing
  8. I find that being bull**** that's like saying if you sold a car you cant untax it unless you defo know they have put tax on it wtf if that's the case everyone wont be wanting to sell a car as they be scared of a fine best bet contact cab or ring dvla complaints see what they say and record the call
  9. get it fixed and trade in for a different car if you worried they might fail again for bearings
  10. problem is if they have damaged something you might not know what as been damaged so you best getting the wiring section where steering is
  11. open a paypal case that you have returned it and see what paypal do also when you sent back you did have tracking number because if you haven't they could easily turn it around and say we not got the item usually paypal may stick to yourside as they will know the law aswell for returns that aren't been opened
  12. well I rang HMRC told them the issue but they said I after wait till I get paid to get it sorted
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