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  1. I have just joined the Community here for your thoughts and we thank you in anticipation of any help you may give. We had a questionnaire from Abbey Life regarding enhanced annuity. They state on the bottom of the letter with the enclosed questionnaire - 'Abbey Life did not offer enhanced annuities, but one may have been available to you from another provider if you were eligible, and therefore you may be due compensation.' So we wrote to them saying we consider we may have been entitled to an enhanced annuity via an Independent Financial Adviser. (They do say this question
  2. Hi I would be grateful for a little bit of help, or confirmation that I'm on the right tracks for putting my case forward to DLA for mandatory reconsideration please. It involves the past presence test, genuine sufficient link test etc. Basically I really could do with someone showing me where to find the relevant decision makers guidance and confirming whether what I'm going to write is correct. I have found some DMG but I don't know if its up to date, so Ill need to ensure I link the correct DMG paragraphs etc to support my claim. Basically we do not meet the past presence test as
  3. Name of the Claimant ? Southern Water Services Date of issue – 10/11/2018 33 days was up on 8/12/2018 (3 days ago) only found court letters yesterday. Particulars of Claim The Claimant is a statutory water and sewerage undertaker pursuant to the water Industy Act 1991 (the Act). The Claimant claims the sum of £1700 for unpaid water and/or sewerage charges payable under s.142-144 of the Act and the Claimants Charges Scheme. The unpaid sum of £1600 is for water and/or sewerages services provided to the Defendant(s) at ************ for the period of July 2011 to July 2018. Th
  4. Hi Guys. Not proud of this even though I am having some problems. I have received a summons for not paying a fine (not taxed) on time and they won't let me take an out of court settlement although I have been in this situation before with them (several times) and have been able to pay out of court. When I phoned they said there was a note on my account and the legal team won't speak to me. It seems odd that I don't get an explanation or can speak to anyone about it?
  5. Bells to ring out and 10,000 to march past the Cenotaph as the nation says 'thank you' READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/bells-to-ring-out-and-10000-to-march-past-the-cenotaph-as-the-nation-says-thank-you
  6. I used to have a have a minimum waged (UK) job a few years ago. About 3 years after leaving, they're contacted me to tell me that I was underpaid. I am currently not working because I am recovering from an injury (about 2 years ago) so am on PIP and ESA benefits. I've emailed them to query this and they said its just for an hour's salary (which isn't much!) which will have to be taxed, so I am worried if I accept the amount it may somehow interfere with my benefits. Does anyone know if there is a possible risk of this, or since it's over a small amount, can I just not accept late paymen
  7. Bit of an issue i really need some help with. . Will list information in date order. 2003 - 2008 Ran a small company (pet shop) with my wife as a partnership. Mid 2008 closed company down as it was no longer viable. Offered job in Portugal in late 2008. Moved in November 2008. Myself declared bankruptcy in November 2008 before we left, my wife did not because she was ill and was unlikely to work again, handed keys back to mortgage company for our house. October 2009 company took myself and my wife to court for £13K debt. Did not fight as we were out
  8. Hi All My wife and I have been claiming Tax credits pretty much since they began, and have alway sent our renewal back on time and given correct figures. according to our award notices for the last couple of years we were told that there had been an over payment, and any future awards we recieved would be reduced by an amount to pay back the overpayment. On Saturday my wife and I both recieved letters from a DCA called Past Due Credit solutions saying they had been appointed by HMRC to recover £4738.56 regarding Tax Credits! Then this morning I have receive
  9. Hi My wife has received a letter today from Past Due Credit Solutions saying that HM Revenue and Customs have asked them to contact my wife on their behalf. It asks me to call a number and pay in full or if I am finding it difficult they can discuss whether I can spread the payments. It says all discussions and payments now need to be made through them. Any advice about this would be welcome as there is no way I can pay the amount that it says off and also I do not know if this debt is my wife's. Please advise? Thanks in advance.
  10. Hi all, This is a speculative question because I'm not on the dole yet, but who knows! Either in the process of claiming benefits or during a compliance check, one may be asked to produce evidence of capital, e. g. bank statements. Is there a rule that determines a minimum or maximum period for which this evidence must be reported? I've searched extensively on Google and I've also read the DM guide about capital but I haven't found anything. Some people have been asked 3 months worth of statements; others 6 months; some other one year. Any clue? Thanks.
  11. Hi, I have been paying off a British Gas account for the past 18 months. I've a dispute going on with regards the amount as they've billed me for an additional 6 months useage despite supplying meter readings when I left the property. They've acknowledged their error and I am currently waiting on resolution. Ialso issued them with a DSAR which has just gone over 40 days so the LBA is in the post today. The values on my Credit File in no way represent the true owed amounts nor have they registered the 18 months of payments I have made. It simply says I am 6 payments behind
  12. I'm looking for some advice please . I recently applied for a mortgage, and was asked initially over the phone "have you ever had any CCJS or IVAS". The answer was and is no. I was given an agreement in principle. This has now progressed to full application stage , after passing a full credit check. I have received a check list to sign and return to the lender. One of the first questions asks "Have you ever been subject to county court judgements (CCJs) , defaults or a repossession"? Is this asking if I have had a CCJ, county court default judgement or county court reposses
  13. Hi everyone I am new and need some advice I had virgin media in my property in 2010 20/11 I defaulted 2011 I think . In the end they collected their box and said that it would be used to clear the balance .. No contact from them since roll on today I get a debt collectors letter from a company called past due credit collections asking me to pay £126 by the 13/6 .. I was not even aware that I owed any money to virgin media . let alone they are passing my information on Like I said I've had no contact or demands . What do I do next ?
  14. Hi, My business partner and I are going to be registering our company very soon. I know that somewhere into the process, we're going to need to open a business bank account and designate that as our main account for the business. About 3 years ago, I opened a business account and had a business loan that was connected with that account when I opened it (by Lloyds TSB). This company was as a sole trader and wasn't a registered company. I had some payment issues and the business account was eventually closed, as I'd missed some loan repayments/late payments, etc. Ultimately, the
  15. Hoping for some advice. After significant debt issues just over 6 years ago I am now in the year when various defaults and a CCJ hit their 6 year mark on my credit file. All payments being managed through stepchange (I have charge against my house connected to CCJ) If i understand correctly as the respective default dates pass these will drop off my credit file? Do the accounts completely disappear from the file or just show as accounts that are being paid? Are companies more likely to accept a full and final offer once the 6 years from default date has passed? (
  16. Hi, I recieved a letter this morning from the above dca, it is with regards to HMRC "saying that this had been passed to themselves the amount owing just under £600.. It was for working tax credits I last paid 100 to this debt around 2011 directly. But nothing since because of circumstances.I have just about sorted my credit file out and this letter has come out the blue, I am tempted to call and offer to pay as I'm afraid of getting a ccj or them phoning my workplace ect, Anyone help with this one much appreciated ...
  17. I have been doing genealogy and a great and enjoyable experience it has been as well. Amongst the few genealogy sites I use, Find my Past have been advertising 1939 records and claim; In this, the richest record set ever released by Findmypast, you will find: "Interactive maps showing how your neighbourhood has changed over the past 130 years Photographs documenting life in 1930s and 1940s England and Wales, all of which have never before been available online Handwritten Register - View the original register document and see who lived in the surrounding houses in 1939"
  18. Hello, I currently have a grievance regarding overpaying my corporate membership fees at Nuffieldhealth Cheam and was wondering if someone could please help if I have a case here. I've been a member of my onsite corporate Nuffield gym since 2011 which I pay £10 per month for. Wanting access to a pool, I decided to take advantage of my corporate discount at other Nuffield gyms and joined Nuffield Cheam in 2012. When I joined Cheam in 2012, I took my company ID badge and was told by the salesperson that their discounted corporate rate at Nuffield Cheam would be £56 per month, whic
  19. i had a bad debt on a credit card from about 2002 that due to a real bad relationship split went unpaid. since being single i have never been more than 20p overdrawn since. i'm now in a position where i need to purchase a reliable car for work and dare not apply for credit. would it be possible to get car finance with this sort of credit history ? thanks in advance
  20. Three years ago changes were made to legislation whereby unless a vehicle is subject to a SORN declaration, they must be insured (even if the car is parked in your garage and never driven). Following the change in law, if a vehicle is not insured and is not registered with a SORN then the vehicle owner faces a £100 Fixed Penalty Notice and the potential for their car to be clamped, seized or destroyed, as well as being subject to a court prosecution and a court fine of up to £1,000 This subject is very serious indeed given that every month DVLA send 60,000 letters to vehicle owners
  21. Hey everyone, another thread about this company. I'll outline all the contact that's been made and what I have done so far and the hopefully you can answer some of my questions To begin, I am a student and last year I was living in a shared house with a Sky account under my name. I cancelled the account well before we moved out, in order to ensure that I would not end up being billed further. This was confirmed to me on the phone and I never had any more bills or contact from Sky after that. About 3-4 weeks ago, I received a text from Past Due Credit S
  22. Hi Just looking for some advice for a friend. A friend has just received a letter to attend a compliance interview and she's worried big style - its NOT an interview under caution. Four years ago she received some inheritance that took her close to the £16000 mark but not over, she was on incapacity benefit at the time and she was told the savings would not affect her benefits - pretty much all of the money was spent on adapting her home. She was moved to ESA last year and then onto income based ESA a few moths back and her savings have been pretty much zero since 2011. T
  23. Hi everyone, Today I received a letter from the above company with my name and address on it saying I owe £198 to TalkTalk. I have never taken out a contact with TalkTalk before so I'm confused as to why they're asking me for money. I'm also really careful with my money and only take out contracts if I know I can pay for them and I'm now really worried that this will affect my credit score and being able to apply for things in the future (I'm only 22). My question is, what do I do about this letter? Do I call the company and tell them I've never had a contract w
  24. Hi again, wondering if you knowledgeable people can answer this and help me; My current employer has agreed to me leaving (PILON). They have agreed a factual reference which I have a draft of, which pretty much states that I was good at my job, well respected which I'm fine with. Now, there is a final written warning on my record which was for a year and falls of on X date. They have included a paragraph stating this and also stating that it was not due to competency. They add that there have been no further issues or concerns regarding my conduct. Now due to my line of work I would ex
  25. Hi, received a letter from Past Due Credit back in May asking to 'contact them regarding an important matter' contact was made and they then wrote back a few weeks after to say they had closed the case and no one would contact me further. This morning I received another letter from Past Due, claiming the account was back open and to pay the amount by the end of July, que a phone call to a rude advisor and then a manager, who had said that t-mobile by now would have no record of me (the phone contact in question is at least 6 years old) I checked with t
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