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  1. Thanks for replies. It's not a sham company - they've been around donkeys years (and everything bang up to date on companies house). They accept credit cards at their trade counter but not for goods and services... Which I do find quite odd! Plus I would be happier with the additional benefit of s75 cover... ...downside is the manufacturer of Windows they fit are lovely. Back to the drawing board!
  2. Long story short - my brother has offered to pay for new Windows at front of my house (old single glazed ones at end of their life). Found good local company but don't accept credit card payments (they also don't offer finance! Yay!) They accept bacs - can you get a bacs payment from a credit card company?? Sorry if this in the wrong section.
  3. Bu*ger. Was hoping that as accounts had defaulted and they hadn't pursued a ccj in that 6yr period they wouldn't get a the option of a second bite at the credit file cherry.
  4. If I understand correctly none of my debts (6 defaults and 1 ccj) are statute barred as I have been paying them via stepchange BUT all of the default dates on credit files and ccj date on credit file will hit 6 years this year. I'm hoping as defaults cannot reappear on my credit file that the companies will accept very reduced full and final pay offs? Or can they still go for ccj?
  5. I have had cca from my creditors, and I did attend court. Optima pushed for my house to be sold to pay the debt but the judge stipulated that provided I met the monthly payment of the ccj the lien could not be enforced. So if the defaults drop off they become 'invisible'. Can companies pursue you at this point for a ccj?
  6. Hoping for some advice. After significant debt issues just over 6 years ago I am now in the year when various defaults and a CCJ hit their 6 year mark on my credit file. All payments being managed through stepchange (I have charge against my house connected to CCJ) If i understand correctly as the respective default dates pass these will drop off my credit file? Do the accounts completely disappear from the file or just show as accounts that are being paid? Are companies more likely to accept a full and final offer once the 6 years from default date has passed? (
  7. Thank you. I'll speak to Virgin tomorrow to try and find out why this has happened. Am quite shocked they can send documents undated and they can have such ramifications. How can I respond in 14 days to the default notice if there is no date?? I should point out in my town there are two roads with the same name and it's not unusual to have to put a letter meant for the other street back in the post...so dates are important!
  8. If the document is legal without a date then I will wrestle with Virgin, if the document is not legal I will deal with both Virgin and the CRAs. It's whether it should be dated that I am querying.
  9. It's the first one - no notice of default sums letter received. Just checked my Noodle file and no sign of it on there... Loathed to pay £6 for individual reports on a bill that amounts to £20.
  10. Quick background... I left Virgin Media due to cost of their service constantly creeping up. I left at the end of my contract. I was told I would be refunded the month in advance that I pay and I said to take any charges from that. All agreed, I canx my DD... they start pursuing me for £20 in charges, I say this is due to come off my refund, I get contacted by BFO debt collectors, advise them the same... I have now received an UNDATED default notice. I am gutted. Been working really hard to improve credit rating. Is the document legal without a date? Many thanks
  11. Hoping someone can put me right about a few things as I've been trying to do my research and feel a bit confused. My creditors are managed through StepChange. I currently have one CCJ from 2010 that I pay as per court instructions, I have 5 other creditors with all accounts defaulting in 2009 or 2010 except one that Cabot brought and chose not to default until 2012! I have no issue that I owe these debts... all PPI claimed back and applied to accounts where appropriate. I'm trying to get clear what happens after 6 years. The CCJ falls of the register bu
  12. Hello, Thank you for replying. I guess I'm a bit worried as optima legal were very aggressive in pursuing a ccj and property charge at the same court hearing despite the fact I was paying the debt off via the cccs (stepchange now). Having diligently paid this debt I am concerned they will be as aggressive with any legal options open to them once the ccj expires on the register.
  13. Hello, Hoping for a bit of guidance. I have a ccj which will reach is 6 year mark next year. At the time the ccj was granted the creditor put a charge on my property the judge stated that the creditor could not force me to sell my house providing I kept to the repayment plan StepChange put in place. I have done this. What I would be grateful to know is whether this extends beyond when the ccj is off of my credit record. I have no intention of shopping paying - it's my debt and my responsibility. If I understand correctly no creditor c
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