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  1. Hi there, I've sifted through a few threads trying to get a jist of what to do. Quite a bit of info, I'm hoping someone can help me with my issues Done a credit report and I've currently 5 defaulted accounts and 1 arrangement NatWest credit card - defaulted balance £984 with a current balance of £785. This debt is paid DD £20p/m directly to Natwest, I've ignored ALL letters from Wescot who manage my account on behalf of NatWest. NW have just written to me this week informing that my account has been assigned to Cabot Financial, to cease my payments to NW and make future payments to Wescot for the foreseeable - Thoughts/ advice on what to do at all? Aquacard - Account in arrangement with CapQuest to pay £5p/m, current balance is £1,200. This doesn't show as a default on my credit file. Notes that its in arrangement Vanquis - account is defaulted with Hoist Portfolio Ltd - this was forwarded to Robinson Way and I currently pay £10p/m with them Current balance £320 defaulted balance was £859 (Dec 2018 6yrs expires) JD Williams - Held with Lowell managed with Fredrickson paying £5p/m. £919 defaulted balance, current balance £504 (Nov 2017 6yrs expires) BT - Debt was passed to Past Due, then Capital Resolve, then Freds. I paid Capital Resolve the debt of £91.05 Freds have this as balance owing when I checked online with them Lowell have a default recorded with the account type being Communications Supplier, default balance £72, august 2015 which I think is the original BT debt Oxendales - Default recorded with Lowell, managed and arranged payment with Freds of £5p/m I have just at the moment cancelled all standing orders & DD's, just want to get some clarity on what to do with them Thanks Shelly
  2. Hello all, My first post on this great forum - very nervous and very worried. Please correct and advise me if I do anything wrong or don't follow correct protocol as I'm not a regular user of any forum! I had two credit card accounts with MBNA one started 1996, the other in 2001. I believe I stopped paying the full repayments around 2005 due to losing my job and the resulting financial problems and agreed with MBNA a reduced, interest free monthly repayment. Some time later I received letters saying both accounts had been assigned to a debt collection agency who would now be taking over the accounts. I think these were possibly re assigned two or three more times to different agencies over the next couple of years but my memory on these is not so good as I was suffering from severe depression around this time and on prescribed medication. I probably ignored and binned any correspondence from around this time. Most recently, around November 2015, Arrow Global took over both debts and on 05 August this year I have received two Court claim forms (one for each account). I read a few threads and have responded to the claim online at moneyclaim.gov.uk to acknowledge service and stated I wish to defend. Now I'm struggling and worried sick that my head might go again and would be so grateful for any help you wonderful people could provide. I don't think I have a lot of time to respond?
  3. Name of the Claimant - Arrow Global Limited Date of issue – 05 August 2016 Date to acknowledge= 24/08 + 14 days date to submit defence = 06/09 (33 days in total) - What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? 1 - The claimant's claim is for the sum of £1547 being monies due from the defendant to the claimant under a regulated agreement between the defendant and MBNA Europe Bank Limited (No.XXXXXXXXXX) and assigned to the claimant on 30/11/2015, notice of which has been provided to the defendant. 2 - The defendant has failed to make payment in accordance with the terms of the agreement and a default notice has been served pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974 3 - The claimant claims the sum of £1547 4 - C has complied, as far as necessary, with the pre-action conduct practice direction. What is the value of the claim? £1547 Is the claim for a current account (Overdraft) or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? Credit Card account When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? - 1996 Assigned - Debt purchaser (Arrow Global) has issued the claim Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? Yes, but I received a few different ones assigning it to various debt purchasers over the last few years. Arrow Global being the most recent. Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? - Do not recall - I don't think so. Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? - I don't think so. Why did you cease payments? - unsure - possibly 2010 What was the date of your last payment? - unsure - possibly 2010 Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? Explained loss of job and financial issues and agreed and paid reduced, no interest monthly payment to MBNA until assigned to Debt Collection company then no further payments made.
  4. Hi all, writing this for my mum as she's too stressed to think at the moment, I hope you can help us out. Some time back my mum and dad got a joint loan, she did the earning and he did the spending, she wasn't wanting the loan but was talked into it by him. A few years later they seperated and she remarried. Financialy the loan was taken over by idem servicing and the debt was just over 10k, they had both aranged to repay this equaly from June 2000. Mum stopped payment as she had paid her half, then was contacted by letter in her old name asking to get in contact for the account. She has found that her ex (dad) has not paid a penny, she has spoken to them several times about this - as she is jointly liable. They are saying the account now stands at 4.6K Sorry for my first post being so long but she's under issues with re-joining work after an operation, having been on Statuary Sick pay which has not helped, and we would like to ask for any help or advice. Next week is the first opportunity to contact the CAB but I would like to ask if anyone can help? With thanks Jason
  5. Hi all, I started a previous thread to share my general issues, but am posting in this section for specific advise relating to First Direct. Previous forum address here if anyone is interested: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?458839-Low-income-6-year-old-debts-and-worrying-about-the-possibility-of-future-court-action I had an account with an overdraft, credit card and loan with First Direct (all pre Apr 2007). I defaulted on payments for the credit card and loan back in 2009, at which point, they closed my account, merging the credit card and overdraft together as one debt, and the remaining loan as another. Since the default in 2009, I have been making token £1 monthly payments to Metropolitan Collection Services; I have since moved house a few times and hence had no contact with them. Aiming to sort things out once and for all, I joined this site, and under some much appreciated advice, sent out a CCA request to Metropolitan last week. First Direct have responded, sending back my CCA letter (but keeping the postal order???), saying: The letter is not signed (didn't think I needed to) - they want me to provide a specimen signature My current address does not match their records (it wouldn't as I have moved, but my credit file address is up-to-date) - they want me to provide the old address to match their records. From this, I gather that FD still own the debt as Metropolitan did not write to me. As mentioned, my credit file is up to date with all addresses. Does anyone have any advice on how I should proceed? Are they trying to delay and does the time limit of 12+2 days still apply? Or, are they valid in their requests? Any help much appreciated Thanks AM
  6. Hi can I please get some help regarding three letters that have come from Lowells. We have recently returned to uk after living abroad and previously had advice regarding some if not all of these accounts back in 2014 I believe. The debts are coming up SB mid this year, default dates 2013. I believe we were previously advised to SAR I think, which, I think we did. I also believe one- a capital one debt, we sent a PPI claim for which was denied I think. Here are the accounts. ME-CAPITAL ONE $420 MY WIFE- BRITISH GAS $75 didn't even realise we had this...pretty certain we were on prepayment meter?! MY WIFE- CAPITAL ONE $1695 (SAR sent off 15th May 2013) Do I need to do an SAR again for these? Can anyone advise what to do please. Thanks a lot
  7. Hi, I have a question regarding my credit file & 4 Lowell accounts which were closed as a "goodwill gesture" due to my ongoing mental health illness. Due to them constantly contacting me via telephone and threatening letters, I contacted them first email to request they stop contacting me via my telephone and also to try and setup some kind of affordable repayment plan to clear these accounts. I also explained my health circumstances and my very low income. They requested I complete a income/expenditure and some proof of my illness. I replied with my doctor's report and explained I will send a income / expenditure form once I have some advice from the National Debtline. One of the accounts was being administered by BWLegal who had issued a warrant of control which Lowell advised would be stopped and they would take over the account. A few weeks later, Lowell wrote to me to explain all accounts have been closed and no further action will be taken to collect any outstanding amounts. (Although they didn't inform the bailiff who turned up at my door and left a card, but having spoken to him he is now aware the debt has been cancelled, so all good) Should all these closed accounts (all equal around £1500 combined) be updated as "closed" on my credit file? Obviously I realise defaults / and the 1 CCJ remain on file for 6 years, but should the other accounts be listed as closed rather than as still active with there outstanding balance? (which they presently are) Lowell closed the accounts about 6 weeks ago, which did surprise me but obviously took a weight of my mind. Due my present circumstances I obviously won't be applying for any credit etc for some time, so I'm not too bothered about my credit file status but I like to make sure information on it is kept up to date nonetheless. Any advice appreciated, thanks
  8. Well back again after a number of years following your success in getting unwelcome finance out of my life forever. I have been receiving emails from lantern relating to a quick quid loan I admittedly did not fully repay as I was at the time backed into a place where my only way out was to stop paying the payday loans and then deal with the fallout or lose everything. Just at that Time I had loans with Wonga, Myjar, quick quid and pounds to pocket using one to repay another and getting deeper and deeper in. Anyway Wonga wrote off their balance in full with no comebacks following a legislation change. I sent quick quid a letter stating I was intending to defend the way the loan had been approved after a number of previous loans, Irresponsible lending, and received a letter saying they were looking into my complaint and received no further communication from them so forgot about them, then sent their reply to Quick quid as they are the same company they simply replied saying they would take me to court, then heard nothing, now fast forward four years and I start getting emails from Lantern, I have not replied to any of them. Firstly for one quick quid account and now they are saying I have 2 quick quid accounts totalling 2,900 pounds. If I try to pay this it will put me right back to square one after managing to get back on my feet and clear all other debts, and start to rebuild my credit rating. Any advice will be welcome.
  9. I'm trying to update my email address so I get notifications in the right place. When I try to do this, I get a notification that my new email address is already in use. I don't remember setting up a new account, but I suppose I must have done so at some point! How best to solve this problem? I would like to be able to get notifications about current threads at my current email address but this address appears to be linked to a different account. Can I close that account to free up that email address and then change the addresses on my active account or is there a better / simpler alternative?
  10. Hi all, I'm currently going through a move (renting) and am being asked to provide my company accounts to letting agents for their credit checks. Now I remember this seriously bugged me the last time I moved, as I run a Limited Company and it's my gut reaction that the company accounts are and should remain private. I'm paid via payroll on a regular basis as any other employee would be. I don't even submit full accounts to Companies House, so why should these nosy parkers get to see them? Is there any legal justification for them asking this or can I politely refuse, offering my personal accounts / payslips only?
  11. Hi, I have had my bank accounts closed and told I will have to wait for 30 days to get my money. Ive had an account with a main bank and always used my mums address, this account is about 5 years old and with a small overdraft and no problems.I have been living with my GF for about two years so thought I could get an account at her address so I just did it with the other bank that is linked to my main bank but was told if I wanted to close my old account I would have to go into the branch to do so. I carried on using both accounts and even set up fastpayment with my new account and sent over a small amount. A week later I transfered over a larger amount and it never arrived so I called up the bank and was put through to the fraud team. I explained what I had done and they said OK and put the payment through. The next day I went to login online and it wouldnt let me so I called the bank and was put through to the account closure team, they said they could not give me any information and I would get a letter in the post. Five days later a letter arrived at both addresses saying exactly the same thing that my account was closed and I was to go into the bank with I.D and withdraw my money. Now between the two accounts I have about £10k so I called the bank and was told I could not have my money as they where making checks and I have to wait 30 days. I explained that I had received letters saying to withdraw my money and they just said they where doing checks and I could call back every week to see if there had been any updates. Is there some sort of protacol for this, after 30 days will they just say sorry no decision made, my Contract mobile is fine and also my credit card etc. From what I have read it seems they will be checking for fraud and money laundering but all the information inc D/L and passport are legal. Cheers Zoom
  12. Long story short... My son has set up and abandoned xbox accounts more times than I've had hot dinners. Trouble is he has set up monthly game passes on at least two of those. He has removed details of most accounts from his xbox, so I cant trace which account has the monthly subscriptions on. I have been debited for one subscription on my own debit card, which was for a trial my son started in December. I opened a teenage bank account in February this year with his own debit card. He used this for another subscription. My son cannot remember which accounts he has used. I've been on phone to bank but they advise contacting xbox. I try xbox live chat, they give me a phone number to ring. I ring that, spend half hour on phone on hold and am then cut off. I cannot find a direct email address to raise an issue with them. Seems I am stuck unless there is someone with the expert knowhow to resolve this. It seems it is easy to cancel stuff when you know account details. However, son is High Functioning Autism and suffers from extreme anxiety when asked about this. He is unable to take responsibility for this so I could really do with some help to sort this out. Many thanks.
  13. Last Thursday morning, all of my RBS accounts vanished and they won't tell me anything other than I'll receive a letter! Even my 6 year old son's account has vanished along with the housekeeping account.
  14. I am struggling to close PayPal and EBay accounts of my late Husband. Using the contact us forms doesn't appear to produce any contact from either of them. Has anyone had experience of closing these accounts - thank you.
  15. My neighbour found out recently that money had been syphoned out of his current account, as the bank had linked his current account with a business account which the neighbour was not aware of. Subsequently, £15k has been removed over the years by the old company director. Natwest have investigated this fraudulent activity and state that they are not liable. My question is this: Are Natwest liable as they failed to inform the customer of the joining of the accounts? Is there any avenues of complaint other than the bank and financial ombudsman which is not worth its title?
  16. Sent off SAR request 29 January. They must be overworked 'cos I haven't heard anything. This is my problem? Sending off non-disclosure letter tomorrow giving them 7 days till I complain to the courts. Can't wait to see how much they owe me. It's a shame I have to use 2 envelopes 'cos my Sainsbury's data hasn't turned up either and the address is the shame. Hey ho
  17. Has anyone had any success in removing closed payday accounts from their credit file? Unfortunately a few years ago I took out these loans and paid them back on time so all good with no defaults or late payments. The problem is they are screwing my credit file just by being there. Thank you.
  18. After reading a number of threads I think I have made a mistake. I have 2 debts with Natwest 1. overdraft 1. loan account which they have combined together and I have been paying them an agreed amount .In 2008 I managed to get them to put in writing that they cannot produce an agreement for the loan and further they agreed that all of the money I pay them will be deducted from the overdraft only and it will revert to paying of the loan account when the overdraft is paid. According to their statements they are sticking to that arrangement .I am not paying any interest,and I have recovered all of the charges ,and rather than rock the boat, it is my intention when the overdraft is paid I will then say I am stopping payments as the Loan Account has no Agreement . The threads I have been reading all say banks cannot combine debts . I think I have shot myself in the foot, i s this the case, or can I make them separate the accounts or do I stick with the current arrangement until the overdraft is paid...........................FS
  19. hi we have a cashplus card account we are trying to set up a simple bank account but not having much luck as we have very little id just bills and birthcertificate, we set up a cash plus account just in one of our names if we find a simple account how do we cancels cahplus prepaid account as it says you can ring them , i dont understand when we have to pay the fee each month ? or if i block the card will i still need to pay the fee any advice be helpful and in advance thankyou for your time
  20. Hi all, After many long years, I am finally free from most of my problem debts and had expected my rating to improve dramatically. However despite this, it is still showing very poor on Noddle, Checkmyfile et al. I spoken with Checkmyfile for their view and think i know what the issue is. I lived in flat from Dec 2007 to April 2012 where most of my issues racked up - lost job, British Gas meant i stopped paying certain things to keep them off my back - stupid i know, but when backed into a corner not knowing the way out, i just acted. i finally moved from that address, provided a forwarding address and settled final bills. Fast forward to now, and i have found the following: - British Gas are still reporting two accounts at my old address with a late payment marker - These have been reported as late payment since 2012 - no default - According to the CRA, they are reported like active accounts - The gas account was settled at the time. These are two electricity accounts! - The late payment markers are the main reason for my very poor rating - all other accounts are in good shape! I've tried to contact BG four times in the past week with no joy. Only once did i speak with someone who said the accounts were so old, they didn't store any information on them. They did however show two electricity accounts that were in arrears to the tune of £243 and £262!! I was adamant that i had paid to which he said, there is no record of this and i would need to prove it. I've changed banks twice since 2012!! They have never called, emailed or sent a bill out to either the old address (which incidentally i still own but rent out, and has been leased since i left. The new tenant even changed to E-On) or the forwarding address i provided (my in-laws). I am confused by the fact that they have never added a default notice to my file or made contact. What is most worrying however is that I paid and settled the accounts but they have no record! BG made my life a misery and despite being away from them for years, they are still affecting me. My wife and I have tried to remortgage only to be refused - this is the reason!! The remortgage is critical as she is now on maternity leave with no income - I am supporting all three of us and the mortgage payments will go up from January. It gets better - I have a role in financial services and have worked hard to get into a senior position - a poor rating is not compatible with this role and means that my job is in jeopardy! We're now sick with worry at the worst possible time of year... Actions taken so far are: - I have sent a Section 10 DPA notice telling them they cannot share my personal information. Don't know if this will stop further damage. I have noted in this letter that their actions are unwarranted and are affecting not only myself but my wife, who was never linked to that address or these accounts. - Have also sent a complaint letter by email and post demanding they close accounts, clear balances and remove adverse credit file information. Has anyone else come across something like this themselves? Any advice as to how i can finally rid myself of these HELP! Thanks, Matt
  21. Hi there, Just a quick question which I hope someone may know the answer to. I have a few debts with debt collection agencies which I am paying monthly to. 2 of the debts are with one agency but only one of these shows on my credit file as the other 'dropped off'. My partner settled the account showing on the credit file in full using the agencies online payment facility. The question is will this account/debt show as paid in full on my credit file or will I have to settle both accounts with this agency first? kind regards Robert
  22. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2016/nov/07/tesco-bank-freezes-transactions-online-attack As long as their money has not been stolen !
  23. I have been a British Gas customer for several years and in several addresses, not because I think they're great, but because 3 house moves ago they failed to provide a monthly bill for 9 months and then hit me with the lot a couple of weeks before that xmas. I spent the next 3 years sufficiently in arrears as a result that I was unable to switch. For a home occupied mainly at evenings and weekends by 2 adults and a teenager I was paying £4-500 per month. We moved house again at the end of July and informed British Gas (again). I was asked to pay a deposit for both new gas and electricity accounts (£125 and £90), was given a sales order number for each account and advised that it may take "up to 2 weeks" to set up the accounts. I have signed in to my online British Gas customer page every week since (nearly 3 months), only to find the same sales order numbers and the new account setup status as "in progress". Until today. There's nothing there. Where have they gone? Why? Who is my energy supplier? Do I even have one??
  24. Hello everyone, A friend of mine is in a real mess, she wants me to keep details vague, she is a young woman who suffers from various disabilities. She has had an account with the bank since she was a child (one of the banks in the RBS family). She has a current account with an overdraft over £2,000, and a credit card. Earlier this year she reached out to higher ups in the bank, to make sure her accounts were in good order , and offered to pay her overdraft down. She explained she has had a difficult year and suffers various disabilities. She just wanted to keep in touch with the bank to avoid any surprises. (As she has been using her overdraft more than usual). She had made it clear to them that if they did want to reduce her limit, then she was ready to work with them to agree to pay it down at an agreed level. She received a letter back from a senior position in the bank, who appeared sympathetic and assured her that there was no need for concern, her account is fine and they don't wish to reduce her overdraft limit. All appeared well. Out of nowhere she received a letter, saying they were ending all of her accounts and all funds were repayable within 60 days. (including her credit card). A few questions... , does she have any grounds to stand on or can banks just treat people without any care and respect? 1. Does the fact that the bank assured her everything was fine, and never gave her a chance mean anything? . (She was in contact with the bank just months before, explained her disabilities and recent troubles, and, they told her there were no issues or concerns with her account, and that they did not want her overdraft limit reduced. The bank misled her and never offered to work with her or inform her of any problems with her account. 2. Do they have no responsibility to treat a vulnerable customer with care and caution? to just do this to all her accounts after assuring her everything was fine is just reckless, especially as they had just acknowledged her vulnerable position and sought to reassure her. 3. Should they have not discussed this with her, or worked with her to correct any issues?. 4. Is it acceptable to close all accounts including a credit card with just one letter - they are still adding crazy high fees to both accounts!. As far as I am aware they never issued a default notice on any set amount, and have continued to charge fees on the overdraft and profit from it. So frustrated as I know the banks seem to do whatever they want, and it seems there is little or no protection for the customer, but this just seems so in your face wrong. What route, if any , should she take to try to make them think twice? (any disability or vulnerable people avenue?, about them misleading her? I hope I can give her some idea of a way forward, they have also pushed her into a position where she will be forced into debt and hardship. I know she can ask for some fees back Thanks
  25. I posted a while back about my concern when opening a Santander current account that they had my details on file already. This was from a cahoot loan/credit card combination account. Going back to 2006 ish i had a lot of credit card debt and totally stuck my head in the sand and ignored them all. I tried to explain being off work on the sick to MBNA or Citi or Capital One i forget which now. But they were not helpful at all and wouldnt do anything until i had missed a payment. So they whacked charges onto charges and i had nowhere to turn and ignored them Moving on and they were all statute barred and nothing ever paid to them, not proud but circumstances gave me no other options. When i opened my account and they mentioned the cahoot details i had a panic moment and thought they would take the money away to pay the old debt. Nothing was ever mentioned but when opening the account the manager sat in taking notes but said nothing. To make matters worse i opened the account with my partner so she will be linked to me now also. Looking to change accounts now and wonder is it safe to choose a company linked to any of the credit cards i had all those years ago? How many of these cards are linked to accounts and am i worrying over nothing after all this time? A call blocker on my landline now means it rarely rings. I was still getting dodgy calls at all hours of the day and night until that was installed. The 2 email address that i used for the banking still gets tons of spam every single day, although the tempting offers of cheap consumer goods and PPI protection and offers of loans have reduced now. Rather more than a coincidence that out of 14 AOL email addresses the only 2 that get the spam are the 2 i used for banking. Even the ones used for chat which used to get harvested do not get anywhere near that much spam. The domains are mostly registered in Bermuda. If my memory still works i had these cards/accounts Citi, Capital One, MBNA, Monument, Cahoot CC/Loan, Barclaycard. Its embarrassing to see all that now but credit seemed easy back then. I think thats the lot? Any banks not safe to open an account with? You maybe pleased (or not) to know i have stayed debt free since. I have one credit card with a small limit thats paid off 100% each month. I do not wish to make that mistake again. Thanks all
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