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  1. Hi everyone - I'm in a sticky situation. I went to live abroad for some time in 2015 and I'm back now. I was sure before I left that my UK HSBC account was at 0 but it wasn't due to some overdraft that I gone into without knowing which later led to the account being closed. I just received a letter from Cabot today saying that I owe them a balance of £1347.86. I spoke to HSBC earlier in 2017 and they said to me that the account in question was closed and that I owed something in the region of £200 due to overdraft. I can't remember the exact details but I assume they said the debt was written off, otherwise I would've paid the debt right away then. This also makes what Cabot are saying quite confusing because they're saying I still owe this debt and that the fee is larger than I was told by HSBC. I phoned Cabot right after I got the letter and they told me that it was probably Direct Debit that caused the fee to be so high. I had no Direct Debit and I never admitted liability. I asked whether they have the T&C's of the agreement I had with HSBC, to which they said no. I also asked if I could have evidence of the debt but they said they didn't have anything on their side and they'd need to make a dispute with HSBC. For that I said, I'll contact them myself and get the details so they'll put the account on hold. What do you guys think? Someone told me to get this all in writing sent to them either in email or post. Should I do that? Please let me know what to do since I have no idea! Many thanks in advance.
  2. At the beginning of 2013 I was in the midst of payday-loan hell, mainly due to gambling. I have resolved all but one of those (who I am paying £2 a month to) I lost my job in Jan 2011. At some point Halifax allowed me to increase my overdraft from £3000 which I had from student account up to £5000. I spoke to them at the time (or a couple of months later) about the fees (£100 a month) and they agreed to pause for 6 months due to no job. They then paused them again for another 6 months. I had not gained employment in this time. After this period they would not freeze the fees which were £3/day. I was still using the account and had some money coming in at points and they got their fees. Sometimes I went over for a month or two so they charged more (£5/day for a maximuim of 100/month). At some point last summer I spoke to them and they said they would hold the fees on the basis I would begin to repay the overdraft. I could not agree to £50/month and at the time I didn't want them to close the account and pass it to DCA because some people still had these details. I made sure I stopped using this account. The fees appeared to freeze for 2 months and I called to lower the overdraft to £4900. This was my way to begin to repay it. As soon as I did this they started adding fees again. There were also some months they haven't added them (though they have this year) probably due to some error. They have called me on and off and sometimes I answer and the conversation has been cutoff or whatever. I have lately buried my head in the hand somewhat. All I want is for them to freeze the fees as I have requested many times and I will lower it as and when I can (I am working some at the moment, but still receiving housing benefit as it is not regular work) and then not start adding the fees again when I do reduce it. I would also like the most recent fees removed, if possible What is my best play? It was somewhat irresponsible lending but I'm not trying to get out of it (though I wouldn't mind and could easily have done a DRO before and had it cleared!) They currently don't have my correct address as I have moved and not told them, though I can get post at the old address still. Should I update them? My balance is currently -5189 Thanks for any advice!
  3. Hi all I had a mortgage with Amber Homeloans for approx. 8 years until 2017 and due to my own poor financial mismanagement, I incurred many fees for arrears, etc. Whilst I accept fault, given the time that has passed, is it still viable to pursue Amber for any excessive fees charged which were greater than the administrative cost to them? I am about to request statements from them in order that I can collate a list of charges, but perhaps it's not worth my while? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, I am new to this forum, so please bare with me as I get hang of how it all works. My story dates back to 2006, when I took out a secured loan with Blemain/Together finance for £25k. This was to pay additional bills and to do some repairs on my property. I brought the property in 2003. This was the first time I took out a loan, I had no real knowledge of the best type of loan to choose, which is why I did the loan through a broker, who pass my application to a third party Loan Options, who recommended Blemain finance. They were both paid a commission at the start of the loan and that was deducted from the loan amount. Blemain also added £2000 in charges for handling my application, so at the start of the loan I was already £4000 in debt. My understanding from the start was this was a loan, but over the years it is now referred to as a mortgage, with added legal clauses such as remunerations. None of this information was made clear to me at any stage of my application. There is no way I would taken this loan if I knew the interest rate would be so high. I am now paying more to this loan then my actual mortgage. In the last 11 years Blemain has added charges to this loan for building insurance, Telephone calls, Letters, Arrears and court fees. Yes they have taken me to court on 2 occasion to reprocess my property. Each time adding extra charges to the loan amount. I have recently had a audit done on the amount I have already paid Blemain and it totals to over £39k, I still have 4 years left to pay off this loan. I have been in financial hardship since taking out this loan, with very little to live on. I have been to solicitors, law centers, etc, none them has been successful. I can’t afford the monthly charges of this loan any more, I am compelled to sell the home I lived in for over 33 years. I recently asked Blemain for a redemption figure and they have quoted £46k to pay off this loan early. I am horrified that they can charge such extortionate interest for a loan I took out 11 years ago. If I pay the £46k redemption figure It would total £85k for a £25k loan. How is this possible:???: I would appreciate any advise or guidance from the forum. Thank you! Bdoubleu
  5. Hi All, I have had a Halifax account for a long time. but it has a massive overdraft (8,700) It was our own fault and very stupid, we were really struggling with money at the time _ it was a few years back -can't even remember how long, but we had a small overdraft we went on line to increase it a bit to cover us for that month, it was so easy, we went back in and did it again till it finally declined at the above amount, but I'm sure we managed to increase it by about 4,000 in one day! things were ok and we were being charged about £100 each month in fees for always being in the overdraft. but in april (I think ) the fees changed to £12.42 per day for us which is about £372 per month!. There's no way I can afford that!. I have a basic current account with the Halifax which I've been using as my main account for some time, but no income is paid into the overdraft account at all now. it's already being recorded on my credit file as two months in arrears and the balance is now about £9100. I want to pay them back but at £372 just for the fees it would be impossible. but I also don't want another default, as my credit record will be clean in 2 years and we're selling up to rent and clean up our credit records so a new default for another 6 years won't be good! Is there anything I can do to avoid this? and make an offer to them to pay what's owed?
  6. Brunowales

    Mbna ppi

    Hi All Just got my SAR back from MBNA. CC taken out 1998. Defaulted 2003. Informed no CCA which is good to know as DCA chasing and have been cca,d. My question is the statments show payment protection insurance as well as penalty fees for late payments and over limit. Is it too late to claim these back? Many thanks
  7. Hello, a couple of days ago I had two HCEOs barge into our home around 7am demanding money or they would be removing goods. Not having experienced anything like this before I just panicked and paid whatever they said. I've just found this forum and have been reading the posts here. From some of these earlier posts, it appears that this firm of HCEOs are well known for charging all the fees in one go which they did to me as well. Does anyone here have any advice or suggestions as to the strength of my case? This is what happened:- First off, I was aware of the debt and do not dispute that I owe it. It's not council tax or anything but a private individual that I owe the money to, I've been attempting to agree a repayment schedule with them but they declined my offers and the next thing I know the HCEOs turn up. I have just made a subject access request to see exactly what data they have on me. From reading the section on vulnerability I believe that I have a strong case to be described as vulnerable (I don't want to go into details as it may identify me). They never sent a Notice of Enforcement. When they turned up they initially demanded an amount of money that, now I have had time to read up on this, I now realise included both the Stage1 and Stage 2 enforcement fees. I tried to pay this via credit card a couple of times but that was blocked (I later got a phone call from my cc company as they thought it was a possible fraud). I then told them that I could contact a family member and they could get cash out of the bank when it opened. They agreed to this but said that the fee had just gone up. I now understand that this extra fee was the Stage Sale fee. Eventually they got their money and left. While they were in my home they just looked around the place and said that there was nothing really of value (at that time I wasn't aware that certain goods were exempt and I thought they were going to take all my furniture). I would welcome some advice on this and I also have a couple of questions. My two extra questions are, firstly, what exactly does "taking control" actually involve? At no time did they try to secure any of my property, they did not write anything down, they simply started walking around the home opening all the cupboards etc. Secondly, I read on another thread here:- Is this something that will show up as part of my Subject Access Request?
  8. Hi Everyone, Tricky situation, but I'm hoping for some guidance, found a few bits of info on here. Unfortunately my father passed away last summer. I am joint executor (with my sister who lives overseas). Here's the background but unfortunately I don't have much paperwork - He had a small bungalow worth £225k but also a £162,500 mortgage. This was sold by GE money to him, aged 70, for 14 years (In 2004) - interest only. He wasn't great with money(his whole life tbh) and soon fell into arrears. In 2006 it was sold on to Engage Credit. We are about to finally complete on the sale, and once all his other debts are cleared there's not going to be much left. We have managed to get Engage to refund £320 in fees. We're trying to establish when GE sold it on. Engage say most of the fees were GE money. There are £3554.30 in fees, plus £2703.72 in arrears. I do have comprehensive list of the fees/arrears dating back to 2006, but its hard to see who charged what, and when it was transferred. I'm so angry with companies like these who mis sell to elderly people who clearly can't afford the repayments, and my Dad was v clever hiding the full extent of the debt from us. My questions are: 1 - Can I do anything as an Executor as the whole thing is so unfair? 2 - Why the mortgage for such a large amount was sold to a 70Yr old - as the house can't have been worth anywhere near that in 2004 - I think it must have been mis sold (He only had a state pension) 3 - How can I trace who sold the mortgage? Can I report them to the FCA?[/left] 4 - Can I claim back fees retrospectively from GE Money (I've read the 2010 ruling on here) or doesn't it apply if the mortgage holder is no longer alive? With many thanks and best wishes, Caroline
  9. My daughter's nursery has asked for payment of arrears which is considerably large, i.e. greater than £1000. However, they have sent a hand written letter without a date setting out a payment plan (without consulting with me or my soon to be ex). They further state that if the payments are not made on the dates stated, they will apply am additional charge. I've read through similar threads and understand that the additional charges cannot be applied unless I have signed an agreement that mentions additional charges. Strangely, they have also given me a blank agreement and registration form for the nursery requesting that I fill it in so that they can "update their records". This was given to me along with the letter regarding fees. I am willing to pay the outstanding amount in reasonable installments based upon my total monthly outgoings, but I am planning to write to them regarding the additional charges. I also plan to write to them asking for a copy of the original agreement and T&C's that I may have signed at the start. WIll they be able to take me to court for this if there is no agreement signed? Thank you for any replies!
  10. I Received a high court writ of control Today. The amount payable is nearly £400 more that the Judgement amount. Judgement Amount = £846.38 Debt owed = £1116.13 Interest =£30.76 Compliance fee =£90 Total sum outstanding =£1236.89 Are these fees correct? I do owe this debt, and was going to deal with it but then stupidly forgot about it. I have been battling high blood pressure problems due to stress resulting in hospital visits. I just need to know how to deal with this so it doesn't stress me out more than I am. I'm a single mum, we live on our boat and have nothing of real value. Any advice is greatly appreciated
  11. My dear Dad who served in WWII and worked all his life developed vascular dementia after suffering a stroke and eventually ended up in a care home. We applied for NHS Continuing Care and was passed from pillar to post as is the case for many. The only asset he had was the ex-council house which I helped him to buy [he had lived there for over 40 years at the time] with my mother. We bought the house as joint tenants in 1985. On my mother's death in 1991 we failed to inform the Land Registry of her death [not clued up at all about these things] so the house was then jointly owned by myself and my Dad. My Dad went into a care home in 2006. The local authority [LA] rejected the claim for NHS Continuing Care and took all my Dad's pension leaving him with a few pounds each week. As I was the joint owner of the property with my Father the LA kept sending me bills for the shortfall in his weekly care home fees. Upon my Dad's death in 2007 the LA continued to chase me for the shortfall in the care home fees amounting to thousands of pounds despite my stating I was pursuing a claim for NHS Continuing care. Earlier and unbeknown to me the LA had put a charging order on the house [sending 3 letters - one to my deceased mother, one to my father who was in the care home and one to me [living 200 miles away] we didn't pick up the letters until after the deadline for objecting had passed as we were obviously up and down the motorway visiting my father in the care home. Since then I have completed various questionnaires and sent loads of emails to no avail and no resolution of this issue. The demands for payment from the Finance Dept. stopped in 2014. I've not heard anything since. My questions are: 1. Does the charging order made by the LA against the property have an expiry date? I have seen something about 12 years? 2. If the Finance Dept. has stopped chasing me for payment - where do I stand now? Is the debt written off after x number of years? I maintain my father was fully entitled to NHS Continuing Care and I will continue to fight this - he died in 2007 - I haven't heard anything further from my last appeal I think in 2014 - it is very wearing. Meanwhile I can't sell the house [the charge on the house means the LA will get their hands on the money to which I vehemently object] and am letting the property out to tenants which is a whole new world of pain. I also foolishly paid someone to act as my advocate and of course he took the money and did - feel very let down that he could take advantage of people when they are at such a low ebb. I know I'm not the only person to fall prey to this person. Any advice gratefully received. Thank you.
  12. So for a quick recap, I had an account in 2009 with Vanquis. Account was sold to Arrow and Rectums put in a claim form. they never responded to my defence so claim was auto-stayed. Full thread here if anyone wants to read: https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?477307-Arrow-restons-claimform-old-Vanquis-Card-debt-statute-barred Now I don't know where my head was, but only found out a few days ago that Vanquis are refunding people. Looked on their website and they state if you owed Debt purchaser money, it would be offset, etc. This can be found here: https://www.vanquis.co.uk/existing-customers/repayment-option-plan-refund Now I have a spreadsheet where I listed all my ROP as well as charges they put on my account and was wondering if I should get reclaiming? It is statute barred. I've attached spreadsheet for info. According to Arrow I owed them £700 (from a £200 credit limit on the card) VANQUIS-CAG.xls
  13. Hi all. Today I received a letter detailing my arrears on my mortgage. Now Kensington have recently took over my mortgage from GE Money. GE sent a final letter to us a short while ago showing arrears of around £8000 (bad I know) but now Kensington have sent me a letter (received today) showing : Payment Arrears : £8946 Other : 0 Insurance Related Charges : 0 Fees and Security Related Charges : £4496 Total arrears : £13442 Does anyone know what the hell FEES AND SECURITY RELATED CHARGES are and can they add that much to an already heavy debt/burden? I dont know what this fee is for and they do not explain anywhere as to what is it for? As for as Im concerned, my arrears are £8946 and no more! We are paying are regular monthly payments as normal but trying to add a little extra each month to get the arrears down. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  14. Hi guys, Hope you can help me with this please I had a call from assist claim management about ppi claim I gave them some details over the phone they came back to me after a week asking me to sign a letter of authority because they found 5 accounts eligible for ppi claim. i signed the LOA for them in may 2018. in September I came back from holiday I found over 10 letters from them some asking me to sign a questionner and a new LOA AND some of them threatening me with a bailiff or pay à fees of £300 for each account which make a total of £1500. the letters were all sent between 23 July and 10 August I came back home the 3rd of September a week later I received a letter from a bailiff asking for £375 x 5. i called them explained to them what happened they asked me to sign a LOA I said I’ve already signed one they told me it was invalid because I added some stuff with pen on them. i said if it’s invalid why are you threatened me with bailiff and I decided not to sign anything and do the claim my self. they send me new LOA AND A QUESTIONNAIRE to sign and they join a letter of T&C and one of the clause clearly saying I have 14 days to cancel. i did sign a new LOA AND THE QUESTIONNAIRE SEND IT THEN A WEEK LATER I’ve send an email to them to cancel the contract as stated in the T&C. the next day they send me email rejecting the cancellation because I’ve signed a LOA in may even it’s invalid. Today I received a letter from a bailiff again asking me to pay my debts to ACM. Hope I was clear enough if you want more info please ask me. Can you advise me please
  15. My wife has a CCJ to the value of roughly £800 from vodafone, containing what i presume would be a large value of early termination fees. She has made one payment towards this, as she only became aware of it last month (dont ask, burying the head in the sand...) Now, ive seen some members on here stating that OFCOM are against early termination fees being included in a CCJ/default? Is that correct? maybe dx100uk you know more? as its one of your posts referencing termination charges and mobile contracts that i have referenced
  16. Hi, I had a 12-month membership since Sept 2016 with Xercise4LEss. £9.99 a month, I was a uni student. I didnt realise it rolled over onto an automatic monthly membership. earlier this year I realise I was still paying for a membership I no longer used (I've now finished university). I went into the branch and asked the guy at the desk and he said it has to be done online. I went to cancel online, and I didnt have my "W-Number". -> Could not cancel. This was the nottingham branch of Xercise4Less. I now live in London. It did happen a second time I was going back to Nottingham, and I popped in again and was told it has to be done online and I should ring a number. I rang the number and it said something like "hi this is X4L customer services. Busy atm. Leave your number, we'll get back to you" ->> Left my number, they never came back to me. I then just cancelled the direct debit because obviously already been paying £120+ for a membership I wasnt using (didnt know I was paying for!!). I got an email saying I had to pay £25 admin fee. I sent a complaints email to customer services. They didnt bother to respond to my complains but simply put "you have to pay" More emails were exchanged back and forth..time went by and then it went from a "you have to pay £25 admin + 2 months membership (~£45) to I now have to pay £69.98. 7th September is the deadline for paying that otherwise it is passed on to a "debt recovery company" or something and they threaten the fees will increase significantly. My question is this: 1) What would you advise I do? 2) Can HArdlands/this debt recovery company they use etc. FORCE me to pay? 3) Can / Will they take me to court of £70? 4) Should I pay, or should I ignore? Many thanks! Ryan
  17. Hi, I wonder if someone can help on this matter. October 2017 - I received a Capital COntribution Order (CCO) for £52968.06 to repay to Legal Aid Agency (LAA) following a legal proceeding. In this case Rossendales claimed £362.50 as enforcement costs and other fees for a Charging Order thay they put on my property. December 2017 - I lodged a Judicial Review as litigant in person against Legal Aid Agency. The argument was that the CCO was miscalculated. Jannuary 2018 - The High Court ordered LAA to recalculate the CCO within 3 months. May 2018 - LAA admitted the miscalculation and issued a variation of the CCO for £39567. This time Rossendales raised the enforcement costs and other fees to £442.50. 21 August 2018 - I contacted Rossedales in order to arrange a payment plan. 29 August - The High Court ordered LAA to pay my costs for the persuance of Judical Review. 31 August 2018 - Out of the blue, Rossendales sent me another variation of the CCO for £41003.63. This time Rossendales raised the enforcement costs to £1878.50. Basically, the amount of the CCO did not changed (£39567). Rosseldales just added more fees. I understand the initial enforcement costs of £362.50 for the application of the Charging Order. But after they secured their credit there was not action anymore in terms of enforcement. I lodged my Judicial Review and succeded in that.They sent me a new CCO and applied fees for £442.50. After contacting them on 21 august to arrange a payment plan they raised again the enforcement fees to £1878.50. Which enforcement fees they are talking about if the only enforcement action took place on October 2017( 11 months ago) for the Charging Order? There was no enforcement action from Oct 2017 up to date especially when I succeded with my Judicial Review. I intend to make some objections to this fees but I need some advice or opinions on the best way to proceed. I really hope that someone can help me. Thank you very much
  18. Hi, I've gone through [removed] as they've said I can claim money back from Santander for their performance during a mortgage. They've advised me I CAN claim and to complete their paperwork. Can I ask, is this to do with capitalisation and adding arrears to the principle payments? They're very vague and mysterious as to why and how..... for obvious reasons can I do this myself? Also, can I still claim back excessive charges on my mortgage account? Any help appreciated
  19. Hi, I am currently going through the ombudsman stage, in demanding repayment of account fees for additions 2000(?) - 2004, additions plus 2004-2012 and no 'downgraded' current account with overdraft of £1, 700 and daily fees of 0.75p and £1.50 depending of if the overdraft is 0-£700 or £700 to £1,700. I have complained regularly over the years to Barclays but only had occassional fees reversed. The package account fees at worst were £192.00 per annum by 2012, whether in credit or not. In 2008 Barclays imposed a £1000 reserve with paid transaction fees on top of a pre-existing overdraft of £700. I complained about this at the time, but was initially told I needed to have it. At this time I had £20,000 in savings with Barclays and had more than £2,000 in credit and there was no reason for them to add this to the account from my point of view. Later when I went into debt on the current account I was charged multiple £22.00 paid transaction fees, when over the £700 limit. In 2014 The resolve loan was automatically converted to an overdraft facility with daily fees, which I didn't agree. I wasn't adequately informed of this change. In financial year 2014-2015, I was charged more than £450 in daily fees over one year and since then the annual cost in fees have been similarly high despite little use of the account. In 2015 I made only 3 withdrawls and have made no withdrawls since 2016. Last year, 2017, Barclays offered a resolve loan with no fees and monthly payments (after turning me down for a hardship loan) on the basis that I showed that I could manage to pay 3 installments of £150.00 per month in May, Jun and July. I did this and Barclays did not charge the daily fees for these 3 months and at the end of July I was sent a letter stating that now I had completed the 3 payments "I still needed to get my account back in order" and I could "pay in [full] at any branch" etc. the outstanding amount of arrears; which I had reduced to £1,413. There was no mention of the original resolve loan and the letter made no sense because the loan had been the purpose of making the regular payments in the first place. I felt let down by this and didn't know what to do, as I felt it was Barclays duty to fulfil their part regarding the resolve loan, which was at their instigation in any case. The grinding daily fees were reapplied in August, in December 2017 I received a letter saying that my balance was £1,596.44DR and that they 'recently' wrote requesting a payment. On 22nd Jan '18 I received another letter stating that my current account was overdrawn by £1,644.44 and that my 'agreed' overdraft limit was £10.00 and thus I was over any 'agreed' overdraft limit, still no mention of the resolve loan. I phoned Barclays on the 9th Feb 2018 to question this and make a complaint, which I did. I also complained about the packaged account fees between 2000 and 2012. I was given a complaint reference number and told that someone 'could' get back to me within 48 hours. Hearing nothing, I phoned again on the 16th and was told that my complaint had been closed I was put on hold for about 20 minutes twice before someone got back to me to say that it hadn't been closed but that it had a new reference number due to a migration of systems. I sent a letter of complaint to Leicester customer services and copied it to the Cheif Exec at HQ London. I phoned later to demand an acknowledgement of the complaint. This took some time I was sent a letter saying that my packaged account claim was being investigated and they split the complaint into two periods (for the same account no.). I later received a phone call from a customer services manager admitting fault re: the resolve loan and repayment of all fees since I used the account in 2016 and £544.25 in refunded daily fees and £140.69 for my inconvenience (over 20 yrs). After everything that has happened with Barclays over the years I refused to accept this but insisted that the manager put this in writing. A week later I received a letter confirming this and saying that their investigation of this (the non-packaged time) was now complete and I had a right to go to the ombudsman. I phoned the ombudsman but was told I couldn't complain yet about the packaged bank account because Barclays had not yet completed their investigation but that I could complain re: the recent period. Now I am not sure what will happen with the ombudsman but it's already taking weeks with 'out of office' replies to my emails and when I phoned Barclays they will not speak to me. Can (and should) I go to small claims for negligence?
  20. Hi all, Just a quick question. Can a private landlord charge tenancy fees every time they renew your tenancy? Only asking because we have been living in a property for just over 4 years. The original tenancy we signed upon moving in was for a period of 1 year after which it was never renewed. The landlord has now popped up after 3 years wanting a rent increase and to renew the contract (BTW we have no issues with the increase or the renewal) but he wants £50 the renew the contract and an extra £25 so he can top up our deposit to a higher amount. Can these fees be charged even though we are not new tenants and can he request a top up on the deposit to a new amount? Thanks for reading guys
  21. Could someone please offer me advice for the following situation: Had initial mortgage through broker with GMAC House repossessed following divorce £1000’s added in fees: missed DD; late payments etc Spent six years with ccj but now with A++ credit Paratas now coming after me for £5000+ repossession shortfall after selling the house In fact I have to appear in court in the next week or so to face a money order claim for the shortfall. My question is this: is there anyway that I can make a counter claim in 2018? I understand that several years ago people where making claims against GMAC but is this still possible today? Another question relates to mortgage arrears capitalisation. What is it and is it likely to affect my counter claim? I’m feeling rather desperate at the moment with the thought of finding £5000 to payout in the next few weeks. Thank you in advance...
  22. Hi, I have cancelled my Direct debit with Xercise4less around 4 months ago due to money problems as I had just moved into a new house and didn't realize how much bills were going to cost, I did not have the money to pay them so I cancelled the direct debit through my bank account. I received the email below from the Harlands company. "We refer to our previous letter and note that you have not contacted us. You have now incurred a further £ 25.00 charge and are £ 73.98 in arrears. Under your Membership Agreement, you have promised to pay this debt. If you continue to refuse to honour that commitment, we will have no option but to take further steps to collect the outstanding balance. We want to help you resolve this situation but you must call us. Ignoring our letters is only resulting in further charges being added. Please call the HARLANDS HELPLINE on 01444 449033 to clear your arrears by Debit/Credit Card and reinstate your Direct Debit. If you are unable to clear your arrears in full then we may be able to help you but you must call us to discuss this. If you do not contact us by 17th September 2017 your balance of £ 157.91 will be passed to a Debt Recovery company who will add their fees to your account." I have checked my emails and can not see any emails from them previously? I would have dealt with this sooner, they are threatening to charge me 160?! I am now in a place were I can pay the 11.99 a month to Excersise4less but surely I don't need to pay the admin fees, that is too much money, can they make me pay these? I do not know what to do and can't afford to pay £73. I would be happy to pay 11.99 a month again to the GYM
  23. Is it possible to reclaim catalogue fees from Littlewoods/Very on accounts over 8 years old now and have subsequently been sold to DCAs? i would like to know if its likely to be successful.... so i can get some money back and use it to pay off some other debts If so i understand i send them a subject access request but i havent' got a clue what the account numbers were etc? any way around this? what do i do?
  24. Hi I dropped out of Uni after 3 weeks after realising the course was not for me back in September 2017. Just before Christmas I periodically started to receive letters from the Uni (Located in Scotland) requesting payment of £1100. Since my departure from Uni I have had no income whatsoever. Despite doing my best to find employment I have had no luck .My wife works and I'm very conscious not to be a financial burden to her. I don't smoke or drink and I limit myself to one meal a day. She is very supportive of me in my search for work, and I don't wish to give the impression that she is some sort of tyrant because I am sanctioning myself in terms of money and using household resources .I didn't show my wife the letters because I didn't want to worry her, and in many ways I just hoped the situation would just go away. I have also had 3 phone calls from STA International which I also ignored. Last week I got a Final Notice from STA International outlining ways to pay in instalments and I don't know what to do. I am just wondering what the procedure will be from here on in if I continue to ignore them. What is the worst case scenario? Can I expect a knock at the door? Ps. I was a mature student studying in Scotland (where i also reside) and prior to going to Uni I was in a job which I had served almost 20 years
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