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  1. At the beginning of 2013 I was in the midst of payday-loan hell, mainly due to gambling. I have resolved all but one of those (who I am paying £2 a month to) I lost my job in Jan 2011. At some point Halifax allowed me to increase my overdraft from £3000 which I had from student account up to £5000. I spoke to them at the time (or a couple of months later) about the fees (£100 a month) and they agreed to pause for 6 months due to no job. They then paused them again for another 6 months. I had not gained employment in this time. After this period they would not freeze the fees which were £3/day. I was still using the account and had some money coming in at points and they got their fees. Sometimes I went over for a month or two so they charged more (£5/day for a maximuim of 100/month). At some point last summer I spoke to them and they said they would hold the fees on the basis I would begin to repay the overdraft. I could not agree to £50/month and at the time I didn't want them to close the account and pass it to DCA because some people still had these details. I made sure I stopped using this account. The fees appeared to freeze for 2 months and I called to lower the overdraft to £4900. This was my way to begin to repay it. As soon as I did this they started adding fees again. There were also some months they haven't added them (though they have this year) probably due to some error. They have called me on and off and sometimes I answer and the conversation has been cutoff or whatever. I have lately buried my head in the hand somewhat. All I want is for them to freeze the fees as I have requested many times and I will lower it as and when I can (I am working some at the moment, but still receiving housing benefit as it is not regular work) and then not start adding the fees again when I do reduce it. I would also like the most recent fees removed, if possible What is my best play? It was somewhat irresponsible lending but I'm not trying to get out of it (though I wouldn't mind and could easily have done a DRO before and had it cleared!) They currently don't have my correct address as I have moved and not told them, though I can get post at the old address still. Should I update them? My balance is currently -5189 Thanks for any advice!
  2. Hi everyone, I moved into a rented house June 2018. Recently I received my first water bill, and it shows me that my average use was around 600 litres of water a day. So the amount to pay is £186 (for 2 months - June and July!!)!! That is a complete nonsense - only two people live in the house, and we don't use water more, then anyone else - we never leave the taps open when not necessary, never take shower more than literally 3-4 minutes. But here comes this bill... Thames Water acknowledges that the amount of water consumption is really unusual . They suggest me to contact some "Homeserve", and sent me a leak allowance form to fill. Well, I reported the matter to the agency i'm renting the house from. But it looks like they are a bit reluctant to sort it out. They didn't say "no", but more than a week passed since i reported the problem, and they still didn't arrange anything to establish if it is an external or internal leak.
  3. Hi, Need some advice, I got a letter on Friday from Jacobs Enforcement Agents for my Council Tax and it states on the letter the following: Removal Scheduled for 18/6/2018 at 7.30am - now all I need to know is that can Jacobs force entry into my flat? I am worried as I will be out as I am in work from 8am - 6pm. They haven't been in my flat as I haven't been answering the door, so can they still force entry even if they haven't been in my flat? I am waiting for it to go back to the council so I can set up a payment arrangement with them. Hope for some advice thanks, been worrying all weekend. Regards.
  4. Hello, I am hoping to find some direction or legal advice. I split with my ex-husband 7 years ago and divorced 3 years ago on the grounds of his adultery. I moved out of the marital home so that he had somewhere for our young daughter to stay when he had her at weekends. I went and got myself a rental home. The agreement was that he paid my half of the mortgage and I in return didn't ask for any maintenance. I was somewhat shocked this week when the mortgage company wrote to me this week at my new address which they didn't have the details to get in touch with them. I asked my ex if he knew what it was about. As always he said not to bother speaking to them as everything was ok. Curiosity got the better and I called them, I was horrified to learn that the property is in severe arrears and legal action has started to get the property back! when I spoke with my ex he tried to claim that everything was ok and he will pay all the money back. I know that this will not happen as the arrears are far too high and if one payment is missed then the court will enforce the order. I have asked my ex to sell the property but he is dragging his heels and lying to me when he says he's got someone coming out to value the house. What legal route can I go down to force the sale of the house. The property needs to be sold as I know it will be repossessed if not as the payment schedule is huge to clear the arrears. I am a bit lost as to who to speak with, would it be a family solicitor or a property solicitor? Any advice is appreciated.
  5. HI, Wondered if anyone could help - I'm posting this for a friend of mine: Female with 3 kids under 18 lives in home previously shared with ex partner, who left 3.5 yrs ago. He has left BG bill in his name for all 3.5 yrs and and said he'd been paying it all along. BG have NEVER written to the female partner. On Saturday ex partner decided to try and take his own life and was sectioned. BG letter arrives on doorstep next day and my friend opens it to find its chasing £1700 bill (all still in ex partners name, not addressed to my friend (the female)) She's called BG and explained, and only after she explained he'd been sectioned would they even speak to her. They have as a result told her she is responsible for the full amount and have almost forced her (wouldn't allow any other options and basically said take it or leave or we';ll send debt collectors after you) onto a 50 month repayment plan for the £1700. She lives int he house and she uses the utilities. She has not has a bill in her name from BG in the entire time she's lived there. it's always been in ex-partners name. Is there any legal route out of paying this money due to BG being threatening (They were on the phone) and the fact is his debt not hers? Many thanks in advance.
  6. Hi there, I really hope someone can offer some useful advise on the problem ill outline below We live in a small 2 bed flat and have recently been told we have over £1200 outstanding electricity bill (this is on top of the estimated usage we have been paying each month). The flat is heated by gas and hot water by gas, gas usage has remained as estimated. This number comes from the electric metre readings, when we moved into the flat our agency transferred the account into our names and provided a metre reading (september), we have our own from january this year as well as one from April this year done by a EDF representative. I will attempt to show break down of electric usage below: 21st of September reading: 39987kwh (from our agency, with a photo) 28th of January reading: 46160kwh (from us with a photo) 30th of April reading: 46863kwh (from us and EDF with photo) So when we work it out, between 15th of september and 28th january we 'used' 6173 kwh, or over the 135 days that equals to 46kwh a day. From 28th of january to 30th of april we used 703 kwh, or over the 92 days 7.641 kwh a day. Very little has changed in terms of behaviour in the flat in this time, as previously mentioned heating is gas and so a winter shouldn't effect this, furthermore the usage in the last 3 months is consistent with estimated usage for the flat. We really believe that using 45kwh a day in a gas heated 2 bedroom flat is completely impossible for us and do not believe we have used this electricity. I am posting this for advice as we do not know how to deal with this as we don't understand what we can do. As the last 3 months data appears to show normal usage it makes it very hard to prove if we wanted to investigate the meter being faulty or even someone stealing electricity.
  7. Hi there, had a terrifying experience this morning. My mum has received an official letter from Walker Love, hand posted through her door, saying she has 14 days to pay roughly 15 thousand pounds in council tax arrears or she will be subject to the usual procedures, bank account arrested, made bankrupt etc etc. This is terrifying, but also confusing. 1) this is supposedly unpaid council tax for a property dating back to 2001 2) the property was vacated in 2005 3) my dad died in 2005 and his considerable debts were handled by a lawyer at the time. There has been no mention of any monies still owed, since 2006 - until today. 4) My mum is 71, flat broke with no savings and only has her modest state pension. 5) She is currently being assessed for possible Alzheimer's Disease - but is still 'with it' enough to be able to read the letter and have a breakdown, which she did this morning. 6) How is she liable for this, and how have the costs continues to accrue for all these years? 7) WHY has there been no mention of this until now, when the debt has reached a frankly laughable and unplayable amount? 8) Where do I start in terms of tackling this for her, as she neither mentally, emotionally or financially capable of dealing with any of this? I have read bits and bobs about not communicating with Walker Love, not letting them access her property etc etc she can't realistically afford to repay anything of this money and she can't handle someone turning up to her door. I live 40 miles away and work 12 hour shifts so it's hard for me to deal with any doorstep harassment. At present, my mum lives in a council property and has very little by way of possessions, no savings, and lives week to week on her meagre pension. Any advice would be really helpful guys - my poor mum is frantic and we don't know what to do. She went through absolute hell after my dad died, due to all his debts which she knew nothing about . She lost everything and had a massive mental breakdown. I can't let this happen again. I just don't understand where this has come from. No mention of it for years and years and then whack! "You have two weeks to pay us 15 grand."
  8. Help please! This is my first post ever on web and I do so because I really need help. I received a huge fine from dvla £407 for commiting a offence by keeping a unlicensed vehicle on the road. I am shocked because I don't have the money , I am also going through an Individual Voluntary Agreement setting at the moment , wife due to give birth to our second child in 2 weeks and never worked due to depression , never claimed any penny whatsoever either. I am the only one providing for the Family. I had this car Sorn and parked at the back of the flat in the car park. I live in a cul de sac and have a car park at front of flat too. Whilst still MOTed I insured it for one day and went to renew my Mot 1 week before it expired on return parked it at the front of the flat in the car park. While I was abroad my wife called me and told me the car was clamped . It was clamped by the Council and they were demanding £100 fine for unclamping it if it was taxed . I taxed it and argued for the fine as I was convinced Sorn was covering that part of the car park too , but after reading the internet I found it as public road. This had happened on 1st of July 2017. Now I am receiving this fine as dvla writes that the offence stands s29 . They saying they have received a report about the above offence. I can understand if someone does this in a repetitive way , or intentionally but for one mistake to act like this and demand money or else .., I was completely unaware of the front car park not being looked at as private and I tryied to elxplain it all but got told off by the council people. Is there a way around this please? Anyone had been thrugh this before? Any advise will be much appreciate it! Thank you!
  9. Dear All First of all, thank God for Forums like this and people who care enought to devote precious time to assist others in debt. A Debt collection firm, issued a claim, the progress of which was halted by a CCA request. It has finally come back, after a year following request, with what appears to be a copy of a signed agreement and t&cs and statement of account. Amount seeking is over £3,150. Can't claim time barred, owing to previous payments. They say they can proceed to seeking judgment unless payment arrangement is set up. They trade under three very very similar names. The claim was issued under a name the authorisation of which by the Regulator has now lapsed. Should I give in and set up arrangement? Can I apply to dismiss their claim? Should I request copy & details of assignment or ownership of the debt? Can they come back and reissue a claim under one of their authorised names? Please tell me what option I have. Very grateful
  10. Hi, This is my first time on here so sorry if this is not in the correct thread. I took a loan out in my partners name in 2015 and he's only just found out. I had a massive gambling problem then, I have tried repaying some of it but my debt spiralled out of control due to the gambling issue and I've stopped paying it! I just need some advice on how to fix this? I know probably some people will judge me for what I did and I suppose it's fair enough but any advice is appreciated. The loan was for £2200 taken with AvantCredit, they did not ask me to prove my identity either, that might've perhaps put a stop to that (I'm not blaming them). Thank you in advance
  11. I sent my laptop into toshiba for repair under warranty around 10 weeks ago. Despite half a dozen phone calls over this period they still have not got the parts in nor know when they will have them. I said its about time they consider giving me another new or refurbished laptop but they were unable to offer this as they are only the repair company and not Toshiba themselves. They were unable to offer any contact details for Toshiba apart from email. I emailed Toshiba in Germany who deal with this apparently and politely asked for a replacement as a repair was not forthcoming. Because i only had an ebay invoice they considered this not proper proof of purchase and they wouldn't give me a replacement machine. I argued that they have accepted the laptop under warranty already and that surely they cant pick and choose solutions because the laptop is either in warranty or not in warranty and not some in between state where they can only offer certain solutions. Despite doing this politely they then decide to block my email address. No notice of anything i had to google up the server errors i was getting. i try contacting Toshiba by phone but the only number available for computer repairs is locked out unless you can provide a repair reference (mine didnt work). I wanted to talk to customer services and found out the only way i can do this is via snail mail. Right i thought, that old cop-out!, i tapped out a letter and sent it recorded post within the hour. That was nearly three weeks ago it looks like they have ignored it Anyone have any idea where i stand legally with this? Can they make me wait this long for a simple keyboard replacement? Can i do anything about my issue and complaint being ignored? Any advice would be helpful as im kind of in toshiba limbo atm. Thanks.
  12. I'm a court appointed deputy for my husband. In 2008 he was placed under the court of protection due to a severe head injury, at that time he had a Barclays Bank account with an overdraft of £600. When the CoP was put in place he had been in to his local branch and they refused to serve him or talk to him. He was lied to about why and we only found out a few weeks later that it was due to the CoP which had taken over a year to be put in place. His original Deputy was extremely incompetent and cause no end of problems. In a nutshell they began paying his overdraft off at £15 per month but they continued to add charges and interest. In July 2104 the amount owed was down to £126 despite over £900 having been paid, the following month they changed the interest rate and his next interest payment was £18.75, more than was being paid into the account each month. His deputy failed to notice this. I took over as his Deputy in September 2015 and only discovered this around January 2016 when the previous Deputy forwarded a bank statement for him. I then sent required CoP court rulings showing change of deputy to Barclays, who basically ignored them and I also opened a complaint with them regarding the amounts and what had been paid etc. They offered to refund the amount owed and close the account, I asked that they return some of the money that had been paid as it was far beyond what was owed. They declined so the complaint continued. They continued to try and contact the prior Deputy, who having had their duty discharged duly stopped responding or indeed forwarding paperwork to me. The updated deputy court order they had received they continued to ignore. I again contacted them in May or June this year to be told that we now needed to go into the bank to process the deputy change. Which we did, they then very quickly sent through telephone banking details and immediately afterwards a letter saying that the account had been closed and that they would be taking action to recover the outstanding amount which had now built up to £405 overdrawn again. They have closed the complaint and are refusing to refund the overdraft that they had originally offered to do and have told me to contact the Financial Ombudsman if I'm unhappy. Anyone got any suggestions how to progress this please? I'm more than happy to open court proceedings. My husband, with my help successfully won a case against them after his head injury. For bank charges etc, so we're happy to go ahead with that.
  13. I was caught doing 51 in a 40 zone by a mobile speed camera in Feb 2016. I paid the fine of £100 and I have the receipt of payment and confirmation on my emails and the money was taken from my account as expected. Now, 7 months later, I received 2 letters through the post this morning regarding the same incident in February. One from the courts saying the have endorsed my license with 6 points and one from the DVLA with a fine for £569 which includes a fine of £440 + Victim Surge charge of £44 and "costs" of £85. It also states there has been a court hearing in my absence on 21st September 2016. It really doesnt say much else I've done some investigating and found that on 29th August 2016 the fine I paid over 3 months prior was returned to my bank account. what I can gather from the vague letters is that, more than 3 months after I paid my fine and was given a receipt, the money was returned to my bank without my knowledge now they're treating me as if I haven't paid my fine and increased my points and my fine more than 5x the original amount. I can't ring any legal advice as they're all closed over the weekend and so is the DVLA and I'm stressed out! Do you think they'll reverse the points and fine once explained? Has anybody has any dealings like this with this before? Thanks
  14. Hello dear friends after another charges added by HSBC to my account ive decided to look around what i can do to reclaim those charges. Lucky enought had acces to online statements for last 72 months (HSBC) so i done my home work. Total charges added to my bank account over last few years : 2009 - 25 2010 - 850 2011 - 995 2012 - 726 2013 - 495 2014 - 434 2015 - 188 so total 3713 pounds in bank charges. I went thrue few topics regarding bank charges and reclaiming them and i decided to go ahead. I had few times conversation with bank asking them if we can do something to stop those charges without any help from bank. What ive done so far : 1. Prepared letter using Your template requesting bank charges to be paid back to my account under hardship 2. prepared schedule of all bank charges from jan 2010 till now both letters will be send out to HSBC. My first question should i adress those letters to branch, head office or any other department of HSBC? will keep you inform about outcome. Thank You
  15. We were in debit with Scottish Power for almost 2 years but had been paying an agreed amount each month by direct debit. Meter reader comes on 27th August and reads meter. Yesterday we received an email saying as per our preferences they were refunding £800 into our bank account On looking at our account it seems there is a huge credit each month and our payments were pushing the credit higher. I can only go back 18 months online but just couldnt understand why the account was now in credit. Then the penny dropped the meter reader has read the meter wrong. What he read and put down is wait for it 20000 thingeys less than what the meter says. So instead of 91938 he has put down 71938. I think it can stay in the bank account for a bit before they come knocking on the door. My account online also states 0 for direct debit payments. Makes a change that they are at fault trying to take a screen shot before they realise it is incorrect. They can only blame the meter reader and not me.
  16. Hello and greetings to all at CAG, I moved eight doors down the same road (upsizing) and Hastings have upped my annual premium by £131.82. When I queried this I was told that the underwriter (Advantage) take into consideration additional risk factors, such as flood risk, proximity to main roads, crime levels etc, hence the increase. I consider this increase to be out of proportion because there is no difference risk-wise to the part of the road I previously parked in. The only difference is, in fact, one letter at the end of my postcode. I feel I have been stung by some generalised, presumably out-of-thin-air statistic generating at the hands of Advantage/Hastings Direct. My partner's car insurance premium (Aviva) did not increase at all so where does the 'increased risk statistics' come from exactly? I refute the increase entirely and don't see why I should be penalised for moving 62 yards, same side of the road, from xxxx 2AW to xxxx 2AN. I have written several emails to Hastings Direct and have escalated my query to a complaint; which has decidedly fallen of deaf ears because I received the same, generalised reply regarding risk-factors. Short of demanding a Hastings rep come to my road to see there is no difference re: risk between location of house A to location of house B, I've hit a brick wall. If anyone could tell me what else I could try I would be super grateful.
  17. HP Mum

    HMRC issues

    I filed 13-14 accounts late. I paid £100 penalty in the summer. Normally I receive a letter of acknowledgement of receiving my return and whether I have any tax to pay a few months after filing. I didn't hear from them so I chased in Sept/Oct - when they said there had been a processing problem with a bunch of returns that came in around the time mine must have arrived. Last week I just received notification that I had £0 tax to pay. Yet this week I received notification that I had £1200 penalty to pay. How can this be? No tax; yet such an enormous penalty. I don't have any 'valid' excuse for being late. And I don't have enough £s to pay it either. What can I write to ask them to waive such a huge penalty?? Any kind of advice is welcome, thanks...
  18. The mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse has announced that they’ve suffered a huge data breach which could lead to the accessing of up to 2.4m of their customers information. Following the breach, the company has investigated and found that the details accessed could have included names, addresses, dates of birth and bank details. This includes up to 90,000 customers who have also had their encrypted credit card information accessed. Customers who've potentially been affected, have received emails about the incident and are encouraged to: Alert your bank and check your statements Watch out for phishing calls and emails Check your credit rating to make sure no one has taken out loan and credit in your name Report fraudulent activity to Action Fraud http://www.carphonewarehouse.com/information.
  19. Hi. Im a newbie here. Im hoping someone can help, Ive got into a bit of a mess over a van hire. I hired a van through Northgate van hire about 6 weeks ago, I scraped a post that left 2 marks on the van, I pointed this out when it was returned, they advised that my deposit would not be returned for the moment. Ive been chasing them for ages about a receipt for the deposit, Ive had responses but they all basically say its in hand. Ive finally received a email from them saying they are keeping my deposit of £250.00 and they want another £750.00 of me. I didn't take out CDW damage on the van. I'm on a debt management plan, where do I stand with this. I'm hoping someone can help as I'm down about this. Thanks
  20. My noddle report is pretty poor as it has 2 defaults on it which are 5 years old (and both currently being disputed). Today I paid the fee and viewed my experian report and that says I have excellent credit and no record of the 2 defaults? I have an old experian report from 2012 and that has one of the defaults on it, but not the other, but now they no longer appear on it. I even called experian to check, and she said there was no active record for them, so they are not part of the credit report. My 2012 report was in the region of ~700, but now it's mid 900's, and even says at the top that it has improved because there are no longer delinquent or defaulted accounts on it. One other thing that confuses me is that Experian have no record of my current bank account. They have my main bank account down as an old closed Barclays account. Again, I asked them and they said if the account was opened over 10 years ago it may be that my bank never agreed to share the information. So my credit score is now so good, do I risk calling my bank to ask them to share info? I've been a customer for 15+ years, have a 1500 OD that I basically live in. This may look negative!
  21. Hi need a bit of help/advice please from Vodafone and I believe they have a rep on here. April last year my son got his first new full time job and treated himself to a new phone contract without telling us, well he is a young adult so he didnt think to tell us. hes been using the phone as they do and occasionally it would go off and he said oh I havn't paid the bill I will ring them which he did and it got put back on. Now its been off for a while and he owned up to a huge bill and he cant pay it, he says not his fault as CPW said he had unlimited data (this is the huge bill) I checked his contract and yep it did say unlimited but for 90 days only he assumed it was the contract even though it does state 2gb a month. He's an idiot TBH expects everything to be done for him and with vodafone switching his phone back on each month without paying the bill hasnt helped at all. I rang vodafone yesterday and they gave me a run down from Sept 2014 and it comes to £736.90, mostly if not all data. I have checked and on one day he used 847mb even though he was at home and we have wifi so I think something is not right. I use my phone for business and only use approx 400mb a month. He even thinks on that day his phone wasnt even on, it had been blocked by voda. and other days that show high data usage. I asked why he hadnt been checking his bills he said didnt get any, asked about online account and he said cant log in just goes to a help page each time. I tried and found wrong password in five minutes I had logged in to see all these bills from oct 2014. Its absolutely unbelievable that vodafone have been unblocking his phone each month by him just ringing up and promising payment and not paying it. Whilst in his account I notice on the summary it states £30 a month inc VAT but checking his bill he has been charged £30 plus vat. Now his phone is still off, its about to go to collections and he cant pay it. Yes I know he should he used it, it wasnt free but my worry here is not too long ago he took an OD due to money problems so im worried he might go down that route again. I have spoke to CS but to no avail thought I would see if anyone on here could help. He to has rang CS but gets no where so ends up frustrated and very moody. P.S. I got through to Vodafone CS and asked the exact date the phone was switched off and was told the 18th November and just looking at his bills the phone was still being used after that date again mainly data and have incurred charges. How can a phone incur charges and use texts, calls and data when its been fully barred from use and hasnt been used. I have uploaded a couple of screen grabs. This now makes me think all the data may not have been used by him at all and I can see its common.
  22. I would like to wish everybody on this forum a merry xmas and a huge thank you! The help you have provided over the years has been amazing and totally invaluable. Thanks to your help my Xmas will be a much happier one than it would have been. As a thank you I have signed up to a monthly payment to do my best to repay you in a small way. THANKS!!
  23. Can anyone tell me why there is such a huge difference in my credit reports regarding credit scoring please? Experion have me listed at a high "Good" and Noodle give me 1 out of 5! I have 2 outstanding Barclays debts left after years of "sorting" others out. One a current account of £450 and the other a Loan for approx £1200 the latter not paid due to Barclays helping themselves to proceeds from my current account for "charges" on said account which had been dormant for years. They had unbeknownst to me decided to invent an overdraft on the current account which I never used, because of some sort of "change of use" policy they implemented so this amount is all bank charges increasing at the last glimpse at £22 per week!!!! Spoke to them years ago without success and as the 2 accounts will be SB next year decided to let them stew. Nothing else negative showing on Noodle except that I do not have any borrowings (I thought that was the whole idea when getting out of debt!) and my existing current account/cell phone account etc all squeaky clean except no overdraft/credit cards or loans which seem to give you a better credit rating. I am hoping to get approx £2000 0% credit for eye surgery soon and I will be gutted if I am turned down over this. Anyone know what is going on?
  24. A huge selection for 'Free to Download' ebooks. Not a lot come for free now, so take advantage. Largest collection of FREE Microsoft eBooks ever, including: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Office 2013, Office 365, Office 2010, SharePoint 2013, Dynamics CRM, PowerShell, Exchange Server, Lync 2013, System Center, Azure, Cloud, SQL Server, and much more ... http://blogs.msdn.com/b/mssmallbiz/archive/2014/07/07/largest-collection-of-free-microsoft-ebooks-ever-including-windows-8-1-windows-8-windows-7-office-2013-office-365-office-2010-sharepoint-2013-dynamics-crm-powershell-exchange-server-lync-2013-system-center-azure-cloud-sql.aspx UPDATE: Congratulations! We surpassed the 1 MILLION FREE eBooks given away target in just 2 days! Thank you to all of you and please continue sharing with others as we’re closing in on 2 MILLION given away within a week!
  25. Hi I'm looking for some advice regarding our vets. A few weeks ago we took Toby our black Labrador to the vets as he was having trouble peeing. He was then booked in for sedation and X-rays. The bladder X-Ray came back clear but upon xraying his stomach 2 golf balls were located in his stomach. We were referred to another vet for the surgery. We were told that we were looking at a cost of around £1300 for them to be removed. My husband took him to the vets and he spoke to the vet who said they were going to do an endoscopy to remove them but if they couldn't they would have to operate. He said the bill would likely be around £1300. My husband who was at the hospital received a call saying they couldn't remove the golf balls via the endoscopy and did they have permission to operate. They said Toby was already under sedation and the needed an instant decision to operate. My husband said he had already given permission to do this. They then said right we'll do the operation but it's an extra £800. My husband was very shocked as the vet said that they may have to cut him open but he assumed £1300 was the maximum price we'd have to pay but the vet said that price was just to try via endoscopy. My husband just had to agree to the surgery as the vet kept saying we need a decision now. Please don't get me wrong we have insurance for Toby but the way the vet has gone about this I feel is very poor. My husband was pushed to make an immediate decision when the vet should have discussed this at the consultation which we have paid for. Toby is making a good recovery which is the main thing but do I have a right to complain? Any advice would be great.
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