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Found 15 results

  1. Bells to ring out and 10,000 to march past the Cenotaph as the nation says 'thank you' READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/bells-to-ring-out-and-10000-to-march-past-the-cenotaph-as-the-nation-says-thank-you
  2. Hello, I did not post a query on the forum but just wanted to thank you for providing such a valuable resource. I foolishly attempted to use someone else's annual travelcard and was stopped at the entry barrier. I provided my details to the inspector and bought a ticket and went on my way. I received a letter from the rail company a few weeks later informing me that they intended to prosecute, and asking for my version of events. I wrote back a brief contrite reply, outlining the facts, apologising and asking if it would be possible to cover their costs to a
  3. A few days ago, I checked my credit file with Experian.co.uk and found out a CCJ filed against me by a company called Davinci Virtual UK Ltd (for £184). I used to live at a different address from 1st April 2010 to 3rd August 2011. From 4th August 2011 to now I have moved. I have not received any communication from Davinci Virtual UK Ltd or aware I had used their services. The CCJ relates to services used to May 2011 I was told. I wish to apply to set aside the judgement as I believe the company did not exist. I have checked with the Companies House records;
  4. Thank you to all at bridgehouse mansfield who today helped with the passing of a loved one got us in without an appointment had someone with him constantly put him on oxygen to help him breathe Thank you for how kind all your staff were simba/aslan ???? - adopted 2005 - feb 2016
  5. https://uk.news.yahoo.com/man-writes-letter-john-lewis-152212297.html Well done John Lewis
  6. In August, I was looking at switching banks because I was having issues regarding Natwest and accessibility. In short, I'm partially sighted and was having problems using their pin pad. I then went into Natwest to ask if there was a way around this. I was told no and was told to come into branch each time I wanted something doing. For many reasons, this isn't practical. I later found out that they do the larger pin pads. Anyway, had to go into Nationwide to pay some money into a friends account and was given a leaflet on their current accounts. I then asked about internet banking and acce
  7. Hi First of all, I apologies in advance with regards hash and tag and other advanced features like this because I am not sure. I would appreciate straightforward advice as I thought all this was behind me. Five years ago, I had severe money problems and defaulted on 7 credit cards. Two banks took me to court. Both messed up proceedings and I think I surprised the court by admitting I owe it I will pay it, even though the failure to implement correct procedures could have possibly gone in my favour. Both had Charging orders made against my house should I not pay. I had n
  8. fkofilee

    Thank You CAG

    Guys Its with a great pleasure that I want to say thank you for the help in the last 3 and a bit years helping me with all my financial issues and getting to the bottom of a very stressful time! As some may know , a while ago i posted a thread on Natwest (Their Service), The Fraud issues from 2012 for Security Clearance and how my credit history had been destroyed, stopping any chance of me even getting a bank account with a contactless card etc Well Id like to formally announce that I approached Nationwide last week because of the poor service Natwest were giving me after bei
  9. I would like to wish everybody on this forum a merry xmas and a huge thank you! The help you have provided over the years has been amazing and totally invaluable. Thanks to your help my Xmas will be a much happier one than it would have been. As a thank you I have signed up to a monthly payment to do my best to repay you in a small way. THANKS!!
  10. Today Received a form from Northampton Court/Restons Solicitors claiming £8635.55, apparently relating to an M&S card, contract dated 'on or about 17/7/1989 and assigned to the claimant on 20/02/13. It was sent to an old address and it is is in my old married name. I had an M&S card but don't think I owe anything to them. I haven't had any credit cards since I sold my house in 2010. My husband died jn 2006 and he had several credit cards, one of them an M&S card, it may be his debt? Can you tell me how to respond to this, there is no evidence that the debt is mine, th
  11. Bankfodder & the CAG community, You have not helped me personally, in fact I registered just to send you this message, but I wanted to thank you for your continued hard work and efforts in helping others. Sometimes the consumer is it's own worse enemy but you have maintained this website for many years and I am sure it has helped numerous people. I know it isn't much but sometimes it is nice to hear a "thank you" every now and again. I hope you keep up the great work for many more years to come.
  12. i dont know where to put this so ill put it here,,, i would like to say a big big thank u to caro and rest of other site team for giving there time up in answering all my questions on my case ,, again thank u very much win or lose it as helped me alot
  13. Hi, This is a thank you to those who helped us with our situation back in September. We had never been in this situation before and so it is easy to get pulled along with what authorities and bailiffs tell you. We followed the advice given to us, and whilst it was a really stressful week or so, the council took back our case and we now pay them weekly the amount we originally offered and can afford, NOT the unreasonable amount the baillif demanded which included their fees of a couple of hundred extra. If its your first time on here, I'll be honest, you do wonder when under tha
  14. Hi All, I just wanted to write a quick thank you. I popped in for advice back at the end of June after I allowed myself to get into the stupid circumstance of having bought a short fare. I explained that I had no intent to argue with staff members doing their job and intended to (upon receipt of my letter) write a letter of apology, explain everything that happened completely honestly and ask for the opportunity of a second chance. I received very helpful responses from the members here but unfortunately we had trouble editing my thread to remove some personal details (thanks for you
  15. Just a quick thank you to everyone here. After reading the advice re dealing with DCA's we sent Arrow Global a CCA request letter as they were trying to collect on a debt for a credit card from MBNA. I have today received the letter saying they cannot obtain a copy of the CCA from the originating creditor. This site has helped so much and removed a lot of stress and worry. Thank you again. Link to Arrow Global letter http://tiny.cc/le3xfw
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