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Found 9 results

  1. Tesco Direct has dropped its minimum payment charge for click and collect. Until now, shoppers were charged £2 for orders under £30. The supermarket said in February it had to introduce the charge to cover rising costs and was in line with rival supermarkets, which charge similar fees for their click and collect services. But now it says that it wants to give shoppers more choice and convenience, particularly in the run-up to Christmas http://home.bt.com/lifestyle/money/mortgages-bills/tesco-direct-drops-minimum-payment-charge-for-click-and-collect-11364098202576
  2. This doesn't apply to all sellers, but be careful on what you buy from who. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272064192743 I bought some Xmas lights which were advertised as "new". Unfortunately this seller has sold almost all of them, so the people that bought them are at risk from fire or injury if they use them. The last picture is when I opened the box. No screws holding it together, it too easily just fell apart. You can see the wires from the 240v supply are almost touching. http://imglnk.uk/img?i=VvcBvb http://imglnk.uk/img?i=QyxTFy http://imglnk.uk/img?i=uxBMeL http://imglnk.uk/img?i=jZSgIw http://imglnk.uk/img?i=CIBPAO http://imglnk.uk/img?i=WpEyvI http://imglnk.uk/img?i=gjefYV http://imglnk.uk/img?i=gdWFBg The control box has been used before, it is damaged and scratched all over. It doesn't conform to IP44 since water can get in though the button hole at the top.As well as objects and tools 1mm could get into an unprotected wire hole. The control box even has the logo for double insulated electronics, however, there is only 1 protective cover that falls off between peoples hands and the 240v power supply. Someone has wired in a 10A fused plug which is completely wrong. 10Amp isn t going to do anything when used with this product and is unsafe. The 240V cable that has been wired to it has the outer protective cover cut too far back. The soldering to the control board is terrible, there is no strain relief on the power cord what so ever. One of the LED light cables hasn't been put in place properly and is caught on the edge of this box. This is highly dangerous and actually illegal to sell in the UK due to how unsafe it is.
  3. Evening all I just wanted to pop on to wish you all a very Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year. I have found this site and the people I communicate with a very useful tool since I joined and I hope as well as getting valuable advice I have also helped a few people as well with my knowledge. As hard as we may find things, as infuriating as we find the government and welfare system, as annoyed as we have got with things going against us and feeling like it is all getting too much now is the time to sit back and enjoy tomorrow and the days after leading up to 2015. I won't pretend 2015 will be better than 2014 but let us all try and have a few days with family and friends and to enjoy it. Everyone deserves a good Xmas and I know I am thankful for the break but also understand some are not so fortunate. On that note, once again, thank you all for your help this year and I wish you and your families well over this Xmas period. All the best.
  4. Hi all hope you all had a great Xmas including the EA's even they deserved one. To all Caggers have a great break and please enjoy the new years parties too MM
  5. I would like to wish everybody on this forum a merry xmas and a huge thank you! The help you have provided over the years has been amazing and totally invaluable. Thanks to your help my Xmas will be a much happier one than it would have been. As a thank you I have signed up to a monthly payment to do my best to repay you in a small way. THANKS!!
  6. my daughter works in a call centre 32 hours a week permanent, now working week is monday to sunday and she works 8 hour days 4 days a week, now she has been rota' in this week for mon.tues,wed, then off thurs xmas day, then in friday boxing day, and off sat, sun back in monday. now is it correct that for this week she would in affect have worked more than 32 hours as xmas day is a statutory bank holiday, and it looks to me as though they are saying you can have xmas day off providing you work extra hours to make up; for it. and in affect she would then be paid for 3 days plus xmas day, plus boxing day, making it 5 days pay or in effect 48 hours
  7. Hi all, does anyone know when payments would be paid for me? I am due to be paid Friday 26th December, will that still be the case, or will I get it earlier, if so does anybody have a round about idea when it could be? Thanks all x
  8. Hi there I finished my last job on Thurs 19th December 2013 with one week's notice paid out. This notice fell between two bank holidays (Weds 25th and Thurs 26th) My employer decided that I left on gardening leave for that 1 week as I left to work for a competitor. I would have had those 2 days off paid if I had worked that week Would that mean I am only eligible to be paid 3 days (20th, 23rd and 24th) and miss out on the other 2 days (25th and 26th) or should I have gotten paid for those two bank holidays?....... I ask as I have not been paid anything from my last employer even though I had a weeks notice and had 3 days holiday pay left. Their excuse for not paying me was because I was overpaid for the month which was paid out on 23rd Dec but if I add the 5 day notice from when I left and the extra 3 days holiday to that then I should be paid for 2 days holiday. I.e (20th, 23rd,24th,27th and 30th would have been my weeks notice and then 1 of my 3 holidays that I had left would have been used for the 31st), Am I correct or are they not obliged to pay for bank holidays?
  9. I bought a subscription to 'The Spectator' magazine as a christmas present, including their offer of a christmas gift of a half-bottle of champagne, pocket diary, and money-off voucher. This was clearly stated on their website before Christmas. However, on confirmation of the subscription, the gift of champagne and a diary (worth £30-40) have been replaced by the gift of a previously unrequested paperback book (worth about £10). It seems that they can do this because the 'gift' is subject to availability. Anyone else have any experience like this, and suggest what further action I can take? Are the promises made about gifts worth anything at all? Thanks in advance!
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