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  1. We are getting reports of people receiving spam emails to their email addresses whcih they have used to sign up to the CAG. We are checking but it seems that our email database may have been hacked. We are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause to you. You should always be very careful when opening emails - and especially be careful about clicking links contained in them. We'll report back here as we find out any more.
  2. I'm trying to update my email address so I get notifications in the right place. When I try to do this, I get a notification that my new email address is already in use. I don't remember setting up a new account, but I suppose I must have done so at some point! How best to solve this problem? I would like to be able to get notifications about current threads at my current email address but this address appears to be linked to a different account. Can I close that account to free up that email address and then change the addresses on my active account or is there a better / simpler alternative?
  3. I'm changing my email address and want to amend the address that CAG have (the address you use to send me notifications when someone responds on a thread I've posted on). I must be having a bad day because I can't find the setting anywhere for changing my details! How do I do it?
  4. Wheres my Murdock sky takeover thread gone? Murdock controls this site does he? Explains the policies and practices here.
  5. I have been a member on here for 11 years give or take a month or two. When i joined i worked for minimum wage at a bacon factory in Blackpool, it was an ok job, i enjoyed it, but the money was very poor, i was in debt, paying the bank in late payment fees every week, switching banks due to owing money etc, Constantly playing catchup with car finance. which was £50 a week!! i was in a right ole pickle, i had 3 kids a wife and a dog, lived in a rented home. only benefits we claimed was Child benefit and WTC In 2006 i heard about the bank charge reclaiming that was going on, on the Jeremy Vine show on radio 2 iirc. i set about on my last bank which was Barclays, recovered £1600. i made the car finance people a lump sum offer of 1200 to pay the finance off and the accepted it. meanwhile, i was no reclaiming Halifax, capital one and a couple for wifey too. Christmas 2006 was best ever, we had recovered about 6k more, paid off all out debts and had about 2.5k left for xmas. We had always wanted our own home, but as you would expect, we were always laughed out of the bank. At this point, our credit history was really bad, credit score was -1000 lol. after xmas we had about £1500 left, a cloud loomed, back to square one with debt?? £1500 wouldnt last long, so wifey n i stuck our heads together and came up with a plan, with the remainder, i went to an IT auction and bought a load of I.T.tech, which included computers, laptops printers etc, St start of my business. I fixed up 10 of the laptops and sold them on ebay. put that money, profit n all, back into more stock. a so it went on, i was buying and selling allsorts by now, things off carboot sales, local auction houses, found a local guy who would sell me cheap laptops, Two months later i handed my notice in at my work. i then set about repairing our credit files, taking off all that was out of date etc, that took about 12 months to get sorted. The home we rented had fallen under massive disrepair as the LL lived down under 10 years down the road, we had saved up 21k, on May 20th this year, i took possession of the keys to my own home with a 16k deposit, mortgage with RBS who i have to say,were fantastic, at the ripe old age of 48, i now have a pension worth 22k,not much by some standards, but to us, its a win win, all thanks to this site and a little reading from else where. Been self employed for all this time now and loving it, we were able to help put my daughter through university by letting her live rent free etc with us, she still needed student loans tho. Thankyou to Bankfodder and the team for this site. I have donated along the way as its only right. Any one else any one else out there with similar stories
  6. The first newsletter for 2017 will be posted here tomorrow. It is currently being sent to those who subscribe via email. Unfortunately, there is an error in one of the articles. New Car Tax Rules from April 2017 1st April 2014 will see changes to Vehicle Excise Duty. This will be based on the Vehicles emissions and list price. There is a 3 tier band with zero emission vehicles exempt from VED. This should read 1st April 2017 will see changes to Vehicle Excise Duty.
  7. Just a thought. When you look at the new threads on CAG everyday, these appear to be the top 3 topics 1) Parking penalties 2) Court claims from DCA's 3) General debt issues In regard to parking penalties, these seem to dominate the new threads everyday and this is probably of no surprise. I just wondered whether it might be useful for CAG to have a monthly top 3 issues raised list. There could then be a focus on these. Perhaps a discussion thread started about how CAG could help e.g. Proactive guide for drivers/car owners to avoid these penalties, what evidence people should gather to help defend actions and the rules that apply etc. There are a number of 'experts' who reply to threads and very useful information is provided, but is then hidden in the threads. Perhaps a sticky discussion thread to main topic areas can be used to capture some of the most useful and latest advice. People would still be encouraged to start new threads for their specific cases.
  8. Hi - I signed up for @consumeractiongroup.co.uk webmail a couple of days ago but every time I go to log in I get an incorrect username/password error. I didn't get an email with POP3 details either if that helps? Thanks...
  9. CAG Newsletter - October 2010 01 -October 2010 Newsletter.pdf CAG Newsletter - November 2010 02 - November 2010 Newsletter.pdf CAG Newsletter - December 2010 03 - December 2010 Newsletter.pdf
  10. Hi, How do I subscribe to CAG newsletter? I cannot find any link or page anywhere and this: http : / / www . consumeractiongroup . co . uk / newsletter . php doesn't seem to be working. I got an activation letter with a link that appears to be broken - no id: http : / / www . consumeractiongroup . co . uk / newsverify . php?id= (spaces added by me) Thanks
  11. Hi All, Received so much help and support way back in 2005-2008 which turned my life around. Unfortunately a DCA (CABOT) has re-surfaced issuing a CCJ Claim chasing what I believe to be a Statute Barred debt for Vanquis they have bought. I will post all details in the relevant place and look forward to your much appreciated assistance. Regards
  12. Have CAG gone up market with their adverts ? I was getting adverts for dating sites with pictures of beautiful Russian and Chinese ladies. Now i am seeing adverts on Pensions with a picture of Tracy Solomon, sensible expensive jumpers and Volvo cars. Not complaining, just missing those pictures of those nice young Russian ladies !
  13. Tawnyowl here with how to completely mess your car insurance up.Through rushing,not checking,many things. Now when i write a story when completely stressed out with a situation i mix a lighter look at things,helps me cope somehow.Knocking on a bit now so things prey on my mind.Especially after reading many stories over many years in the CAG So i hope before you read this you can understand that.I expect some stick,fair enough i can take that. I might even make a couple of mistakes but over time things usually become clear. Writing this at 1 in the morning so it is bothering me slightly. Been a driver for 29 years,no accidents apart from two write offs when i was not in my cars. One a lad borrowed his mums car and wrote my Ford Capri 1.6 off after flying round a corner. I was working on a clients house many years ago,rather large and did not hear the crash. Client came home at dinnertime and said have you seen your car.No i replied so went outside and there it was about one third the size it was when i parked it. Nobody hurt thank goodness. Glad i did not hear it really because i was papering rather a large hallway where one roll did one drop, i might have fallen off my ladder and double trouble then. Other when i was in a shop,a wagon reversed slowly into my car and wrote it off once again. Thought i was in Beadles about or Smile You Are On Candid Camera,completely unreal to watch such a thing. So two cars written off speed travelling 0 miles per hour. Move on many years end up with Saga,very cool,nice quotes everything great,1O Years plus no claims. Then my daughter wants to drive,so i say well young owl,i will phone Saga and insure you. Put you on my insurance so you can learn to drive. The old owl gets on the blower to Saga saying my young owlet wants to learn to drive so can you insure her on my insurance. No sorry no youngsters taken on under twenty five years old. Well my eyes glazed over and feathers drooped,sad that i had to say goodbye to Saga and move on. At the time i was looking at a quote 200 fully comp with breakdown 3 years no claims only because i had had a break for a couple of years previously. So i must admit the insurance market had me baffled slightly but googled away and cheapest seemed to be One Direct,1043.94p A great shock to me,but had to be done,wanted to help youngster. Struggled to pay each month,in fact late payments perhaps 50% of the time but always paid including charges. Anyway,received late payment letter,could not get through to usual place so paid,in a rush by card direct to One Call. On web including usual late payment charges. Received this back. . Dear Tawnyowl.6th April. Thank you for keeping your policy up to date. Your request has been sent to our renewals team who will manually process the payment. Please note that funds will not immediately debit from your account until the payment has been accepted. Cover will not commence until you receive confirmation that cover is in force and payment has been processed. One Call do not accept responsibility or liability until we have issued your policy documents to you. Now i did not think much about this and left it.15 th April comes, Policy started on 15th Oct cancelled on 15th April letter said Cost of Insurance 1043.94 Discounts applied to policy 15.00 Cancellation charge +55.99. Total cancellation cost 617.29.Amount paid 538.99 Balance to pay 78.30 not challenging the cancellation.Late payment made but perhaps to wrong dept,gave policy number. Panic set in,good grief if i had travelled yesterday i would not have been insured,Was my thought. Feathers nearly fell out,just imagine that. Did not think clearly,just wanted insurance as quick as,so googled away and found one Autonet. About 600 including breakdown.Myself only.Talked to them about cancellation on phone,had to tell them i thought. Asked Saga did not want to touch me because of cancellation.I had to tell them i thought. Daughter is going on crash course ready to take test,just wanted any bad habits i may have passed on to be ironed out. Daughter had had lessons before i gave her extra ones. Autonet want proof of NCD or i suppose another cancellation is looming. Thought to myself this insurance is sure costing a bit,let me root out the paperwork see why. Then i noticed One Call had me down for 0 years NCD- Good grief i must have on inception put 0 years NCD so must have paid more last year. I will phone One Call and try to sort this.Tell them last year was wrong and should have been 3 years NCD. Not try to get anything back just update things. After explaining,final quote from them was. So i talked to Autonet again,their reply after chatting away. It may reduce the premium slightly by applying the extra 2 year discount, yes. We do need this to be your most up to date no claims bonus. If you double check this and then come back, we can then look in to this for you. But at the moment One Call have me down as 0 years NCD what a mess,to put it mildly. Because when Autonet receive that proof it will be 0 years,and puff up in smoke goes my insurance again. Or increased massively. Should be 4 years NCB I am 1-Thinking of challenging One Calls cancellation charge as payment was made to the company. Thoughts are Shame they do not check all NCD whether 10 years or no years just in case someone makes a mistake. Benefits one way it seems.If there is a NCD Data Base,does anyone know if there is such a thing. Well i do not expect many if any replies but just thought i would pop in and show you what a mess i have managed to make on my insurance. And who knows may help someone,kind off do not rush,take your time when getting insured. Keep things filed,easy to get at,not like myself forgotten about,thrown in a box somewhere. At the moment i feel i am Donate to the Insurance Industry on a giant scale. Well good morning to you all,enjoy the Bank Holiday Weekend,when it arrives,it is a little cool though. The problem is off my chest now, written down so a hot chocolate and off to roost. What will be,will be.
  14. hi, first post so please bear with me. I asked Restons for a CCA a few years ago and sent £1 postal order. They returned it saying that I had to request this from HFC. I did nothing about this, but recently sent another CCA request to Restons. They replied saying " our client is not obliged to provide the requested documentation without the appropriate application and fees made payable to our client" They then go on to say it refers to an HFC loan taken out in or around 2016 and was referred to Restons in 2008. Is the 2016 a typo error? They have enclosed a questionnaire with a threat of legal proceedings if not returned by June 27th. Questions Which is the correct form to send? What is the fee Do I send it to Restons or HFC Do i continue to pay them?
  15. Hi everyone, I am fairly new to the forums and still trying my best not to make any mistakes or post in the wrong place, apologies to anyonw if I have. I have posted a new thread and received a reply and was asked to repost just the facts, I hope I haven't posted it in the wrong place as I haven't heard back since. Is there a way of updating a post?
  16. A thought occcured to me after reading CAG thread, where there appears to be a 'penalty notice' for just about everything. Could CAG come up with their own 'penalty notice' template, where it could be sent to companies or government agencies, where people have suffered hassle, bad service or just stupidity. It would be slightly tongue in cheek, where a company is named and shamed for their bad customer service or the stupid way they have acted. There could be a different tempate for different consumer issues. We could have a league table of penalty notices issued against companies e.g NPower, BT, etc etc. Your thoughts ?
  17. There has been a banner, advertised on cag stating that I am the 1,000,000 visitor amd I could win a mini, however no clue as to who put it there. Any ideas ?
  18. Someone has emailed the following complaint to CAG admin - the following message is exactly as received. No contact details for a response were included. E Credit Plus Ltd 2 Minton Place Victoria Road Bicester Oxfordshire OX26 6QB This Company are HARRASING me with numerous SPAM TEXTS for Yes Card yescardaccept.co.uk~ |THEY ARE A BUNCH A FRADIUSTERS AND NEED TO BE STOPPED!!! I have reported the number from which the text's are sent from to the ICO but no action has been taken. I am sick of it!
  19. We received an email yesterday in respect of this company. The person provided his name, but no return email address in order for us to respond. If you see this message, please do register on CAG - it is Free and update this thread.
  20. Just a quick hi, I've loitered on this site for far too long so thought it was time to join up, take part and hopefully get some great advice on my "situation" which I'm going to post about in the relevant section Hope to be an active member on here and share some of my past experiences!
  21. I just added a post about a couple from Scun thorpe and notice that automod changed the name, as follows. Scunthorpe Quite funny really !
  22. Hi All Just a quick hello, I've been a lurker on here for the past few weeks. Like many I am seeking some consumer advice and thought it was about time I signed up. So much information here, its hard to know where to begin! Thanks Dal
  23. fkofilee

    Thank You CAG

    Guys Its with a great pleasure that I want to say thank you for the help in the last 3 and a bit years helping me with all my financial issues and getting to the bottom of a very stressful time! As some may know , a while ago i posted a thread on Natwest (Their Service), The Fraud issues from 2012 for Security Clearance and how my credit history had been destroyed, stopping any chance of me even getting a bank account with a contactless card etc Well Id like to formally announce that I approached Nationwide last week because of the poor service Natwest were giving me after being with them for over a year paying in over £1500 a month in salary and not going overdrawn once. I went for a Flexaccount, was declined but appealed it. I explained the history and also the DF with Voidafone for £12k and how its being dealt with, and they said that they were happy with this and would open an account for me. I received my Contactless card today from them. Its a massive weight of my mind to beable to get one of my goals in 2015 sorted. Thank you very much. Your advice has been a life saver!
  24. I wanted to read more of the article "Guide to calling Customer Services" in the January newsletter. I can't seem to develop the article?
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