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  1. https://www.ft.com/content/c42c14de-883d-417c-a696-fd786c9246fa
  2. You missed my point... The items that you returned - How did you pay for them?
  3. On a side note - Did you pay for all the items via Card Payments? (Credit card or Debit Card?)
  4. As long as they have the correct address - A undefended CCJ is unlikely so thats when you duke it out.
  5. Well then that changes it slightly... You have to keep paying £20 per debt. Which was agreed with the court i assume?
  6. Gotta fund the Summer Party somehow... Have you been to a company doo like this? I have... Its not pretty. It gets messy and the people who pay are you! On a serious note. I think that £20 is way too much... If you are pushing yourself... Reduce it to £10 a month or even £1 a month. Other people might say different - Id listen out for other advice, just adding mine.
  7. If you have been paying as per this for a long time - Then I think there are some rules that stop companies from forcing you to pay a higher amount. Id have to check the FCA CONC Sourcebook but currently just continue paying accordingly is the advice I would offer.
  8. List in full the amounts on each and we can take a look Welcome to CAG btw - Dont be worried about debt for now. FKO
  9. Arh yes - Lucas went legal https://www.lucascreditservices.co.uk/
  10. Looks like Lowell rebranded something. Likely to be Lucas Credit Services maybe with a rebrand? Who knows... Interesting. Paste up the letter minus personal deets FKO
  11. Webpage is still live XD https://www.vanquis.co.uk/existing-customers/fresh-start
  12. Hang on.. I do remember fresh start... God that was a terrible thing...
  13. If you want to see where this might go... Have a look at previous payday loans companies going into the office administration or using schemes etc Amigo is doing just that right now
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