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  1. Check CIFAS plz - Just in case. Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) | Credit Reference File | Cifas WWW.CIFAS.ORG.UK If an application you've made for a financial product has been declined, it may be because of information Cifas or an organisations we work with... Could have left you with a marker.
  2. To stop the AOE from DWP - Set up a temporary payment plan while you do what @dx100uksays above. If you do it quick enough it should stop deductions for your next pay check. Be reasonable with what you can pay. DWP Debt management I find are reasonable over the phone.
  3. Even paying the CCJs will not make them disappear from your Credit File. It is likely with 4 x CCJs that you wont be able to get a mortgage unfortunately. One of the team will be along shortly to advise more.
  4. Hi There Thanks for coming over to CAG. BW Legal and PRAC are known to phish for perspective victims. Can you supply proof that you werent there? EG Letter from the time? Council tax bill? Just in case you do need to prove it The fleecers do like to try it on - One of the other team members will be along shortly but I would worry so much. FKO
  5. I know this about the Warranty repair and whether CRA would apply etc But if you just want to get it done - I recommend ISmash. They are certified for repairing Samsung phones and use OEM parts. Believe they can sort it in an hour £229... Not a paid for post - Just had a good experience with them You could also then look at whether you could take further action against Samsung and see if ISmash can do a report for you.
  6. Shes the one who ran onto TV with that sign?
  7. Lowells have sent me the same letter... Looks like this will be a thing going forward. When did the OD default? FKO
  8. ---------- The transfers would usually be anywhere between 3-6k and it would be direct from their bank account also the cash deposits would be around 3-5k usually once a week but sometimes twice ------------ Theres your answer. I think thats spooked them
  9. Hi @23sopwith Can you pad out all the details of the loan etc if you havent done already so we can advise. FKO
  10. No no - That email will be one of many email addresses they have for correspondence, likely to the same team of CS Reps or "Paralegals" - Term used loosely here. To who is the letter / email made out etc?
  11. Are shoosmiths acting in a capacity where if they were to issue a claim - Would they be suing a business or suing an individual?
  12. Ones also to consider Smarty - Three Voxi - Voda
  13. https://clubs.moneysavingexpert.com/creditclub/login Use that for Experian. You should be fine.
  14. Oh BW... Your statements to the Guardian shows why you are so oblivious to what will come for you one day...
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