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  1. Pierre - Just stop. Phoning the call centre yields no results. Put everything together and send it to - joe.garner@nationwide.co.uk Thats the CEO email - It will be sent to the Exec Customer Relations Team who will investigate a complaint Its more productive then playing Whack-a-mole...
  2. Oh and also - If you are shorthanded by TSB then you can put a LBA together - This could be interesting...
  3. This will be a long slog Document everything - Go into branch tomorrow - If they tell you have an Outstanding Balance and cant release funds etc then you document that too. Put a FOS Complaint together. You can then get the information from the FOS to see what they did in their investigation @ TSB. You should not have a debt outstanding to TSB but i fear that a CIFAS marker might be acoming. I would ask TSB to register you on CIFAS as you are a victim of Fraud in this circumstance and NOT a perpetrator.
  4. Sorry was eating... That website should have it. It will go to the Executive Complaints Team - Why have they removed that money? Are they reversing the funds in this case? IE Chargeback Successful to the 3rd party? This is a bit worrying... !
  5. Yes i do have experience, You are entitled to a full refund under the Direct Debit Gaurentee. You raise a claim with your bank. How long ago were the DDs taken? PP will attempt to challenge it but hold your ground. These amounts arent small so I worry that you will struggle but do what you can Lets see how this goes.
  6. With Debt and court cases. Its who blinks first who loses a lot of the time. It is a judge lottery and it is also a pain in the backside. Lowell temp fate with the debts they buy all the time. There isnt really much you can do apart from follow the processes. Think about it - If you hadnt of come here then you woudlnt have learnt what you know now. They have to work for their money on the off chance they MAY win... Ive seen weird decisions in court - When all the odds when in the Creditors favour - They still either pulled out or even lost the case... Faulty DN, Missing Docs... The list goes on.
  7. Why would they offer a Tomlin Order? Surely they would only do that if they weren't 100% it was going to be a win... They reclaim their costs from the debtor if successful?
  8. Okay so this is an interesting case. A lot of the current banks dont understand the indepths concepts of Cryptocurrency and most transactions are viewed as being High Risk. Its sort of like the Ebay Chargeback [problem] of yesteryear... But more up to date. So have TSB verified 100% that you are an innocent party in all of this? My concern here is that you may end up having a black marker put against your name. This is known as a CIFAS Marker and you must get confirmation from TSB that you will not have one put against you otherwise you will have a very bad time. I would suggest an email to the CEO's team - They cant override the Fraud / Chargeback team but if the money is yours and it passes all of their KYC Checks then there should be no issue. Let them close your account and find another bank who do want you. Also after the complaint has been had - You should refer this to the Financial Ombudsman Service as the way the bank have treated you is unfair IMHO. They have T&Cs that allow them to close your account at any time but it has to be fair - IE Breaching KYC Checks / Fraud / Court Action... Etc Also I wonder if reaching out to the papers might be an option. @BankFodder - Any idea? Legal action might also be in the question if you are shortchanged by TSB and considering their precarious situation last year with the IT Fiasco - They are on shaky ground.
  9. Difficult to say however you can most certainly attempt a chargeback with Nationwide. Call 01793657689 and it should put you through to phone banking. They may reject the chargeback which is completely in their rights to do so. You've spent the money on this so its not exactly unauthorised but at the same time - Paypal and Nationwide should have failsafes in place to stop this. IF you are finding it difficult - Can I suggest Monzo as an alternative if things go south with Nationwide? I am with them full time - I dont gamble but i think it could be beneficial in your case - It will also give you a backup account if you need it https://monzo.com/blog/2018/06/19/gambling-block-self-exclusion/
  10. Ask if they are able to provide a copy of the call recording? Doubtful but it once again puts the onus on the Claimant as they have to prove that that was as they say. Have you sent a DSAR to Vodafone? Second Handset?
  11. If they have refused it - Then you ignore them at this point. Nothing they can do
  12. Try this - https://www.resolver.co.uk/companies/british-airways-complaints
  13. How much are you owed? Are you able to demonstrate how much is owed to you?
  14. 3.4 If the debtor does not reply to the Letter of Claim within 30 days of the date at the top of the letter, the creditor may start court proceedings, subject to any remaining obligations the creditor may have to the debtor (for example, under the Financial Conduct Authority’s Handbook). Account should be taken of the possibility that a reply was posted towards the end of the 30-day period. --- 4.2 If the debtor indicates that they are seeking debt advice, the creditor must allow the debtor a reasonable period for the advice to be obtained. In any event, the creditor should not start court proceedings less than 30 days from receipt of the completed Reply Form or 30 days from the creditor providing any documents requested by the debtor, whichever is the later. 4.3 If the debtor indicates in the Reply Form that they are seeking debt advice that cannot be obtained within 30 days of their reply, the debtor must provide details to the creditor as specified in the Reply Form. The creditor should allow reasonable extra time for the debtor to obtain that advice where it would be reasonable to do so in the circumstances. 4.4 A partially completed Reply Form should be taken by the creditor as an attempt by the debtor to engage with the matter. The creditor should attempt to contact the debtor to discuss the Reply Form and obtain any further information needed to understand the debtor’s position.
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