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  1. Your bank wont - Your credit file will They just need to go and check it
  2. SO they dont have a residential address for you? I would read the link Andy has subbed here
  3. No you do not have to include your I+E if it is your partners debt.
  4. Ive had a thought about this - Ive read Andy's #109 post and It just dawned on me - What if CWD broach the fact that E&W is appropriate to have the case here because the OP will not be returning to UAE? Side note - Isnt being in debt a criminal offence in the UAE?
  5. DX - Under DPA they are allowed to sell the account as part of the T&Cs but financial data is covered under PCI DSS Compliance and they cannot "Just" send financial payment details to another company and set up a DD willie nillie. They need consent from the SC / ACC holder and a signed DD Mandate. This is a very very shady thing to be doing. If paying by Standing Order however - Its different as the Debtor is in control of payments and while the company can see SC / ACC on payments, they cant just set up a DD I believe that the ICO needs to get involved here.
  6. Wait - So payments have been made under arrangement and they are now forcing full payment with a valid payment plan in place?
  7. I also dont understand why but it can be challenged. Why have they given a redress payment?
  8. In the words of Brian Blessed & Marcus Brigstock from HIGNFY.... STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! Quickquid are fine... They haven't gone into administration... Wonga have... However I wouldnt dilly dally around though... Rumour is that QQ are facing challenging times
  9. Yes - Trace companies will probably provide info on their targets by searching public databases - IE - Linkedin - Elec Roll etc I would ignore it - They need to send a formal PAP letter to even start the process of a court claim.
  10. Doris... We keep repeating the same advice but you aren't reading it correctly... UncleB is right... Give all creditors your Spanish address and watch them whistle... Otherwise the entire thread is a waste of time
  11. I agree with Sangie - What field do you work in?
  12. If its for £23k they may chance it because its not just a couple of grand... But in all honesty it is unlikely. Id suggest that you keep them updated of your Spanish address and go from there
  13. While we normally are rather reserved about offering advice in these situations as we dont condone debt avoidance, the realism is that a lot of companies wont pursue you overseas as the chance of recovering the account drops significantly. Make sure you update all of your creditors with your address in ye olde Espana - Hopefully youll be okay
  14. Your account was closed because you took legal action against Barclays. They view it as a breakdown of relationship between the customer and the bank themselves. Part of the T&Cs outside of the ML Regs for this account will include that they can close your account if there is a breakdown of relationship between yourselves. Anyway if you wish to tell us more - Please create a new thread - We are still waiting to hear back from the OP.
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