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  1. Ignore... Wait until you get a Letter of Claim and come back here.
  2. BTW Opus was revived by Newday a couple of years back so its just a brand name these days.
  3. YW Alexander.baldock@dixonscarphone.com SCCCustomerSolutionsTeam@TeamKnowhow.com
  4. On side of what DX has posted Please create a new thread for your PDLs.
  5. Oh correct indeed... Also aswell maybe consider emailing the CEO? Where did you purchase the TV? (What Store)
  6. I understand it completely. I dont understand why Barclays were so stupid to do this. Unless there is something we dont know about that you havent told us... But i think at this point and after everything I have no doubt Barclays are in the wrong here and there isnt anything else.
  7. Your Claim would be £150 compo set by the FOS £49.17 that hasnt been returned £7xx on the OSB that needs to be resolved as part of the chargeback. A judge may or may not be able to make a damage award but only under certain circumstances i believe. As part of the claim setup - You need to explain about CIFAS and that it should be removed. A judge can order it to be removed if there has been a severe error in Judgement. @Andyorch - Can you confirm for me?
  8. Never mind Does it have info on the Company Registration Number?
  9. Is it electronic? Just screenshot it and paste it
  10. **IMPORTANT** Your first request to a company for information is never chargeable. It is only subsequent requests that are chargeable if there is no fault on part of the Data Holder (IE - They included everything but you have requested more that should have been requested 1st time round.)
  11. Can I see the loan docs? It should have a company number and everything. Remove personal info.
  12. Vollah - Fill me in and send SAE & Email the below; Jes is big boss. Matt is head of UK Retail Banking. Michael is head of Compliance and will have a vested interest to resolve this for you as Barclays havent been compliant. Caroline is head of the FOS - She should also be notified so it gets filtered down to her lower teams. You are done messing around at this point. However do NOT send this unless you are prepared to go Legal on it. Barclays LOC.docx
  13. Did they send an email?> Anything to go on? She would normally have to sign a CCA for something like this.
  14. Sounds rather generic and a [problem] What info did they ask for? What did she give them?
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