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  1. Also - what if you get a letter with just the address on it or get one with "The Occupier" that has multiple people who live there. That would also be against the law right? Nooo
  2. Normally id chime in but on this one ill hold off. I think you need to chat to @dx100uk They will advise you accordingly on doing F+F
  3. I actually did some Advisory work on telecoms a few years back with them. My god they are actually a wreck. Even rebranding - The same old smell lingers.
  4. They did this to my brother and it should have been returned within 14 days - If it hasnt then you can raise a dispute with your Bank / Credit Card Provider. FKO
  5. Excellent I hope you get what you are due and everything works out. Keep your chin up... Also one other thing - We do all this for free - We'd love if you could donate a small amount to us when you are back on your feet?
  6. I can understand your frustrations. I would say based upon what youve told us - It goes beyond what would be considered acceptable treatment of a worker. They cant take the phone in the way that they did. The fact that you had to report it to the police is completely unacceptable IMHO. They really only have the right to tell you not to use your phone. They dont actually have the right to confiscate it from you. But they do have the right to ask you to leave it in a secure location like a locker etc or ask you to switch it off. Financial Orgs have rules like that in place to protect customer data etc.
  7. Who were the original creditors? What is that £26k debt for? CC / Loan? If you do go for F+F Settlements - I would make sure that you get a condition added for them to remove the Credit File Entry and it is confirmed in writing. Other members will be along soon.
  8. Shouldnt be able to? Are they open? We usually advise not to contact them over the phone but.... You might have too?
  9. You can complain to CIFAS if you believe a marking is incorrect Have you considered that?
  10. The SRA only intervene like this if something is very very wrong - How long has the firm been running? https://www.sra.org.uk/consumers/problems/solicitor-closed-down/intervention/ Back to your issue. Honeybee has given you good advice. Check what you are entitled to and then place a claim for benefits if you are eligible. Dont delay - Claim today! You must do this online if it Universal Credit. Start your claim here - https://www.universal-credit.service.gov.uk/ It doesnt take long if you have everything to hand
  11. No MSE and Clearscore dont use the same Data Credit Karma - Transunion Clearscore - Equifax MSE CC - Experian. Your milage will vary with each. Go check with all 3 Also try to get your report direct from Equifax - Its been known for Clearscore to be inaccurate sometimes
  12. Check your Credit File with all 3 reference agencies - There should be a CCJ if that is the case.
  13. As our "resident specialist" on IRR Lending - YEs it would be a good idea for you to do that and I will look at this for you when you do.
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