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  1. Okay - So you have recieved a Bankruptcy Petition. Gimme 5 mins - Your thread is going to move shortly.
  2. Okay - Is that after an Income & Expenditure? Have you defaulted on said payment arrangement?
  3. Has a judge ordered this payment arrangement or has it been made informally?
  4. She should still be able to cancel this and to me this term seems fair. Stops loss of trade. Is it a 12 month deal?
  5. Is this anything to do with your existing threads? Are you still paying at the moment per month?
  6. I think there is some law somewhere that means that a company / authority are unable to restrict payment methods and a lot of companies make (DCAs especially) many payment methods available. Why not raise a formal complaint in writing to the council and get everything clarified?
  7. Simple answer here is if the fault is with Cashzone's ATM - Then the cost should be passed onto them. I am also one of those App bank users - I actually use one of the more stable ones as my full account and have my old guard account used to put money into. I would suggest that you move sideway's to another secure company (Monzo, Starling etc) - I am concerned with Revoluts bad press recently.
  8. It could all be undone in a week if everyone stopped paying... They would instantly flood the court system to try and secure money with claims, but by the time the backlog would be cleared - Its too late for them...
  9. Okay well what is this Jacobs issue? Have you checked your Credit Files with all 3 agencies? Do either of you have any CCJs?
  10. There are other options Are you renting at the moment (Or still own your house but with a shortfall of £4500?)
  11. From my views here - When i wrote the IRL Guide originally i included the part about the FOS and their guidance. It can be retrospectively used for IRL. You should be entitled to all the money back. But with the Administration are you actually going to get back £1400??
  12. Okay well then in that case - I would say fight for it
  13. Doubtful... They will just want to some consistency thats all So dont worry as much I think here.
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