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  1. The guide attached is the reclaim guide I wrote for the site. Pay close attention to the 6 + 3 section. Notice that it is 6 years from date of limitation + 3 from realising. i would say that 2016 is a fair estimate of the minus 3 years plus - 6 due to Limitations Act.
  2. Hi Taximan Sorry is late - So with this they are quite right. Due to the age of your loans only some of them could potentially be considered. I would say anything from May 2010 onwards (6+3 rule) Should be sufficient. I would get this sent to the FOS Quick as ICL are in the process of winding up their Payday Loan Ops. Based upon this - It maybe prudent to remove any delay on referring it immediately. PDL_Claim_Guide.pdf
  3. No the agreement was with Monument Bank and not JCIA... They cant assign a Credit Card Agreement to themselves in this capacity...
  4. Let @dx100uk advise more as im not 100% on the court process myself.
  5. I have to agree - It is over 6 years old from the last statement from what it seems like. I agree with DX - Time to send a SB Defence on the matter. Can you confirm that NO payments have been made since 2010?
  6. Hi Guys If a TV is £179 and it is fully purchased on a credit plan from Currys via Creation - Does Sect 75 also apply to CRA 2015? Would be interested to know. FKO
  7. IF you struggle to scan it - Go and get OfficeLens from Microsoft on IOs or Google Play
  8. Do you have a copy of the statement that you can post up minus personal details?
  9. Hi Taximan I will respond to this tomorrow at a better time - Ill have a further response for you.
  10. Pierre - Just stop. Phoning the call centre yields no results. Put everything together and send it to - joe.garner@nationwide.co.uk Thats the CEO email - It will be sent to the Exec Customer Relations Team who will investigate a complaint Its more productive then playing Whack-a-mole...
  11. Oh and also - If you are shorthanded by TSB then you can put a LBA together - This could be interesting...
  12. This will be a long slog Document everything - Go into branch tomorrow - If they tell you have an Outstanding Balance and cant release funds etc then you document that too. Put a FOS Complaint together. You can then get the information from the FOS to see what they did in their investigation @ TSB. You should not have a debt outstanding to TSB but i fear that a CIFAS marker might be acoming. I would ask TSB to register you on CIFAS as you are a victim of Fraud in this circumstance and NOT a perpetrator.
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