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  1. Keep an eye out on the post, you may get a discontinuation notice. Im sure however youll be okay. You seem to have enough evidence to dispute the balance.
  2. I have an answer. Request 60 days breathing space for now. I think we can help.
  3. Its okay - It happens. And this is why DCAs user every trick in the book to try and make you crack. Now its time to come back. Im not sure how to proceed if Im honest if they have issued a Letter Of Claim. Only as You could complain to Oakbrook and they still proceed with Legal Proceedings, but I dont know if that would help or hinder the legal proceedings if they began down that avenue. I know a FOS complaint wouldnt stop Legal Action and probably run along side it. But I guess a judge would view a disputed balance with the original creditor as cause for concern whether the DCA's claim is valid? A bit of a muddle.
  4. I want to add my 2 cents here... The purchase of this debt, Perch Group dont absolve themselves of liabilities from the Original Creditor. They should be responsible for dealing with this complaint in response to an Irresponsible Lending dispute. If the balance is disputed as such in that way - Then they should be referring to the Original Creditor where applicable. Also if your complaint was written in a way where a template wasnt used or it was rewritten to a similar effect where it wasnt recognisable - Then you probably would have stood a better opportunity at it not getting rebuffed. To be honest those - Perch and TM Legal are a waste of Oxygen and will say anything to get you to pay. Ditto on the template. Where did you find it? Please keep in mind we have to unravel what you have done till now and help build a formal response.
  5. Oh yeah... So there is. .. Hopefully it won't try to upgrade
  6. Origin moved to EA App... I know this all too well. Reach out to Customer Services I would to see what they can do.
  7. Welcome - One of the team will take a look shortly
  8. Are you a Lycamobile Customer? Have you had recent transaction you dont recognise declined to companies that you have never shopped with before Online or Internationally? You could be at risk. A number of customer have begun reporting that their Debit Cards may have been compromised from a previous breach. ISPreview are investigating, but please let us know if you are having issues. Lyca Mobile UK Confirm Personal Data Breached by Hackers WWW.ISPREVIEW.CO.UK Mobile operator Lyca Mobile, which last week confirmed that it had been struck by a serious cyberattack that disrupted their systems and connectivity Your details could be at risk of Identity theft. Be Vigilant!
  9. Why would you do a Freedom Of Information Request? Thats for public and government bodies only... Either way, this is what happens in debt collection. Accounts sold as a figure on a spreadsheet loaded into a system that contact people to pay until they give in . They never send the original agreements with pruchase. And yes, please do name names..
  10. That number you quote is a non dialable number - Probably spoofing it which sounds about right. Probably found your number from a credit application you made or electoral roll etc. Youd be surprised how data brokers work over here in the UK its a bit mad...
  11. Check if you get a Pre Action Protocol Letter Of Claim in the next few days. Come back to us if you do.
  12. Looks similar to you original email to their Complaints team. I dont rate copypasta for a CEO complaint. Rewrite it with emotion involved as to how badly this is affecting you and make them feel embarrassed for their actions...
  13. Just be careful with your language on what you post here - Keep it above board Lets see what you send to the big boss.
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