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  1. 3.4 If the debtor does not reply to the Letter of Claim within 30 days of the date at the top of the letter, the creditor may start court proceedings, subject to any remaining obligations the creditor may have to the debtor (for example, under the Financial Conduct Authority’s Handbook). Account should be taken of the possibility that a reply was posted towards the end of the 30-day period. --- 4.2 If the debtor indicates that they are seeking debt advice, the creditor must allow the debtor a reasonable period for the advice to be obtained. In any event, the creditor should not start court proceedings less than 30 days from receipt of the completed Reply Form or 30 days from the creditor providing any documents requested by the debtor, whichever is the later. 4.3 If the debtor indicates in the Reply Form that they are seeking debt advice that cannot be obtained within 30 days of their reply, the debtor must provide details to the creditor as specified in the Reply Form. The creditor should allow reasonable extra time for the debtor to obtain that advice where it would be reasonable to do so in the circumstances. 4.4 A partially completed Reply Form should be taken by the creditor as an attempt by the debtor to engage with the matter. The creditor should attempt to contact the debtor to discuss the Reply Form and obtain any further information needed to understand the debtor’s position.
  2. If you respond - then you get a further 30 days on the PAP Before they are able to start Legal Action... 30 Days Serving PAP Letter 30 Days Response For The Creditor / DP To Respond
  3. UC is currently undergoing a rollout phase but may be delayed in some areas as they still havent rolled out the chinks in the process etc My understanding is that whether you will be penalised is based upon your circumstances. I would hazard a guess you would be okay - Do you work at the moment and have ESA topup etc? (Not too familiar with ESA but do know that some people do both)
  4. Well done As Andyorch said - Please consider making a donation to the site!
  5. I work in Telecoms and we have had numerous customers report this. Some say that they will have their "IP" suspended - While others say press 1 to speak to BT as there line is going to be cut off... Its good to ignore
  6. This is a Pre Action Protocol letter for debt claim...
  7. Woah Woah Woah Woah! Dont jump the gun... Post up the letter minus personal details and barcodes etc Tell us more about this debt Who? What? How Much? What Happened?
  8. Yes it is legit I have had one too and put my claim though. Id go ahead. - Did it come from theteam@hq.wonga.com? If so - Its legit.
  9. If its gone to Wescot - Its already defaulted... So unfortunately you wont beable to do that much...
  10. Right - Thing is these DCAs chance themselves on the purchase of these debts. Some they win, some they dont. Intrum have been slapped around like a fish before for certain things that they did in the past. I speak from experience - These companies prey on your stress and vulnerabilities you found that out before you came here. Dont get me wrong, you may succeed - You may not - But you are in good hands here and CAG will try to assist where we can. Solicitors vary - I understand why you went to them. All you have to understand is that Intrum are not the same as other companies. They specialise in Debt and its all they know in reality...
  11. Oh right... Even so - Wonder if they will have anything. So how did the Stat Demand come about? Was it served by a Process Server?
  12. Do you have the Stat Demand Letter? 20 Years ago? Fat chance they will have an agreement for it! Yikes... Before 2k7 - Recon from my understanding is not valid. A Card that old would have numerous T&C changes made to it which they would have to supply as part of their case.
  13. And still not sure what to do? What did they send you? Can you scan it up minus personal info? That means names and barcodes / Account refs etc
  14. Go here - This should help It will point you in the right direction. So this is the first time its been "Sold" and no administered by an agency.
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