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  1. thank you for that, it makes sense, it just sounds a bit dodgy if you say it out loud, there's nothing dodgy.
  2. might seem like a strange question but can family/friend purchase a car using their bank details but have the paperwork in someone else's name.thanks.
  3. i've got the option to appeal which i will do and get a chance to have my say on things. every forum i've read are saying the same they cannot pass the debt on to family members. but obviously dwp have there own rules mainly assumptions.
  4. sorry i mean i don't believe he withdrew any or most of it. because of the lifestyle he lead .yes dwp are aware of all the expenses .
  5. dwp have seen the probate they say they can do that and they are going on the figure that on the probate prior to his expenses . they are not alleging that i've done wrong, all they are doing is working on assumptions . there's no proof he's always had the said amount, also wanting to find out if there is a post office account with his pension in as i don't believe he has cashed his pension,but as i've said dwp can't/won't tell me if he's actually cashed the pension. thanks for your help .
  6. when i did the probate it asks how much money he had when he died, i don't want to go into too much on a forum, the amount was prior to his funeral ect payments .
  7. debt management have been dealing with this for the last 18 mths . they must have done a search on me to see if i was in receipt of any benefit because i didn't tell them its esa in on, they state im responsible as im nok and on the probate, it's not like i can put two fingers up! there taking the money regardless. ballance few pounds .
  8. there was no will so i had to apply for probate i informed dwp of his death which seampt to go ok until weeks after when i got this overpayment request from them,also registered his death and i've been more than helpful with the dwp debt management but they won't budge, but they are taking money from a benefit i'm in receipt of for the debt.i am now able to do an appeal has the M/R has been turned down so i will be appealing. they are not taking anything into account ie him disowning me for the last 20yrs. thanks for the response
  9. does it matter that he didn't live in devon, i've searched for sheffield but nothing .
  10. hello andy and thanks, firstly his care home fees were only paid days after he died that was by direct debit which was a large amount for the time he was there, secondly ive done a right of access with the dwp but still waiting for that but i'm not even sure if it will give details of how he was paid . is the dsar the same as roa?
  11. Hello all, i need some help regarding a post office account were my late father had his pension paid into dwp are unable to tell me (nok) were his pension was paid and if he cashed it i do know that he had no bank account until 1yr prior to his death. My dad had disowned me some 20yrs ago but i was contacted with the news he had died in a care home and would i deal with his funeral etc, i did as i thought it was the decent thing to do now im wishing i hadn’t done it as i've now got to pay dwp a substantial amount of money back to dwp because he had large amount of money on his pers
  12. hi @PIXeL_92 thanks for the advice does make sense now with her been new on ebay, i will do the right thing i just don't appreciate her attitude as it didn't have to end like this.
  13. @BankFodder . i will do all you've suggested, she's only been a member since july this year one of the 4 reviews shes got since my purchase states this user (her)is been dishonest. i just dont appreciate such abrupt emails . thanks again . ps i will let you know the outcome.
  14. @bankfodder . it was refunded via paypal . the balance is still showing pending and as been since the 9th oct i've always thought it was instant, not been in touch with ebay yet, as there is still the first case up and running, just to add i dont have her address, i've not replied to the last two emails as i've said i will let ebay step in. thanks
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