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  1. good news the pension company settled the account with just the original D/C and my B/C probate wasn't needed, it was sorted really quickly. thankyou all for the help and advice.
  2. when i first contacted them they were just asking for reference number I've only asked for two his estate isn't that complicated (famous last words)
  3. the death certificate is been posted to me,so by the time i get the claim form ill have the d/c, ill keep you informed of the outcome
  4. hello to you all just a quick update R/L are sending the paperwork for me to fill in. fingers crossed.
  5. I've filled the online form and just waiting to hear from them it states up to 5 working days. thanks for asking
  6. h/b bless you thankyou so much and to everyone else. ill let you know how i get on x
  7. first of all thanks for all the replies, The insurance company is royal London. forgive me if I'm late in responding its just I've a lot to sort out, but i do appreciate the help.
  8. I'm looking for some advice regarding my late brothers private pension which had he lived he would have been able to cash it in next year but passed at 54 y/o I'm the only next of kin what happens to the pension? if i can claim it would i need probate or just copy of death certificate. thanks
  9. thank you for that, it makes sense, it just sounds a bit dodgy if you say it out loud, there's nothing dodgy.
  10. might seem like a strange question but can family/friend purchase a car using their bank details but have the paperwork in someone else's name.thanks.
  11. i've got the option to appeal which i will do and get a chance to have my say on things. every forum i've read are saying the same they cannot pass the debt on to family members. but obviously dwp have there own rules mainly assumptions.
  12. sorry i mean i don't believe he withdrew any or most of it. because of the lifestyle he lead .yes dwp are aware of all the expenses .
  13. dwp have seen the probate they say they can do that and they are going on the figure that on the probate prior to his expenses . they are not alleging that i've done wrong, all they are doing is working on assumptions . there's no proof he's always had the said amount, also wanting to find out if there is a post office account with his pension in as i don't believe he has cashed his pension,but as i've said dwp can't/won't tell me if he's actually cashed the pension. thanks for your help .
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