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  1. hi @PIXeL_92 thanks for the advice does make sense now with her been new on ebay, i will do the right thing i just don't appreciate her attitude as it didn't have to end like this.
  2. @BankFodder . i will do all you've suggested, she's only been a member since july this year one of the 4 reviews shes got since my purchase states this user (her)is been dishonest. i just dont appreciate such abrupt emails . thanks again . ps i will let you know the outcome.
  3. @bankfodder . it was refunded via paypal . the balance is still showing pending and as been since the 9th oct i've always thought it was instant, not been in touch with ebay yet, as there is still the first case up and running, just to add i dont have her address, i've not replied to the last two emails as i've said i will let ebay step in. thanks
  4. advice needed. i recently purchased a box set of dvds quite large box set inside a metal case when they arrived the packaging was quite flimsy and easily damaged, when i checked the contents there was a dvd missing, may sound petty but it was advertised as a complete collection, i contacted the seller and she advised me the disc was at her home and was going to post it a week passed and no dvd i again contacted her again to confirm if she had sent it and never got a reply i opened a case with ebay all i asked ebay was either the disc to be sent or refund £20.00 so i could buy the missing dvd . then all of a sudden i got this quite abrupt email from the seller claiming that she wanted her property back and i was to pay the postage, my reply was if we can't deal with this amicably then i'll let ebay step in, then next thing she sent full refund, before the refund came i mailed her saying i was not going to post said item as i don't trust her. were do i stand with this (money has not cleared yet) the email this morning was i want my property back. thanks in advance.
  5. dx 100uk . thanks will have a look when i get back home.
  6. i assumed because it was coming from overseas there would be a duty/tax charge before the courier would deliver it, maybe i'm wrong .
  7. im wondering if anyone would know what duty i would pay by purchasing a parcel containing 40 dvds from australia to the uk i know about the postage but im struggling with the duty bit or maybe i'm being a bit thick. thanks
  8. ill wait till things have calmed down and ask for my name to be added, at the moment we do get on,but things change. thank you for your advice means a lot...
  9. hi mr p. thanks for that, we were both executors, had i know before hand i would have insisted my name went on as-well, i must sound a right muppet to let this happen, on the other hand if he does do a will and leaves me his estate is that everything back to me. apart from him been able to sell it and keep all proceeds..
  10. there was nothing in the will that stated anything about name/names on the land registry only that the estate was to be shared 50/50. i think i convinced myself that it didn't matter whose name was on the L/R as im his next of kin so it would go back to me anyway thats my way of thinking. no solicitor involved and im late 40,s.
  11. hello to the forum, I'm wanting some advice/help. the story is that me and a sibling was left property in a relatives will, but my sibling is the only name gone on to the land registry as i was told it wasn't an issue if only one name was registered, my concern now is by law were does this leave me if me and my sibling have a fall out, I'm named in the will but could he sell with out my permission thanks in advance.
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