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  1. Just the phone call and fear of the kids being involved and it upsetting them. Sadly I have remembered I went over my miles as this latest car took ages to get here (we get them brand new) I kept my old one 1yrs longer, it was mileage over what I had been allocated that they were deducting. I need to Get exactly what the payments were for I haven't answered the bailiffs through paper means it was purely done through returning a phone call and a quick google. I have no recollection of a pcn on the car, if there had of been It would of been a reminder to pay it but this was the last week of my mums life. Things were stressful so as ive said, I don't remember getting one. I appreciate everything you lot do and have a fantastic union guy so will get him on board
  2. It is my work lease car address (hospital). They added 12.50 too for admin fees . Lease Car Ins Excess 12.50 263 Lease Car Excess 11 5.08 Lease Car Ins Excess 12.50 263 Lease Car Excess 115.08 Lease Car Ins Excess 12.50 263 Lease Car Excess 111.08 Lease Car Ins Excess 12.50 263 Lease Car Excess 111.08
  3. Actually you making me go back and double check the Arnold Clark thing rang a bell and the trust took all the payments off my wages. 2 months £111 & 2 months at £115. Im fairly sure that means its paid off?
  4. Ok this email was sent with it and the trust have been claiming something off my wages for ages (i did warn you i was bad) Please find attached a copy of a parking notice that has been issued against your lease vehicle. we would encourage you to take immediate action to prevent the notice escalating from £50.00 to £75.00 on 31st January 2024. All information is contained within the notice including instructions on what to do next. Please note if you do not pay this fine or an appeal is denied and receive a further notice, the value of the further notice will be paid in full and you will be recharged the full amount, including any increased fees/administration costs. I work for an nhs trust who i lease my car from. They get their cars from a number off agents, mine is from Arnold Clarke. I am the leaseholder, the renter of said car, the NHS trust/Arnold Clark is the owner. Apologies as i mentioned, im new to this, totally unorganised and grieving tbf doodoo scared. I really appreciate the help
  5. I think Tyne tunnel went straight to Arnold Clark and the other 2 went to lease office at work.
  6. Yeah I put that in the website and it brought up penalty charge cannot be found when I have entered all details
  7. If you give me 10 mins I will look. Thanks for this.
  8. Sorry had to go make sure dad was ok. No that was all i received. The email. Nothing was on the car just email from work and no just text from bailiffs
  9. I will attach what I have Please don't judge me I have a good heart, a sloppy brain and I run my house like a pirate ship. 2024-01-03 Newcastle City Council NTO for PCN 2023-11-08.pdf 2023-12-21 Mr Baywatch Notice To Hirer for PCN 2023-10-23.pdf 2023-11-24 Tyne Tunnel Toll Paid by Arnold Clark 2023-12-07+admin fee.pdf
  10. oh ok sorry, I am searching through my emails so 2 mins.
  11. to be honest my finances are not healthy I have a few Ccjs. Parking tickets etc built up from my mum being ill then passing away. I have found a few in my emails as work pass them through. I dont get them first work do, then I receive them usually too late. God wont let me upload it but its from Baywatch minister or whoever they are £100
  12. Ok, deep breath I have a car but not outside my property and its a lease through work anyway. I can try and find the paperwork as this kid gave no information over the phone to me. He did mumble something about a court appointed bailiff?? Btw Thank you
  13. No only the phone call where her computer was having a bad day and apparently whats on lovely Aarons computer
  14. I dont have it. It was a while back and with everything that happened qith my mum paperworks all over the place aorry. Im really scared i havw to honest
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