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  1. Not really. I just wrote it based upon my credit file data with screenshots and stuff. Also referring to multiple data points. You need to read before sending or writing it. I have plenty of experience in this stuff so takes me half hour to write something like this. For you itll take an afternoon probably. An additional day with it on your CRA wont cause a problem. Reference Material; ICO Credit File Guide - https://ico.org.uk/media/your-data-matters/documents/1282/credit-explained-dp- guidance.pdf ICO Main Page For Credit - https://ico.org.uk/for-the-public/credit/ CMF Limitation Act 1980 - https://www.checkmyfile.com/articles/the-limitation-act-1980-and-debt-time-limits.htm Gov Limitations Act 1980 - https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1980/58/2023-11-18 (Latest Version) Transunion 6 Years - https://www.transunion.co.uk/consumer/credit-report-help/how-long-does-information-stay-on-my-credit-report-for Equifax 6 Years - https://help.equifax.co.uk/EquifaxOnlineHelp/s/article/Howlongdoesadefaultedorsettledaccountstayinmyreport Experian 6 Years - https://www.experian.co.uk/consumer/guides/defaults.html#:~:text=A default will stay on,you still%20owe%20them%20money
  2. No no - I would complain via the CEO and Directors Office. They sorted it in less than 24 hours for me. Complaint closed and compo issued. Info removed from CRA This morning. Credit Karma updated for me instantly almost. I did mention I was a member of CAG and would make a post about it incase others were affected. Good thing I did.
  3. Vodafone have reported that they are having issues with their Credit File APIs into the Credit Reference Agencies where aged accounts over 6 years are being readded to Credit Files. In some instances, people are having defaults rescinded and changed to late payment status making the account live again! --- Have you been affected? Please keep an eye out on your credit file for any new Vodafone Account appearing where there shouldnt be any reason. If you are a Vodafone Customer - Check that the information is correct. check for Late Payments and Defaults. Don't forget to consider the financial impacts this could have on you. --- If you are struggling - Post below and we can guide you to get the result you need! Its been reported that Experian and TransUnion seem to be where these appear. They are able to remove the information relatively quickly and it will reflect on next Credit File Refresh.
  4. Thats a good as you will probably get Hopefully you can get debt free
  5. Itll feel better as time goes on and you are paying it off
  6. Also if it does go legal - Then you can defend and the judge will ask "The Creditor" why what you are paying isnt enough... They then have to justify it.
  7. Or you could bulk pay off one debt over 2 month and readjust on a per monthly basis IE Pay lowest first @ £400 with token payments to the others and then continue as per that. Month 1 Santander £400 Month 2 Santander £200 (Remainder) + Cap One (Leftover) Month 3 Cap One £400 Month 4 Cap One £300 (Left Over) + Zopa / MCB (Left Overs) Its all in the mind you see, psychologically (2 accounts down and you feel like you are making progress) - you then have more to give to MCB and Zopa later while you make some token payments to them now Just some advice
  8. Upd to you - You could wait for it to go to a DCA. Satans Bank and Cap One probably will go default and DCA. But dont worry about that for now. As for Zopa - Zopa's arrears management process explained WWW.ZOPA.COM At Zopa Bank, we combine our tech know-how with money expertise to build loans, credit cards and savings solutions with the customer's needs at their heart. MCB is a different beast - I know they do legal action directly - so agreeing a repayment plan could be good They will probably keep the account TLDR - Yes, but its your choice.
  9. Going forward - Build a repayment plan that works for you with MCB as 5k outstanding to them is a lot. Im sure they will be accommodating Also Monzo is very good with its budgeting tools - Pots and the like... Also the Packaged Accounts with Virtual cards are immense. I use them all the time.
  10. We dont expect a minimum in donation - Anything you can offer helps us to run the site and keep it free for others in need similar to you. The fact that you have is amazing! thank you so much!
  11. Sorry - Spoke to soon... So great news! - They should remove it in 28 days. Hopefully it should be enough to ward off any further issues with account closure etc What you need to do is keep this letter and use it should any further account be closed from this further point. You can actually challenge it and provide the evidence - Should give the provider course to reconsider. May even beable to take it to your old bank etc Also ask for confirmation from MCB that they will not be placing another CIFAS marker going forward to cover all bases. Also one more thing, - Please consider a donation when you get a chance Glad we could have been some help
  12. Also remember to do a DSAR with CIFAS to confirm it has been removed
  13. LycaMobile Users: Had card fraud/attempted card fraud recently? - Page 4 FORUMS.MONEYSAVINGEXPERT.COM Hi @BHouston12 - we've moved your post into the ongoing thread about similar matters Added a new card - Compromised potentially only hours later. i smell another magecart hack coming on.
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