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  1. Thanks again dx for your reply and help. Ok will get a letter drawn up back to Welcome stating that. Is there any formal way in wording it? We have had years of stress and time and effort dealing with this lot, like others. Don't want to look a gift horse etc Should we be asking for further evidence as to why it has been written off i.e. breakdown of amounts involved? Cheers again
  2. A belated thanks dx and did not want to start another thread so here goes with my update. Finally received an Ombudsman's decision (only taken six and a half years) regarding the original PPI mis-sale Complaint in which has been rejected. regarding the PPI Non-disclosure Commission offer refund from Welcome, in which was accepted in May 2018 (before transfer to Coast in June 2018), no funds had been transferred or offset against outstanding balance until this day. We continued to pursue Welcome for status of payment in which has been ignored. Account balance transferred to Coast Finance Solutions was therefore incorrect and further complaints were submitted in which again still to this day have not been fully addressed. They even had the liberty in submitting a Notification of Recoveries Letter in which again we disputed on the basis that our complaints responses were outstanding. This did cause some distress and upset to myself and my wife as they insisted that the balance outstanding was correct. Charge on our property has now been changed from Progressive Financial Services to Coast Finance Solutions on last checking with the Land Resgistry. Therefore we decided to contact the Financial Ombudsman Service regarding our circumstances and they contacted Welcome regarding the Undisclosed Commission Refund status. FOS have now responded advising that our account is being repurchased back from Coast and they will be exercising their right to offset against the debt outstanding and no payment will be made direct to us. A letter dated 5th March has been dispatched to explain this and have attached a redacted copy. It was only addressed to me and did not include my wife even though it was a joint loan on the same property? They have also attached a final loan statement advising a debt sale bad debt write off for amount double what should had been refunded (as of May 2018) and Nil balance outstanding? If this is correct and all above board, will the charge on our property be removed and if so how is this done? Sorry to bleat on but we would appreciate any further thoughts to the above mentioned. Thanks for looking. img20190320_12525351.pdf
  3. Ok DX thought as much but I wish I had seen him. Yes me and OH do not want to entertain him really or enter into letter tennis, but if he turns up again can I not raise a complaint? Thanks again and will keep you posted.
  4. Just before christmas this issue raised it's ugly head again but this time a letter from Intrum advising that no contact has been made to set-up repayment plan. Still never received a copy of the original signed agreement and T & C's. They then went on to say that it was now being passed to Resolvecall. Just ignored it / filed away. Then received another letter this time from Resolvecall, asking to contact them. Again Ignored and filed. Then another letter received from Resolvecall advising that they are acting as a re-connection company and someone will be visiting property within 7 days. Well yesterday I got home from work and there was a first time Resolvecall visit card through our letterbox. Do I just ignore again? Do I request another CCA? Do I send them a letter regarding failure to provide details etc? Any advice would be appreciated thanks.
  5. Oh brilliant deedee1310 and well done, glad to have been of some help. Hopefully will receive funds in time for Christmas. ATB Baz
  6. Thanks king12345 for your reply. I have now viewed video evidence and that's what happened. My path was clear until taxi and bus changed lanes and blocked me. I had nowhere else to go unless I collided with vehicles. Also is the PCN wording correct regarding 28 days? I tried to upload video but item too large for this site. Can PM you details for access and see what you think. Cheers
  7. Thanks again dx. Someone managed to submit video and on watching it I don't really have a case as such. I will just pay the reduced amount and be done with. Thanks for your time again.
  8. Yes got a message to use Internet Explorer 8 or try again later dx. Trying to sort it but may need some assistance.
  9. Hi I hope someone can assist with the latest PCN recieved by my company on the 26/09/18. I have tried to review video evidence on-line but I am unable to download it as my browser is not compatible? Can I request details direct from Camden and if so will this start the appeal process? I reviewed pics submitted - 1st pic time 08.54.02, 2nd 08.54.13, 3rd 08.54.15 & 4th 08.55.15. I do recall that at time of alleged offence, trafalgar square was closed due to emergency road repairs in which caused more traffic than usual in surrounding area and gridlocked in places. I remember approaching the junction when suddenly various vehicles were crossing lanes in front of me, including buses in which blocked my original clear access. Also on reviewing the PCN, should it not state a contravention code or exact location due to 8 box junctions on Shaftesbury Avenue? I was crossing Shaftesbury avenue as I was actually travelling down Bloomsbury St. I drove down there today and could not see any appropriate signage apart from bus lane cameras. They also state that recording was made by an approved device yet I did not see any traffic enforcement cameras. Finally will it be Friday 5th October to submit appeal to still recieve 50% reduction? Many Thanks for looking. img20180928_17161721.pdf img20180928_17174174.pdf
  10. Here you go dx page 2 of Welcome letter June 2014. Also 0% interest on mortgage statements. Cheers img20180606_14474374.pdf
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