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  1. Thanks again everyone for your lovely messages. JK their Lawyer just nervously said 'Judge could you please atleast consider adjourning', sifting through the paperwork once the Judge gave his judgement. The Lawyer went quiet after the Judge said he will not be adjourning.
  2. Hi Dx100uk and everyone who took time out to help me here. Andy0rch, Bankfodder, fkofilee, Jk We won. The Judge dismissed their entire claim and offered me to ask for compensation. I thanked him hand on heart and said, we don't need anything from the claimant. We are just glad to finally be free. The Judge spent more than 90 mins thoroughly understanding the case and grilling Overdale's Lawyer. The Judge argued the case on my behalf, occasionally asking me specific questions for example what date did you move in .. or, when was your own meter installed. Eventually, when the other Lawyer was already out of arguments about the money being owed, the Judge brought up Back Billing that I had slipped in towards the end of my WS. At the end the Judge made a long statement and decided I don't owe anything. Their Lawyer requested the Judge to consider an adjournment but the Judge refused. Please may I thank all of you who kindly helped me here. Each one of you, especially my Dx. You all are truly some of the sweetest people I know. I will never forget you. I am making a small donation of £200 to help this gem of a forum that helps so many people like me. May you all be blessed. Autumn
  3. Haha Thanks both of you. I will report once I get home. Bless ya
  4. Not sure. My first time. Thought maybe at some point I might be asked to present some form of ID.
  5. Hi Dx Court Hearing tomorrow. I am mentally prepared for it. Atleast, it will all be over tomorrow. I am taking with me 1. My Witness Statement with all the Attachments 2. Claimant's Witness Statement with all the Attachments 3. My Passport and Driving License. I am not taking anything other than the above. Not taking any docs such as MPan numbers/Meter Numbers, Our Property Title Deed, any old Emails etc discussing Meter relocation. not carrying any paperwork to confuse the Court that can potentially complicate the matter. Only taking the WS with the attachments. I will stick to the WS if prompted to answer something during the session, just like you advised. Regards
  6. LoL Dx you crack me up. Thanks for the advice. I'll stay positive.
  7. Thanks fk, I hope I don't have to face the court. Bless you for the reassurance.
  8. Hi DX There has been no news from the claimant since I posted my WS on 16th April. The court date is on the 31st of May. Looks like they are positive they will win, or they would have offered me a deal. Do you think this is finally going to hearing afterall? I am very nervous as I am not very impressive when put on a spot and my communication skills are very poor face to face. I am okay when asked to put it on paper as you get time to think and write. But not very confident in person. I have a feeling I will lay an egg in the court. Getting my head clouded with a lot of 'what if' thoughts.
  9. Posted my Witness Statement with all attachments, identical paperwork to the Court and to the Claimant using Royal Mail's Guaranteed next day delivery. I have NOT emailed the same to the court. Kept a copy for myself. Thank you very very much for all your help. Bless you, Kind regards
  10. Hi should I be signing the WS copy that I send to the Claimant's solicitor?
  11. Thank you very much for your kind help. Here is the amended WS Could you also please clear 3 more points I am worried about. 1. Should I present all the attachments I shared in post number 257 and itemised here (included and not included in the Clamant's WS) 2. Could you please take a look at the attached extract from Claimant's WS that highlights I may have misinformed the court in my MCol Defence. (attachment called 'what to do with this'. 3. What should I say if above point is brought up by the Claimant in Court? 4. I can now only post this WS tomorrow. Will it be too late as the letter may stay in transit for a min of 24hrs I presume. Many thanks and kind regards What to do with this.pdf
  12. Hi Dx, I am hoping you have had an opportunity to skim through this thread. Please may I give it a humble bump for your consideration. My last date to present a WS is Wednesday the 17th. Many thanks and kind regards
  13. Hi 1. Thank you very much fk for reading through and your kind words. 2. Thanks Dx, all attached documents in my previous post are listed below Page 1 to Page 5 Parts of Eon Event History I had received in SAR bundle from Eon (not included in Claimant's Witness Statement bundle) Page 6 to Page 14 Parts of Eon Event History (Included in Claimant's Witness Statement bundle) Page 15 and 16 The Final Bill (included in Claimant's Witness Statement bundle) Page 17 to 21 My Email + its attachments dated 07.12.21 (not included in Claimant's Witness Statement bundle) Page 22 An illustration of the size of the neighbouring farm (not included in Claimant's Witness Statement bundle) Page 23 Overdale's letter to me (Included in Claimant's Witness Statement) Finally, Last three pages are an exchange of emails between me, our solicitors and the Estate Agent that show Eon was in the loop while we pursued a meter for The House before moving in. (Not included in Claimant's Witness Statement Bundle) Please note that all extra documents I have posted in the above post were only to support and prove the point I was making. I apologise if it has caused confusion. 4. My Witness Statement is due on the 17th Apr 24 and the Hearing date is 31 of May 24. 5. Thanks Andy, I have changed the Statement of Truth copying what the Claimant has written at the end of their WS. And changed the term 'application' to 'claim'. Many thanks Regards
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