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  1. Read it. Think I know what to do to make the ss. Still waiting for Barclays to send me that letter with the break up. Will make an ss during the weekend. Thanks a lotttt. hugs
  2. ok I will try my best. Truth is I am rubbish at it. Could you please help me with the value of x here?
  3. Fkofilee Thanks luv. But, I am not sure if they owe me a bit more. Still waiting for the break up. CitizenB and DX I am afraid I did not prepare one. I just sent the FOS. Barclays always does a Gesture of Goodwill everytime I send them a Spread Sheet. But, if I send them an FOS without a spreadsheet, demanding a proper refund I get full amount in my bank within a few days. This has happened on my ODI and Additions and Credit Card PPI claims before. This refund has only come as an entry in my bank account yesterday. Waiting for their letter showing the b
  4. Ok I have not yet sent the letter in my previous post. But, this morning I got the attached entry from the bank in my account. Does it look like the right amount they owe me? Thanks Autumn
  5. 1. I am writing - Please note that the Policy mentioned in your recent letter does not relate to my current claim. Kindly check your records for the following policies again. 2. Should I attach a copy of my FOS and its Covering letter too? Thanks Autumn
  6. Hi, Sent a completed FOS to Barclays mentioning the PPI Policy numbers along with a covering letter a couple of weeks ago. Got a text from them saying they are looking into it. Today got a letter from them saying I have been refunded the PPI policy no. XXXXXX7892. This is a policy no. for an ODI (monthly ppi) claim I made last year. Nothing to do with my Barclay Loan PPI insurances. Looks like they are winding me up on this one. This is a policy number that does not match any of my Barclay Loan Policy nos. that I am currently claiming. What should
  7. Oh coz they could say that this means you were borrowing to be able to pay back the loan.
  8. Oh thanks for clearing that up. I hope this won't backfire as "Yup, you needed the PPI in that case." I will ask them to check their own records at the bottom of that section.
  9. Hi The section C.2 of the FOS requires me to tell why I borrowed ... I really don't know what to say here. I have ticked 'buying a car', but, I am claiming against 7 policies. If I chose any other option, the bank will say "Oh, so you DID need a PPI coz your salary was not good enough to sustain your expenditures." Truth is that we were borrowing for 'essential everyday spending' because, the money that we would have used for the essential spending was going into the loan repayments. Please help me fill this bit. Should I choose the first option and iterate each loan wi
  10. Three questions while I do the maths. 1. Should I complete ONE FOS for all the policies? 2. Does it come under Single Payment or Monthly Payment? 3. What address should I use to send my claim? Thanks again
  11. Thank Youuuuuuuuu Dx100 You are the best. I am reading the links you have sent. Thanks thanks thanks. So kind of you to work it out for me.
  12. Hi, Here are the Loan Statements as per my demand in the LBA. (Complete statements for the full period of my loan 1997 to 2002) These statements clearly show signs of PPI being charged on my loan. I am attaching some of the statements for you experts to look at and some kind advice on what I should be doing next. Thanks and heaps of luv for all your patience. Autumn Oops again. I notice I messed up a bit on dates. With due apologies I am enclosing annotated chronological loan statements. Also, I realised during this exercise that Barclays has not sent me th
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