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  1. Oops, yes we block all DCAs haha thanks. I'll block these guys on everything. Will use Whocalled as much as I can from here on. TY
  2. HI again, I missed a call from 01527 419107. Upon calling back I heard, Thank You For Calling Sigma Red. I immediately disconnected and blocked the number. Am I right in thinking I am to ignore Sigma Red's calls/texts/letters/emails etc if any? Thanks
  3. Thanks DX, I have now read your detailed thread on DAs. I will ignore these messages too. Blocking the number has not helped. The texts are sill making it to my inbox. I will ignore any such letters that come through post or any other form of communication from E-ON, but will share its content here just in case. Thanks a lot. Anna
  4. Alright, thanks DX thanks for your time. I'll ignore them.
  5. Thankx DX. I'll ignore the letters. It seems they'd never remove me from their debt collection. I fear the sum might keep mounting.
  6. Sorry if I am being a pain but I got this letter in the mail yesterday. It is like they are not leaving me alone and I cannot get on with my life normally without E-on taking over my days. What should I do about these letters? Will this debt keep growing? Bill Late Payment.pdf
  7. Hi Again, I remember blocking the EON number that had been texting me. But, I recd this text now and there is no number to block this time, only an option to hide alerts. Also, last time they threatened to charge me £10 late fee and this time it is £20 for debt collection. I even missed a call from an 0333 number, too petrified to answer. I feel scared that they'll keep swelling up the £3k bill in their records with late fees and the debt collection charges and keep haunting me forever. Text.pdf
  8. TY TY TY sooo much. I was very scared. I was worried since E-ON Next is their arm they might cut off my electricity.
  9. Hi good morning, So sorry to bother you again. I blocked their E.Mail and Text. I missed a call this morning at 9 am from 0333 202 4791 and upon googling the number I learned that this number could either be E-ON Debt Collectors or a scam pretending to be E.ON. (image) What should I say if I get called again and if it is a legit E-ON Debt person. Also, please I wanted to know what to say if I get someone from E.ON knocking on my door. Many many thanks Missed Call.pdf
  10. Thanks a lot for the link DX. They are not processing new applications right now. This is really good, I will pursue this. Thank You
  11. Thanks DX 1 That helps. So I will do all the blocking. 2. I did not even know that the Gov helps with such stuff. I will read here about this. 3. I will need to pursue the ‘no-response-to-SAR’ complaint with the ICO. They gave me a reference number upon a phone-call on 25th March. Nothing else since as they said there is high volumes. Thanks Manxman I think our recent energy bills have been even higher as my daughter and her bf were visiting during the winters. E.ON might have noticed the $$$ and they may have felt they could have made more from us while we subscribed to them in the past maybe. I raised an SAR with E.ON Next as advised by BankFodder earlier, waiting for the response.
  12. 1. Its an old house with an old boiler. We intend to save money for a new system and have it installed. Thanks, I might actually need help with that once we have the money. 2. I keep getting these reminders from them via text and email. Should I keep ignoring them while we wait for their move? 3. All this happened over the phone and mostly over one phone-call on the same day made by me to E-ON.. After seeing the bill, I called them on the 7th of Dec. I asked them to look into their records as this was a massive bill for a long closed account and I don't own the farm. I was asked to prove I have never owned the farm via a House Deed or other such document. I emailed my land registry papers that showed I own the house not the farm. I was asked if we have paid towards our bills and I did not have much information on that as my husband was at work. The person assumed that the account was never paid for and that this money is due. I asked them if there is anything that could be done about it and I was instructed to call them back in 15 days time (on the 21st of Dec 2021) I never called them back as I had already started seeking help here and had sent my SAR to them on the 18th Dec. (I think I recorded this call, also I have received a CD in my SAR that may have the recordings too. I am attaching a call transcript I got in my SAR. Thank You Event History.pdf Transaction.pdf
  13. Yes we have some electric heating and we use blowers too. The gas heating in this house doesn't work effectively. So we keep ourselves warm using blowers. We are trying to optimise it. Also my husband tried switching from E.ON next this afternoon, but all other providers are asking for exorbitant monthly sums right now. Please, what should we do at this stage?
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