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  1. Yes - Possibly as the access to the £16k of savings etc was restored after so long. But its unlikely if HSBC can provide a letter of culpability for the issue.
  2. CEO Complaints / Customer Relations Complaints take between 4 & 12 weeks to resolve at present. This is why if you deal with Currys at the moment, you'd better pray that it goes well. Exec complaints are normally dealt with in about 3 days normally.
  3. I can tell you 1st hand that Curry's are under immense pressure at the moment... I have some contacts behind the scenes and they report that many staff from HQ have been furloughed etc..
  4. @Will Goodfellow In exceptional circumstances, like the OPs, there shouldn't be any problems. The savings of £16k were not accesible I would imagine as the account was frozen etc
  5. How much was the bracket? Is it something you can get from Amazon and then process a refund from Currys?
  6. Arh you fell into the trap... Just because of a poor credit score - You can get another Bank Account Monzo / Starling if you like self service with an App etc. Barclays and Lloyds would be a good idea. Barclays is easiest to get a Basic account with / Lloyds has better CS. Nationwide have a great basic account too. Im going to warn you now. If you have now got your account back - Get out of HSBC now and go elsewhere. HSBCs monthly reviews will likely kill any oustanding Overdraft etc and itll be called in due to the defaults etc.
  7. Oh man... You work for HO - A Dream job for me ^_^ You are not obliged to use Voda's router?!?! I can verify this is 100% true! https://forum.vodafone.co.uk/t5/Other-broadband-queries/How-to-Set-up-a-third-party-router-with-vodafone-2019/td-p/2621214 You may be able to - but keep in mind - Wherever you go you will have the same issue as its Openreach...
  8. You had 10 months though... Surely by week 3 ... You would have realised something was up? Not being critical but just wondering if you thought about it?
  9. Can i check - The defaults that value to £152000 - Are you sure its that much or more £15200?
  10. Could the payment from Paypal spooked HSBC? Personal Account vs Business Usage? Not unheard of for them to do a review for this reason etc
  11. @L33noa Have you been to see a Soli? You can take legal action against Tesco Bank - I think you should look at that as your option.
  12. Hope I've been some help too - Please consider making a donation if we have helped you
  13. Ideal Timeline 30 days LOC - Today 30 day DSAR - Today Fail to resolve - Issue claim in 30 days via MCOL **33 Days if defended** If I remember) 5+14+14 5 days delivery of service 14 days claim time from POC 14 days defend time Then the process will go on from there. If they dont give in and do defend - Likely 3 - 6 months... Directions Questionnaire will be for fast track as claim is between 10 - 25k. Then who knows as the issue here is what evidence you hold. You will need to swap docs / evidence etc.
  14. You could do it quicker by issuing LOC now and giving them 30 days. (Letter Of Claim / Letter Before Action) and then by the time the court catches up - You should have your DSAR. Cut a month off...
  15. Yes DSAR and LOC is required. Might be a slow process but you will likely get your money back. DSAR 1st - Analyse the info recieved back - Then LOC. Once the DSAR hits your doormat / inbox - Issue LOC to them. BE prepared to backup with evidence the origin of the funds.
  16. I can see why it spooked Revolut... Thats a significant amount of money. Although potentially easily resolved if going down Legal - As long as the source of the funds is above board. IE Savings over 2 years from valid employment. Plus if you can get Revo to cough up the info - You might find out what happened. Keep in mind that your claim will have costs of 4.5% of the claim - Your claim would be roughly £675. https://www.gov.uk/make-court-claim-for-money/court-fees You could include damages in the amount of the claim but the amount you would ne
  17. Depends because your claim would be for the full amount of money they currently hold plus costs / damages maybe? How much is it?
  18. Likely will be legal action unless they have been retained due to AMLLs... Can we have an idea of amounts?
  19. Copy 1st post from here and paste it back here with the missing answers.
  20. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2020/nov/12/three-cuts-off-stuck-customers-who-exceed-roaming-time-limit
  21. Update Vodafone blame Equifax, Equifax blame Vodafone and rightly so as the other 2 CRAs had the same information. All 3 CRAs have only asked Vodafone if its correct and not challenged them. Vodafone's Customer Relations Team keep taking the Credit File Teams responses like holy gospel. The response from Vodafone CR also got the default date wrong that Im complaining about - Typo but even so - Kind shows you that Voda trains these Vodaclones poorly. DSAR requested this evening with correspondence requests for Date of Default etc Vodafone reported to the
  22. You know when there is only so much of you that you can give to society to help them? That's how I feel like I'm completely disenchanted helping people because they are so ungrateful. I try to go above and beyond for everyone I can but they just dont give you respect... I see these people who get abused for asking to do XYZ and I feel like them. Ive been in the Customer Services / Support Game for nearly 11 years and its corrupted me to a point where I just dont care anymore I appreciate the idea of podcasts - Thank you very much
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