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  1. Also as well based upon your start date - I suspect a probation period. It could be that they figured you failed it in someway, whether its justified or not IDK. Maybe they did you under that. Youll find something, we do land on our feet at the weirdest of times!
  2. So - Do you have proof of cancellation from TT? A letter sent - Anything of that?
  3. That date on the letter vs payment due date... Thats a great own goal there ELMS Legal
  4. I had something similar in mine when I did my SA. Its normal. I agree with the reference in this instance. Take it and run...
  5. Interesting so its the Instalment Loan Company that Quickquid setup... Thanks for the info
  6. Here we go again.. SMH - Revolut are terrible for this. The quantity transferred is significant and it will have tripped AML. Will take a few weeks and one of 2 things will happen. - Closed Account - Continue with Revolut Agree with @BazzaS - You need to let this play out.
  7. I speak myself from experience of this. I was in the same situation as your Daughter. The difference is that I ended up going down a different route that turned into a Grievance. Long story short - I was offered similar to YD My honest opinion is to take their offer and run as fast as you can. They will go through what youd like the reference to say but it must be factual etc This is called a Settlement Agreement. The employer will fund a solicitor to go through the SA with YD to make sure she understands the risks etc. Hope this has helped.
  8. QQ - Do you have an official diagnosis from a medical professional for Autism? Not saying you don't at all - Just wondered in case they ask to see certification for a diagnosis
  9. IF UC then no. Leave it running. Will auto close after 6 months UC is designed to work around people in work too.
  10. This happened to me when I moved from my last place recently, but my LL was pretty decent so I got back about 60% after I agreed / offered to let her get a repair done for a broken floorboard (Broke it the day before I moved when sorting stuff out) Depends how good your LL is. Pretty sure the official line is you have to claim it back etc
  11. Keep money offered - Dont complete I&E and do drop your payment like Andyorch says... £5 is fine. If its all you can afford, its all you can afford...
  12. Nope... Lloyds have done this across the estate, if you dont want to pay for a Gold Account, You do have other options. - Move to another bank - Drop down to a basic current account - Move to another packaged account Gold Account WWW.LLOYDSBANK.COM Save money with the benefits included in the Lloyds Bank added value Gold Account. The bank account offers breakdown cover, mobile phone... No longer available to new Current Customers.
  13. You are thinking about this wrong. Is this you main bank account at this time?
  14. Oh well... 3 letter process is madness and has no actual effect on your ability to defend this... Its all common law / magna carta rubbish... Post up a copy of the letter if you have it? FKO
  15. Smells like you sent 3 letter process on another site starting with Get and Ending Free? Confirm?
  16. FYI I live a short distance from this site - If you need photos - I can see what I can get?
  17. Ive managed to read it - Do you have enough proof to conclude in evidence that you were NOT responsible for the transfers etc and that your Account was "Hijacked"?
  18. Read completely - Take the offer and run... Its not every day Barclays will do this.
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