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  1. Amazing win based on UTCCR's, we wouldn't have won on BCOBs though, the judge was not interested in BCOBs in the slightest. The judgment is a really good read but it won't let me link in to where it is online from here, I don't have a copy on my work PC. I'm so over the moon with it. The hearing was 23 June and it took till yesterday for the Judgment to arrive!!!
  2. Hello everyone, Yes I got back from my honeymoon to receive the judgment which was amazing. However, we wouldn't have won on BCOBs, the judge didn't like that at all in Court. It was won on UTCCR's. So so over the moon, although we wait to see what Lloyds next steps are.
  3. If there isn't a moral case I'd turn up outside their shop with a clipboard and a survey asking their customers walking in if they believe what has happened is fair and reasonable under the circumstances. I'd think they'd soon resolve the issue, as long as you are on public property. (ignore me its just my frustrated idea).
  4. Contact details for T-Mobile (EE) CEO olaf.swantee@ee.co.uk. You will eventually get a reply from their Executive Office.
  5. Morning, great, thanks. Yes, the loss being claimed is the fact we made a decision to fix the mortgage rate at that time based on what the advisor told us, that was a higher rate. Had we been told the truth we would have stayed on a standard rate so to be able to change if we found a better provider. We fixed for 5 years thinking we had the security if that makes sense so the interest adds up, that's essentially the claim I'd bring. I can get my ex taken off soon anyway because of the length of time passed.
  6. Ok, I have now had enough of the Halifax on this. Summary of claim; Joint mortgage - only I want to sue though Incorrect advice given by email in July 2008 by mortgage advisor. Question is can I bring a claim myself although its a joint mortgage? Also would this be under professional negligence or breach of contract? The words professional negligence are a bit scary and the pre-action conduct looks a lot more intensive and ideally I want this to stay in the small claims court.
  7. Hi, Just a note to say I am going to meet with the FCA at their Head Office next week following an e-mail exchange with someone senior in the FCA about this entire thread and the FCA's investigation. What I will say is there are some public research documents that support PDLs mislead customers about impact on Credit Rating. I will let people know how I get on.
  8. I'm off to meet the FCA about their enforcement activity around misleading adverts of Pay Day Lenders next week.
  9. So far I've compiled documents from the OFT which talk about misleading advertising.
  10. This is a very interesting question. I do have the option to refer it to the ICO but they'll say its factually correct, I'm not sure they'll give a monkey's about the misleading assertion of improving chances of credit. What I really want is to take a claim against them!
  11. Yeah they came back and said its a legal CCA matter so didn't think it was relevant for them.
  12. The thing is I'm so reluctant to do that, I have no faith whatsoever in the FOS. If I do that and the FOS rule against me again I'm stumped for court action...
  13. Also see the latest release about the issue here http://www.fca.org.uk/news/consumer-credit-firms-must-raise-advertising-standards This specifically talks about the issue!! I wonder what action the FCA is taking? I had a no go from the FOS, I guess I can't take my complaint back to them based on new info around misleading advertising. I've reported the ad's to the FCA but they won't let me know the outcome....interestingly all PDL's seem to have taken down the ad's around the offer of helping improve your credit ratings!! What legal redress do we have for this? That's the millio
  14. Hi, Just to let you know (I forgot), I had an outcome email from the ASA on this which said... Is this right? Where in the CCA?
  15. Morning, So I emailed the FOS this morning in order to get a copy of my file they hold as I'd like to see what they did with a complaint I had, here's the reply I got just now. Should you wish to make a subject access request, please contact us with the following: Is it just me or are they saying I can have a copy but I can't??! I might just pay the £10 for the laugh of seeing what I get.....maybe I should go back to bed!
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