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  1. Hi I mentioned this on the last thread but is it worth looking at any crowdfunding/go fund me I'm only mentioning it again as it is usually very very expensive to fight a council
  2. Currently wondering what noise a 3d printer will make if launched via an upstairs window... It's not worked fully for a couple of months so I brought a new nozzle for it, only to get the wrong one 6 nozzles later and I found although its advertised with a mk 10 it's actually a V6. Now I know its that I've got parts on the way but it's still a bit of a mick take
  3. Glad to say it's sorted Although there's no spare pitches due to work over running they have arranged a concrete base for the new statics to be available for us We are also to have the manager meet us at check in to make sure there's no other issues
  4. I have to admit I'm willing for another solution (although I doubt they will read this) If they keep the ferry booking and refund the holiday (£131 - ferry took it to £132) then I would be willing to pay the Extra £20 for a different site - I just can't afford the ferry without that special offer
  5. yes the ferry would also be cancelled As shown thats £419 extra cost there, to be frank the holiday fund for the family currently stands at £350 for the YEAR (camping holidays are not usually that expensive it's the ferries that are) A quick search on pitchup (camping/touring site) shows the cheapest currently available pitch is £152 If I add that to the ferry that makes £571 Well over what we have left, I could probably make it if I borrowed off family but if I'm Frank I owe family alot already (I'd rather not say how much)
  6. Possibly however with two weeks notice to a popular island its hard The booking for the ferry was done by away resorts - when we booked it was on a special offer of £1 for a return ticket I've put the same dates and times in on Wright link to give an idea of why this was such a saving
  7. If it helps I've tweeted as well if that helps Touring is basically booking a pitch and taking your own caravan - they arranged the ferry We had notification in October that these works were ongoing however we were told that they only effected the grass pitches therefore they had upgraded us to a hardstanding Now they are telling us that the works have overrun and that its "unforeseen circumstances" I find that hard to swallow when they have been planned since October The wife is under strict instructions to say that any further correspondence is via email Complaint sent to ceo team - email tk the one on ceoemail has bounced back but did a look up and found two other directors and used the same format (firstname.lastname@awayresorts.co.uk) these have not bounced back I'm assuming lots of people are in the same position rough estimate is 70 pitches (Google maps) for two weeks however I have not run across them
  8. Unfortunately the call was to the wife (in her name) and she does not record calls It's a booked touring holiday To be honest the holiday is gone - the site now lists as opening from the 19th I'm just not sure of the options
  9. Just had a phone call from away resorts They've cancelled our holiday due to start 6th april Their reason is that work has over run and therefore the touring pitches are unusable They've told us our ONLY options are to accept a static caravan (paying the extra) or to move to a different week (I book my work holidays 2 years in advance so not possible) oh and pay the extra for that as well Now I know I can get my money back thats not an issue because not matter how much they argue I need to pay more I know that's not the only options The issue is we booked because there was special offers on, we only paid a quid for the ferry, we can't get that offer again - to be honest we can't get another holiday below about £300, and ours was only £130 for the week Any advice because I'm really annoyed they've left it until 2 weeks before
  10. Let me see 2 autism kids and me with aspergers why didn't I hear of this before
  11. Change that 1 can later and I do not feel well
  12. Well went to the caravan for the first time in two months, mould all over the cushions Turns out we had accidentally blocked all the air vents... Lesson learnt unblocked vents, heating on, cushions cleaned However I did find a dozen cans of cider in one of the cupboards - bit of an odd twang but seems ok
  13. Oh and Cabot who have swapped from sending "we are looking for xxx xxx" to "we have a personal letter for you please click here to view it"
  14. Most have removed it Apart from lowells who apparently want the claim number AND the other person's name and full current address... Idiots
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