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  1. Seems like the freeman of the land twaddles caught on again https://www.nottinghampost.com/news/local-news/tearoom-quoting-magna-carta-stay-4699966
  2. I was working in a well known cinema chain once - someone had parked a brand new car directly under the camera and it was stolen Went to get the footage off with the manager, turns out when they put the new system in a few months back he had assumed it was like the old one and automatically overwrote It didn't and had ejected a tape months back which no-one had noticed Errors are common with cctv systems so it could quite easily have happened - most shop systems are basic dvrs and depending on the number of cameras and the hdd size can easily be overwritten
  3. Thanks andy Seem to have had a fairly stock reply back saying sorry for the poor service here's 30 quid - which reading online is their usual offer The only update is they have sent their engineers report which hadn't been sent previously which said a new radiator was required "at the earliest opportunity" - this is the same person who said we were fine to continue They have also said they will look at any reports about the damage when received which is fair enough BIL (ex mechanic) had a look today, radiator is shot looks like there is a decen
  4. General reply from rac They won't even give an answer to the complaint for 20 working days Am I the only one that thinks this is unreasonable?
  5. Correct bankfodder I am Got a friendly mechanic coming to look at it some point next week he's said not to attempt to run engine until then Sorry its been a long week of constant issues and brain fried completely Will get complaint about service in first and mention that we may be looking further depending on mechanical report
  6. Apologies if this rambles slightly I feel a little brain dead after yesterday I just want to know if I'm being unreasonable in one of my points (holding them responsible for costs to possibly damaged engine if I can get an engineer report) Basically broke down in a layby on the a43, steam from bonnet high engine temps RAC arrives declares it a minor leak and tops up then says OK to continue (4 miles to services) then recheck and says fine to drive home 30 miles later large amount of steam from engine and lose power, get it to hard shoulder
  7. Doesn't help the case but I can definitely attest to hire vans being driven badly Hired a Luton van once, my car at the time had an automatic handbrake Yea I kinda did a 25 mile drive with the handbrake on the entire way, only realised when one of the wheels started smoking Admitted it to the chap at the rental place and he said not to worry it happens a lot, apparently brake shoes are his main business cost
  8. Pen testing is one of the subjects I looked into, although daft things like this get into the media its worrying how many unsafe devices are around our homes Home security cameras are a prime example, most come with a default password - it's amazing how few people change it Remembered to change it and feel safe? Don't, with a lot of them you can dump the devices memory remotely convert it to strings and it gives the password in clear text Home Bluetooth devices always seem to have the same pins And if you don't know where to find a device there's
  9. If its any help our 6 birth bailey pageant bretagne 2008 was 8,000 about a year ago in good condition Unfortunately it too now has a slight spot of damp, it's common around the front right window for some reason (point to watch on the next one) I'll be fixing it myself because it's just a couple of beams and a new window seal but be warned damp can be very expensive and hard to fix
  10. As they have promised to match/beat rates I'm not over worried as I will switch when fixed rate ends But I just signed up to one at below bg rates so let's see
  11. I'm hoping it takes a few weeks Mainly as I just signed a new fixed deal but it doesn't start until the 12th Annoyingly I have to manually move the feed in tarrif
  12. Currently working from home Internet hasn't been an issue yet however I'm using a 350mb connection, with an unlimited sim on one network and another 125gb sim on another for backup Space has been a minor issue as I have 3 kids however I set up a home office in the caravan which has been working nicely It also solves most of my confidentiality issues as I'm the only one in there
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