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  1. Brilliant That's the one I meant but typo'd Filled in and ready to drop off as the money has now entered our account
  2. Hi all An Update and a little bit of further advice needed I pushed onwards with the court claim which was due to have a preliminary hearing mid October RAC made a precourt offer today which we accepted as it was nearly spot on what we asked for originally plus court fees Once they have paid this, which they have assured us should be today or tomorrow how do we discontinue? It's a paper case not online so I can't use the gateway, looking I suspect its an N270 but this seems very basic compared to the other papers so not too sure
  3. Well all in all I'm a little more cheerful now Got the holiday refunded (£230) Quoted package Travel regs at them (ferry also booked through them) and got £50 compensation and an offer of money off our next stay New campsite is £190 so that leaves a little bit left over for a couple of nice meals out Will miss not going to the island though but have booked into Prestatyn which while nice isn't quite what we wanted
  4. Well bad news Away resorts just cancelled our Isle of Wight holiday with 3 weeks notice Apparently they've dug up the camping pitches to put more statics in Why they couldn't wait until the end of camping season (2 weeks after our stay) I don't know
  5. I think combined with already empty shelves you will most likely be right The only good news is that when people realise they don't need 150 tins of beans they might just donate them to a food bank
  6. Exact same happened to a friend of mine Insurance put it as his fault and the other drive went the full whiplash route
  7. Another advice point is to screenshot the messages WhatsApp occasionally allows the sender to delete received messages
  8. Honest answer I'm not up to speed on civil service recruitment Most opening in CS have a dedicated email address for openings - it may be these that have emailed yourself It may be worth emailing back questioning (politely) the decision especially if the Functional skills has been gained through an internal apprenticeship It may also be worth asking the senior staff if they may be able to contact the recruitment team to query this - especially if its the same branch of CS
  9. I can believe it I've put off several home projects as the cost of wood is ridiculous A 2.4m 2x2 has gone from 2.20 to 6.60 at my local wood supplier - I won't even go into larger than that Need to build a shelter over the hot tub and a new fence but waiting until it drops again
  10. At the risk of upsetting coniff Why is anything anti Israel automatically anti semitic? In this case we have a country that has deliberately targeted apartment buildings and a news centre That has illegally (if they like it or not) bulldozed houses and built other settlements over them That to be honest treats a good section of the population as second class citizens which pretty much is the dictionary definition of apartheid I'm fairly certain you can be anti Israel without being anti semitic even if Israel itself says otherwise
  11. A few minor changes The brief changed from causing to causing or contributing to The particulars have also changed accordingly Despite the wife pushing for the rac having caused the engine to break Ive stood my ground as I don't think we have enough to prove that Where as contributing to the damage seems alot more inside the balance of probability...
  12. Well the 14 days is up and I would love some thoughts I've decided that because of the lack of reports it's really hard to put a set value on the claim So filling in a paper n1 as that allows you to use the "not exceeding £3000" The brief particular is currently "on the 24th October 2020 the defendant was negligent in regards to the claimants vehicle causing loss of value not exceeding £3000" I know its supposed to be short but is that too short? The draft particular of Claim is below Do I attach the evidence when sending the claim or provide this later (valuation, emails, etc) Unfortunately this is the first time though the process so I would love input Particulars Of Claim.pdf
  13. OK lets pick out a few words in the ramble Free energy? Slavery? Constructive manslaughter? Weaponised energy of 5g Biowarfare Only wearing medical masks for criminal intent Please may I suggest an extra layer of foil on the tin hat? Oh and FYI there is no class action in the UK...
  14. Well rac just responded Ironically they're saying they bear no liability as the - and this is their words "the catastrophic engine damage had already occurred before the first patrol arrived" I've emailed back to say simply that we are unable to accept this explanation as the patrol did not raise any concerns in regards to engine damage and that if the engine had been "catastrophically damaged" that they still bear liability for advising to continue towing on it which caused the actual failure Gave them 14 days to reconsider before opening small claims...
  15. Can I just suggest one thing Ask them how the subframe broke and say you would like them to explain how changing a cv joint affects the sub frame I'm not an expert but I've changed cv joints in the past and never needed to touch the subframe on a car The axle itself might pass through the subframe but removing the cv joint usually just entails cracking the old one off with a split bar I can't help but wonder if they've braced it against the subframe and that's why it's broken
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