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  1. Got a text message saying my bill payment had failed, checked my bank account and indeed it hadn't come out Logged into my ee, checked and only last month's bill had come out Like an idiot tapped the link in the text and filled in all my details... 2 mins later realised what looked like a reference number in the link was actually a dodgy website name Rang banks [problem] line they've cancelled card, also said other details they took cannot be used to access account Checked the big database of passwords and the one I used is only in use on two sites, so changed that Most of my online accounts have 2 factor authentication on, my banking password is different, they didn't take pin, I have an action fraud number I feel like a fecking idiot, it's literally come through nearly the same day the bills due out so I just went with it
  2. Sorry I was in work and a bit lax of info Same hours and pay Same location He can drive Really doesn't want to do the delivery job however, one of the reasons he went for warehouse instead
  3. after the FIL's workplace closing theres now another issue ive been asked about in the family the brother in laws workplace wish him to change his job he's currently a warehouse manager with a car parts firm, they've told him they now need him to change role to delivery driver, and that he has no options - pretty sure hes been there 5 years
  4. I think all in all he will end up moving The redundancy would have been handy is all
  5. I know but it's the in laws and promised I would ask It just seems really odd that the entire branch has been made redundant other than FIL and one other
  6. Thank you I thought it might be the case but was hoping otherwise
  7. He's not in a union and can't afford a lawyer New job is actually across the road but they are adament that a p45 is needed
  8. New job starts in November Bit scared as its a huge jump but at the same time it's a huge opportunity
  9. This might get a bit confusing as asking for someone My father in law has just been dragged into a meeting to say his branch is closing, as such he's been given until the 30th to decide if he wants to move However he works for Andrew page, they want him to move to euro car parts - as such they have said they will send him his p45 and then he gets a new contract Personally he would prefer redundancy as he's in his 60's and has 12 years service - they have told him its not an option despite all but two staff being told their being made redundant The letter is attached Any advice? IMG_20191016_183812.pdf
  10. Thought of day, there's a couple of forums I'm not allowed to post in - this is extra true at the moment as I'm pretty certain one of the posts I had some involvement in as part of my employment...
  11. I was reading down Facebook and saw how many comments against the judges were on there... I still think mums response to my aunt stands out - aunt railing on about how the judges had no right to stand in the way of brexit Mums response "why complain - you wanted British laws by British people"
  12. Thought of the day - happiness Just received a provisional job offer, just need to pass security checks It's going to be odd as have been at the current place for 15 years, but the lack of promotion opportunities finally pushed me to move - new place might be a little pay cut but I've already passed the interview for a higher rank - no jobs available at the second but on the reserve list to move up when it is available
  13. I love my kids, but being autistic they can take their toll Today's been one of the slightly down days seen as trying to pursuade the eldest (12) that she desperately needed her hair washing has ended with her (unintentionally) busting one of my ribs
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