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  1. Hi HB, Thank you for your time. From what I can gather, its not that they don't believe her test results, they just feel that she could still be in the pre-symptomatic stages and therefore the test wont pick it up yet. The employer is being a little "belt & braces" which I assume is totally their choice, and they are willing to pay my sister in full, so they are being fair. Its just my sister is getting down with all these 10 day breaks, whereby her employer expects her to stay home, not visit or be visited by family & no visiting supermarkets etc. Despite the situation seeming fair, with regards to still receiving full pay, the working environment is a very petty / two faced one, whereby other members of staff strive to snitch on people to the boss in order to earn points. So she is worried about going to the supermarket in case she ends up being disciplined. Thanks, WB
  2. Hi, I am asking on behalf of my sister, who on several occasions now has been sent home to self isolate due to her manger thinking that she may have been potentially exposed to covid-19. Track and trace have not required her to self isolate, this is just her boss potentially over reacting / worrying. My sister does lateral flow tests, which are negative, but her employer still wants her to remain off for the 10 days. Her employer is the local Council and she will still receive full pay, so no financial loss. However, my sister is getting a little depressed with having to cancel her plans (evenings & weekends). Don't get me wrong, she takes this very serious and is more than happy to follow the law etc. to protect herself and others. However, I'm getting concerned that her employer is over reacting at the cost of my sisters mental wellbeing. If she is sent home again and track and track are not the ones sending her home, can she freely go about her life without getting in trouble with her employer? Many thanks, WB
  3. That's absolutely fine and makes sense. Do I have to send a letter or is email a valid form?
  4. One last thing, they are entitled to carry out one repair. Are you saying they are still entitled to that, or was them turning up last week and trying to polish it out classed as their one chance? Thanks.
  5. Thanks BF. I will discuss with my partner and draft a response to them. Would you be willing to look at my response before I send it to them? Thanks.
  6. Thank you BF, That is a very reassuring reply. Does the Credit Card offer any additional protection? If it starts to get messy, i.e they dig heels in. Before going the legal route, would I be best to seek a resolve the the credit card company? Thanks.
  7. Hi and thank you. The company is Ruby Granite from North Wales. Purchased on 8th Feb 2021 Installation started 3rd March. After first (other) issues were noticed, they eventually came back and removed all the worktops on 24th March. They then returned on 14th April and reinstalled all worktops & island to completion. This is when I sheeted over everything. I then noticed and reported the defect on the island on 6th of May. (3 weeks after reinstall). The cost was just short of £6k Many thanks, WB
  8. Hi, We have had several issues with our worktop supplier / installer. (Same company). Firstly they made a complete hash loads of issues, damage & defects etc. After digging their heels in, they eventually replaced. Not through good customer service, but because I demanded a full refund. It wasn't a smooth ride, and took 6 weeks for them to correct / replace. This obviously meant delaying my whole project by the same 6 weeks. So after replacement, I was keen to get on with the rest of the kitchen, namely painting the walls. With the worktops being new, I covered the whole kitchen over in polythene sheets. These sheets were not removed for 3 Weeks. Busy time of year for me, working late at work and I didn't get much done in the evenings as planned. Basically took longer than I intended. The day after I removed the sheets off the island, my partner noticed a mark on the island! It was a small scuff, & a very minor chip on the front face (top) of the island. All in same 10x10cm area. I instantly felt sick to my stomach. After all the trouble it had taken to get this far, I just wanted the ground to eat me up. Followed by extreme anger at myself for not noticing this after install. However, installation was carried out on a very dull day so the absence of sunshine could have been the reason for the oversight. Looking back on a photo I took the day after install, you can just about see the mark. I obviously knew the damage wasnt mine, but this confirmed it to me. I reported the damage and they sent their installers out to take a look. They tried their best to polish / buff out the scuff, but to no success. I have now received an email today, stating that due to the length of time it took me to report the issue (3 weeks) that they cannot accept liability. They have provided me with a telephone number to a repair man. The mark can only be noticed from one side of the island, this is the side that no other worktops are on and the fitters between themselves come to the conclusion, that this was the reason that they missed it. As they were not actively working on the side of the island that shows the visible mark. Plus it was a very dull day. Where do I currently stand legally? Island was installed on 14th April Damage reported 6th May They attended 9th May All paid on Credit Card. Many thanks, WB
  9. Hi BF, Thank you for your very detailed reply, I will get to work on it tomorrow and keep you updated. On one hand, I want them to make good and provide me the quality product and service that I was promised. Then on the other hand I want to walk away and get my hard earned money back. However, the stress, lengthy process and inconvenience that all that will cause is off putting. But why should I settle for a bodge job... I have not been left with any damage, all the damage was within their worktops, which they have now completely removed and taken back. I can only assume that they will be planning some remedial work on the worktops and will then want to come back and reinstall. The issue is, that I have lost all faith in the company along with the expected level of quality that was promised. The transaction has effectively lost its shine and thus left us very underwhelmed. The worktops come with a 10 year warranty and based on the attitude and approach of the company this far, I doubt that they would support any claim raised over the next 10 years. I think I need to sleep on it and then make a decision. Thank you again, hope to give you an update soon. Kind regards, WB
  10. Hi and thank you, Yes the were manufactured and fitted by the same company. Cost was circa £6k Purchased around 8th Feb Delivered and part Installed 3rd March Removed 24th March Regards, WB
  11. Hi and thanks in advance for any time spent reading this I have recently had some Quartz worktops installed, well actually they were part installed as some issues were noticed during the install and said items take back to be corrected / reworked. Within hours of the "part install" I noticed a few other quality / manufacturing faults and reported them. To my relief, they come back the following day to remove the defective worktop and again said that they will correct / rework. Unfortunately over the next few days I started to notice some more significant faults, parts not to the correct dimensions & some damage that they tried to hide with a poor quality repair. I contacted them, advised them of the additional issues and also explained my disappointment in the poor quality product / craftsmanship. They took several days to reply and with no apology explained that the MD will have to look into the issues. It had been about 2 weeks since the install and I sent a few reminder emails & made phone calls to them and I was told that the MD will have to visit my house to inspect. I then received a call from the MD who took the approach that I am complaining over nothing, however he said that he will visit next week to assess. Unfortunately he did not turn up, but the installers did and they have removed the worktops completely and have taken them back. So I now have no worktops at all 3 weeks after the initial part install. I am extremely frustrated by the lack of communication from them, they have not really proposed what remedial work will be done if at all. The term "rework" has only been stated by the lads who have installed & then removed the worktops. Its been 5 weeks since I paid in FULL as this was a condition of ordering (so I used credit card) and 3 weeks since the install. My question right now is where do I stand? Can I demand a refund? Do I have to allow them a chance to "rework" and what if the result is still unsatisfactory / not to spec? Are there any time limits I should be aware of, for example 30 day to ask for money back etc. Thank you very much for your time and any advice. Regards, WB
  12. You are correct, its not about what I want. However, I am looking to influence her based on what she is legally entitled to. As at the moment she is comfortable in believing that she has no right to it, because her boss has said so. If I can advise her that she is actually legally entitled to the full 28 days, then she just may feel more confident in approaching them. Ultimately it is her decision, but at least I would have done my part in supporting and assisting her. What is the legal stance, or is it all down to the black and white text of contracts? Thanks for all your comments and advice. WB
  13. Hi Emmzzi, She actually requested it a couple of weeks ago (6-7 weeks before). She has the standard 28 inc. bank holidays. and i think she has 6 days spare. They wont even let her take 1 day and I just wanted to know if she should be shouting at the top of her voice and stomping her feet, or simply taking it as a life lesson and as mentioned, booking it all up as early as possible in future. I just get annoyed, as she works hard and is a giver not a taker when it comes to work, she frequently stays late and does not log her overtime, as the overtime policy is TOIL and she says "I struggle to use my basic entitlement, never mind TOIL". Many thanks again. WB
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