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  1. You are correct, its not about what I want. However, I am looking to influence her based on what she is legally entitled to. As at the moment she is comfortable in believing that she has no right to it, because her boss has said so. If I can advise her that she is actually legally entitled to the full 28 days, then she just may feel more confident in approaching them. Ultimately it is her decision, but at least I would have done my part in supporting and assisting her. What is the legal stance, or is it all down to the black and white text of contracts? Thanks for all your comments and advice. WB
  2. Hi Emmzzi, She actually requested it a couple of weeks ago (6-7 weeks before). She has the standard 28 inc. bank holidays. and i think she has 6 days spare. They wont even let her take 1 day and I just wanted to know if she should be shouting at the top of her voice and stomping her feet, or simply taking it as a life lesson and as mentioned, booking it all up as early as possible in future. I just get annoyed, as she works hard and is a giver not a taker when it comes to work, she frequently stays late and does not log her overtime, as the overtime policy is TOIL and she says "I struggle to use my basic entitlement, never mind TOIL". Many thanks again. WB
  3. Hi, Just after some advice and opinion. My better half's holiday year runs out at the end of March 19 and her employer operates a "use it or lose it" policy. She has asked for some time off, and they have said that they cannot facilitate her absence due to low staff levels along with others being on leave. They have also informed her that as she cannot use it, she will ultimately lose it. Is this correct and will she have no option but to lose out on leave entitlement, even though its the employer preventing her from using the holiday entitlement? Most years she loses between between 5-10 days leave, 1. due to her not being a huge holiday taker and 2. due to the fact that whenever she wants time off, its rarely approved or she is given less days than requested. I would just like to know where she stands, as I feel she always draws the short straw and I feel that they are not being entirely fair in denying the leave, also they could be doing it in order to make it lapse. Many thanks to all who offer comments. Regards, W4ter_Boy
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