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  1. Autistic people asked for their views to help transform support (England Only) READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/autistic-people-asked-for-their-views-to-help-transform-support
  2. Hi Thanks for clarifying my questions appreciated. Importantly I would air caution on even thinking of changing the locks due to your above post. As they have been living in the property since 2004 even without any agreement in place was paying bills for first 7 yrs then not paying anything, then relationship ended April 2018 until now. I would air caution due to the above as the individual may claim as no agreement in place and the length of time they have lived in the property with full access to the property they are a Tenant and have said Rights and are not a lodger. If this is the case then as mentioned you may have to go down the Eviction process to get them out of the property. (they have been very generous in giving them 6 months notice if this was not in writing then make sure and send it in writing with free proof of posting from the post office, even if living in the same property, keep that paper trail)
  3. LodgersHi Could you clarify the following: 1. What year Did they movie into the Property? 2. With above was there a Tenancy Agreement in place? 3. When did they become a Lodger? (was it April 2018 or earlier) Couple of links: Rent a room in your home What rights do lodgers have?
  4. Hi The difficulty you may have is the length of time the individual has been living at the property then you changed it to then being a Lodger with no Formal Agreement in place so the individual may try to claim they are a Tenant and have full Tenants Rights and are not a Lodger. Have a wee read of this CAG link:
  5. Hi This is why I asked if it was a Motability Vehicle. What you need to remember is that the Motability Scheme Rights & Responsibilities are completely separate from the Blue Badge Scheme Rights & Responsibilities. Using the Car as you did you were correct for the Motability Scheme side but as the enforcement officer wasn't not on about the Motability Vehicle but the Blue Badge this is where it changed as the Blue Badge Rules are different. Have a good read of the links I provided about the Blue Badge
  6. Hi If you wish to be present at the checkout then I would write to them and ask to get there response and make sure to keep it safe. This is where you make sure you have as much evidence to challenge there checkout so take photos/videos of absolutely everything and I do mean everything, walls ceilings doors, skirting, light fittings, sockets/switches, carpet/laminate, curtains, beds etc in each area/room to note condition etc.
  7. Hi You need to to have a good read of the Blue Badge Scheme: The Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England The Blue Badge scheme: rights and responsibilities in England Question? was the vehicle used by any chance a Motability Vehicle
  8. New rules to better protect renters' money READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/new-rules-to-better-protect-renters-money
  9. Enhanced package of support for Gurkha veterans READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/enhanced-package-of-support-for-gurkha-veterans
  10. Hi Hi Just my take: Chief Executive Newham Council Address Dear XXXXXXXXXX Formal Complaint Further to my Formal Complaint letter about Anti Social Behaviour dated xx/xx/2019 which you received on xx/xx/2019 (proof of receipt enclosed). As this has now passed your Stage 1 Time Limit (20 days)(https://www.newham.gov.uk/Pages/Services/Complaints-process.aspx) without even an acknowledgement of my Complaint letter dated xx/xx/2019. I now require my Formal Complaint to be moved to Stage 2 of the Complaints Process due to the above. (if there is a link to this on the councils website post that link here otherwise delete) I also now require copies of the following: 1. Newham Council Noise Policy (not the leaflet) 2. Newham Council Anti-Social Behaviour Policy (not the leaflet) 3. Newham Council Complaints Policy (not the leaflet) 5. Newham Council Customer Care Policy (not the leaflet) 6. Newham Council Equality & Diversity Policy (not the leaflet) (check there website some of these may be there, remember to delete this)
  11. Hi As I said send a SAR simply stating 'All Data Held' it is for them to comply with your request as Per the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA) & General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). As this is to do with a Complaint and you asked for Policies etc and they have failed to respond then you follow up your complaint pointing out that they have failed to provide copies of XZY Policies etc and you require full clarification why this has not been provided/responded to. Due to this you now require this complaint move to the next stage. Which Housing Association? As you mention 'Works' I assume this is to do with Repairs & Maintenance in your Property. by the HA. You may have already asked for these Policies but if not ask for these: 1. Customer Care Policy (not the leaflet) 2. Complaints Policy (not the leaflet) 3. Repairs & Maintenance Policy (not the leaflet) 4. Equality and Diversity Policy (not the leaflet) 5. Right to Repair Policy (not the leaflet) 6. Cyclical Maintenance Policy (not the leaflet)
  12. Hi You can legally send the Housing Association a SAR you do not have to break it down into specific areas all you need to do is simply ask for 'ALL DATA HELD' that simple it covers everything you want as All Data Held is exactly that no matter what format they have it in. Check there website to see is the is a SAR Request form there, if so remember to write 'All Data Held' What info have you been trying to get from the HA that they have not given you answers to? (is it anything to do with the Housing Associations Policies?)
  13. Hi Your Housing Association is being rather difficult without giving you a straight answer except throwing there weight about that they can do as they wish. Check there Website and have a good read of there: 1. Complaints Procedure/Policy (download it) 2. Privacy Policy (download it) 3. Subject Access Request (download it) Yes the Housing Association has to share data with different organisations/contractors working for them but they have to abide by the HA Data Protection Policy. Your issue of them sharing the data with the contractor that was to repair your front door I am afraid the HA has done nothing wrong as they would need to share certain of your data with the contractor so they can carry out and complete the repair. 1. If a time say between 8am - 12pm to carry out repair is given the contractor may ring to let you know they are on their way to you and approx 20 mins away. 2. Contractor may be delayed at another job and can't get to you so they contact you to arrange another appointment. The above are only examples Now check there website for 'Subject Access Request' if available download it and ensure to ask for 'ALL DATA' and send it to them (they have 30 calender days to respond) Next you make a 'Formal Complaint' (title the letter as such) in writing to the HA (ensure to get free proof of posting from the post office) Do a brief summary of your previous requests on Data Sharing & phone Calls and you noe require full clarification in writing of the exact parts of the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulations the HA is referring to. I also request copies of the following: 1. Complaints Policy (Not the Leaflet) 2. Data Protection Policy (Not the Leaflet) 3. Privacy Policy (Not the Leaflet) 4. Customer Care Policy/Standards (Not the Leaflet) 5. Equality & Diversity Policy (Not the Leaflet) When you get the above policies have a highlighter/pencil and slowly read them (just think to yourself 'Did They Do That' if not mark it) this way you build evidence that they have breached there own policy and use it against them. Note: by you titling the letter Formal Complaint the HA legally need to record this and is on file for the Regulator to see on inspection. You must exhaust the HA complaints procedure before proceeding to the Housing Ombudsman/ICO
  14. Hi You mention you sent this Recorded Delivery now did you do it Signed For & have you checked Royal Mail Website with your unique code on your receipt to ensure it was delivered & the date & if applicable signed for and a signature? (make sure and take screenshots of everything) Check the Councils Website for there Complaints Procedure (think of the date they got your letter) what does that procedure say they must acknowledge your complaint within a certain amount of days you use this against them). So if you have all the above you follow up your complaint referring to all the above (enclosing photocopies of your evidence) and there failure to comply with there own complaints procedure (referring to the X days to acknowledge) and that you are still awaiting a response to my letter dated (the date on your letter that you posted 5th Feb 2019).
  15. Hi I can see where you are coming from but that is with the little information that you have provided. Do I agree with it NO as said "little information" we need a summary of how you have reached this conclusion from start till now. Question: Are you specifically asking about the Motability Vehicle only or with the Blue Badge use as well? (I know you have asked about the motability vehicle but just to clarify a Blue Badge is not involved as well) Couple of links: https://www.motability.co.uk/information-for-customers/cars-and-wheelchair-accessible-vehicles-customer-area/your-agreement-named-car-drivers https://www.motability.co.uk/contact-and-support/faqs/what-information-do-i-need-to-give-to-add-a-driver https://www.motability.co.uk/contact-and-support/faqs/can-someone-else-drive-for-me https://www.motability.co.uk/about-the-scheme/how-your-car-can-be-used/ https://www.motability.co.uk/contact-and-support/faqs/do-i-have-to-be-in-the-car-when-it-is-being-used https://www.motability.rsagroup.co.uk/policy-who-can-drive-your-car.html
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