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  1. Citizen Space Survey - National Strategy for Disabled People READ MORE HERE (You must ensure to read the link fully); https://www.gov.uk/government/news/citizen-space-survey-national-strategy-for-disabled-people
  2. Hi Do Not send a letter whether to old or new address with a GPS Tracker in it as that could backfire so I do have to air caution Whether the GPS Tracker is for Business or Personal use under the Data Protection Act the information gathered from a GPS Tracker is classed as 'Personal Data' which must be dealt with in accordance to the Law, therefore you would need to have informed the individual and have their consent to use that item.
  3. Hi Could you Clairfy are you a Home Owner or Leaseholder?` How long have you been in your present property? When did you Officially Complain in writing to the Property Management Company on this matter? Could you Clarify that this issue is before the Pandemic with COVID-19 which placed numerous Restrictions/Lockdown thourghout the UK and we are at present in another Lockdown throughtout the UK I would find it very hard to believe if the maintenance company had a charge on your property. (could you clarify why you may think this?)
  4. Hi For someone that has only recently joined CAG you seem to have expected CAG to provide you with the full review of your TP Link c200 and seem to be offended that CAG only provided a link to the which review which is only part of the review as to read the full review you require a subscription to Which. I am afraid that even if the full review was available elsewhere on the internet we would be unable to post a link to it here on CAG as Which website only displays part of the review and you need a subscription for the full review CAG would have to remove links to the
  5. Hi Well the first thing that sticks out to me is initially the landlord was increasing the rent by £25 then after you contact the landlord and informed them of the councils advice that they had to give 6 months notice suddenly the landlord wants to increase the rent from the intital £25 to £50 fron January 2021. (I do hope you have evidence of all this as you now need to keep a good papertrail of everything to do with that property/landlord) As for rent increases look at this link: https://www.gov.uk/private-renting/rent-increases Are the Council correct tha
  6. Hi H Condolences to you and you family. I agree short answer YES as long as they follow the social distance rules etc. (I would also try to keep somthing evidence wise with you when you travel to show you are attending the funeral, just in case you are stopped and asked due to tier 4) Again Condolences
  7. Hi When doing a SAR you simply need to make sure and use this simple phrase 'ALL DATA' as that is exactly what it means it covers whatever format that company/business/organisation etc. holds that Data in i.e. CCTV. Phone Calls, Emails, Letters etc. Always add the above phrase to any SAR request. (even if you are asking for a specific dates
  8. Hi I can appreciate you are annoyed at this correspondence from the Management Company. Have the leaseholders asked the Management Company what action they are taking to find the perpetrator/s? You say they have contacted a select few leaseholders within your building, I would ask the Management Company to clarify that that correspondence was sent to ALL Leaseholder of that building. If everyone within that building is a Leaseholder have your considered setting up a Leaseholders Residents Association or chatting with others to consider it as an
  9. Hi It would be better if you explained your issues properly as to what has happened with TSB from start to finished to give us a clearer picture to be able to assist you. When did the DRO start and finish?
  10. Hi I have to agree with all comment especially since this was some 4yrs ago as you will have difficulty proving this. Have you just written to the HA on this or have you went through there Formal Complaints Procedure? When you moved did you update the HA with your new address or keep it at your Office Address and was that confirmed in writing by the HA? What letters have you received since the roof replacement about none payment from the HA as you must have been getting letters requesting payment over these 4yrs from the HA? I agree y
  11. Thanks for that information that you both had separate agreements. (we really need to see the full agreement and all the clauses it contains with any personal data redacted in PDF Format) Has the Landlord given you at least 3 months notice of a rent increase? (have a very good read of this link especially No. 4: https://www.gov.scot/publications/about-rent-service-scotland/#:~:text=Under a PRT%2C a landlord,Scotland for a rent adjudication.) https://www.gov.scot/policies/private-renting/dispute-resolution/ Please also bear in mind what 45002 has stated as th
  12. Hi Jeff I have converted your Images into one PDF, we prefer these to be in PDF format especially if it is multiple images. Did the former flat mate give the correct notice to the Landlord of his intention to leave? Are both you and the former flat mate named on and both signed that Agreement or did you both have separate agreements?
  13. Hi Can you give us the website link or address for motorcomplaints direct? This is a link to 'The Motor Ombudsman': https://www.themotorombudsman.org/
  14. Beechwood Autos Limited Registered Office Address: Office 20 North Notts Business Centre 32-34 Rosemary Street Mansfield Notts United Kingdom NG18 1QL Company Number: 11758350 Incorporated: 9th January 2019 Company Type: Private Limited Company Director: Rishi Bajaj, (appointed 9th January 2019) Companies House link: https://find-and-update.company-information.service.gov.uk/company/11758350 Endole link: https://suite.endole.co.uk/insight/company/11758350-beechwood-autos-limited O
  15. Hi Sorry to hear of your issue and just be aware that although Dyson Energy Services are carrying out this work they have been employed to do this by Town and Country so the buck stops with Town and Country. I agree you need to keep a written record and photographs of everything. Written Complaint to Town & Country title the letter 'Formal Complaint' and that you require clarification of the following: 1. What Procurement process did Town and Country go through before employing Dyson Energy Services and copies of that process. 2.
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