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  1. Hi Do an internet search on faint white line on scanning for your exact model to see what comes up from Brother and give it a try.
  2. Hi I agree do not hold your breathe to what you have been told by them remember they stated not to refund is company policy you need to see if they actually refund not take their word. When you contact them again you really need to enforce your right by stating the Tenants Fees Act 2019 and that you require clarification as to exactly which part on Holding Deposits within that Act they are using to refuse your Holding Deposit Refund when it was the Landlord that Withdrew from the Contract. Since they have also stated it is Company Policy not to Refund you require further clarification of this and a copy of the Policy stating this. You really need to have a good read of that Act
  3. Hi With a SAR all you have to do is ask for 'ALL DATA' (this way it does not matter what format they hold that data whether it be digital, email, telephone calls (recorded), written etc). They then have 30 Days to comply once they have acknowledged your SAR Request (that is unless they require ID Verification) which the 30 Days time limit does not start until they have verified your ID if requested) Also can I add in DHL response in post#36 I hate it when any Company/Business etc. has the nerve to use the get out clause of 'Human Error'. This is not the case as it was 'Maladministration' by DHL' not 'Human Error' as stated to you, irrespective of who/which employee of DHL made the 'Human Error' the buck stops with DHL as who/which employee made that error was Employed by DHL.
  4. Hi You are more than welcome that is what CAG is here for and thank you. As for the Landlord sending the evictions threats by whatsapp they really do need to learn the law as that is not Legal Notice. If you paid a Deposit is it protected in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme and you have been notified of this and been given a copy of the prescribed terms of that scheme. https://www.gov.uk/tenancy-deposit-protection https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice/tenancy_deposits/tenancy_deposit_protection_rules Have a wee look also at these CAG links: ownerleasehold-etc-information/ With your 2015 issue I still suggest that you start a new Topic on this as this is a separate issue to your present issue. I can fully understand that you may not want to but remember Coram Voice can only do so much. You also need to research what Legislation, Policies/Procedures the Council had in place or any other organisation that you dealt with during your 2015 issue to see if they have followed that Legislation or there own policies and procedures. When you have done this read though them very carefully thinking of your situation at that time and just keep asking yourself as you read them just think to yourself 'DID THEY DO THAT' if not highlight it, when you have finished leave it for a few days them with a fresh mind do the exact same. This way you are building a trail of evidence to back up your case against them. This is why I say you may need to take time out and forget about it for a time as it may take it's toll as it will take sometime to gather all this evidence to assist you in your case against them. Can I also just say well done to you as it must have been hard to even mention your issue from 2015.
  5. Could you also clarify that the information you have received in post#6 was the Previous Tenants account/email information etc. (not when they changed the account by replacing previous tenants name with yours ) If the above is correct and you have been provided with the Previous Tenants Data to do with that specific account, then you had no legal right to that information/data provided as you are not the Data Subject the previous tenant that opened the account is. If they have done the above and provided you with the previous tenant data then I think you need to have a chat with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO): https://ico.org.uk/
  6. There is also an article here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10748427/inside-disgusting-hermes-depot-parcels-piled-floor-drivers-slaves/
  7. Hi I am surprised that when you went through the exchange/swap process you were not aware of the property had Oil. As has been pointed out their is no legal requirement in the uk when it comes to oil but they must make sure it is safe but as it is a Housing Association they should ensure that equipment right down to the pipework is safe. As for the safety Certificate I would advise contacting OFTEC and explaining what the Certificate says and whether the company/person that carried it out is OFTEC Register, if they are not then you want that response from them in writing as this way you have evidence to hit the Housing Association with to demand a new check is carried out at their cost. OFTEC Link: https://www.oftec.org/consumers/find-a-technician I would also ask them for clarification when the next safety check is to be carried out on the Oil Installation including all pipework and equipment. As for the Plumber coming out to resolve a pipework issue then walking away as the pipes were covered in Asbestos, I hope that Plumber reported this to the Housing Association. The Plumber was correct not to carry out the repair for health & safety and should report this back to HA. The Housing Association as a Legal Requirement is required to keep an Asbestos Register where anything they own has Asbestos. (note: this asbestos pipework should have been noted in that register. As well as reporting these issues to the Housing Association you need to make sure that you don't just report it as a Repair but follow it up as an official Formal Complaint following their Complaint Procedure. So put it in writing to them and make sure and title the letter 'FORMAL COMPLAINT' in the letter also put the following. I also require copies of the following: Customer Care Standards Policy not the leaflet Complaint Policy not the leaflet Repair & Maintenance Policy not the Leaflet. Asbestos Policy not the Leaflet. Clarification of the Company/Person and their Registration Number that carried out the Oil Safety Check so I can confirm they are OFTEC Registered Engineer. Clarification as to what action is been taken to complete the repairs to the Pipework reported XX/XX/20XX as the Plumber that came out to resolve the repair issue refused to carry out the work as the Pipework was covered with Asbestos.
  8. Hi Thanks for the further information. I will say it again that you need to seperate your present housing issue with your housing issue when you were 15 yrs old. Your Present Housing Issue The Landlord cannot just evict someone it is not that easy as they have to follow a legal process to do so and it can take some months to do so. If the landlord was going for eviction the would have to firstly serve notice by way of what section they are using to evict, that is only the start of the process before it even gets to court stage and if it does proceed to that stage you can defend. When you have been threatened with eviction on this present occasion how was this done by the Landlord. (was it verbal, text, phone or in writing) Your housing issue when you were 15 yrs old Whether it's Council, Housing Association, Social Work to take them on you need to understand what policies and procedures they had in place at that time and whether they followed those polices and procedures. What you need to ensure is you ask for that specific policy or procedure that was in place 20XX (when you were 15 yrs old) (note if you don't they will be using their present policies & procedure to more than likely say we are right and you are wrong) You are going to have to do a lot of research and I wont lie it may take it's toll on you so you must ensure that during it you take time out and forget about for a while them get back into it with a fresh mindset.
  9. Hi Irrespective when you moved in what does the date on your Tenancy Agreement State as that is what you should forward the Council a copy of. i.e. if your Tenancy Agreement states you took up tenancy on 01/01/2020 and you didn't move in till say 29/01/2020 your Council Tax for the property is from your Tenancy Agreement date not the actual date you moved into the property. The Council are refusing to budge due to your Landlord informing them of the date you took up tenancy. What is the date difference of your Tenancy Agreement till the date you actually moved into the property?
  10. Hi I would also suggest sending them a Subject Access Request (SAR) simply asking for 'ALL DATA' (as this cover whatever format they may hold it in whether it be writing, email, digital, telephone calls etc.) As this is a holding deposit this comes under the new Tenant Fees Act 2019 Here is a link to that specific part of the Act on Holding Deposit: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2019/4/schedule/1/crossheading/holding-deposit Here is the Full Tenants Fee Act 2019 link: http://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/2019/4/contents/enacted
  11. Hi Welcome to CAG and I can sympathise with your situation 2 important things you need to do. 1. You need to as has already been said keep a very good papertrail of everything that has happened to date and I do mean everything and keep if for some years (just in case you need it). 2. You need to get you name on as many housing association/council housing in your area by simply getting and application from each one filling it in and sending it to the respective ones. This way you may not get housing immediately but at least your name is added to their waiting list for housing. (ensure if you move that you tell them and your new address) Now to your issue in hand. With the Rent Arrears on each occasion how many months in arrears was your rent before clearing arrears and did you liaise with the landlord each time? https://www.gov.uk/private-renting/rent-arrears On this present occasion exactly what is the landlord threatening eviction for is it for rent arrears and exactly what notice have they given? https://www.gov.uk/private-renting-evictions Are your renting a property or a room in a property i.e. HMO? https://www.gov.uk/private-renting/houses-in-multiple-occupation Now Runnymede Council & the Housing Association within Spelthorne I would advise if you have not already don so to send both a Subject Access Request (SAR) simply asking for 'ALL DATA' (this way it does not matter what format that data is held in whether it be written, email, phone calls etc) and due to the Data Protection Act 2018 which includes the General Data Protection Regulation a SAR is free. They have 30 Calendar Days to comply with a SAR once they have acknowledge reciept (and no issue with complying to verify ID) In your post#3 you state 'Child Law's Website, that being a child in need at 15 should hold some wait to a councils duty, now from your post it does read that you are at present that you are older than 15 and if so this would not apply in your present circumstances, but I have a feeling you have mentioned this as should they have had this duty of care at the time when you were 15 yrs old. If I am correct about the above this would be a seperate matter to your present issue with the landlord trying to evict you or your housing issue at present. I would advise that you need to concentrate on getting your present housing matter sorted first as that is the most pressing matter to sort out and when that is dealt with deal with the councils duty of care when you were 15 yrs old to house you.
  12. Hi You are more than welcome and thank you for coming back and updating your topic as it will help others. I hope you had a good Christmas and have a Good New Year I will add **RESOLVED** to your Topic Title.
  13. Hi Welcome to CAG please be patient I am sure others will be along to give there wisdom. How did you agree to this contract? (in your house, at there premises, over the phone) Were the windows Standard Fitted or Made to Measure? Was it actually Safestyle that fitted the windows or a subcontractor? Were you given a complete descriptions of the Goods and Services they would provide in your Contract? Under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 Double Glazing Installation should: --be done using 'Reasonable Skill and Care'. --the Double Glazing should be made with materials that are 'of Satisfactory Quality' and 'Fit for Purpose'. --and be 'As Described'. Safestyle are registered members of 'Glass and Glazing Federation': https://www.ggf.org.uk/members/united-kingdom/yorkshire/bradford/sealed-units/safestyle-uk/ Glass and Glazing Federation offer a free conciliation for domestic customers if the member is registered with them: https://www.ggf.org.uk/technical-information/conciliation-service/ Safestyle are also registered members of FENSA: https://www.fensa.org.uk/find-installers/SearchMembers Something to ask clarification on with Safestyle is were their Installers that fitted those windows 'FENSA Approved'.
  14. Hi Just to be clear a Tenant cannot refuse to pay rent after they have signed your Tenancy Agreement for the property irrespective if they are claiming no hot water for xx weeks especially when you have evidence to the contrary. As they are now 2 months in arrears they have breached your tenancy agreement and you could go down the section 8 route for the rent arrears to evict your tenant and the letting agent you employed should be fully aware of this. The hot water issue sounds more like the tenant didn't have a clue how to operate the heating system within your property Has the Letting Agent informed this Tenant about the rents arrears and their Guarantor who would also be liable for the rents arrears? Now the Tenant that wants to leave early as there is no 'Break Clause' in your Tenancy Agreement signed they would have to negotiate with you the Landlord to leave early as they are then in breach of that signed Tenancy Agreement. Now before doing any of this is they have paid a Deposit it should be protected in a Tenancy Deposit Scheme and they should have been give a copy of that deposit schemes prescribed terms.
  15. Hi 1. You need to ask the Letting Agent in writing for clarification on 'Vacating Sharer' as this in not in the Tenancy Agreement and which Legislation they are relying on for stating this. (its the legislation you need them to quote and give you a website link to it) 2. Is there a 'Break Clause' in the Tenancy Agreement and if so is the Tenant that wishes to leave wanting to leave before this 'Break Clause'? (if the tenant wishes to leave before that break clause they would be breaching the signed tenancy agreement and therefore need to negotiate with you the Landlord if they wish to leave before the date of that break clause) 3. Your question on the 'Right to Object' to the Letting Agent. You are the Landlord not them, you employed their services via a signed agreement and they must follow the directions of you the Landlord. (make sure and have a good read of what you signed when you employed the services of this letting agent). This is your property not theirs, they are only administering it etc on your behalf.
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