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  1. Im Joshuas father Im authorised to speak on his behalf due to Joshuas Autism, I think going forward I need advice about where I stand today, in the previous threads things have become very confused and I don't think that it will help us in any way referring to those threads, perhaps if we start again might help all concerned and get a result, so if we just deal with the facts, or should we start a new thread and delete all previous what do you think BF?? Thank you very much for all your very kind help
  2. Hi BF Sorry just got your message crossed, here is the dealers response
  3. Hi Guys as a matter of some urgency I have had contact from the dealer who is taking a very sever high ground attitude quite wrongly in my oppinion, I would like to attach an E Mail sent to me this morning in confidence is there any possible way of doing this?? Kind Regards Nick
  4. Hi Manxman Thank you for coming back to me, the report highlights various suspension component failure, such as all four dampers need replacing, the springs are ok the dampers need to be replaced and other stability supporting components, the report states the failures, but doesn't actually say un roadworthy, im sure that if I asked the company supplying the report that would mention it was un roadworthy at the point of purchase, one concerning point they mentioned during the investigation was the rear anti roll bar being heavily corroded, and the fact that it is known if they fail
  5. Hi Manxman and good morning We were both aware of a modified exhaust on the car that was the only visible sign we noted at the time of purchase, the original auto trader advert makes no mention of any modifications, the car was being sold for 15K we gave £3k deposit and the dealer reduced the price of the car by another £2k Yes the suspension and safety features are still out standing, I recently within the last two weeks had a very lengthy and concise report generated by a specialist chassis company on the advice of Porsche Owners Club UK to fully understand the level
  6. Hi Guys its been a long time, I hope you are all well and have made it through this pandemic. Unfortunately we have had to use the car much as we didn't want to, my wife is a state registered Nurse and works on a Covid 19 ward, the loss of her car has meant we needed to use the Porsche, I have paid for brakes etc snd some electrical work totalling £2170, I have also had the car assessed on my wife's day off and find that a lot of suspension work needs carrying out, this amounts to £3500 a report has been generated by the company an
  7. Yes things have changed with myself and the dealer for the better, he agreed with me it would be better for me to have the car back due to this COVID19 health concern, as I can at least monitor the battery and make sure it doesn't go flat, I can also keep the engine going so she doesn't seize up. These are going to be challenging times for us all, especially our business community, I do in all sincerity feel sympathy for the dealer after he told me that a lot of his work force are off sick. I think like a lot of businesses he will need all the help he can get, and the l
  8. Spoke with the Dealer, car is coming back to me we both agree, that is the Dealer and me, due to the current health climate and situation its best if I have the vehicle returned to me. Agreed again with the dealer that once the current health climate has stabilised to some sort of normality we can return the car with view to repairing the brakes and suspension
  9. UPDATE: Dealer collected the car from my home address on Tuesday, I have heard nothing back from the dealer so I sent an enquiry for information regarding the course of action with my car and still heard nothing back, so I remember the owner telling me they use Zentrum a Porsche specialist in Nottingham for all their warranty work, so I phoned them to find out if they know anything about my car or if its booked in, not booked in nothing? Apparently the car is just sitting there according to the person I spoke to on the phone This is a highly specialist car, and it cant
  10. Yes he did telephone me, after I sent the letter you asked me to send Bankfodder and the apologetic E Mail, to him for sending that letter in the first place. Yes we thought it was very nice of him to reduce the price of the vehicle, and we thanked him for his very kind offer But it still doesn't get away from the fact that the vehicle has been mis described in a published advert on Autotrader Yes I will be happy if they fix the brakes and suspension
  11. Hi Manxman Yes I think your righting I will take your advice. The dealer left a voice mail to my father the day he received the letter asking for myself and my father to contact him, sadly my father is very ill, and suffers from loss of memory as part of his condition, and I was in a meeting at 07.00 when I'm being bombarded by the dealer continuously with phone calls, the dealer mentioned within his voice mail for us to contact him at our leisure at a time to suit both my father and I When we didn't respond by the end of the day and judging by the content and feel
  12. Hi Bank The dealer received it on the Friday, so yes a bit early. It sadly isn't possible to take the letter by hand due to the distance from where we live, I know that it would have been the best thing to do. Kind Regards
  13. Good afternoon Bank I just wanted to ask a quick question, having given the dealer the letter as drafted by yourself, I have as yet not heard anything back from the dealer, I appreciate its early days, how long should we give the dealer? What if the dealer has no intentions of repairing the vehicle or communicating further? Kind Regards
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