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  1. Thanks Buddy, I will contact my regimental association se if they can help
  2. Yes, I just think he is shallow, anyway I thank you for responding, the doomsday letter has been sent out to me apparently, I will take it to the council see if they can help in someway, one minute i was doing ok the next im told pack up....and move on......im all over the place mentally now....
  3. Good Morning Everyone Is it possible someone can help me please? I have been with the same landlord for 12 years, in 2018 he discovered I am suffering from CPTSD, after he noticed I was sleeping in the box room, the wife explained it was due to me being ill, the wife mentioned to him that I was suffering from CPTSD, he panicked and asked "but he is still working" which I was at that time, 2019, saw me lose my Job after the company I was working for managed me out of the business by gas lighting me, What is Gaslighting? Gaslighting is a form of psycho
  4. Original loan was £5000 unsecured over 5 years, 28 payments remaining, he wanted to extend it back up to 5 year.........the bank offered him £6700 to clear his credit card and the bank loan, £135 per month from the original figure of £121 One debt of two years old and one debt of 15 months
  5. My son was offered an extension to his current loan, with Barclays, they saw him as a good risk due to surplus money still in his account each month, the extension was to include his Barclay Card, all finances including external credit loans and personal circumstances were taken into consideration, and they still saw him as a good risk....... he was declined today....He didn't ask to have his loan extended but they said he was pre approved and they could help him and he would be financially better off, which is true he would be.......apparently his outgoings were to much in relatio
  6. Who do I complain to at Barclays


    Son was promissed an extention to his loan to cover a Barclay card and loans, bank gave him false hope the consolidation of the loans would have freed up £126 which would have helped him


    Instead the person making the comment passed it to another branch, who declined the loan extension...even though he has a lot of money each month surplus in his account according to the bank this made him a good risk because he can easily pay for the loan extension





    Thanks to all for reading


  7. Im Joshuas father Im authorised to speak on his behalf due to Joshuas Autism, I think going forward I need advice about where I stand today, in the previous threads things have become very confused and I don't think that it will help us in any way referring to those threads, perhaps if we start again might help all concerned and get a result, so if we just deal with the facts, or should we start a new thread and delete all previous what do you think BF?? Thank you very much for all your very kind help
  8. Hi BF Sorry just got your message crossed, here is the dealers response
  9. Hi Guys as a matter of some urgency I have had contact from the dealer who is taking a very sever high ground attitude quite wrongly in my oppinion, I would like to attach an E Mail sent to me this morning in confidence is there any possible way of doing this?? Kind Regards Nick
  10. Hi Manxman Thank you for coming back to me, the report highlights various suspension component failure, such as all four dampers need replacing, the springs are ok the dampers need to be replaced and other stability supporting components, the report states the failures, but doesn't actually say un roadworthy, im sure that if I asked the company supplying the report that would mention it was un roadworthy at the point of purchase, one concerning point they mentioned during the investigation was the rear anti roll bar being heavily corroded, and the fact that it is known if they fail
  11. Hi Manxman and good morning We were both aware of a modified exhaust on the car that was the only visible sign we noted at the time of purchase, the original auto trader advert makes no mention of any modifications, the car was being sold for 15K we gave £3k deposit and the dealer reduced the price of the car by another £2k Yes the suspension and safety features are still out standing, I recently within the last two weeks had a very lengthy and concise report generated by a specialist chassis company on the advice of Porsche Owners Club UK to fully understand the level
  12. Hi Guys its been a long time, I hope you are all well and have made it through this pandemic. Unfortunately we have had to use the car much as we didn't want to, my wife is a state registered Nurse and works on a Covid 19 ward, the loss of her car has meant we needed to use the Porsche, I have paid for brakes etc snd some electrical work totalling £2170, I have also had the car assessed on my wife's day off and find that a lot of suspension work needs carrying out, this amounts to £3500 a report has been generated by the company an
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