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  1. Thanks Dx. I only asked for further help because you offered it in the post above mine. These people are still writing to me. I'm still ignoring them, as per advice above, but I am twitching a bit! Thanks again.
  2. Thanks ever so much for your advice in this Dx - seems like I'm going through nothing unusual then! I will (of course) follow your advice. Yes, if you could point me at a copy of the next letter in the series I would be very grateful. Cheers.
  3. Thanks DX, Got another letter from them today threatening me with their 'solicitor partner, DWF Law LLP' for further assessment. Like you say above, they don't say 'WILL' anywhere. As expected, the sum demanded has sky-rocketed again! Is there any way to just pay the duty that I have calculated that I actually do owe? I'm not disputing I need to pay that, just properly calculated. FedEx has quickly and skilfully closed down all avenues of dispute and ways to repay what I legally owe, presumably so that their 'Controlaccount' branch can start piling on
  4. Many thanks for the advice above dx100uk . I have followed your advice and the chargeback is currently in the hands of my bank (paperwork sent back to them last wednesday). Cheers!
  5. On the 3rd of April 2020 I received a parcel which had been shipped from the US. Prior to delivery there was no notification of any outstanding taxes/duties/charges owing, the parcel was only delivered and signed for. Approximately a week later I received a sudden Duty & Tax Invoice relating to this delivery. The attached paperwork showed that the duty had been calculated incorrectly. I pointed this out to FedEx and asked them to calculate the duty correctly so that I could pay the correct sum which I know that I do have to pay. I cannot be responsible for covering any errone
  6. Only asking because I want to get my facts right before I approach the bank! Yes, BT is coming out of the same account.
  7. Yes, it's been cancelled. On what grounds can I ask for a chargeback?
  8. All Talk Talk Direct debits/standing orders, etc were all cancelled correctly and set up for BT. Talk Talk took the money from my debit card details which they had retained. I have now blocked this too. I just want my money back!
  9. Hi All, On 26th May this year I called my broadband/phone service provider, Talk Talk, to inform them that I would be leaving them and moving to BT at the end of the month. My contract with Talk Talk had officially ended back in October 2019 and I was just paying them on a monthly basis for continued service. I was advised that I did not need to do anything, as arrangements would be made on my behalf to keep my existing number etc between Talk Talk and BT. I began my contract with BT on 1st June. I cancelled my bank payment arrangements to Talk Talk an
  10. Thanks very much for the help. My wife had a call from them again today (01782 code), so we shall block them and ignore them. Cheers, Paul.
  11. Hi All, Way back in 2014 my wife and I started getting letters from HMRC saying we had been overpaid child tax credits to the sum of £180.12p dating from 2008. My wife and I never claimed any child tax credits for this year, as we were fed up with constantly being overpaid and having to pay money back from previous years. It was just not worth the hassle! We queried HMRC about how this debt was possible when no claim had been made. They were always evasive and less than helpful. I asked for everything to be put into writing, a reasonable request which they have never been able t
  12. Thanks, I'll pass that on. Is it legal for these people to ignore a Court Order and demand more money from the debtor? Surely they would have to go through the courts themselves?
  13. Hi All, I have a mate at work who is beside himself with worry regarding Jacobs. I recommended this site to him, however he has no internet. From what I can gather, prior to him getting married his wife had a debt with the local council which she has been paying off by Court Order at the rate of £50 a month. She has never missed a payment via direct debit. Suddenly a firm called Jacobs has appeared and has claimed the balance of the debt is now to be paid to them, at far greater installments which my mate and his family cannot afford. My mate hasn't a clue why they've become inv
  14. Been watching your thread with interest - Congratulations on your new job!!
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