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  1. Hi Stu, Sorry for the late reply and thanks for this. I can scan everything onto a PDF and will look to do this this week
  2. Hi Stu, This is all very frustrating. These are the letters sent since they refused stage 2 for which I received no response. They were all sent by both email and letter and I have proof of posting for all. I received an automatic (generic) reply confirming receipt of them all too. Thanks again. · 02/12/2021 (emailed on 01/12/2021, challenging their response and why stage 2 refused etc.) · 10/12/2021 (requesting copy of public liability insurance) · 17/01/2021 · 07/02/2022 · 09/03/2022 (chasing up on the above, questioning why works have not commenced and why I was given times when it would be competed and requesting letter of deadlock) · 28/03/2022 (chasing up the above, requesting Stage 3, stating they have failed to agree works with the contractor to begin works) · 05/05/2022 (informing them the ombudsman have been contacted and options to deal with this) · 13/07/2022
  3. Hi Stu, I was expecting a call from the ombudsman case worker today. Didn't receive it, but did receive an email from A2. Its quite lengthy, so i've removed personal stuff and attached it. thanks again A2 Final response .pdf
  4. thanks Stu, I sent the letter off today and also sent you a message.
  5. Hi Stu, Well the case worker finally got back to me today and confirms they have had no response from A2. I tried to share what was suggested above but was informed that they have to follow their processes, that they are impartial and have a process to follow. He assures me that this is likely not personal to me but a breakdown in their processes (which of course is very unlikely). He's on annual leave now, so will get back to me next week after speaking to his manager but advises that the likely process is: 1. 1st (informal) contact (which has been done) 2. 2nd (formal) contact 3.2 more chasing up letters/emails 4. complaint Handing Failure Order (CHFO) There wasn't really much else I could say. He has forwarded a copy of the email he sent A2, and I will update when I hear back. Thanks again
  6. Thanks Stu, I will do the above. The Case worker at the Ombudsman didn't get back to me, so I'll chase them up on Monday
  7. thanks Stu, Will do as advised. When you speak of my "evidence", do you mean all the letters/correspondence to and from A2? and to just have it all in one document?
  8. Hi Stu, I contacted the ombudsman today. My case worker is to call within 5 working days. Will update once this has happened. Thanks again
  9. Thanks for this Stu. Will do as advised and update on Friday (or before if I hear anything) Thanks again
  10. Hi Stu, Well, Tuesday arrived and I heard nothing from A2. Will give it couple of days and contact the ombudsman I think
  11. Hi Stu, This makes sense...thank you. Will update once I've heard something
  12. Hi Stu, Finally got contacted by the ombudsman today after chasing them up day after you last post. Simply told me that they have written to A2 and asked them to write to me confirming we have reached deadlock so that they can officially get involved. He's given them until next Tuesday (5 working days) to do this. The vibes I am getting from them doesn't feel so good...but I guess we will see.
  13. Thanks Stu, I certainly will point this out when the Housing Ombudsman call back. 1 thing that confused me when i initially called them was that the Ombudsman person was suggesting that A2 should agree to do the stage 1 complaint process again (and the reason she suggested I call them was to see if they suggest this). Anyway this is all new to me, and i'll update once i've spoken to them Thanks again
  14. Hi Stu, thanks for the offer to vent/moan....lol it's been so long now, I've kind of just accepted the situation. I called the ombudsman as advised, and will get a call back within 5 working days. To be honest I'm wondering what's going on because A2 seem to have no fear of the situation. I also decided to email the contractor (pyramidplus) in charge of renovating my flooded property for an update and this was his response: Hi I’ve spoken to my project manager and we still waiting for instruction for works to proceed. We still haven’t had response back from WCJ/Lost adjustor insurance company (A2D) in relation to the works. I will speak to A2D management to see if there has been any update. Hi Service Complaints. We still waiting for update from the partnering team. we will chase them to advise ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (A2 complaints was CC'd into this). I've stopped bidding for properties until this is over.... Thanks again for your help and support during this Stu...regardless of the outcome, I appreciate it very much
  15. HI Stu, Google search yielded nothing so i called the number...no response and I have not heard from A2 at all. Seems like they aren't budging.
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