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  1. Thanks for this Stu, I went and did an inventory with Housing officer today and all seemed to go ok...but of course the hard part is to come. It seems like so much is going on now and it's getting a bit confusing! Apparently the water company have been busted in the excuse they gave for the main overflow and other HA's (either them or their insurers) are making a claim against them. Having been caught outside the property today (where heavy rainfall began again) there was another mini river above the drainage, so it still has not been repaired, and apparently no one (contractors) can or will access the manhole which is located in a utility cupboard (under floorboards and carpet) and the waste has not been cleared from there either. Seems like there is so much more information out there, which I need to try and get hold of and then digest. As for the support worker, they are aware, and apart from the early advice that i find solicitor, that's the last I have heard and my calls go unanswered .
  2. Hi Stu, thanks for responding and the advice, as troubling as it feels right now, I do want to have a go at the process so will have a go at a complaint, and hope you can have a read over before I send it. I attended the property today with the intention of salvaging what I could, but there were so many flies and the smell so bad, someone mentioned that it's risky due to bacteria growth or something and i may have been able to save more stuff if the place had been disinfected much sooner. So just grabbed my TV and made the tough decision to let the rest go rather than risk future issues arising.
  3. Hi, hoping someone can help, although things seem all over the place and not sure where to start. I tried getting help from another site but they weren't too helpful. I moved into a HA property (temporary accommodation) almost two years ago on a homelessness scheme and allocated a support worker and basically its been pretty much hell since then, from having property I left there stolen, to having rats (which took several weeks if not months to sort out), threats by another tenant in the building, having mail stolen, an ongoing boiler issue which remained unresolved at the time of the flooding and some other stuff which I gave up on reporting such as damp. Last month during the heavy rains, my basement flat flooded (mainly via the toilet). Eventually an emergency plumber arrived and had to pump out the water built up on the outside drain which was blocked. It had been blocked for quite a long period of time with the HA doing nothing about it, despite complaints from others. The water company have been nothing short of unhelpful and sticking to their explanation of what happened as long as it absolves them of any liability, including claiming in their notes (when an engineer attended the day after) that he checked the drains using CCTV and there was no blockage! only for them to alter the notes after I spoke to a senior engineer and told him this was impossible. I have been moved into temporary, unfurnished accommodation and have extra costs associated including travel. My Housing officer has already told me they will not compensate me but I don't want to accept this. It's also been almost 3 weeks since the flooding and the property has not been disinfected but tomorrow I am due to go there to try and box up whatever is salvageable although I am now not sure if, given the time, that items which weren't directly touched by the water will be safe to take, so I would appreciate any advice on this. This whole episode has really taken it's toll on me and I am wondering where I should start. Should I put in a complaint to the HA before attempting any legal action? what kind of evidence would I need. I think section 4 of the Defective Premises Act 1972 seems to cover this issue but I am unsure. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated
  4. they have my current address, which is where they wrote to me to say they have closed both accounts and will no longer be pursuing the debts after I had contacted them to try and arrange something. I didn't update at the time due to circumstances Was just enquiring to see if I could have the default marked as satisfied or anything else
  5. Hi Dx, can't really say how long after last use/payments the defaults were issued the CCJ was filled 13 march 2018 the default date for the other is marked as 24 August 2018 Sorry, I am a bit confused about the last part of your post
  6. Hi guys, I haven't heard anything back from Spredex and the debt has dropped off one of my credit files. Just a quick question, as i have two remaining debts on my file, both with Lowell who wrote to me last year confirming they would not be pursuing the debt . 1 is a CCJ and the other a default. Is there anything I can do to alter my credit report? thanks
  7. thanks DX, makes me feel better about asking "stupid" questions, even if I am quite sure of the answer now
  8. letter was sent today. In regards to the email, should I respond saying I have sent a letter in the post, or just ignore it? Guessing I do nothing more, but just want to be sure
  9. I did assume it was my details, just wanted to be sure...in case used in court to show it was addressed to them. Thanks DX will do the rest as suggested
  10. thanks DX. So I send the reply to reply PAP PDF, ticking D " I dispute the debt because it is statute barred" I ignore "I" and everything else, and just date and print name. I enclose the statute barred letter with it. Silly question but at the top of the PAP reply form, where it asks for details. Full name, address, post code etc....is this my details or spreadex's?
  11. thanks for the replies...relieved to hear this. Probably not relevant, but I wouldn't say I have tried to "evade contact" as they had my email address and I updated my address in the online account at least twice. also apart from this recent notice, i don't recall receiving anything from them chasing up the debt, only online statement emails So what should I do now, still just send the letters as advised by DX or?
  12. I've just received an email from them in response to the SB email I sent them: Dear Mr ******** Thank you for your email. It is clear that you have misinterpreted sections of the Limitations Act, surrounding statute barred debts. In particular: "...a firm must not attempt to recover a statute barred debt in England, Wales or Northern Ireland if the lender or owner has not been in contact with the customer during the limitation period." 7.15.4. The above explicitly states lender OR owner, not Lender AND Owner. Whilst you have tried to evade contact for a rightly and legally due debt, Spreadex has kept contemporaneous diary notes of all attempts to contact you regarding repayment of your debt over the last 6 years, which will be submitted as evidence in Court if necessary. We are therefore satisfied that your debt is not statute barred and should be grateful if you would forward a proposal for settlement. Regards
  13. Thanks DX, So just to clarify, I should send back the PAP reply form, just clicking D "I dispute the debt because it is statute barred" ? then just print name and date AND enclose the statute barred letter again? Do I click I at all?
  14. Thanks DX, I just wanted to clarify what i need to do/send as the hyperlinks can be a bit confusing. send a CCA request (using the PDF on post 2) CCA Request - Consumer Credit Act 1974 **Updated January 2015** - Debt Collection - Consumer Action Group statute barred letter stapled to it. And also i need to send "Reply to PAP" PDF on post 2, typing the info given in the same post? On the CCA thread DX, in post 3 you have written: for ref: Fixed loans are section 77 credit cards and catalogues are section 78 HP agreements are section 79 I don't think Spreadex is covered by any f these?
  15. Hi Andy, It's Spreadex I've already sent the Statute barred letter. I also though I was careful but upon reading the letter (email) I sent, I didn't change one hyperlink, so they will know I am on here
  16. Thanks for your help/advice DX. I will check my mail tomorrow and send the letter if nothing has come.
  17. I feel a bit nervous about doing this. Could it provoke them into doing something? like issuing a claim on the interest? Is it possible that something has gone wrong in their system and they don't actually have a record of the CCJ linked to this?
  18. not touchy, i live alone but have been staying with family, so i guess i should return soon. Another side issue is at some point my mail was being delivered to a wrong place (only just received a load of letters from october which someone posted to me. seems to be ok now, but always a chance this happens again. If they don't "know" they have a CCJ then I don't know whats going on especially given the timing of this letter. I assume then they are likely to issue a claim
  19. Our ref: xxxxxxx Account: XXXXX Dear XXXX XXXXX, Further to our recent correspondence, we note that the amount of 2,XXX.XX is due and owing by you to xxxx in respect of the negative balance on your account. If payment of the sum of 2,xxx.xx is not received within 14 days from the date of this email we will issue Court proceedings against you for recovery of the outstanding monies without further reference to yourself. Interest is now being charged and any further costs incurred as a result of legal proceedings will be charged to your account. To pay by credit or debit card simply phone this office on 123455 or visit our website and pay by depositing funds into your account. Alternatively, forward a cheque by return to our postal address; xxxxxxx Or you can send monies directly to our bank account quoting your account number and name. Our bank account details are: sort code xx-xx-xx, account number 1234567. Please disregard this email if you have already sent payment. Yours sincerely, I've actually been away from home for a while so its possible they have sent a letter too and thanks for the advice regarding bailiffs...i just wanted this all over with. I wouldn't remember if the original judgment said they could add it but i wouldn't be surprised if it did or if they stated this in the original terms
  20. Thanks DX, I don't really remember too much about that period, just that I was in a very bad way. but i do remember conversing with them somehow informing them of what was happening (after the CCJ and probably by email), where they said something like they would leave me alone for 6 months or something. I heard nothing directly from them again. I am a bit worried and have a feeling that rather than not knowing what they are doing that they are very clued up and there is probably something i am missing here in terms of what action they are taking. I've seen a site which suggests they can add interest to a CCJ debt thats under £5k but have to send me notices etc every 6 months and other stuff, which they haven't (but surely wouldn't be hard to fake if true). I was starting to feel more positive that this stuff was clearing, and was even preparing myself to let in the bailiffs so they could take what little goods i have but seems they are above this
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