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  1. I wonder if any one can help me I work as a head Chef for a small family run pub and hotel. I have worked there for 10 years, 6 years as sous chef then was promoted to head chef. I have always worked hard never let them down. I've not been happy for a while. The person who runs the business is very elderly and losing there mind, they can barely walk and are very controlling, they wont let any one do their job. Over the last year is has got worse and worse. They do not follow the law and think they are above the law. They have never given staff health and safety training in the whole time I've worked there. All chefs in kitchen dont have food hygiene and safety certificates and have never done any training. I have had to pay out of my own pocket to do my training and get a certificate every 3 years my self. I cant afford to pay for the other staff out of my own money. They don't buy basic supplies like sanitizer and hand wash. Only when healthy and safety people come they buy itt but stops when they have gone. They says it's too expensive. They employe people who cant even cook. I'm meant to be head chef, that mean it's meant to be my job to run kitchen, I should be doing ordering and should have a say in who works in kitchen. But she wont let me order, she has to do it and she always orders what we dont need. Last Easter she put me on holiday and whist I was away she employed a useless chef, did not even do a working interview or consult me. Gave alot of my hours to him and cut my hours. He got to do breakfast and lunch, did all the food prep and had every evening off, I was made to work just late afternoon and evenings having to serve this other chefs rubbish food. I felt embarrassed to serve his food. It has made me so miserable. I became a chef as I love to cook it's my passion. I spent years training in my profession. And now I dont even cook barely. I've tried to look for another Job but there has not been many around so have been holding out but They are getting worse and I cant stand it any more. They are rude scream and shout and puts down staff. I had been on holiday all this week and last week, they made me take the holiday it wasnt my choice and came back today. They come in kitchen just as I arrive, and ask me to do all these specials. I go to fridges and store rooms and find nothing, no one has ordered any thing. There is no food I can serve or prep. They then start screaming and yelling at me and blaming in on me. How is it my fault if I have not been there. She kept yelling, I tried to explain that I had not been there but They would not listen, I lost my temper and yelled at them to stop yelling at me and speaking to me in such a rude way. They did not like it and told me not to speak to them like that. I was close to walking out. I've had enough I cant bare to work their any more, They are making life unbearable. I need to get out. 2 other members of staff have handed their notice in this week as have had enough. I've got a interview next week so am keeping my fingers crossed. My questions are if I manage to get Job next week, do I have to give notice or can I just quit on the spot as I feel I have no choice but to leave. Secondly once I have another Job would I have grounds to sue for constructive dismissal. As feel forced in to having to leave due to the way she is treating me. Any advice much appreciated Thanks in advance
  2. Thanks every one for your replies. First ship my husband has emailed French Consulate General in Edinburgh but have not had a reply yet. ericsbrother I under stand that they need to see him to make sure the person applying for passport is that person. We have no problem with that but we have been told that honorary consulates are no longer are aloud to do passports. My husband phoned both the Liverpool and Newcastle ones and was told the only place you can get a french passport is in London now. I think it's totally unacceptable to expect you to travel hundreds of miles to other end of country. And it is discriminating against people who cant travel for medical reasons. that's why I was wondering if there was any one who has been in a similar situation and has managed to get a French passport with out going to London but going somewhere closer. we have no problem going to some where closer just cant get to London.
  3. No he does not have a national identity card as we thought they were scrapped years ago, also we did not see the point as he already had a passport. Did not realise we would have these problems renewing passport when expired. Also again to get a national identity card you have to travel to London apparently.
  4. I hope I'm posting this in right place and some one can give me some advice. My husband is french I'm British. He has lived and worked in the uk paying tax and national 8ndurance for 20 years. For the last year we have been trying to apply for settled status. But in order to Apply for settled status he needs a new French passport as his old one has expired. We have been trying to get a new french passport but have been told that he will have to travel to London as London is the only place left in uk where you can get a Frenvh passport. The problem is we live up in the north on the border almost in to Scotland. It's over 6 hours each way to get to london. On top of this My husband cant drive due to a medical condition, he has random attacks that can happen any time. He also cant travel alone. So if he went to London I would have to go with him, which would be hard as we have 4 children with special needs and medical condition and would have to bring them with us too as have no one who could look after them. We would have to travel by train and it would cost alot of money we could not travel both ways in on day so would have to stay in a hotel. Over all it would cost us anything up to £600 or even more just to get there and back plies passport fees and we csnt afford this. When my husband got his last passport we went to Newcastle. Which was much closer for us. We are happy to go to Edinburgh, Newcastle, liverpool or Manchester which are all closer but have been told we cant. He has to go to London. It seems ridiculous does any one know if there is any way to get a french passport without going to London. Can they not make special arrangements due to medical reason or something. It seems very discriminating against disabled and sick people who cant travel to London. If my husband cant get a new French passport the reality is he cant apply for settled status and next year he will be kicked out. This is causing us great worry. Any advice would be much appreciated thanks in advance
  5. I wonder if any one can help. My husband works as a Chef, he has been working as a chef for over 20 years. he has a medical Condition Called Menierse disease. He has had it about 5 years. It causes him to have attacks where he colapses, becomes extremely, dizzy, vomits and he can’t stand up. He has to take medication when he has a attack and ends up in bed for 3-7days. After an attack he is left feeling very tired. He does not have attacks that often, but they are normally triggered by stress, being over worked and tired among other things. His employer knows about his medical condition but does not seem to care. They force my husband to work 6-7days a week 10 hours a day whilst every one else gets 2 days and 1/2 days off each week. They were working him so much that by end of November he had a attack, luckily he had just started his holiday so did not need to take any time off work sick. He ended up in bed for 4 days. When he went back to work he told them he had had another attack and that he could not continue to work 6-7 days a week and that he needed 2 day off a week. But they don’t seem to care as they are still making his work 6-7 days a week whilst every one else gets 2 1/2 days off. He is starting to look unwell and I’m concerned he is going to have another attack soon. Would a doctor be able to write some kind of sick note stating that they need to accommodate his medical condition and that he needs 2 days off a week, or slightly reduced hours for a while. before any one asks he has looked for another Job, he has been looking for a while but have not been able to find any thing. Quitting is not a option as we need his salary as well as mine to pay bills, we have 4 children to support. We would never cope on just one salary. On top on this their extraction system, in kitchen is not good, it’s useless and does nothing and when in kitchen all the chefs are breathing in very greasy air. It’s taking its toll on my husbands health and other staff. My husband now continually coughs and throat clears, worse when he has just finished work other staff are too, we are worried as to what effect it will have on his health long term. Is there any thing we can do to get employer to emprove condition in kitchen so they are breathing in clean air. any advice much appreciated thanks in advance
  6. Hi, I don't want to sound stupid but what exactly do you mean by who is the rail operator of the station that refused replacement rail card. The only train that comes to this station is A Northern train. So I'm assuming Northern would be operator of that station. Is this right. If it helps I bought rail card from Windermere Railway station in the lake district Cumbria. And this is the station I went back to to try and get replacement. Lady in ticket office said there was no point talking to Northern as rail cards are national (as in can be used any where in country). She said Northern are only responsible for tickets bought to go on Northern trains. Is she correct or not. Is it worth contacting Northern. Thanks again for you advice
  7. When I spoke to rail card they said rail cards brought at train station are not put on there systems and that train stations don't have access to rail cards system. So there is apparently no way they can look it up on there system. National rail just refuse point blank to help and tell me to speak to rail card. Lady at ticket office at train station said they could apparently only look up if have rail card number. They can not look up rail card by name. It all seems very stupid to me in this day and age.
  8. I have tried asking for a partial refund and they won't do that either. Train station ticket office said they apparently can not look it up on their system without rail card no. When I contacted rail card and national rail they both told me rail cards are non refundable. And would not help I'm at a loss as to what to do. I don't see why I should have to pay out for another rail card for some thing that is not my fault and that is a issue they are well aware of.
  9. I hope I'm posting this in right place. I hope some one can help. I purchased a 1 year family and friends railcard back on 14th May 2018. So have had it nearly 6 months. I bought it at my nearest railway station. It has been well looked after and I always kept it in plastic wallet that train station gave me when bought railcard. It has never got wet, as have always kept it safe where it could not get wet from rain. I went to get it to use yesterday and was horrified to find all the information on railcard had faded and was barely readable. I went on the rail card website and it says there is a known issue with railcards bought at railway stations and that is that they are printed on thick paper/card and the ink used reacts with the plastic of wallet and fades. It says on rail card website if you take railcard to a station they can put it though their ticket machine to check validity of railcard and get information and can issue replacement railcard for free. I went to my nearest railway station today but they refused to put it though machine they said they couldn't. they asked me for receipt but unfortunately I could not find receipt I did how ever have bank statment showing payment for railcard, I also had card I paid with with me, and I had ID to prove I was the person named on railcard they would not accept any of this and would not give me a replacement railcard. I came home and contacted railcard but despite knowing about this issue of ink fading they would not help me they said they only deal with railcards bought online or buy phone. And that railcards bought at stations are station and national rails responsibility. I have tried contacting national rail and they won't help me either they say I need to speak to railcard, so feel like Im going round in circles. Can any one advice what I should do now. Is there any way to get a replacement railcard or refund. It seems very unfair especially as it was not my fault that rail card faded. They know about the issue but have done nothing about it to stop it happening. I thought a bank statement is acceptable as proof of purchase. Any advice much appreciated Thanks in advance
  10. I wonder if any one can help me My youngest son was meant to have a peadiatrician appointment today. We live quiet along way away from hospital and don’t have a car so have to rely on public transport. Appointment was a early morning appointment 10.30am had to leave very early to get there. Paid out £12 in taxi fares and £28 in bus fares to get there. When arrived man on reception said appointment had been cancelled as Peadiatrician had to rush back to India. He said he phoned me at 9.30 am to tell me (1 hour) before appointment at home which was too late as had already left. He did not try ringing my mobile and they do have my mobile no. I feel really angry, that I travelled all that way for nothing wasting £40. We are not well off so £40 is a lot of money to us and can not afford to waste this kind of money. Is there any way that I can get rehinbursed the £40 I’m out of pocket due to there fault. Any advice would be much appreciated Thanks in advance
  11. Bank Fodder again thank you you reply. You keep going on about recording phone calls and how I can use it as evidence against them. Do you know the laws around recording phone calls. Because as I understand it you can legally record calls but if you don't get permission from the company or person you speak to to record call you can only use it as evidence when contacting company. You would not be able to use it as evidence if for example you complained to a third party like ombudsman and certainly would not be able to use in court as evidence if you did not get permissions. I'm pretty sure if I told them I'm recording call they would just hang up. Meaning getting permission would be hard to impossible. Correct me if I'm wrong. Secondly 2 of the many phone calls took place when they turned up at my door( yes they did have ID) and they made me use there mobile to speak to EON how am I meant to record from some one else's phone and with out there permission. The reason I would rather just pay it off is that there seems like no other option. Also like I said my youngest son has been and still is poorly. He is currently in hospital and I need to be with him. I have 3 other children with medical conditions I need to be there for my children especially my youngest, I don't have time to waste spending hours on phone just to get no where and be spoken rudely. I'm not scared of standing up for my rights and fighting but can't see why I can't sort thing out in writing. I can't turn back the time and record all the phone calls from the past. I understand that once Its paid off they will probably still over charge me. I will just have to accept this and pay the over charges and let them take what they want each month. Like you say there is no magic fix and no way I can stop them with out going through a whole lot of nightmare. Which I can't be dealing with right now as need to concentrate on my son. Especially if it means wasting my time and money on stupid phone calls and recording them I'm sorry if you don't understand this.
  12. Hi, Thanks for your reply and for being honest. But I don't have the equipment needed to record calls why should I have to spend out money on special equipment to be able to record calls. It's rediculous. I have copies of my phone records that show every call I made to EON and dates and times. I also have copies of every letter and every email I sent. I have every meter reading I submitted written down. And have all bills and bank statements showing payments I've made. When they turned up at my house it was un announced. So no they did not make a appointment. Is none of the above any good for evidence. I don't want to speak to them on phone just for them to be rude again and again and not listen. And should not have to. I guess the only way to sort this out is to try and find money some how and pay in full. Will be busy trying to sell things over Christmas to try and get the money . It seems so unfair though that customers can be treated so badly and have no rights. Only companies have rights and it's perfectly acceptable for them to over charge there customers and take what ever money they like and threaten customers when they like. I Guess lesson learned time to find money asap pay off and move on. Thanks any way
  13. Hi every one I wonder if any one can help me. I am with EON for electricity and gas. I have had nothing but problems since moving to them a few years ago. They always over charge and seem to help themselves to money from my account. It got so bad that I had to cancel direct debit after a while and paid online via their website. then I was in control as to what I was paying not them. I logged a complaint and thought things were sorted. at beginning of year set up a new direct debit but they started over charging again. I always submit regular readings but this makes no difference they still seem to make up there own numbers, I contacted them and told them I would not pay bill until they corrected it and cancelled direct debit again. Instead of correcting bill they just start adding fees to it making it go up and up. I made a small payment and contacted them again by phone I explained situation and told them I wanted bill corrected before I would pay rest and wanted fees removed. Again instead of helping they add more late payment fees. I try phoning again to be told they have no record of last call or my problems. I explained every thing again and they promised to sort it. But bill was never corrected and more Late payment fees were added. The next thing I know some one from EON knock on my door I explained every thing to them they say that there is nothing they can do and I have to agree to set up a direct debit and make a payment there and then or they will disconnect me. I reluctantly agreed as realised I was going to have to pay too much and fees as they won't help made a payment and set up a direct debit. A £75 charge was also added to my bill for this visit. They took payments for several months but then EON cancelled direct debit for no reason. I did not know for a while as at this point my youngest son was very poorly and in hospital and had been at hospital with him for many weeks. As soon as I realised I contacted them by phone but they were just rude. I made a payment online via their website but again this was not good enough for EON. Some one from EON came to my house again and again threatened to disconnect me. I again explained situation they made me speak to some one on phone who was again very rude spoke to me like I was a child and made me repeat what they said. It was humiliating. I again made a payment and set up direct debit. And again was charged £75 for visit added on to bill. They took payment for one month then again cancelled direct debit for no reason. Despite the payments I have made my out standing bill is still very high because of all the fees and charges and because they are still over charging. I can not afford now to pay it off in one go. As don't have much money at moment as son is still poorly and are spending a fortune getting my son medical treatment. I wish I wish could as then I would leave this awful company. EON are now threatening to disconnect me again. I have told them I will not speak to them by phone any more as am sick of the rudeness or being told we have no record if you cotacting us before. I have made a formal complaint a week ago it writing via email and post. I explained every thing again and stated twice I would only communicate in writing as want a paper trail and evidence now. They ignored this and started harassing me by phone, phoning again and again. They then started sending threatening emails saying I had to phone or email. I email them explain again and say I won't speak on phone. I just get emails back accusing me of not answering phone or getting in touch. They say they need more information but won't tell me what information they want. I have emailed them back again and again to ask what information they need they just keep ignoring my emails and accusing me of not contacting them just because I won't Speak to them on phone. ( and yes I am sending to correct email I have checked and double checked) It is one week since I made formal complaint recieved a email this morning saying they have stopped working on my complaint and I have to pay in full or will be disconnected. I just don't know what to do. I made a payment of £200 via their website and have offered to pay £200 each month to pay off remainder I'm not refusing to pay and have never refused to pay. Where do I go from here? What do I do next? Can they force me to speak on phone? Also when making a formal complaint shouldn't they work for 8 weeks to sort out not just 1 week. Any advice would be very much appreciated Thanks in advance
  14. Hi stu007 thanks for your reply. I'm sorry if it sounds like I'm not following your advice. I have asked for the full complaints policy and the others you stated the person I spoke to said they did not know what the other policy's were. In case it helps its Eden housing association. I have found their complaints policy and repairs and maintenance policy on website. But cant find the other 2. But it all seems so confusing and not sure what im looking for in it. In the repairs and maintenance policy it has a tiny piece on right to repair but just says for Minor repairs I'm not sure a window would be classed as a minor repair. Can you Help me at all to understand the policy's and give me a idea as to what I'm looking for. I'm going to write a letter of complaint in the morning. The only reason I phoned is because I have a lot going on with my son going in to hospital on Monday and trying to pack. And just wanted to find out what was going on I did not have time to start sending letters but will make time to type and send a letter in morning. Thanks again for your advice
  15. Hi every one Thanks for your replies I thought I would give you a update. Window still has not been fixed. I phoned housing association today to find out what's happening. To be told glass was never ordered. They say they will order glass today but it will be at least another 20 days until they have glass. And they are so busy that they recon they won't be able to fix before Christmas. They really don't care and won't listen. I feel so Angry. House is so cold. Rain is leaking in around wood. My youngest son goes in to hospital for surgery next Monday. He has long term health problems. . I can't bring him home to a cold house after surgery. It's costing me a fortune in heating to try and keep house warm. I have asked for their complaints procedure today and they are putting a copy in post to me. Where do I go from here.
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