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  1. Dk100uk, I posted asking for advice I did not ask for rudeness. You obviously dont have a clue what it's like to be in our situation or what it feels like to not be able to support your family or put food on table due to no fault of your own. Every night we cant sleep, i lie in bed crying not knowing how we are going to cope the next day and the next day. Feeling like a failure. Do you know what that feels like. Like I said above we have filed claims what we have been awarded is hardly any thing and not enough to live on, ask the millions of people who have had to cla
  2. We are screwed they are legally entitled to employ people, make them work and then not pay them and there is nothing illegal about that and nothing we can do. these days we are expected to work for free it's a joke. My husband worked those hours and should be paid. Benifits has nothing to do with this. We have tried to claim universal credits but its barely any thing certainly not enough to pay all Bill's or put food on table. Oh and his old employer can afford to pay him she just does not want to, i
  3. Unfortunately the extension to the furlough scheme is very misleading. You needed to be on the pay roll and employer needs to have notified to HMRC through an RTI submission by 19th march to qualify. In reality most employers dont submit RTI until end of each month. So extension means nothing and does not help new starters. my husband did not start until 16th March they had not submitted rti before the 19th. Therefore he does not qualify for furlough.
  4. I wonder if any one can give me some advice. This is a bit complicated but is the same situation with 2 different employers I will try and explain. My husband was working for a company that he had been working for for over 12 years, they started treating him badly, he became more and more un happy. In the end he felt he had no choice but to find another job and leave. He found a new job worked his notice period which according to his contract was 2 weeks then left. His last day at old Job was 15th March he started new job on 16th Marc
  5. I wonder if any one can help me I work as a head Chef for a small family run pub and hotel. I have worked there for 10 years, 6 years as sous chef then was promoted to head chef. I have always worked hard never let them down. I've not been happy for a while. The person who runs the business is very elderly and losing their mind, they can barely walk and are very controlling, they wont let any one do their job. Over the last year is has got worse and worse. They do not follow the law and think they are above the law. They
  6. Thanks every one for your replies. First ship my husband has emailed French Consulate General in Edinburgh but have not had a reply yet. ericsbrother I under stand that they need to see him to make sure the person applying for passport is that person. We have no problem with that but we have been told that honorary consulates are no longer are aloud to do passports. My husband phoned both the Liverpool and Newcastle ones and was told the only place you can get a french passport is in London now. I think it's totally unacceptable to expect you to travel hundreds of miles to other en
  7. No he does not have a national identity card as we thought they were scrapped years ago, also we did not see the point as he already had a passport. Did not realise we would have these problems renewing passport when expired. Also again to get a national identity card you have to travel to London apparently.
  8. I hope I'm posting this in right place and some one can give me some advice. My husband is french I'm British. He has lived and worked in the uk paying tax and national 8ndurance for 20 years. For the last year we have been trying to apply for settled status. But in order to Apply for settled status he needs a new French passport as his old one has expired. We have been trying to get a new french passport but have been told that he will have to travel to London as London is the only place left in uk where you can get a Frenvh passport. The problem is we live up in the north on
  9. I wonder if any one can help. My husband works as a Chef, he has been working as a chef for over 20 years. he has a medical Condition Called Menierse disease. He has had it about 5 years. It causes him to have attacks where he colapses, becomes extremely, dizzy, vomits and he can’t stand up. He has to take medication when he has a attack and ends up in bed for 3-7days. After an attack he is left feeling very tired. He does not have attacks that often, but they are normally triggered by stress, being over worked and tired among other things. His employer knows
  10. Hi, I don't want to sound stupid but what exactly do you mean by who is the rail operator of the station that refused replacement rail card. The only train that comes to this station is A Northern train. So I'm assuming Northern would be operator of that station. Is this right. If it helps I bought rail card from Windermere Railway station in the lake district Cumbria. And this is the station I went back to to try and get replacement. Lady in ticket office said there was no point talking to Northern as rail cards are national (as in can be used any where in country). She said North
  11. When I spoke to rail card they said rail cards brought at train station are not put on there systems and that train stations don't have access to rail cards system. So there is apparently no way they can look it up on there system. National rail just refuse point blank to help and tell me to speak to rail card. Lady at ticket office at train station said they could apparently only look up if have rail card number. They can not look up rail card by name. It all seems very stupid to me in this day and age.
  12. I have tried asking for a partial refund and they won't do that either. Train station ticket office said they apparently can not look it up on their system without rail card no. When I contacted rail card and national rail they both told me rail cards are non refundable. And would not help I'm at a loss as to what to do. I don't see why I should have to pay out for another rail card for some thing that is not my fault and that is a issue they are well aware of.
  13. I hope I'm posting this in right place. I hope some one can help. I purchased a 1 year family and friends railcard back on 14th May 2018. So have had it nearly 6 months. I bought it at my nearest railway station. It has been well looked after and I always kept it in plastic wallet that train station gave me when bought railcard. It has never got wet, as have always kept it safe where it could not get wet from rain. I went to get it to use yesterday and was horrified to find all the information on railcard had faded and was barely readable. I went on the rail card website a
  14. I wonder if any one can help me My youngest son was meant to have a peadiatrician appointment today. We live quiet along way away from hospital and don’t have a car so have to rely on public transport. Appointment was a early morning appointment 10.30am had to leave very early to get there. Paid out £12 in taxi fares and £28 in bus fares to get there. When arrived man on reception said appointment had been cancelled as Peadiatrician had to rush back to India. He said he phoned me at 9.30 am to tell me (1 hour) before appointment at home which was too late as had already left.
  15. Bank Fodder again thank you you reply. You keep going on about recording phone calls and how I can use it as evidence against them. Do you know the laws around recording phone calls. Because as I understand it you can legally record calls but if you don't get permission from the company or person you speak to to record call you can only use it as evidence when contacting company. You would not be able to use it as evidence if for example you complained to a third party like ombudsman and certainly would not be able to use in court as evidence if you did not get permissions. I'm pretty sur
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