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  1. Hi Please DO NOT send post#10 to Housing Association as may need amended once you up date your thread. Now with the Original Email showed they spelled your name wrong in the Email Address Tut Tut Tut. They may class this as Human Error but in fact that error with your Email Address is not Human Error but Maladministration (remember that for future if any lot try to use Human Error as an excuse) it is not it is Maladministration as the individual sending that email with all your Data should have checked the Email Address was correct before hitting SEND it is that simple. Also if with that simple error you are unaware is someone on the internet may actually have that email address they sent that email to in error with your Data therefore your Data may be in the hands of an unknown individual due to there Maladministration which is a Data Protection Breach Please wait as mention will need to amend Post#10 adding this into it as you have the evidence to back this up. Could I ask which Housing Association this is? (please tell me it isn't Hanover Housing Association just my guess)
  2. Hi They are correct about Contents Insurance I am afraid but if you were never informed of this especially since you entered this via the Homelessness Scheme you can challenge but ultimately they will just pass the buck to there public liability insurer to deal with as you can see from there response. The way whoever is dealing with your complaint is more than likely a ruddy housing officer put in the complaint team for that response as they really should have put that response better except they have opened it up to be challenged Could you clarify if the incorrect email address they sent to this to was an old one you had? Some of there response is well lacking so lets see how to challenge it: Dear Sir/Madam As you as Dealing with my Formal Complaint at the Stage 1 Process of the Complaints Procedure I would expect you to have full access to your own Housing Associations Systems/Access to those responsible to give you the relevant information to respond properly to a Formal Complaint. I was placed in this Tenancy via the Homelessness Scheme which if you investigated this complaint you should be aware of. I find your response about damage/destroyed items that you would not be able to look into this as this happened 2 years ago but all tenants regardless of private or social housing are responsible for arranging their own contents insurance. When was I made aware of this via the homelessness scheme on taking up this Tenancy Agreement as it should have been formally recorded on my Housing File that I was informed of this which you should have full access to? I find the above response disgraceful as anyone taking up a Tenancy Agreement should be fully advised/informed of the benefit of taking out Contents Insurance which I was not and require clarification if any New Tenant as part of the process of taking up a New Tenancy Agreement with yourself is made fully aware/ of this? You state multiple properties throughout the are were affected by sewage flood on the same day and the issue will have stemmed from the mains, which is not our responsibility. I find the above statement far reaching as you have blamed the mains without providing any evidence this was the case to therefore state not your responsibility. So I required evidence from yourself of the statement that it was the Mains that was responsible for this sewage flooding? Your response about how many complaints have been made by residents in relation to this issue is that your systems does not allow you to find that information is why? Then to state you are under no obligation to share that information so you are therefore not being Open and Accountable nor have you stated as you should be fully aware that I can make this request under The Freedom of Information Act so why have you failed to inform me as a Service User of that and what is your process for making such a request under that Act? Why does someone dealing with such a Formal Complaint not have access to my Tenancy Agreement as you should to deal with this complaint that you have had to ask the Housing Officer to provide this to myself, so how could you actually check my Tenancy Agreement that I signed or my Housing File to deal with this Complaint?
  3. Hi I do again have to agree with BazzaS on this. Irrespective that you state the GP has never said they think there is no capacity have you actually confirmed this in writing with the GP that your Brother has Capacity and more importantly your Brother has Capacity to understand and sign letters/Documents. Without Power of Attorney nor Deputyship in place and with your Brother having a Diagnosis of Dementia you are going to find it very difficult to deal with your Brothers affairs properly right down to this Medical issue with the GP. I am afraid and if you do not answers the questions asked of you properly it is going to be very difficult to assist you.
  4. Hi As someone who's own Father had a similar scenario and I had PoA was admitted to hospital, then sectioned, then moved to care home for assessment, outcome needs 24/7 care, moved to care home, july 2021 confirmed diagnoses of Vascular Dementia. When it comes to Finances as PoA my best advice no matter what your Mother says is DO NOT Transfer any Money from her Account to your own as this could be seen as you either trying to hide/steal money especially if you need to apply for funding for there care. You also need to be aware that when it comes to the financial side you need to keep a record of absolutely every penny with receipts/invoices etc. and this will be asked for on a Financial check by the Public Guardians Office. As stated by others you need to go to your Mothers bank with your Original PoA Document (so they can copy the original which goes to the banks Legal Team to check) if no issues you are then registered on your Mothers Bank Account and can get a Credit Card for that Account/Online Banking etc. You need to basically keep a record of every single penny the goes out of your Mothers Bank Account. Never as PoA transfer Money from there Bank Account to your own Bank Account. You need to have a good read of what you need to do as PoA: Office of the Public Guardian - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK The Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) helps people in England and Wales to stay in control of decisions about their health and finance and make... As for your Father as stated by other do you have Power of Attorney (PoA) for your Father? If you Do Not have PoA then you may need to consider applying for Deputyship so you can deal with there affairs. (have a wee look at this link) Deputies: make decisions for someone who lacks capacity - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK How to become and act as a Court of Protection deputy - eligibility, responsibilities, how to apply, fees, supervision and when your deputyship...
  5. Hi You follow it up with another letter ensuring to get free proof of posting from the post office and you refer to your initial complaint letter and as to date you have had no response they have failed to comply with their own complaints procedure and this matter has passed the Stage 1 Time Limit and should now be treated as a Stage 2 Complaint.
  6. Hi Could I also mention my concern is you point out that the actual Owner of the building has passed all the maintenance/upkeep etc of that building onto her Brother that lives in the building but did the actual owner notify your Mother in writing of this change as legally required? If the above was not done (i.e. only verbally) then your Mother needs to write to the Actual Owner of the Building requesting clarification if writing that she the Owner of the Building has passed these responsibilities onto her Brother that lives at XYZ Address. (your Mother needs a paper trail of all this) I also agree that as your Mother is named of the Building Commercial Insurance then she should be entitled to a copy of that Policy especially since she is paying 50% of that policy. I would also consider sending them a Subject Access Request (SAR) asking for 'ALL DATA' that simple phrase covers which ever format they hold that Data in whether it be recorded telephone calls, writing, email etc. and it is FREE to do so and they then have 30 Calendar Days to comply but that time limit only starts once they have acknowledged receipt of your SAR Request
  7. Hi I am sorry to say that I have to agree with The GodMother. It is your responsibility to ensure that you End your Tenancy properly and until those Keys for the Old Property were in the Hands of the Landlord/Letting Agent then you still had a legal Tenancy Agreement running until that date of Keys handed back. So irrespective of the New Tenancy Agreement Date, bank statements etc you had not Legal handed back your old property as the key were not handed back until a certain date and that certain date is what was given to the old Council. Your old Council are correct as they are going off the date given to them by Landlord/Letting Agent which by what you have stated is the date you legally handed back your keys which until you did hand these back you still had a tenancy agreement going for that old property. I am afraid the Landlord/Letting Agent are not in the wrong here with the date they gave the Council for when you Ended your Old Tenancy Agreement as it was the date you eventually handed the keys back which is the date that Tenancy Agreement Legally Ended. For future reference you must ensure that you always End your Tenancy Agreement properly and when given a date for it to end that includes handing back the Keys to that property otherwise this scenario happens
  8. HI Ah that little lets downgrade it to a Stage 1 Complaint so it looks like wee dealt with it properly if the Regulator looks at our books/files. It's a tactic Housing Association use even my own recently tried that and I refused to let them get away with it. So you respond to the Customer Service Manager NOT BY PHONE unless you can record the call. To Customer Service Manager Following our telephone conversation on XX/XX/2021 reference my Formal Complaint you informed me that my Complaint was being dealt with as a Stage 1 Complaint. I find this unacceptable as this Complaint was made via T&C online Portal with Acknowledgement receipt from T%C of my Complaint in July 2021 and T&C have now only decided to deal with this after I recently had to Hand Deliver (16th Sept 2021) that Complaint to your Office which is unacceptable. Therefore T&C have had from July 2021 to resolve this Complaint as per your own Stage 1 Complaint procedure and I quote: Stage 1: Your complaint will be allocated to a member of staff who will contact you within 2 working days to discuss your complaint and understand the problem. We aim to resolve complaints within 10 working days, but sometimes investigations can take longer. In this case we’ll let you know, keep you updated and agree a timescale for our response with you. As the above has not been carried out and was only acted upon as previously stated when I hand delivered my Complaint again on 16th Sept 2021 to your Office this is not a Stage 1 Complaint as T&C have Failed to carryout the above Stage 1 Complaint Procedure since July 2021 therefore my Complaint should be Escalated to a Stage 2 Complaint as per your own Complaints Procedure. If T%C refuse to escalate this Complaint to Stage 2 I require full Clarification as to why.
  9. Veteran suicide figures to be recorded for the first time READ MORE HERE: Veteran suicide figures to be recorded for the first time - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK A new method for recording veteran suicides in England and Wales has been announced today by the government.
  10. Hi linzie Sorry but I have to agree with BazzaS as on one hand you point out they have Dementia then on the other hand say they have Capacity. You need to be very careful dealing with this due to the above. Have you done anything of considering obtaining Deputyship? (this would resolve these issues and keep things legal protecting both you and your brother) Deputies: make decisions for someone who lacks capacity - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK How to become and act as a Court of Protection deputy - eligibility, responsibilities, how to apply, fees, supervision and when your deputyship...
  11. Now this is only if you are Disabled. 1. Register with there Priority Services Register. 2. If you are having issues with reading the meters whether it be Electricity or Gas you may be able to get these moved and the should be Free of Charge have a wee read of this link from Association of Meter operator: (go to 'I am Disabled and cannot read my meter, can I get it moved?) FAQs - Association of Meter Operators METEROPERATORS.ORG.UK I am Disabled myself and used the above as my condition changed I could no longer read my meters in the position they were in and asked using the above for them to be moved and changed to something I could actually read easier and my energy supplier done this without an issue and free of charge.
  12. Hi You are more than welcome and am glad that you are happy with the resolution and got your refund. Your Donation is appreciated. I would still also consider having a wee chat with the RSPCA as you have the evidence from the Vets of the poor condition of the animal that you purchased and received from this business although the animal has been returned and a refund given.
  13. Reptasia UK Ltd Company Number: 11613589 Register Office Address: Unit 12 Rankine Road, Basingstoke, England, RG24 8GE Company Status: Active Company Type: Private Limited Company Incorporated: 9th October 2018 Accounts Overdue Directors: Luke Malcolm Fines (appointed 9th October 2018) Companies House link: REPTASIA UK LTD overview - Find and update company information - GOV.UK FIND-AND-UPDATE.COMPANY-INFORMATION.SERVICE.GOV.UK REPTASIA UK LTD - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return... Reptasia Vivariums Ltd Company Number: 13295598 Registered Office Address: Unit 12 Rankine Road, Basingstoke, England, RG24 8GE Company Status: Active Company Type: Private Limited Company Incorporated: 26th March 2021 Directors: Luke Fines Companies House link: REPTASIA VIVARIUMS LTD overview - Find and update company information - GOV.UK FIND-AND-UPDATE.COMPANY-INFORMATION.SERVICE.GOV.UK REPTASIA VIVARIUMS LTD - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual... Reptasia Ltd Company Number: 08438711 Registered Office Address: 34-36 Peabody Road, Farnborough, Hampshire, GU14 6EY Company Status: Dissolved Company Type: Private Limited Company Incorporated: 21st August 2018 Directors: Luke Malcolm Fines Companies House link: REPTASIA LTD overview - Find and update company information - GOV.UK FIND-AND-UPDATE.COMPANY-INFORMATION.SERVICE.GOV.UK REPTASIA LTD - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return, officers... For Info The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018: The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulations 2018 WWW.LEGISLATION.GOV.UK These Regulations provide for the licensing of persons involved in England in selling animals as pets, providing or arranging for the provision of boarding...
  14. Hi I have to agree with Bankfodder on the Issuing of the Section 21 Notice. Send it by both: Recorded Delivery (keep the receipt in a safe place) Send it by normal post ensuring to get Free Proof of Posting from the Post Office (keep the receipt in a safe place)
  15. Hi with the list dx100uk has asked in post#9 could you add which companies are chasing each debt. They also need to have a wee check of their Credit File to see what show up on it with these debts it can be done free but you need to register with them to do so and it needs to be who you are helping that does it. credit karma: Credit Score & Credit Reports at Credit Karma™ UK WWW.CREDITKARMA.CO.UK
  16. @Redex1 Thank you for your response to my post#16 of: "Into the hands of America?" Just to be clear if you do not answer Caggers questions so you can get the help you need without comments like above Caggers are not going to give the advice you need to help if they are going to get a response like that. If you do not take responsibility for this as the vehicle is impounded the cost will add up and if it ends up and I do only say ends up being scrapped just as an example only that add more costs which will not go away as they will come after you to pay these costs. Have a good read of this Trading Standards Institute Advice link: Trading Standards Institute Advice | Used motor vehicles: your rights | London Borough of Bromley WWW.BROMLEY.GOV.UK London Borough of Bromley Used motor vehicles: your rights From the above link read the following: Do you have the same protection when buying a car? Mileage, service books and MOTs Tax Key Legislation When you state new purchased car in your first post could you clarify the following: 1. Was this a Private Sale? 2. If it was a Private Sale was it in Person or via the Internet? 3. What Documents did you sign when you purchased the vehicle and do you have i.e. a Vehicle Bill of Sale (private seller) ? 4. If it was done via the internet did you take screenshots at all? 5. Did you do any checks on the vehicle before purchasing i.e. MOT history, Logbook, HPI Check
  17. Hi Redex1 Please answer the questions asked of you. Irrespective of what you say you need to fully read my post#9. From your post#13 I take it you Do Not have the V5C please correct me if I am wrong? You also stating you have no money left so how were you going to get that vehicle up to MOT standard and to Tax the vehicle? You need to remember you parked this vehicle on a Public Highway untaxed and it has been Uplifted and Impounded and if you do not follow the link posted in my post#9. Other people having there space back, your disabled travel pass, riot van has absolutely nothing to do with your present situation with your vehicle been impounded due to been untaxed. You need to stop and take a breather and answer the questions asked without any waffle if you want to get any advice to assist you
  18. Hi Have you also considered having a wee chat with the RSPCA on this matter mainly because the animal you got was suppose to be health but as you have found out has a lot of medical conditions. Yes it won't help you get a refund but it will raise the issue with the RSPCA of the condition of animals this business is selling.
  19. The GodMother Has made a good point in checking with the Council to see if said Tenant is being paid Housing Benefit (yes they may not tell you due to DPA). If said Tenant has been getting Housing Benefit and not paying the rent the Council will want answers from said Tenant and they may and I only say may ask you the Landlord for a statement to the effect that they were not paying rent from date to date. The point on the stop on evictions has ended but yes there will be a massive backlog for the Courts
  20. I think the Redex1 needs to deal with this properly instead of trying to look for different angles to get out of it which there are NONE. The Vehicle was parked on a Public Highway with NO TAX NOR MOT and was not declared SORN the DVLA vehicle with cameras caught the Vehicle it was then Clamped and a BIG sticker placed on the Vehicle stating it was not taxed with the inf32. This gives you the option to deal with it rapidly before said Vehicle is Uplifted and impounded. Irrespective that you are a new learner driver you have to abided by the Law. Get a clamped or impounded vehicle released - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Find out how much you have to pay and where you have to collect your vehicle from if it's been clamped or impounded
  21. Hi At the Top always title your letter 'FORMAL COMPLAINT'. in the Reference; remove complaint stage 2 and insert Formal Complaint raised July 2021 via Online Portal in your very last paragraph add at the end: Due to this it has passed the stage 1 complaint process time limit with no update nor response and should now be treated as a Stage 2 Complaint as per your own Complaints Policy. I also require to know if this Repair is a Qualifying Repair under the Right to Repair Scheme and if so for a copy of that Policy and for a list of your nominated Contractors. I fully understand that COVID-19 has affected all Housing Associations but the Government Restrictions in place did not stop you from updating your service users on what was happening with there repairs nor did it suspend Housing Legislation.
  22. This is only to do with the Navy Pension only which if medically Discharged will show on your yearly statement that it is none taxable. ( I assume you are on about the Army Pension) What does not show in the Navy Pension yearly statement is the TYPE of Navy Pension i.e. if you obtained it due to being Medically Discharged and the important bit the Navy/MOD have admitted Liability for your injury therefore it is Attributable to your Service and is classed as a Attributable Service Pension. The important part is Attributable Service Pension and the only way to find out and to get it in writing to then challenge the Council is to contact the Veterans Agency and ask them if your Navy Pension is classed as a Attributable Service Pension/Service Attributable Pension and if so for them to put it in writing to yourself. Note the above is nothing to do with AFPS 75 but specifically your Navy Pension when Medically Discharged which is Non Taxable. My own 3 year fight on HB & CTB ended up a lot more than 6 figures including compensation back and to be honest I was stunned when I started getting the cheques and had to confirm they were correct before putting them in the bank.
  23. I have to agree DO NOT pay any Service Charge increase asked for verbally as it must Legally be given to you in writing with and appeal/challenge process if you disagree with that increase. If Mrs K does it again verbally just inform her that you have taken legal advice and any increase must be put in writing and until you get this in writing as legally required you will only pay what you are presently paying. Please Name the Company or better post the Companies House link here I would also send the Company a Subject Access Request (SAR) which they have 30 Calendar days to respond and that time limit only starts once they have acknowledged receipt and do not ask for further ID to prove your identity. Make sure and use this simple phrase 'ALL DATA' that cover whatever format they hold that data in whether ir be email, writing, recorded calls etc. Right of access ICO.ORG.UK Individuals have the right to access their personal data. This is commonly referred to as subject access. Couple of other links: https://www.tpos.co.uk/ Home Page WWW.THEPRS.CO.UK The Property Redress Scheme is a government approved consumer redress scheme for estate, lettings and property agents. When to contact the redress scheme - The Leasehold Advisory Service WWW.LEASE-ADVICE.ORG Introduction From 1 October 2014, anyone engaged in property management work in England became required by law to belong to […] Solve a residential property dispute - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK Apply to the tribunal about a rent increase decision, changes to a lease or a decision about a council house, park home or caravan, in England First-tier Tribunal (Property Chamber) - GOV.UK WWW.GOV.UK We’re aware of people receiving fraudulent calls from telephone numbers mimicking genuine court or tribunal numbers. This is a scam. The callers...
  24. Hi I do see where you are coming from as the NHS just do not understand how Veterans/Ex Forces operate and deal with things totally different to the your normal civi. IMO the biggest mistake the Government done in there wonderful cutbacks and the MOD allowed it was to get rid of the Military Hospitals. As for my own experience with the NHS with my back injury due to service (18 years) I was made to feel like I was a total nut job until I blew up at them in the Pain Clinic informed my GP (who was ex forces) and he referred my to a different Pain Clinic and the treat there was totally different I was actually listened too after a couple of months referred for emergency MRI Scans the onto Orthopedic Specialist. Outcome was saw Orthopedic Surgeon and was Diagnosed with Arachnoditis of the spine (basically all the nerve endings which are separate and surround the spine mine are joined together in one big clump) causing pain 24/7 due to the back injury with no surgical intervention that can be done as it is to dangerous. As for how I won my HB & CTB fight ( bear in mind I was Medically Discharged and recevied a War Disablement Pension and my Army Pension which was classed as Attributable to Service so was titled a Service Attributable Pension and not taxable) What the Council did with my Army Pension (Service Attributable Pension is classed it as an Occupation Pension therefore classed it as income and refused me the benefit of HB & CTB. My fight was my Army Pension is not an Occupation Pension as I was Medically Discharged and it is classed as an Attributable Service Pension therefore is classed as the same as my War Disablement Pension which is exempt and not classed as income. They fought me tooth and nail and everything they threw at me I had an answer for and the got that desperate they went to COSLA for advice. I ended up having a meeting in the Council Board Room where they tried everything so they could walk out but it back fired on them and they ended up giving me a full apology, changed the councils policies, they had to look at every veteran on record for the same pension. and I had a considerable amount of money refunded (3 years worth plus compensation) and I will admit I was shocked when I got the cheque's at the amount As for your situation it would depend on if you were Medically Discharged and the type of Army Pension you have. The Private Pension you mention I assume this is not forces related so yes the Council would class the Private Pension as Income for HB & CTB sadly. (please correct me if I am wrong)
  25. It actually is not just up to that limit is the bear minimum which it does not mention. All you do with each of the repairs you have mentioned is ask is each of these are a qualifying repair under the Right to Repair Scheme. If they respond that certain repairs or certain ones are you then have ammunition to use against them as to why they did not tell you that when you reported the repair initially as they are required to do so. (see where I am coming from you use it against them) It is the same as there failure to respond to your complaint about the damage to your shed and the health & safety issue of the tiles falling off the roof that caused that damage and could have seriously injured anyone in that area. IMO you need to approach the damage to your shed and the health & safety aspect of that first and to get the policies I mentioned previously as that will assist you with dealing with the other outstanding repair issues.
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