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  1. Hi As you are a Director of the Small Company have a wee look at this link: https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/dividing-business-interests-on-divorce-or-dissolution
  2. Hi They have acknowledge receipt of your SAR so irrespective that they need to confirm ID the 30 days has started for them to comply with your SAR request. As for the ID, I would simple do as you initially did to request this and ask for clarification as to what they require to confirm said ID. Dear Data Controller Reference: (if a ref given in their letter put here) Further to your letter dated XX/XX/2019, I require further clarification exactly what information you require if you need to 'Confirm my Identity' as this information has not been provided in your letter. Yours Sincerely
  3. Hi You DO Not have to ask them for specific information in a SAR just ask them for 'ALL DATA' That little phrase covers everything no matter what format it may be held in by the respective company/business/charity/council/housing association etc.
  4. Hi I am sure the ICO may be interested in this as well as you have asked for relevant documentation with the full authority of said person in writing and they have basically refused. Just a daft question when you asked for this information did you enclose a copy of said letter of authority so there was no question you could act on there behalf? Anyway there ICO Registration Number is: ZA248972 ICO Link: https://ico.org.uk/ESDWebPages/Entry/ZA248972 If 30 Calendar Days have passed since they acknowledge your request for said information and they have refused complaint to the ICO: https://ico.org.uk/make-a-complaint/ Please Do Not go near there offices as you have found out from your last post this lot are playing hard ball. Anything you do you put it in writing only, ensuring to keep a copy and get proof of posting, keep a good paper trail.
  5. Hi Something else to consider looking at the Estate Agents website (go to the very bottom of the webpage) you will see 2 logos of bodies they are registered with. Residential Landlords Association (RLA): https://www.rla.org.uk/ RLA Code of Conduct: https://www.rla.org.uk/about/code-of-conduct.shtml The Property Ombudsman: https://www.tpos.co.uk/ https://www.tpos.co.uk/consumers/can-i-complain-intro You could consider making a complaint to the registered bodies
  6. Hi 1. What type of Tenancy Agreement did you have? 2. How long was the Agreement for? 3. Did you give them proper notice to quit as per your tenancy agreement? 4. Did the Estate Agency agree to you moving out and mention any costs? (do you have this in writing) 5. Was a Check Out done when you moved from the property? (do you have a copy of this in writing) 6. When you moved from the Property was the Estate Agency aware of your new address?
  7. Hi As this is to do with Gas when was your last Gas Safety Cetificate issued? (you should have been given a copy) anyone working on that on Gas need to be registered with Gas Safety Register: https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/ (you can ask for there ID and check them out as well on the above link to ensure they are actually registered) Have a look at this link as well: https://www.gassaferegister.co.uk/help-and-advice/renting-a-property/ Landlord and Tenant Act 1985: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/ukpga/1985/70 Is your Estate Agent registered with a Redress Scheme? https://www.gov.uk/redress-scheme-estate-agencies I would contact the Councils Dept that deals with Private Renting and inform them of your issue and what the SAR has revealed also if the Landlord if registered with them. (most now have to be registered with the relevant council) Something else to note is the Estate Agent has been contracted by the Landlord(LL) to carry out this service on behalf of the LL, ultimately the buck stops with the LL
  8. Who is the Estate Agent? I would also report this to the Local Council as the HMO needs to be registered and inform them of Estate Agents Actions at the same time checking they are actually registered as an HMO. If not already done so I would also report the missing items as stolen to the Police.
  9. Hi You need to challenge this with the Housing Association. 1. Have you been a tenant the entire time with this Housing Association from the disputed Rent Arrears to date? 2. Have you had any previous Rent Arrears issue with the HA previous to these disputed Rent Arrears? Make a Subject Access Request to them for 'ALL DATA'. Also in writing make sure to keep copies and get proof of posting as for the following: 1. Rent Statements for XX/XX/XXXX to XX/XX/XXXX (the period in dispute) 2. Customer Care/Standards Policy (not the leaflet) 3. Rent & Service Charge Policy (not the leaflet) 4. Rent Arrears Policy (not the leaflet) 5. Complaints Policy (not the leaflet) (note the Policies when you get them make sure they were in force during the dispute period, check for a date when they were approved, if after the dispute period ask them for the correct dated one's) If you have been a tenant of this Housing Association all this time including the rent arrears period then they have had ample time in which to inform you of the Arrears and should have followed their own Rent Arrears Policy in doing so. Sounds like Maladministration by your Housing Association
  10. Does the documentation that they signed for that vehicle state those as it is important if it did state 'Trade Sale'. Was it explained by the Trader that the vehicle if purchased was as a 'Trade Sale'?
  11. Hi I assume this is private housing and she has been in the present flat share for 3 yrs so here tenancy agreement is more than likely a periodic tenancy now as the fixed term has expired (this is me guessing) What tenancy agreement did they sign for the flat share and do they have a copy? They need to look at what social housing is in the area i.e. council housing, housing association, housing trusts etc and get there application forms and fill them out and send them back to each. This way they get there name added to the waiting list for housing but if they move they must inform each of that move otherwise they may be removed from that list as contactable ( most review there lists each year and send confirmation to the application address unless updated, if no response removed from list)
  12. HI I do hope the Landlord has put this request to you in writing if not make sure and ask for it in writing. (you want to keep a paper trail just in case) Does seems a bit strange so the first thing I would do is speak to the tenancy deposit scheme your deposit is protected in to make sure it is actually in that scheme and the amount. (you should have been given a copy of the prescribed terms of the scheme the deposit is in). Then ask if the Landlord is allowed to does what you have posted. get it all in writing.
  13. Hi Tom Welcome to CAG Any warranty given is in addition to your consumer rights from point of sale and never superceeds your consumer rights. The issue you have from what the company has refered to that you signed is not just the no refund but importantly it states 'Trade Sale'. Have you checked the documentation sign for that vehicle by this trader and does is say 'Trade Sale' & 'No Refund'. With the vehicle what is the: Make? Model? Mileage? Year of Manufacture? What checks did Green Flag do on you vehicle? (do you have documentation from them) Who is the Trader? if you don't want to name them here you can PM a Site Team Member. Please be patient I am sure other will be along to assist
  14. Hi You have been given some excellent advice Could I just ask as your mother due to her medical condition is classed as SMI do you have Power of Attorney (POA) for your mother? When you initially informed the council you were living in the property as your mothers carer did they send out a Change in Circumstances Form for you to complete or a blank new Council Tax form to fill in? Challenging a Council can be very difficult especially if they know they are in the wrong but don't want to admit it and dig there heels in and throw any confusing dribble at you in the hope you will go away. I fought my own council for over 4 yrs as refused council tax reduction, outcome they lost big time and had to pay back 4 yrs CTR & £££££££ compensation. I do agree you could do with help locally to assist you in challenging this with the council. (in your search engine just type 'carers south gloucestershire') contact them and just explain you are a carer for mother who is smi and council tax issue and if they would be able to help or point you to someone else) I would also recommend that you need to write to the council and place this in-dispute (title letter 'Formal Complaint Council Tax') and make such and keep a copy and get free proof of posting. (do not contact them by phone put everything in writing, you need to keep a good paper trail of evidence) Note: the reason I say to place this in dispute is when you get there acknowledgement of receipt of your complaint what comes into force is they need to use the legislation / Regulations that were in force at the date of councils acknowledgement letter. (if they then try to use any updates / changes made to that legislation/regulation after that date it's a no no as they were not in force at the date of your complaint but they will always try as people are unaware of this)
  15. Hi Sorry you haven't had many response please be patient. Now you say you are leasehold as is the neighbour below. How are you sure it was that neighbour holding up the roof repairs due to refusal to pay? Who is the Freeholder/Managing Agent for the Properties? What Action is the Freeholder/Managing Agent for the properties doing about the Roof Repairs? (have you raised your issue with them?)
  16. Hi They are using the tactic of since you the guarantor contacted them let play the fear of a big bill for supposed damages. (your son should really be dealing with this as they were the Tenant but I can understand why you have intervened as guarantor) You need to put them to strict proof of these supposed damages. 1. Exactly what evidence have they provided of these damages? (photographic etc.) not just a letter with costings 2. Have they provided copies of quotes from contractors for rectification of said damage? or is this there own. 3. Do you have a copy of the Tenancy Agreement & the Guarantor paperwork you signed? (if not SAR to them requesting it and a copy of the Tenancy Deposit Prescribed Terms) (if you do have a copy of the tenancy agreement what does it say about fair wear and tear if anything) Just my opinion but the impression I get is they are trying to get you to pay for these supposed damages without going via the Tenancy Deposit Scheme. If you and you son have not already done so I would recommend that you immediately contact the Tenancy Deposit Scheme that the Deposit was placed in and inform them that you are in dispute with the Landlord/Estate Agent. Also was your son give a copy of the prescribed terms of that Tenancy Deposit Scheme that the Deposit is protected in as required?
  17. Hi You say you vacated the property in 2007. Was the Tenancy Agreement for the Council Property in Joint Names? If the Tenancy Agreement was in Joint Names did you inform the Council Housing of you vacating the property in 2007 and to remove your Name from the Agreement and they responded? (note if rent arrears at the time they will not remove you from the tenancy agreement if in joint names as both are liable for the arrears) Were you aware of the Rent Arrears at the time? (if so was a payment plan in place?) You need to dispute this with the council housing by making a 'Formal Complaint' in writing and title it as such (they need to record formal complaints on there records) You dispute the Rent Arrears for period XX/XX/XXXX to XX/XX/XXXX due to this I require the following: 1. Customer Care/Standards Policy (not the leaflet) 2. Rent arrears Policy covering period XX/XX/XXXX to XX/XX/XXXX (not the leaflet) 3. Copies of Rent Statements covering period XX/XX/XXXX to XX/XX/XXXX 4. Copy of the Signed Tenancy Agreement covering period XX/XX/XXXX to XX/XX/XXXX
  18. D-Day 75: Veterans to be saluted by land, sea and air in June READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/d-day-75-veterans-to-be-saluted-by-land-sea-and-air-in-june
  19. Grenfell environmental checks: update on forthcoming community consultation events READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/grenfell-environmental-checks-update-on-forthcoming-community-consultation-events
  20. Terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/terrorist-attacks-in-sri-lanka
  21. Hi 1. Do you have a letter in writing from said family member giving you authority to speak on there behalf with there GP Practice in any and all matters and has the GP Surgery been giving a copy and acknowledged it? (if not sadly they will not discuss the family member with you without there express permission, patient confidentiality & data protection, which they could have explained to you) 2. The Practice Manager, after you have the above do not phone the Surgery but put it in writing that you want to discuss said family members treatment and a very brief outline and require and appointment arranged whether it be face to face or telephone (your preference). As Caggers have said you need to go via the Practice Manager (even with them being difficult that is why I say put it in writing (ensuring to get free proof of posting from the post office) as they will need to acknowledge that letter and record it on there records.
  22. Sherwood Forester and an unknown soldier buried 100 years after their deaths in the Great War READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/sherwood-forester-and-an-unknown-soldier-buried-100-years-after-their-deaths-in-the-great-war
  23. Hi Please ensure any dealings in this matter you have a good paper trail (i.e. do you have it in writing as the LL is unavailable on the 8th you must checkout on the 4th) I agree have you discussed this with the Landlord Have you paid a deposit? (if so is it protected and you were given a copy of the prescribed terms) Ensure when you move out you take photographs of the condition of absolutely everything in each room/area. inside and outside (i.e. walls, sockets, skirting, lighting, furniture, meter readings, garden etc)
  24. Hi What you mention in your post are actually two separate issues. 1. The Lift breaking down. a) Have you and other Tenants reported the above issue to the Landlord and been given a timescale that the repair may be completed) b) If no answers to above then make a Formal Complaint in writing to the Landlord following there complaints procedure. 2. You falling down the stairs for whatever reason. a) How did you fall? (were the stairs, wet, faulty i.e. gave way etc, you haven't mentioned this) b) Did you report this to the Landlord and what did they say? (have they sent anyone out to inspect the area of the stairs the incident occurred?) c) do you have a medical condition that the landlord is aware of that would prevent you using the stairs? d) were there any witnesses s to this incident? (if so have you asked them if they would do a statement for you?) e) did you take photo/video evidence of the incident area? You need to follow the Housing Association Complaint Process (please do it this way first because as soon as yo mention the word 'Claim' they will close the door as you in there eyes its went legal, just my opinion) also the HA have to log a Formal Complaint on there records which the regulator gets to see. If you do a Formal Complaint you also require the following: 1. Copy of Complaints Policy (not the Leaflet) 2. Copy of Customer Care/Standards Policy/Charter (not the Leaflet) 3. Copy of Repairs & Maintenance Policy (not the Leaflet) 4. Copy of Right to Repair Policy (not the Leaflet) 5. Clarification who the Lift Maintenance Contractor is? 5. Clarification of the lift Manufacturer and when it was installed and it's lifespan from date of installation? 6. Clarification when the last Risk Assessment on the Stairs took place an to be provided with a copy? (when you get these just take your time reading them and think to yourself 'Did They Do That', if not mark it as you are building evidence to use against them i.e. their own policies)
  25. Hi Have a wee read of this link: https://england.shelter.org.uk/housing_advice/tenancy_deposits/tenancy_deposit_protection_rules
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