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  1. everything in writing paper trails IF IT HAS TO BE PHONE then on recording with number
  2. Do you have a chequebook? (I know its old) Also are you free anytime between 10-4 M-F I know its not ideal
  3. Hi, This may be the wrong place for a thread BUT If you receive a defence, can you send a CPR 31.14 request for document mentioned in the defence, and then apply to proceed with the case only after (14) days passed or they respond OR is it only if you receive a claim I see @dx100uk thread is for when you receive a claim, but can you also do the same when you receive a defence?
  4. They will just ask you about your statement. Its NOT a general life quiz. I saw a murder trial not long ago and its just they quiz on your statement
  5. I've just noticed this so wanted to my apologies for my response to this yesterday I didn't realise his name was worry, I thought you meant worry as in be concerned not referring to his name. My apologies.
  6. Pretty good first draft Only question I have is did you use a template from this forum to write it? Parts of It just seems very familiar, and I'm concerned if TFL see people just copying and pasting stuff they've seen before it won't be as effective. If not then I'd say its good but allow others to give their feedback.
  7. Through your bank What hard copy or online sorry? Yes, chargeback has a 120 day limit though so you may be out of time. Chargeback is where your bank gets the funds from the merchant S75 is where your bank refunds you then decides to go after merchant or not
  8. Call 0300 123 5577 for hearing fee press option one everytime max 15m wait
  9. pers id ignore them yep. but dx should be along soon with another opinion
  10. FOR IF AND ONLY IT GETS TO A COURT CLAIM I've actually watched two small claims for basically an indentical situation (part of my familiarisation visit months ago). You need to have an expert or independent jewllers report that states that the fault is with the ring manufacutiring and not becuase you damaged it. Otherwise if they raise the argument that it was damaged after use, if theres no report from either of you then going off what I saw from 2 seperate district judges both were told to go away and get it and come back. Make sure you have one is the one thing I'd say otherwise I assume you'd get teh same
  11. I’m not sure for Ryanair about that sorry. Ive always just accepted the £214. Not worth fighting over £6 given how much hassle airlines are tbh
  12. Send them a letter of Claim. I’m sure that’ll hurry things along
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