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  1. History You submitted a claim on 27/03/2024 at 14:23:56 Your claim was issued on 28/03/2024 A bar was put in place for Motormart Ltd. on 15/04/2024 Motormart Ltd. filed a defence on 15/04/2024 at 01:06:0 Motormart Ltd. filed an acknowledgment of service on 15/04/2024 at 01:06:07 DQ sent to Motormart Ltd. on 16/04/2024 Date of service of 11/04/2024 for Motormart Ltd. notified on 25/04/2024 at 17:39:23 DQ filed on 16/05/2024 Case Stay Lifted on 21/05/2024 General sanctions order was made on 21/05/2024 Do we know what the delay is? I have no options within MCOL
  2. Mine was one time. They didn’t do theres. unsure why they get another 7 days warning?
  3. Case Stay Lifted on 21/05/2024 General sanctions order was made on 21/05/2024 they didnt file their questionarre on time. So they have another 7 days
  4. ok thanks, lets keep it simple then yep, no witnesses just emails he can read
  5. so I need to return the questionaire Do I go for the remediation fre eoption or straight to court? is there a guide to filling this out or do i just go with what i think? (ie. judege, get all papers, make a decision)
  6. i know, fantastic eh - Cost of repairs that did not need doing (why would you repair something that isnt broken) Also some new lies there.. two deliveries - they imply they fixed it and sent the car back - they didnt, they took it back and its up for sale! Also have all evidence of emails, confirmation of calls via email, confirmation of calls resulting in them being abusive (so resulting to email)
  7. Defence has been Filed. Acknowledgment of Service Claim number Claimant Defendant Motormart Ltd. Defendant's full name if different from the name given on the claim form Mr shahid ahmed Address to which documents about this claim should be sent Personal Details Additional contact details Intention I intend to defend part of this claim Signed I am the Defendant SHAHID 13/04/2024 Defence and Counterclaim Claim number How much of the claim do you dispute? I dispute the full amount claimed as shown on the claim form. Do you dispute this claim because you have already paid it? No, for other reasons. Defence I DISPUTE PARTS OF THE CLAIM AS WE DID WHAT THEY EXPECTED US TO DO DELIVERED THE CAR THAT COSTED DELIVERY URGENTLY WANTED US TO PICK UP THE CAR AS THEY WERE NOT HAPPY WITH A FEW THINGS WHICH WE AGREED WITH THEM TO FIX WE PROMPTLY PICKED THE CAR UP STARTED THE WORK THE DAUGHTER OF MR X SAID SHE EMAILED US SAYING THEY HAVE CHANGED THERE MIND BUT WE DID NEVER EVER GET THIS EMAIL WE LOST MONEY ON TWO DELIVERIES AND THE COST OF REPAIRS THAT DID NOT NEED DOING WE ARE NOT REFUSING TO REFUND THE AMOUNT BUT WE ONLY ACCEPT £3000 AND NOT THE AMOUNT THE ARE ASKING Signed I am the Defendant - I believe that the facts stated in this form are true SHAHID 13/04/2024
  8. Thanks Its so very unnecessarily complicated, why it doesnt give me an upload section on mcol i dont know. That and date being served and date served is again very pointless "what day did you mail it? " should be the question then its deemed served 2 days later should be automatic. Ok well its been emailed now for speed anyway
  9. Name of court - what would I put - MCOL? or Northampton County Court ? I havent been given a court yet in the MCOL dashboard You need to Update the FAQ aswell as it says an ADDITIONAL 14 days however its not within 28 days of the claim being done, its 14 days of when you fill out the mcol
  10. Box ticked to give more info of events. As above entered on MCOL: Refund of Kia Piccanto NL13 AHC . I am claiming a full refund for the Kia Piccanto reg NL13 AHC which is currently in your possession and currently available for sale. You have an obligation to refund immediately the initial payment made for this car in January 2024 Amount outstanding: £3655 Requested action: Full Refund. This should be returned to the original form of payment: Debit Card. The car was immediately returned when it was found to have multiple faults, within 30 days Under Consumer Rights Act 2015 This refund has not been completed under this act after multiple attempts to make contact and multiple promises. Detailed POC, sent to defendant today. XXX County Court (not yet known so not included) Claim no. Lxxxxxxxxx Between xxxxxx (claimant) and Motormart Ltd. Further and Better Particulars of Claim The claimant purchased a car, Kia Piccanto, for delivery, registration NL13 AHC described as good condition and good working order with MOT over the telephone. He paid the asking price. The car arrived on 12th January but had multiple issues and was not fit for purpose. The faults included: The discs and brakes as a whole are rusty, the car juddered heavily under braking and would not stop properly. A wheel nut was missing (dangerous). Cigarette lighter was not working. The Tail would not open properly and the boot cover for the release is missing meaning water can come into the car. There is also an oil leak at the top of the engine and black soot is coming out onto the driveway. None of this fits the original description of the car. Motormart Ltd.accepted the claim and picked up the vehicle on the 15th January with a note from Richard with all of the faults. As a gesture of goodwill on his part he has put £30 fuel in the car and did not wish for this back. Since then, multiple phone calls have been made in an attempt to retrieve the funds for the car. The claimant was told he would have to wait a long time for this refund, that he was a liar and now the company have blocked his phone calls Family members have since tried to converse with the company but received either verbal abuse themselves and/or blocking of their number also. The company display on google maps a picture of an AA registered garage scheme poster, however they are not registered with the AA after making a formal complaint. The claimant wished for a refund of the returned vehicle which has never been processed. I believe that the facts stated above are true
  11. can i clarify the detailed poc must be sent to the defendant If so it needs to go today 24 hour post as time is up tomorrow cheers
  12. "I will provide the defendant with separate detailed particulars within 14 days after service of the claim form." is on the base of the poc the court has sent them so I guess i must send them on asap
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