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  1. First letter ignored now its moved to WDR Solicitors on behalf of ZZPS Same threatening rubbish, court action may occur... etc.
  2. yeah but this form says you canot use an authorised copy? Is that even a legal request? can i legally apply for the cert? https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/child-benefit-claim-form-ch2 this is the form says i cany use a copy or authorised copy
  3. The mother is refusing to give up the birth certificate of the child living with me. I am applying for child credit from the govt but it says i need the birth certificate? What are my rights to obtain it? The child and I have asked numerous times, its 'lost' or 'cant be found' or 'you dont need it' We DO need it for all sorts of things, her next steps in education, ID for bank, passports etc.
  4. Yes - all asking for login details the ex has, I dont. Cant log into anything - contact us says write a letter via post. Rang the helpline, cant get through for anything other than if covid is affecting me.
  5. I received a CMS claim - it's wrong. I need to call them with the correct information - I called, due to Corona virus, they "arent taking any calls unless its about unemployment or statutory sick pay". Any other topic, refer to the self service website Go to the SSW, it says log in with a password i selected when i signed up (I didnt - the mother did) Go to "reset pin" it says again give secret passwords from initial sign up - I DIDNT SIGN UP THE MOTHER DID! Contact us - "you can write to us on the following postal address" No other
  6. Hi So, it has continued - the CEL have moved to a debt collector for the money They use ZZPS based in Surrey. So, court action isnt really their game then as they wouldnt bother with ZZPS
  7. Unfortunately, the money didnt come out, so the app said it had taken funds and a countdown time began but the money never came out of my bank, and im guessing no money into theirs means they presumed i hadnt paid!
  8. Thanks IT does look like a begging letter ATM, so ill leave it until something more demanding arrives Worth writing tot he MP and council of the area?
  9. Thanks - I dont understand the appeals bit - the money saving expert forums suggest you must appeal as it can be the easiest way to remove the claim, so i did, i didnt say I was the driver however, i skipped that part of the form I guess i should have come here first... here is the letter cheers CEL Letter.pdf
  10. So, Civil Enforcement Ltd. I used their app to pay, it said I was all paid up - went about my day. Came back in time and drove off. They say I never paid at all. I appealed via their website after the app store reviews said so many people had been done over by their app. I screenshotted it, sent them the appeal and said I had paid, i sent them screenshots of the ' location history' too (the app doesnt show invoices just where youve been) They blanket rejected it based on the fact they believed it was correct I raised this wi
  11. Ltd. company, requesting an invoice is paid. Two man band The business refuses to pay labour costs of a callout, £1500.
  12. From what Ive read on here, im going around in circles.. can someone comment? Way I see it :- 1) you send an inivoice, 14 days to pay, " i reserve to take legal action without further notice to you" written on it 2) Send a notice before action FORM (it used to just be a letter but now is this form? https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil/pdf/protocols/debt-pap.pdf 3) proceed with coourt claim after 90 days? Citzen advice here, says something else https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/law-and-courts/legal-system/taking-legal-action/small-claims/Problems-with-good
  13. So, in my area, I can SEE the mast, its vodafones. I cant however get signal many many times through the day - we have three mobile phones all on vodafone either directly or via talkmobile who resell vodafone Ive told them on the community forums, facebook ,called them up even - ive just entered into a contract and service is terrible. I feel like sending the phone back and getting a refund/new contract with EE
  14. We did complain. We were told a) nothing will be done to the employee, no warning, no telling off,b) We were told to royally F off and see you in court if you have a problem. I guess nothing can be done and we'll still keep paying them, putting money (and mints) into their pockets so they survive another day and do the same elsewhere.
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