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  1. Thank you, that is really helpful advice. He paid Goods and Services. I have all the messages we exchanged. Hopefully it will be fine, I just thought it dodgy that he's already saying he will send back if he's unhappy before he's even got the book. Why not have those conversations first. I have another book to sell too and already have quite a lot of interest. So am I best sending extra pictures of the condition to each interested person and making it clear it is sold as shown in the pictures and I won't accept refunds?
  2. Hi, I have a couple of books that have suddenly shot up in value so I have listed them on Facebook. One I listed as Offers because I wasn't sure what to price it as and included a picture and listed as "Good condition" The other I listed a price, listed as acceptable and put an extra picture of a small tear to the book. This morning around 9am a buyer messaged me, he didn't ask for more pictures or questions just offered me a price. I was happy, accepted the price. He paid straight away and I packaged up and sent Special Delivery as I just had an odd niggle in my mind about it. Not being a big seller on FB Tonight at 5pm he suddenly out of the blue said he hoped the book was in a very good condition otherwise he would be requesting a refund. Hmmm... I replied saying I had listed it as good condition not very good condition and that he had offered a price, if he had wanted any further info prior to purchase I would have happily supplied pictures or answered further questions. He's come back again and again saying I seem not to understand how PayPal works and if he is unhappy with condition he will get his refund. He hasnt even received it yet and he's scamming me I suspect! So what do I do? I looked an Abe books for their condition grades and a good condition book is described as average used worn book with no pages missing. Which fits my book exactly. In fact even their very good condition probably applies as that says no tears to spine and shows minor wear. Where do I stand? He also says he's seen it on Ebay for half the price now. So what? Isn't that just down to his own failings not mine
  3. Thanks. I am just looking at their form online and it's horrendously invasive. Way more than I think the court form was. They want how many dependents I have (which doesn't take into account a child over 18 but in higher education so we still have them as dependents. It also asks and this I really dislike how much our house was at purchase and now etc. Can I refuse that? I'm also struggling to price things like dentistry, hobbies. Stationery, house repairs, vet bills, hairdressing. What on earth do people put as cost for those? Haircuts aren't a monthly thing for us and how can you budget for some of the others? I'm so scared the bailiff will turn up tomorrow. This is making me ill. I expect to pay back the debt but they are asking way too much and will not she any compassion that I was late due to a bereavement. I'm happy to set up a direct debit and pay off the debt but at a sensible amount as we are such low income. Could I also ask for help composing the letter? Would the following work - Dear Sir/Madam Reference: Earlier this year we completed a N245 form and asked for a suspension of the warrant regarding the above claim. We completed an income and expenditure form and offered to make a payment of £xx.xx per month, which we knew we could just about manage. We were granted a suspension but at a high figure which we did query but were told it was down to Restons to agree if we required a lower amount. At first we managed to pay the amount but in September our mortgage went up at the same time our benefits went down. The drop in income is now making it harder for us to pay the higher amount. I am writing to ask if it would be possible for the court to grant a further variation due to the above and return the amount to £xx. Xx per month which we believe is more manageable, pursuant to CPR40. 9A (2) and 40.9A(3b). In addition we received news that a very close relative was terminally ill and due to having to nurse them and deal with their subsequent death we were behind on recent payments. Although we have now cleared all arrears Restons solicitors have been granted the removal of the suspension. We would ask the court to???
  4. Yes and I can't quite remember the wording but it was something like having reviewed our I and E Reston wanted it set at the higher amount and the court agreed. Which seemed stupid as we clearly have nothing left to offer and in fact since then our mortgage has gone u too. The court woman said if we didn't think it was acceptable we should tsk t Reston again. Great...
  5. Thank you for your reply. I can't remember the number but it was to suspend the order and arrange a monthly plan. The court suspended the warrant and agreed the monthly figure. Although it was higher than I had asked for. I didn't defend it because they had already obtained it by the time I found out about it.
  6. Hi So long story short - Had a Vanquis credit card on which the credit limit just kept going up. As we were on low incomes the debt gradually went up and up and we ended up owing about 3500. Cabot took over the debt and began chasing, eventually it seems Reston got it and the next thing we knew they had gotten a warrant of execution. We managed to get that suspended by filing in whatever form it was. We offered an amount per month but the court agreed a figure around 20 per month higher. Manageable or only just if I'm honest. I was paying over the phone but a close relative was unexpectedly diagnosed seriously ill and subsequently died recently and I've missed a couple of payments because I was at the hospice endlessly and in a state. No excuse I know but there you go. I had a letter from the court to say they will now execute the warrant and a bailiff will call. I called Reston to explain and paid the missing payments over the phone. They say they would consider a repayment plan but now want a I and e form. Completed again before they will consider it. I'm trying to pull the figures together ASAP but now I've had a letter from the court today saying a bailiff could call as early as tomorrow. Please help. Can I do anything? I can just afford to pay the amount they got per month and will set up a direct debit but will they agree or is it too late? Do I fill in the I and e form. Or are they just fishing for more cash
  7. No we don't smoke, drink or do anything really so there was no overspending. Because there genuinely is no spare cash with a family of five.
  8. No I didn't want to speak to them until I'd had some advice. I was so shellshocked as it's double what we offered.
  9. Hi I was wondering if you have any ideas what my next step should be? Many thanks
  10. Bumping for support please? What should I do now?
  11. I've heard back and thought the creditor didn't accept My offer the court has suspended the order as long as I pay £56 a month! So double what I offered. Can they just so that? My I & E clearly showed I don't have that kind of money
  12. I'm pretty sure there were lots of charges towards the end. But as its already been ccj'd would I have any comeback?
  13. Yes, I've allowed myself £20 in there under housekeeping. I want to explain to them that I hope this will eventually go up once I'm well enough to find full time work again. Even if they could accept this for the first few months.
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