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  1. My son has a Samsung Galaxy S4 on PAYG which was locked to Orange when he bought it 2 years ago. He has requested the Network Unlock Sim from Orange as he wants to change providers to Vodafone. He paid the £10.00 admin fee and waited. This was over a month ago and every time he rings them he gets a different excuse or fob off as to when he will receive the code. The second call he made after waiting 10 working days for the code, he was told the IMEI number had been taken down wrong by Orange, and he will have to wait another 10 working days for a new code. Yesterday he was told he would be ema
  2. Thank you rebel11 we'll get back onto K&Co and let you know what they say.
  3. We are having problems with K&Co while we try to get them to agree to us making smaller repayments while I am unemployed. We started with Empire pre 1997 which eventually became K&Co. We have been in constant contact with them via email to explain my current situation and asked if they would reduce the repayments to an affordable amount during this difficult time. They have been less than helpful, insisting we keep up the repayments and adding a £12.00 late payment charge each month when we don't make the required payment amount. We are not disputing the f
  4. My son has the above phone from EE on PAYG. It is less than 12 months old and has developed a problem. It freezes on the Samsung screen. It has been seen by a Samsung repair centre who replaced the software and checked it thoroughly before returning it to us. He downloaded Facebook and Twitter and put his photo's back on. The same problem has happened again. This time I took it back to the EE shop we bought it from, explained what was wrong with it, showed them the card Samsung gave us and asked for a replacement phone. The person I spoke to said they will not replace it
  5. Thank you Ford. Letter will be posted on Monday and then wait for their next letter.
  6. We have now received this letter saying Capquest are in the process of arranging a doorstep agent visit. They are also offering us a settelment figure. No CA has been provided as we have requested from Capquest and Halifax. We have already advised Capquest this is in serious dispute.
  7. Yes please BRIGADIER2JCS a letter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the help.
  8. A "One Time Solution!", an offer of a 30% payment to my account with every payment I make! Must end soon on the 01 September 2013! Well this sounds great, I could do with a new three piece suite so where's the leaflet with nice, shiny furniture? Oh, one minute. My wife is saying from her bunker that it's a letter from capquest saying our account is being prepared for legal action, hence her being in the bunker. All phone calls have been added to our blocked numbers list. This is a very old, 20yrs+ account with no CA.When we wrote to Halifax asking for the CA for this account, the
  9. OK, guess we can 'file' it with the rest then. My bin is getting a little overwieght due to the number of capquest letters we keep feeding it.
  10. The original creditor was Halifax who we have asked repeatedly to provide a CA but none has been provided. We believe this is because the account is 20 years old. This was last acknowledged in 2011. We had a letter saying they had purchased the account from Halifax and could now legally pursue it. We have also been receiving numerous phone calls but have not answered any. Only on one occasion did they leave a message. Are we correct in thinking that they cannot access all our financial information including our current bank, which is not the Halifax?
  11. We received this letter from Capquest today and just a little worried with the wording of it. They say as they are the legal owners of the debt they can obtain regular updates from the credit reference bureaux regarding our current financial position. Are they right in saying this as I thought this information would be covered by the data protection act. Any help and advice would be appreciated.
  12. Last year between Sept/Oct we received a letter from HMRC saying we have been overpaid CTC because we hadn't told them our son had left further education. We told them in July he had left college, but they said they couldn't do anything to change our claim until September and we'd have to call back then, but a note would be made re the phonecall. We left it at that. Rang them in September to tell them again as advised and referred to our earlier call in July. Advisor said she couldn't find any notes re this call and we would have to repay the overpayment. We told Child Benefit of the chan
  13. Got tired of waiting for agency to call me back as promised. So rang them and repeated that have to wait as payroll company do three separate pay runs. Asked what if I don't get paid, advised I will be paid today.
  14. I was contacted by an agency, Service Care Solutions, after they had seen my CV on a job search website and as a result of a literacy/numeracy test, short and formal interview, I started work at the local council on 4 March and finished on the 14 March. I had been told the job would last until 10 May but due to lack of work I was told I was no longer needed on 14 March, yet other agency workers stayed in the job, including one person from the same agency as me. I checked my bank account and haven't been paid. I wasn't paid on 15 March and was told this was because my hours hadn't been aut
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