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  1. Just one other thing re the question I asked earlier..should they have stuck to a orocedure bearing in mind the Court Order stated the amount, also, they have a charging order on my house..If they were happy I was deliberately defaulting why didn't they go down this road? I asked "I cannot for the life of me find the original CCJ and Charging Order. but if my Order states I pay £44 per month and I tell the Solicitors that I am sticking to the Order, should there be a proper followed legal procedure, including informing me beforehand, stating that they will ask the court to ord
  2. Thank you Andy..will get that sorted out ..much appreciated....
  3. Hi..apologies if I have misread this..are saying that basically i have no recourse..they can go ahead and get money from my employer by going behind my back, by their own admission and getting an order?
  4. Hi......I was thinking how many legal or financial staff read these forums. I thought that the advice was to stay as anon as much as possible and I wouldn't want to give these jokers the lead.
  5. Thank you CitizenB..I am just confused with the same forms being sent to me and where to go from here.. I have told the Solicitors I want a copy of the phone call 6 months ago so i don't know how long that will take. At first they tried to fob me off by saying they did not provide such. i said i wanted it as part of the SAR. i look forward to some help x
  6. Thank you all for your help....it has been very helpful. It gets worse. I wrote immediately to the court when i returned my I and E form and explained everything in detail. I got a letter back from the court asking me to fill in the very form i had sent them- the N56. then stating in order to set aside judgement, i was to pay £150 for court hearing at my local court They also sent me a blank N244 I am confused. Looking at it, i I did tick the box asking for a suspended order and on reasons why, detailed in my letter. Instead I have the same blank forms sen
  7. Thank you....i would also like to know what power, if any, these solicitors have to make me fill in a Income form????? Obviously they can go to the Court which they have done, but if a Court Order from years ago stated £44 what right do they have to keep bothering me over the years when i have made it very clear that i would inform them of any change of circumstances Do they have any legal right to demand???
  8. I don't mind paying because if they get away with this, they will continue doing it to vulnerable people. They are either grossly incompetent or using dirty tricks to get a Statement of Means at my cost because they know that with a Court Order already in place, they do not have to go through too many procedures.
  9. Hi First of all, I apologies in advance with regards hash and tag and other advanced features like this because I am not sure. I would appreciate straightforward advice as I thought all this was behind me. Five years ago, I had severe money problems and defaulted on 7 credit cards. Two banks took me to court. Both messed up proceedings and I think I surprised the court by admitting I owe it I will pay it, even though the failure to implement correct procedures could have possibly gone in my favour. Both had Charging orders made against my house should I not pay. I had n
  10. Thanks Andy I have managed a general query and titled it . It was just that the site was asking for general comments about the actual site and I do find it quite hard to navigate tbh. Thanks
  11. I had a replacement tooth/crown sent over from US to UK to have fitted by a dentist here. I paid in full and an extra £12 Post Office charge for Customs clearance. It broke and two weeks later the US dentist sent me a replacement tooth/crown with no charge as it was under guarantee. He put" Replacement//Under guarantee" on the invoice and I later got a bill from FEDEX asking me for £30. Do I have to pay for replacement goods under guarantee and how does FEDEX justify that charge? They blame Customs. The invoice bill is unreadable and I had to phone the US Dentist to ask what it said. How can I
  12. Have to say, I am quite computer literate but I do find this site very difficult. Haven't been on for a while so I am struggling where to post any concerns about Customs Excise for example. Searches take me to other forms of tax. I know you have lots of subjects and I along with others are extremely grateful but can you make this site a little easier to navigate please. xx
  13. I certainly think that if there are time limits they should be adhered to.My solicitor told me it was "protocol" rather than anything set in stone that the 6 weeks to acknowledge and the 3 months to investigate were made. I just wondered if that were the case. I have taken another 3 sets of photos of the pothole which is still there and gaping wide, in fact I was so incensed when I went to the branch just before Christmas, that I dragged the duty manager out to have a look again. All the car park lights were out as well so it was obvious how seriously they took it all.The solicitor I have was
  14. Please can someone help with some kind of timeline. In July 2012 I fell down a large pothole in Tesco car park and broke my ankle and elbowI contacted a Solicitor and she told me that the other party have 21 days to reply to her letter acknowledging and the 3 months for their investigation after which they will give their result. He told me that he had sent a letter at the end of July and by Sept, had not even received the 21 day acknowledgement. she eventually got an acknowledgement from Tesco in Dec.....she is now telling me they have 3 months from the date of their acknowledgement in Decem
  15. I think you done well by just getting a response from ASDA. I wrote 7 letters of complaint last Nov and did not get a reply. Then I took a fall and broke my leg in a "trench" in their car park in June and had to write to them again last week because of still no reply, despite should have replied within 21 days...watch this space.......
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