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  1. Firstly a bit of background. I have a secured loan with blemain finance (we all make mistakes:-x) It was taken out in may 2007 and is for £10K also it is cca regulated. They have added over £4K in charges in just 2 years, I have requested the charges back and after lots of letters i have they're final bog of letter. so i am now debating whether to take then to court for unfair credit agreement or go to the fos, i have phoned the fos and they have taken details and sent me out the forms to carry on with my complaint,but as yet i have not sent them back.so i have all options open to me and some advice in which way to go would be appreciated. Also i have a suspended possession order after they went for repossession, now the thing is i think when they took me to court they first sent out a default notice, but i think that it is non compliant and would like a second opinion,and some advice on how to deal with a suspended position order that they got on the back of a dodgy default notice. my issues with the default notice are a]That they didn't give me 14 clear days to rectify. b] No specific date to remedy (they say 14 days from date of letter) c]The paragraph saying that if you dint understand this then seek advice from CAB is missing the following is word for word what it says on the default notice and the only date on the notice is at the top of the page. 1] To remedy the breach you must pay the total arrears of £xxx within days of the date of this letter. 2] If the action required by this notice is taken before the 14 days, no further action will be taken in respect of the breach. 3] if you don't take the action required by this notice before this date then the further action set out below may be taken against you. 4] FURTHER ACTION: on or after the date shown above we shall apply to the court for an order for possession and sale of the mortgaged property. so any advice on how to proceed with this would be greatly appreciated and thanks for looking. welshperson (from bridgend:-))
  2. Long story short, I used the car park and then paid before I left however I still received a parking charge notice. Is there anything I can do to appeal this? I have not contacted Horizon Parking as of yet, I haven't appealed either. Below are some info you might need: The parking works by you entering your reg number to a parking metre/display before LEAVING and then paying the amount it states on the screen. I paid the amount it said and then left within 5 minutes of paying. I paid by cash so I don't have bank proof. I don't have any receipts as I accidentally misplaced them. My reg number was correct as I always double check and it tells me the sum on the screen. The entering/leaving time on the letter are correct. I am yet to appeal, the only communication I have received is the letter I have attached to this. Is there anything I can do to win an appeal? Will ignoring them work? I would appreciate any help. Thank you very much. imagetopdf (5) (1).pdf
  3. Hi I have employment hearing coming up. So far I was confident but now nervous. I left it too late now can not find representative. CAB can not help as no resources. I have been dismissed unfairly based on work related stress leave. I though my employer will look into issue but they said forget everything and move on. It was very difficult for me. They did accept error but after my dismissal. They said they have followed their policy. Statement has been exchanged 3 weeks ago but todays date they still keep adding pages to the bundle. Can they do it? What happens to the happens to the hearing? I have nothing to say as I wrote in statement. Please help...
  4. bit long winded this one, sorry folks. I had been working for an outsourced company in a well known bank. Whilst in training I received strange emails from the trainer. This was following from a conversation in training were I asked a question. He explained (in answer to my question) it was in relation to couples who had a joint account and subsequently split. He said “say you and I were in a relationship”. Three days later I’ve seen he’s gone into my email and sent himself an email from my account/computer “that joint account we were talking about, do you fancy it? Can we get back together” (paraphrased, I have a copy) One of my colleagues saw this email and told me to take a copy to “protect yourself, that's really bizzare”. I replied to him saying “he’ll nah” thinking nip that right now! he’s then ran into the class in front of everyone and said “not up for it no” then left the class. From that moment on every single word that came out of my mouth he seemed to take offence to. Everything. Even just hello. The end result being I chose to just sit in silence in the corner, segregate myself from everyone else, keep myself to myself and not speak to anyone. I did speak to the manager about it and she told me “I get on with him so..” and that was that. Once he told off a member of staff for coming in hung over. Fair enough. However, the next day he’s come in hungover himself and stated “I’m hungover I can’t be (expletive) training you today”. On another occasion I had a difficult call and he grabbed a team leader, they then proceeded to stand watching, laughing at me. On another occasion during “coaching” he took my entire group out for a smoke I “wasn’t allowed until she asks me herself”. i stated "I'm not engaging in that power game, sorry" I was then left sat alone completely ostracised whilst they all went out for a smoke. It later came to me that during this he’d called me a “bitch” I then spoke to his manager who agreed I had a legitimate complaint “but she’s off today so” and that was the end of that. We’ve then gone onto the floor and continued training. We were told we would receive multiple one 2 one coaching. This happened once. When these coaching sessions had been booked onto our schedules we’d be left sitting around doing nothing for hours. the manager told us “the training we said were giving You’re not getting it , I don’t have time”. On the one occasion I did receive coaching I had a call fail for following incorrect procedure. I explained I remembered the call and put my hand up and did what the trainer told me to do. I still failed. This happened multiple times with different members of staff.The end result was hoards of new staff(and old seemingly) on the phones not knowing what their doing (and saying it). I witnessed several regulatory breaches at all levels of staff.. I am PTSD (undeclared, following on from being stalked for two years by a colleague, sexually assaulted and suicide attempts..) and found this exacerbated symptoms. I didn’t declare PTSD to the employer however i did state to trainers the lack of appropriate training was causing severe anxiety attacks. Nothing changed. During my time on the floor training it was agreed that mine would be extended for another week. I was entirely happy with this and expressed the fact that I was going to ask anyway. A few days later I’m told oh no that’s not happening now your going live Monday. I had zero input in this. Decisions are being made around my development with zero input from myself. I stated to them outright "I don’t know what I’m doing!!!" So I’m making my way to work Monday 24th December and had a panic attack in the street. I’ve not had panic attacks for 6 months. I just went home and txt the recruitment number “it’s not for me”. This was a clear resignation with immediate effect. Training group; Bullying was rife amongst this group. One in particular would talk about everyone when they were not around in a derogatory manner. According to this individual several members of staff are “sociopaths”. She would mock me to my face around my degree “shut up about it”. I suspect jealously because we did the same degree and I did better. This individual would relentlessly pick on someone in the group (who had an obvious mental disability of some sort, autism or something I wasn't rally sure). He’d speak in class and this individual would mutter “shut up” he’d sit next to us and she would intentionally and deliberately move away from him then stand around giving dirty looks. He picked up on it because he came and spoke to me he told me it was “making me sad”. I could give many many many many more examples of this persons behaviour. Another individual, the self confessed personality disordered individual(bpd). She started spreading rumours about me and a trainer. I was "into him" apparently, I wasn't. Rumours that were entirely baseless, again. She can deny deny deny but her “friend” told me And I heard her talking about it with my own ears. When I would sit next to the group she would intentionally move away and I’d hear her talking about me. On another occasion this individual was making £5 bets on “who would cry first” this is so nasty I have no words. One of the trainers said to a colleague “I come in here and play with my phones then I go home and play with my girlfriend..” hes 55 shes 19...bleughhhhhhhhh Another time this trainer was ‘helping’ me I got something correct myself and said ‘was I right,yeah?’ He said ‘had to happen sometime didn’t it..”. Bullying. This particular trainer got "barred" from being around trainees because of multiple complaints around his behaviour. Wages; During the 24/12/18 and 7/1/19 I received no communication whatsoever from the employer. I have then emailed on the 7th jan asking for confirmation of what my final wage will be. The response was; “Hi x, Your final pay will be 28th Jan due to your leave date. You will received payment on Monday 14th with any hours worked up till 6th Jan then on 28th you will received any remaining hours due and leaver Annual leave. Thanks x Executive – Compensation and Benefits” I have then received a payslip which just states states “zero”. no deductions nada, just blank. I’ve queried this stating, as per your own timescales I left on the 24th and therefore should receive 1 week outstanding wages and outstanding holiday pay on the 14th jan NOT the 28th as per your own email. At this point someone should have joined the dots that something had gone wrong, they didn’t. They then proceeded to IGNORE subsequent emails and failed to respond or amend my pay. I have then received emails a supposed HR senior: “Hi x, I requested the details from our team and they confirmed an AWOL letter – request to contact was sent to your address and email as attached both on 27th December. As they failed to hear from you it proceeded then to a disciplinary on 7th January again the invite dated 3rd January 2019 was sent to the address we have on file. This meeting went ahead in your absence and was held by x and x. An outcome letter was then sent to you via post which I am happy to hear an appeal should you wish to send through. Can you send me this evidence of your resignation so I can review ( I sent this twice one week prior fyi)? If not, can you confirm who you sent this to and to whom did you resign on the 24th? This resignation had not been cascaded to the team and thus your leave date being 7th Jan via dismissal due to AWOL. If you have evidence of sending your resignation then I can deal with the appropriate person as this has clearly caused a number of issues none more so than your final payment date being pushed back to the 28th January. Regarding names, that’s fine although this can limit our investigations which will be carried out by the training manager when on site in x next week. In regards to your pay & any outstanding monies owed by the company: Ø You will be paid firstly for hours worked from 23rd Dec – 6th Jan on 14th January 2019. Ø Your final pay will then be on the 28th Jan which as both x and x from our Payroll Dept. has advised will include any outstanding hours and unused AL." None of these communications were received by myself. I have then received a call from someone on the floor stating there has been a “GDPR breach”. In that all the wages are incorrect and members of staff have other people’s personal information contained in their own payslips. I was also told they were “wiping the system clean and in putting everyone’s data again. No one from x informed me of a data breach. I have then received copies of the email/letters x claim to have sent me. The email has gone to an address that isn’t mine. The letter has gone to a postcode that isn’t mine. The letters contained within are marked “private and confidential” and contain private personal HR information. This is causing distress. in that I have not left my home for days, I'm trying to secure accounts, I cant eat, I have not slept, days later I have not received a single response from the employer regarding the breach. I am losing my mind. I have been paid zero. Recently I noticed my mobile number has ben used to sign up for shortcode txts. i didn't do this. I DO NOT give my number out. ONLY for work. I believe the two are related. I pointed out this breach to x on the 11/1/19 they seemingly hadn't noticed, it is now 14/1/19 and I have received not one single response from them. I believe they have not noticed this breach, it was me! I have spoken with the ICO who tell me the breach (ive filled in the personal breach report form myself) hasn’t been reported (yet) I believe the 72 hour time limit is breached-the letter sent out was dated 27th December 18. So I have been unfairly dismissed based on data that wasn’t received and has breached my personal data! I also have not been paid a single penny today on my wages. Nothing. I am now unable to make rent and again exacerbates symptoms of PTSD. I also didn’t receive a copy of the contract, despite asking. what can I do here?
  5. Forgive my Sherlock Holmes type topic header… I am in desperate need of some advice from you good people in this forum, as I have now hit a metaphorical brick wall. Some years ago I had an EGG credit card. The card had been used and in operation for about five and half years, during this time there had been no missed repayments. Then during mid 2009, the minimum repayments were inexplicably increased by around 50%. At the time it seemed that they were almost trying to engineer a default. I am self-employed and business wasn’t doing so well, so in May 2009 I wrote to EGG and explained this and made reduced repayment proposals to service the debt. I had no responses. After many unsuccessful attempts to contact them and elicit a response, I defaulted on the debt. In December of 2009 I received a letter from Fredrickson claiming that I had failed to make a repayment proposal (although I had done so on many occasions, plus sent them all by recorded post). Then, all went quiet for a long period of time… The first I knew of any sort of problem was when I received a CCJ "Judgment By Default" through the post in 2011. I was totally unaware that there had been a court summons issued to attend Bradford County Court. Not knowing about this, coupled with the fact that Bradford is nowhere near where I live, I missed it all. I then took it to my local court whereby Bryan Carter Solicitors became involved (representing Egg). The judge made the Interim Charging Order final and accepted my proposed terms of payment. Curiously, Bryan Carter Solicitors did not show up at the court, which did annoy the judge, but the rule of losing your case by non-attendance didn’t seem to apply to them – which in itself is bizarre and unfair. The upshot of all this is that I made arrangements to make repayments every calendar month to Bryan Carter Solicitors and this remained in place. I continued to pay this for the next two and a half years. After this time, my self-employed business hit further hard times and I had to cancel the repayments. This was a decision I did not take lightly, but I simply had to stop due to hardship. I informed Bryan Carter, but no response was received. Life carried on and I was (and still am) rebuilding my self-employed business. Recently, I decided that I wanted to resume the repayment plan and reinstate the standing order. On August 10 of this year, I sent a recorded “signed for” letter to Bryan Carter Solicitors requesting them for a statement of the account and asking if their standing order details are still valid. I even asked if they were still overseeing the Egg debt. I heard nothing back from my letter, despite knowing that it had been signed for on 14 August. I then came across articles on the Internet stating that Bryan Carter Solicitors had been dissolved. I am now very concerned for many reasons: During the time of I have been making repayments to Bryan Carter, I have never received a statement (or acknowledgement of monies received) What has been happening to my money? Who has got it? I am still confused how an unsecured credit card debt can find its way to morphing into a charge against my property, but it has happened. Having said that – how do I go about repaying this debt back (and to whom?) or getting rid of the charge against my property? Whom do I have to contact to get things moving again? Somehow, I feel that the finance industry has pulled a few stokes here and reverted to type. I just do not know which way to turn. The original credit card debt was around £8,000. It somehow reached over £9,000 during the court debacle – God knows what has being going on with this debt amount behind the scenes during this hiatus. This is why I need… HELP!!! CITIZEN XYZ
  6. Justice Secretary announces victim compensation scheme review, scraps unfair rule READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/justice-secretary-announces-victim-compensation-scheme-review-scraps-unfair-rule
  7. I have only just discovered this site since having 8 properties taken over by LPA Receivers. I am desparately trying to find out what to do next. I read that I can make an Application to Court to get control of sales. Please is there an expert who can tell me how to word tha application? I am scared of making an awful situation even worse if that is possible!!!
  8. The landlords (a company) and I are butting heads about both these issues. Claim damage to furniture: I have had to destroy 3 pieces of furniture due to mould. The mould I believe was caused due to a poor sealing window in our bedroom therefore letting in moisture. The landlords knew about this within a couple of months of moving in and never corrected it. I tried every year before winter to add my own seal but that ultimately fails. And heating the room was so expensive, as I believe there was no wall insulation as there were black spots of mould on 3 out of 4 walls and the noise from other neighbours was unbearable. I have receipts of the furniture and pictures of the mould but this isn't enough for them. Early leaving fee: Yes I know there is an agreement in place in which I must give a month's notice in writing. The fixed agreement had ended and I think I am right in saying I was on a periodic agreement. However, our neighbour was burgled (the building has 5 flats). We have had trouble with this neighbour before and felt unsafe anyway, but this was a tipping point. We so then started to view flats and found one which began the process of registering and references. We asked our landlords for a reference and said some of the following in an email "Due to the recent burglary we feel the time is right to move to another property.....". They did actually phone and mentioned they were surprised that we are leaving them after such a long time. I know this does not constitute a formal acknowledgement that we are leaving, but it wasn't until about 3 and a half weeks after this we moved out. They have then charged an early vacating fee but I am contesting this due to the circumstances of the burglary - they keep saying this is not a valid reason. The burgled tenant also implied I had something to do with this, which the landlords disagreed with. All in all, with some deductions which I do agree with BUT without the early vacating fee, I am asking for a small amount of money back from them. They do not agree. A case was opened with the TDS but based on what I have uploaded as evidence and the damage to furniture, they felt it was best that I not agree to this process and take it to court if I choose to do so. Not sure if I could also add this to a claim, but after a couple of years in that property and with complaints regarding noise etc, both me and my partner are now on anxiety medication - could I not add a claim against them for this? Any advice would be appreciated.
  9. I received a written warning at work without any hearing or evidence or disciplinary meeting... just the warning based on what some colleagues said. I raised a grievance as I felt this warning discriminated against me as I work in an all male team, I felt the complaint wouldn't have been raised if I was a male on the team. I also feel that the process would have been dealt with differently if I was a male on the team. They then dismissed me 2 weeks later after I submitted my written grievance. I'm trying to get an understanding of whether disciplinary action can actually be discriminatory or not? I've already put my claim into the tribunal.
  10. Hi. Wondered if someone could help with my ET please. I am doing this alone so any help would be very much appreciated. My complaint is quite long so Ill just keep the headlines. In reality I was made redundant due to a breakdown in work relationships. My notice of dismissal and paperwork shows I was dismissed because of redundancy. My role was still in existance and therefore my argument is that I could not have been made "redundant". I was given redundancy pay. I submitted my ET claim for unfair dissmissal. The organisation sent a load of gumpf back. Most of which doesn't seem relevent and I think is designed to confuse but they have put: "The reason for dismassal was redundancy which is a potebtially fair reason under section 98(2) of the employment rights act 1996. Without prejudice and as alternative to the above the claimant was dismissed for "some other substantial reason" which is potentially fair reason under section 98 (1)(b) of the employment rights act 1996". Can I just check that I have understood this please? Part 2 states they can dismiss me for: A. capability, B. conduct, C. redundancy or D. because of law/regulations And Part 1b says they can dismiss me for any of these reasons or for any other "substantial" reason. They stated they have dismissed me for 2c (redundancy). All my paperwork says 2c. They can't now say it was for another reason as per part1b can they? Surely then it would not have been redundancy and they would have put "dismissal due to break down in relationships" or sonething to that effect on my paperwork? I'm getting myself worked up that I'm missing something. As an aside, I may have to start using "without prejudice and as alternative to the above" as an argument! Also - they are not abiding by deadlines. We were meant to have exchanged our document list by last Thursday and I still haven't received theirs. Is there much I can do about that? Thank you.
  11. Hello all, I was recently recommended to look at this page first time poster, just quickly want to say how great it is. I am having a problem with my landlord trying to deduct almost my entire deposit for work he supposedly carried out to the property following us leaving. I have lived at many rented houses before and I have never ever had a problem with getting my entire deposit back previously, so clearly something isn't right. What’s worse is the house in dispute I actually went above and beyond the call of duty to make it nice before I left. The reason I did this was because we got on with the landlord and even recommended him to our friends to do work for them (he is a kitchen fitter by trade) so because we have a decent relationship with him I went the extra mile to get it way nicer than any house I have ever left previously. I filled in all the holes where the pictures had been and even painted them with the same paint so you couldn't even tell they was there. I bleached the whole kitchen and even got a special hoover to suck out all the dents were heavy stuff like the bed and wardrobes had made the carpet flat. Unfortunately our relationship soured soon after hearing that he is trying to take us for almost all of our deposit. Supposedly his claims when asking him to send evidence were 1 - Full days kitchen cleaning - He sent me a picture of 1 cupboard with a slight few marks from where the bottom of the tins had sat, we did clean the whole kitchen with bleach but we didn't get it professionally steam cleaned or anything so potentially there may have been a few stubborn marks that didn't come off initially, but having checked the tenancy agreement there is nothing in here saying that it needs professionally cleaning. He said there was mould in the kitchen? Having looked at the picture it doesn't look like there is. We have a baby so the kitchen is kept clean. We turned the kitchen off at the plug after leaving so not sure if maybe something formed in the time it was left off, but if there was something then it evidently is very small, and was missed on the initial clean we did, even on the close up of the picture it's not obvious that the fridge is unclean. I asked him to send any evidence he has to me in full, but he only send 1x close up of some small marks in the cupboard and 1x picure of the fridge, which doesn't even look particularly dirty. 2 - Toilet seat broken - I admitted that if he wants to he can deduct us for this, however arguably this is wear and tear and wasn't fitted properly neither was it photographed. The toilet seat to say the whole house had recently been refurbished wasn't on properly when we moved, it was one of those special soft closers and it looked to me as if the landlord or whoever fitted it hadn't got the fixins secured properly so it was actually stuck to the toilet instead using silicone - Regretfully though we never got round to telling the letting agent about this as it just wasn't that broken to be unusable so wasn't a big deal to us at the time. 3 - He said the bathroom cabinet was split at the bottom, however having looked at it it seems very minor and was certainly not something we ever noticed 4 - He says the blinds needed cleaning? we cleaned the entire house including the blinds, granted they were not professionally cleaned but this wasn't in our contract also he hasn't sent us any photo evidence of this 5 - He said the bracket that holds the integrated fridge in place was broken and the corner moulding needed putting back on - When we put the washing machine on due to very poor foresight john had sat the plug for the washing machine that the fridge was plugged into directly on top of the fridge, I had to manoeuvre the fridge slightly out in order to get the plug for washing machine in. The corner moulding then fell off because it was only glued on with no more nails, it wasn't fixed on with brackets. When I put the washing machine back in I re glued the corner moulding back on. I did not break any brackets. I suppose it's possible they could have broken over time but they are under the worktops so out of view so I didn't notice until we moved when I took the washing machine back out. I think he is being very harsh charging me for this especially considering it was very difficult getting the washing machine in and out in the first place. worst case scenario a couple of plastic brackets aren't going to cost more than a couple of quid if he wants to get so pedantic over it. 6 - The paint being a different colour - we asked the landlord when we moved in if he could put pictures up to which his response was "make the place your own". as mentioned before I went to more effort in this house to make it nice due to our relationship (ex relationship) with the landlord. Obviously when a picture is hung on a wall for 2 years the sun stains & trace dirt discolours the area around it, however unlike any other house with this one I went above and beyond by filling all the holes and smoothing them then repainting the area with the same colour paint which had been left for us in the cellar so it was definitely an exact match. Landlord is claiming he had to spend 2x days redecorating the bedroom the living room and the kitchen because despite them being the same colour due to the age difference the difference can be seen in certain lights. He didn't even send any photo evidence of this despite it being by far the biggest thing they are trying to deduct from us. Alternatively if i had left the marks & nails where the pictures had been wouldn't it had needed re decorating anyway? Feels a bit like a no win situation unless i was expected not to put pictures up and perform a full redecoration upon exiting which again wasn't in the tenancy agreement. Contradictory to this in fact the agreement says that reasonable allowances should be made for wear and tear by the landlord, something I feel he hasn't done. He is not an experienced landlord, he only has 2 houses and we are his first in this house as it was a restoration project when we moved so potentially he hasn't had anyone move out of one of his houses yet so part of me thinks he is not properly in touch with reality on what he should and should not claim for. I feel like he is trying to take us for a ride here and he is putting claims in for the most ridiculous things. Being an experienced tenant, I have never ever had my deposit docked for anything, and ironically despite my current landlord trying to charge £550 for 3 days labour and materials I have never ever left a house in such good condition as this last one. I want to know what options are available to me and even the potential for compensation. I am not the sort of person to normally seek this but the amount of inconvenience and stress he has put me through has been beyond reason.
  12. Hi everyone, I'm new on the CAG Forum but was directed here by the good folks at MSE. I have long suffered at the hands of Blemain/Together. I foolishly applied for a second charge loan over a decade ago. It has been the (most expensive) bane of my life ever since. I recently received a letter from Together stating that my original loan has now past its term. It says, As you will be aware, your account with us has now reached the end of the original contractual term. As your monthly repayments have not been sufficient to fully repay the balance, the outstanding amount is now due. This may be due to late payments, payments being missed or the application of admin costs to the loan I am requesting SAR from them as I have a feeling that most of the outstanding balance is entirely made up of outrageous charges. I've also been advised to look into an "unfair relationship" with them but I'm a little unsure where to start. The outstanding amount is approx £11k! How can this even be possible when I have paid almost £100k over the past 10 years?!!! Is repossession an option at this stage? They have already attempted a repo a few years ago when I missed some payments. I went to court and duly arranged a repayment plan to clear the arrears. The account has been in good order ever since. Does anyone have any advice on how to deal with this shady bunch? Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. Booked a 'camping' break for two nights 13th to 15th Feb, this was booked on the 16th Jan. However, the better half no longer wishes to go, mainly due to the weather/temperature, but primarily because she isn't feeling great, and would prefer to simply go out for the day on Valentines day. I rang Away Resorts who deal with the bookings, and was told that if I cancelled then they don't have to refund the cost (£70) because their T&C's say so..... https://www.awayresorts.co.uk/terms-and-conditions/ Seventy quid is a lot of money for us, just to simply throw away into someone elses profit pocket...... I am aware of potentially having to go the visa debit chargeback route, but I'm also aware they will more than likely claw it back, just out of spite? I'll be writing to them to air my disgust and disappointment with them, but can anyone think of a better angle of attack here?? TIA..Boo
  14. hello I had an interview with a health care professional ( HCP) When I arrived the HCP said he had 'not' read my questionnaire form This bothered me inside because i was hoping the HCP would be up to date with my condition and i could then just reaffirm what i had said in the form and add a bit here and there. On one of my first questions he asked me, i decided to elaborate a bit, to inform the HCP that my condition varies due to my depression and sleeping issues.. .but he interrupted and said "i only want short answers such as yes or no." I had no proper time to talk about my condition and how it effects my day to day tasks. i was all lost. I found a moment when he paused and I tried to explain the basics of how stress depression combined with lack of sleep greatly effects when i can get out the house and be confident. i said politely "does this make sense"... he said "no not really"! he tried to move on without asking me to elaborate... I turned to my mum and said: did that make sense to you ? and she said yes. I speak quite clearly. I was shocked he did not care to understand. my mum tried to make notes on a pad in pen.. ..he told my mum she was not allowed to take any notes as it could be used in court. so she put the pad away. The HCP cared not one wit how my poor health effects my tasks, how it varies. All he wanted to do was to type down what I could do at my best moments of health. The fact that at times I am so tired i can't move or get out the house does not seem to matter. I then decided to make it perfectly clear " My depression and poor sleeping and stress greatly effects all my day to day activities. Will you write that on your report?" he said "I don’t have to do that." not only did he not read my questionnaire, he also did not wish to type up my illness or care to understand. The HCP also kept referring to my old questionnaire not my new one ( which he had not read). kept asking me about my elbow ... but that healed years ago I said yes it is fine....yet 5 mins later.. "so your elbow. is it o.k now"? i said yes and moved my elbow about, not a trouble. But again..10 minutes later he asks..." your elbow? its o.k? " it is was just so weird that was from an old questionnaire also. surely the new one should be the most important? it was a very sharp, short and bitter interview. approx 25-30mins I was not asked at the end: would you like to add anything? I had a page full of items i wanted to say and my questionnaire content had hardly been touched upon. there was no care and I do not think at all professional, just bitterness, i dont think he wanted to be there. and hated his job. i am glad i had a witness even though neither of us was allowed to write anything down. btw. i did say to the effect: this is unfair you are just writing things down I can do 'at my best' without including how my poor health effects me too.. You just want to get me in the job que or cut my benefit. he then said: We can cancel the interview now if you like? I said: Well, that would not be a good idea as i would lose my benefit. I think you know that!? so we carried on. Thanks for reading and for any advice. : )
  15. Hi, On 18 Nov 17 I received a Parking Charge Notice (PCN) through the post stating that my vehicle was parked longer than the maximum period allowed on 07 Nov 17. On the 19 Nov 17 I sent the following appeal to ECP: Dear ECP As the registered keeper of the vehicle, registration xxxx xxx, I have received your invoice number xxxxxxxxxxx. The driver at the time tells me that they did not notice any signs telling them about the time limit and that the fact that it’s a free car park they didn’t even think of looking for such sign. Whilst parked she was shopping at Tesco then headed to Costa to meet an old Friend for lunch, and that she is therefore not liable to pay you any money as she was using the shopping facilities. On conducting some research about Bishops Centre car park and shops; unbeknown to us it is possible to speak to the staff in the shops and restaurants and request that your car is exempt from charge, which is also free of charge. This means the 3 hour rule isn’t a rule in which must be complied with at no exception. As she was parked there on a Tuesday morning, school hours; the car park was less than 40% full, therefore she was not taking up a space that someone else could have had and no losses would have been made. If you reject this appeal, please issue me with a valid POPLA code. At POPLA I shall be asking for a breakdown of the genuine pre estimate of loss that the charge must represent, which might I add that since it was a free cark park, and also it was far from "at full capacity" then there was no loss. Yours Registered Keeper. Since then they rejected my appeal under the grounds of my vehicle being in breach of the terms and conditions of the car park. In the rejection letter i have also noticed that it says "This signage is quite clearly states that if your vehicle is in breach of the teams and conditions of the carpark then a PCN will be issued. To me they have admitted that it doesn't CLEARLY state this, but it QUITE clearly states this meaning they are not 100%. I don't know if this is worth mentioning. I personally feel that this is an unfair charge as my wife was genually shopping in the facilities where she was parked. And that it it possible to be exempt from paying if you speak to the shop managers, which isn't stated in there terms and conditions. I have a unique POPLA code, my question is, do i have grounds to continue with my appeal or should i just pay Thank you so much in advance. Zoe2640
  16. Hi everyone, I'm hoping for a bit of advice on this. My son has an account with Vodafone. He is 19 and the whole thing has turned into a bit of a nightmare! He lost his phone last year but continued to make payments on his account. He made a payment in July and then received a letter in September about the account being in default. As he is only 19, I have been dealing with the matter on his behalf and we have been passed from pillar to post with various people as he no longer has the phone. When I found out that the account was going into default, I phoned Vodafone myself and made the payment of £59 which was outstanding and the phone service was resumed so that he could continue to make payments till the contract ends. However, upon checking his credit file today, I have notice that Vodafone have registered a default which is now marked as settled but has obviously trashed his credit rating. The account is also marked as closed but its actually still open as hes received a bill in the last 7 days. Hes a professional rugby player and was saving for his first house so hes devastated about this. Does anyone know what we can do about this? Hes realised that hes made a huge mistake but I feel that penalising him for the next 6 years over £59 is pretty unfair. Thank you so much for any help you can offer.
  17. HI all, Its a long time since I have been on the forum however can you give me advice please. I have a car loan with Barclays Bank. I have never missed a payment. I was made redundant in July and when I received my redundancy pay I called Barclays and asked if I could pay off a lump sum and then reduce the monthly payment.i.e pay off 50% of the loan and keep the term the same. I was told I could pay lump sum but it would not reduce the payment only the term. I think this is unfair. I have now excercised my right to terminate the agreement and the money I was going to pay them I have used to buy another car with no finance. The car is going back and they want me to take it to Manheim centre nearest is Bristol or they will collect but charge £150. Manheim is not open on weekends which means I will lose a days work. I have been told that they should have allowed me to reduce my payment as I was acting responsible/ I have had a row with them but am I right. Any help appreciated and am I in the correct thread X
  18. Sounds familiar!! I thought it was my imagination… I was stitched up like a kipper by the biased district judges!!
  19. Hi. im after some advice on how to proceed against SCS for what i believe to be unfair terms/treatment. We went to the store on Tues 30 May 17, approx 20 mins before the store closed. Having seen a sofa set (3 and 2 seater) we liked, we decided to place an order using the 0% interest payment option over 48 months. The salesman was in a rush to push the order through due to the fact that the store was soon to shut. In a nutshell, 20 days later we wanted to cancel the order in total due to no longer needing the sofa. I rang the store to advise and i was told that SCS don't have a cancellation policy and that I have to honour the reservation. I complained and the manager advised that according to the T&Cs that we had signed, this information was available and that the sales person would have told me aswell. For information, due to the fact that the sales person was in a rush, he never mentioned it to me and also while in a rush he told us to sign something electronically which turned out to be the T&Cs before we had a chance to read them. i argue that we were not aware of the T&Cs because we were not given the opportunity to see them before signing and were also not told verbally. The area manager advised that he would cancel the order but it would cost me 25% of the order total. I'm not even sure this is even in the T&Cs. On one hand they say there is no Cancellation policy and on the other hand they want to charge me 25% cancellation. I need to know how to proceed with this, who to contact (maybe the CEO) and also if there is anything within the Consumer Credit act that they may have breached that i can throw at them. I have not taken delivery of the sofas yet; this is scheduled for Oct 17. Any help would be gratefully appreciated.
  20. I was given a TFL Overground Penalty Fare Notice last Monday for quite a silly reason which goes: I'm tapping in at Clapton, on my way to Liverpool Street. It's 9AM Monday morning, and as expected rather busy. The Oyster machine tells me I haven't got enough money - negative balance - I'm waiting for the machine to free up. By now there's 2 minutes till the train comes, I'm on my way to a funeral and don't really have time to wait around. With around a minute to go, the machine is finally free, I see i have a negative balance of 40p and put in 40p to take it to 0 as that's all I have in coins and I don't want to break a note. I finish up and by now the trains already in the station, I tap in, run down the stairs and catch the train. When I get off at Liverpool Street, the barriers don't let me through; the guard has a look at my card on his machine and says I still have a negative balance and he's going to have to charge me a Penalty. I tell him everything, but he completely disregards it, almost as if I'm not even talking and hands me the notice. I check the online account a few hours later, and somehow the 40p I put in hasn't been registered and that's why I was charged. I've talked to a station guard and he says there's nothing more I can do about it and I should just pay the 40 quid and get on with it, surely there must be a appeal on the basis of check CCTV etc? The other thing I've noticed is on the ticket it says I travelled on the Liverpool Street - Chesunt line when it was the Liverpool Street - Chingford line - could I get off based on a technicality here? The Chesunt line dosen't even pass through Clapton. Is there a point in appealing or should I just pay the money? Thanks in advance for any help.
  21. I think this is the right place for this. Please move if not. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/education/education-news/pay-deductions-teachers-supreme-court-ruling-strike-precedent-a7753991.html
  22. Hi I require some legal help for a friend who attended court today and lost due to unfair judgement my friend rented a property off the books (no tenancy agreement and cash rent payment) for 4 years she decided to rent a place with a garden so told the landlord she was moving out, the landlord was not happy as this ruined his pension plans (landlords words) so she decided to take my friend to court claiming she broke 2 beds, ripped stair carpet left the house with mould around windows and left the property in a mess and had to renovate which was rubbish as the landlord sold it two weeks later in the same condition the property was left. she had a legal friend from her place of work to inspect the property before she handed back the keys and took photos of the property for proof, when my friend moved in there were beds which she didn't want and one of them was broke she text the landlord stating she did not want them via and had a reply via text stating to throw them out, she also had text messages regarding the carpet which was chewed up by the landlords dogs stating the landlord will renew the carpet (this never happened) she also made numerous complaints about damp sent via text with replies they will sort it out but never fixed. When my friend vacated the property the landlord was straight on to Facebook calling my friend a skank and liar and a thief and a few other words which i won't repeat, we were able to print off the Facebook comments for evidence as this was slander The property had damp problems and mould as she has a 6 year old boy who has severe asthma and is autistic my friend had evidence from the doctor stating the since they left the property her little boy's asthma has got better My friend also had evidence from a builder who the landlord ask to go the property and check the damp and leaking roof and told him to bodge it which he did and and the roof still leaked hence the mould and damp problems The boiler have never had a gas safety certificate in all the time she rented the property legal requirement property was rented without mortgage company's permission and cash rental every month so the landlord didn't have to pay tax Today (15th May) she went to court at 11am to be told the hearing has been postponed till 4pm she walked in the court room sworn in, the judge said that this wasn't his case and he should have finished an hour ago and was in a hurry and then told my friend she had no proof that the landlord gifted her the furniture and beds to throw out (which she, did text messages ) she had her legal friend with her for help, the legal friend ask the judge if she could say something in defence and judge said no you can't and made judgement straight away for £3700.00 to landlord the landlord claimed for kettles, toasters, dishwasher carpet through out and 2 beds plus one month which they claimed my friend owed but the land lord had no receipts in her evidence for any listed items and no tenancy agreement i have said she need to see a solicitor to try and have the judgment set aside and appeal if anyone can spare us some advice on how we can move forward many thanks for your help
  23. Hi, my 19 year old son who has recently been diagnosed with depression got himself into a muddle with his banking due to inexperience and the ease of contactless payments. He was paying charges of £80 per month for the majority of a year and was unable to get himself out of the financial mess he had got himself in. Once I became aware I advised him to speak to the bank HSBC and ask them to give him an authorised overdraft so he could limit his charges and get himself out if the situation he found himself in. He contacted HSBC and as he failed a credit score (no surprise there, he has never had credit) they refused to give him an authorised overdraft. He buried his head the sand a little longer and then finally took my advice to contact the Financial Ombudsman. HSBC initially denied to the FOS that he had made a call to them explaining his financial situation and asking for help but after we supplied a telephone bill detailing the date and the fact that he was on the phone for in excess of an hour they agreed that he had made contact. The FOS requested the conversation. However HSBC did not submit a recording of the phone call they supplied hand written notes. These notes failed to mention that he was experiencing financial hardship. Therefore the FOS said that he had no case. He stressed that he did state this in the phone call but the FOS decided that as it was not mentioned in the notes submitted by HSBC then that was the end of the matter. My son has paid in excess of £800 in charges on a paultry income and it feels that he has no redress against HSBC. Can they not be forced to submit the original recording?
  24. Hi, I feel so alone and ganged up on in my situation of work. I had been at this job for around 5 months - 3 and a half months contractually as i started off temporary at first. I was given the role of Manager when i only applied for front of house, i had NO experience and they knew this but gave me the role anyway. I was also bought a mobile phone as they asked me to help them with social media but my phone at the time wasn't capable of doing the things they needed. The phone was said to be MINE as a way to get me to accept their job offer as at the time i had another that was for more money. I worked at a personally training gym in Hampstead, i would work from 6:15am until 20:00 at night most times. Inclusive of weekends. I would work no matter what!! I never had a day off. I requested if i could have April 11th off due to me being in hospital that previous night very unwell, and it was refused. I recieved a message from my boss saying "you better take responsibility and go in" even after i explained my have a massive bandage on my nose from the excessive nose bleeds i were having. On April the 11th the owner of the company came to me shouting and embarrassing me in front of other members of staff and clients about the lack of work another member of staff had not done (I get this on a daily basis) but this day was different. I was being shouted and sworn at. When i walked away from the front desk into the staff room to remove myself from the horrible situation, i was followed by my boss, (it was just him and i alone) where i was then told to hand over my keys and leave the premises. I took this as i was being dismissed, so i gathered my things and left. Later that day i received whatsapp messages from my boss saying he pays my wages and i should have some respect along with telling me that he has put down that i have handed my notice in and he did not dismiss me. He also said that the phone they bought for me is to be returned as this is company property. But the phone was purchased for ME not for the company. I never signed anything to state that the phone belonged to the company and i was to hand it over once my time and the company would be up. Also - when the phone had got broken and the screen was smashed (By my manager) I was told "well it's your phone so you have to pay to get it fixed" to which i did. On the day this all happened (April 11th 2017) i received an email at 5:00am saying my rights to be admin on their company facebook page had been removed, at first i thought this was an error util i got to work and this happened. I have emailed the company copying in the HR team and any other person relevant, explaining i did NOT hand my notice in, i was asked to give my keys back and leave. But i then received an email from another member of the management team saying they had witnessed me saying i am handing my notice in, but he was outside on his mobile when i left the company crying due to be sacked! I have told them to check back at their cctv to prove he was NOT there before carrying out anymore lies. When i started at the company, they did not want to pay me the salary i was asking for as i did not have previous management experience but I was an office manager and that was the asking salary and the offered salary from the other job i declined. I then offered them a lower salary for myself on a 3month probation period to prove myself and then after i would go up to my asking salary, to which they agreed and it was put in my contract. I worked so hard in that place, working day and night including weekends without days off. When i was to take a day off or even half a day i would get angry messages making me go in. I would get abusive phone calls and texts if another member of staff would do something wrong or even if they did something wrong, i was told everything would always be my fault. All inappropriate and abusive messages i still hold on file. I have told the company that i am owed my notice period of ONE month's wages, along with my holiday pay and the money owed from where i worked up until i got unfairly dismissed at the pay rise amount. I then received an email saying that i verbally agreed that i would accept an extended probation period so it would therefor be 1 week probation period money at the lower salary amount inc. of holiday minus x1 day that they claim for me to have quit along with deducting £400 for the phone. The company has struggled ever since they took over the gym and never pay any invoices, avoids the tax man, does not pay staff wages on time or at all and uses soooooo many excuses as to why. There are a number amount of staff that have now left the company that are awaiting their payments still and he has personally told me himself he will not be paying none of them. He even has one previous member of staff taking him to court in regards to his wages from November. The HR lady has not tried to help me at all and has been on their side the whole way and i feel alone and do not know what to do to make sure i get exactly what i am owed. I have bills and rent to pay at the end of this month Any help and advice would be much appreciated. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE x Sheree
  25. My close frend has been verbally dismissed from her chef job in London . We are gathering data as we speak- this happened today , advice please Kx
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