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  1. Of course he works, most reliable man on here
  2. Yes, that's fine. As long as you have used the word rejecting, there can be no confusion.
  3. Did that 'faulty goods complaint letter' say you were rejecting the car per regulations ?
  4. A week further on now Zoe, are you any further on with getting a refund ??
  5. First off, private sale so unless unroadworthy at the time of sale or misdescribed, there is no recourse. He test drove the car and the turbo was fine at the time. Turbo's are not things you can give a temporary fix to that will last long enough to clear the sale. They either work or they don't. I'm always very suspicious of claims made so soon after purchase and especially those made on probably the most expensive bolt on piece of equipment. It's been 4 days now Ricky, anything further from the buyer ??
  6. So would I, I would also search out ever review site plus facebook and twitter and let the whole world know.
  7. You can claim the entire amount with a section 75 not just the part paid using the card, so you claim back the £200 as well as the £395.
  8. If this is Hire Purchase financed, then the problems are not between you and the seller, it is between the owner of the car, (the people who bought it) and the seller. Make your threats against the finance company.
  9. They don't reduce prices, they increase the prices for the requisite time period and then drop it back to normal. Of course it's a con and rip-off, but no one with the authority to do anything about it gives a damn, they just let it continue.
  10. So you have been playing with this for 18 months, why is it taking so long ?
  11. Apple who owns the icloud have such weak security that they are being hacked and users of their cloud are having personal files stolen. Typical 'We don't have malware problems' Apple. Why does anyone pay up to 10 times what other companies charge for goods and services and put up with this amateur couldn't care less, company. The theft comes two years after a host of celebrities, including Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence, fell victim to a hacker attack on the iCloud - which stores private photos from phones and computers online - which saw images posted online. You
  12. What is the make, model and year please ??
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