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  1. You could try the CEO - [email protected] Telephone - 01908 789171 (Direct) - 0345 6402020 (Switchboard) Or the postal address Avebury, 489-499 Avebury Boulevard, Milton Keynes MK9 2NW
  2. That is absolutely disgusting and being said in public could be brought to the attention of a legal person for advice.
  3. Article 60 has been acted so I can't quite see what there is to post about it. Perhaps a better heading is needed.
  4. Human morality ! You continually quote the Guardian, the paper started by a slave trader so obviously you are all for slave trading. Every post of your is a whinge and very left wing.
  5. This is a shame, I just looked up a review site and got this: [quote]The site, whilst originally well meaning has become nothing more than a left wing echo chamber. If you dare to disagree with any member of the site team your post will be Immediately deleted, never to be seen or heard of again. Ive been a member for eleven years and am saddened to see it go this way. There are much better, non biased sites out there. Go find them, but stay away from cag.[/quote] And there are a lot of reviews all saying the same thing.
  6. So you can't allow a link to a legitimate site question but can allow disgusting language from tobyjugg2 who calls everyone a liar unless they agree with his extreme left wing politics i0e His posts are disgusting and you allow them. Tesco seems to be a route for polishing Turds I met with an ex tesco tosspot Ian Duncan Smith - dunnycan Smith. Boris Johnson - will betray anyone and anything if there is the slightest chance of a benefit for him. Michael Gove a liar But the turds that float to the top of the Con heap cons should be really crapping themselves There are liars and then there’s Boris Johnson and Michael Gove Goves credentials as a backstabbing liar liam fox is (or how big a bullshiner) Johnson the narcissistic numpty sociopath Frost has immediately shat all over the EU Johnsons cavernous backside johnson the liar/frost the f***wit/rabb the rabid 'populist' shysters pouring sh*t into the Uk's rivers Handcocks Hussy lying Piers Morgan Boj 'liar' Johnson ferk knows Johnson the liars
  7. I do not know why. I posted a legitimate link to a post by someone in a forum I belong to, a question I couldn't answer.
  8. The EU is turning into an aggressive bully. It is incapable of reforming itself. Remaining in the EU is the high-risk strategy – not leaving it. The EU is a fundamentally protectionist trading bloc The EU seriously misallocates resources The EU is a political project that is fundamentally anti-democratic The ‘purposive’ nature of EU law The folly of introducing the euro The demographic ageing of the EU population The EU has inadvertently encouraged regional separatist movements to develop in a number of member states Increasing Euroscepticism in the EU The EU have been blamed for the tension between Russia and the Ukraine There is massive corruption in the EU well illustrated by the fact that the EU’s accounts have not been approved for the last 20 years by the EU’s chief auditor in respect of around €100bn of expenditures. The EU’s negotiating behaviour over the Withdrawal Agreement revealed itself to be little better than an aggressive bully when it did not get its way. Stopping the UK from participating in Galileo, Europe’s Global Satellite Navigation System, despite our significant existing investment. Threatening to stop our aircraft from taking off and blocking Eurostar trains from entering the Channel tunnel.
  9. Here's one for TJ, someone has asked a question on your favourite subject, Boris Johnson, I can't answer him, can you? " Johnsons so called lies "
  10. No it won't, it will just be the same two whingers saying the same old thing.
  11. I need to post this again as there are obviously short memories. A sitting British Labour MP LABOUR'S John McDonnell has urged protesters in London at a pro-Palestinian march to effectively ignore the Israeli ceasefire in Gaza and continue their campaign against "the Israeli apartheid state". How disgusting is this. He should be arrested and charged with Anti-semitic hatred and Incitement to Violence. If proof was ever needed of anti-semitism in the Labour Party, this is it, there can be no denial. I see no mention of Hitler or WW" or Zionist, no mention or suggestion for or against any nation, all I see is a statement and my suggestion he should be arrested for it.
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