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  1. There is a registered charge by his bank on an official copy of register of title. If he has since paid off the Mortgage, would I legally need to be informed as I have an Equitable charge to my favour and would he need to inform the land registry of that ?.
  2. Is their a way to find out if a mortgage is still being paid on the property.
  3. I am not disputing what you say. What is it you don't understand please ?.
  4. I believe their will be. Is their any way of finding for sure what is left to pay on the mortgage ?.
  5. Ok, So why do I need to sell a property that is not mine
  6. Blimey, so in theory I could be given possession of the property and then evict the defendant without having to sell the said property ?.
  7. The order would be to force the defendant to sell his house as he owes me this huge debt which it appears he can't pay in a reasonable time. He is the sole owner, has no dependant children and still paying a mortgage as far as I know.
  8. How would I go about applying for an order for sale and what are my chances regarding success.
  9. It is an equitable charge and I believe it would allow for a request for an order for sale, however would it be granted in this situation ?.
  10. Towards the middle of last year I think, I'm not one for giving anyone a hard time but should their be a time limit on when I should get paid back in full what is owed me.
  11. I do not accept their has been constant applications and yes I do have the charging order and an nominal amount is being paid but is it not reasonable to seek an update of his financial situation every so often ?.
  12. I don't know for certain but I am hearing he's set to go on holiday and anyway how long should I have to wait for the debt to be paid in full, one year, 3 years, 5 years, 10 years, or longer then that ?.
  13. Don't they still have the post office card account for those on benefits.
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