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  1. I have some experience of this sort of issue, you should write a letter firstly formally requesting the return of the money.
  2. Even if the terms and conditions state that any deposit is non refundable, could this been challenged under unfair terms ?.
  3. As the provider is a not for profit outfit, could only actual losses be claimed ?, A reasonable admin charge for instance so the £100. 00 deposit I paid could not legitimately be claimed as non refundable as I can't see that there was any losses, unfair terms perhaps ?.
  4. I had paid a deposit of £100 for therapy and was informed that they were a not for profit concern, so my immediate question would be, is it proportionate to keep all of the deposit for themselves as I was not able to attend the course as if any loss that they may have had was minimal, what is the law on this, many thanks.
  5. What are the rules regarding non refundable deposits on a non profit service provider ?.
  6. There is a registered charge by his bank on an official copy of register of title. If he has since paid off the Mortgage, would I legally need to be informed as I have an Equitable charge to my favour and would he need to inform the land registry of that ?.
  7. Is their a way to find out if a mortgage is still being paid on the property.
  8. I am not disputing what you say. What is it you don't understand please ?.
  9. I believe their will be. Is their any way of finding for sure what is left to pay on the mortgage ?.
  10. Blimey, so in theory I could be given possession of the property and then evict the defendant without having to sell the said property ?.
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