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  1. I was registered as self employed between 2011 and 2017. This was a small sideline along side my main PAYE income (so my NI contributions are already made up for the years in question), and me SE profit was generally about £1500 per year (highest was about £2500). Now I've just had a letter from HMRC demanding Class 2 NIC for 2011 to 2015. Don't know why they've only just written to me about it, first I've heard from them on this subject since 2011. I was always under the impression that as my income was below the small earnings exception, I was exempt from having to pay class 2 NIC? I se
  2. I thought this was all sorted out months ago - in Feb I had a letter from Spark acknowledging the error, and saying that GB had accepted my account. Spoke to GB who agreed, and said it would show up on my account within a week. And it did, was all there showing as normal when I logged in. Then it disappeared again, and I was only getting bills from GB for the gas. Spoke to GB again and they said, 'no it isn't resolved yet (it bloody well was!), and it will take 12 weeks. Today I get a 'sorry you're leaving' letter from Spark, and them
  3. I have 3 children (3,5, and 7 y/o) with my ex partner, and we share care for them (they stay with me about 3 days/nights per week). Until now, we'd agreed to split the child tax credit, so I claim for one child (the youngest), and she claims for the other two. Now she's saying that doesn't work for her any more, and she needs to claim the tax credits for all three. Does the new legislation allow her to add our third child onto her existing claim, or will she come up against the 2 child limit? From what I've read, it applies to children born after 6th April this year, or to any new cl
  4. And now I have a council tax rebate, since they too think that I vacated on the 14th January. All this is happening two months after we completed and thus when my tenancy terminated.
  5. According to a couple of websites I've looked at, the switching process has been speeded up to now take 17 days (14 days cooling off period, and 3 days to actually perform the switch). I'm not sure of the mechanics of the process, but it's possible that the new supplier (Spark in this case), doesn't have to contact the old supplier to inform them of the switch until the 14 cooling off period has passed. with Countrywide requesting the switch on a vacated property, rather than an actual consumer, it could be that Spark just cut to the chase and the skip the
  6. It gets better - today I've received a letter from the water board telling me that I've got a £50 credit. Looks like Countrywide have told them I've moved out as well. But curiously, they have my vacating date as 15th January (two months after my tenancy has ended). I wonder if they told Spark to take over my gas and electric on the 15th January as well? Would explain why the first letter I received from them was dated 16th Jan, but not sure how they could have commenced my electricity supply from that date - I thought the switching process was supposed to take
  7. I received a letter from Spark Energy yesterday, addressed to 'The Occupier', welcoming me to them as my new supplier. Goes on to say that "As instructed by your letting agent on your behalf, we've been appointed as the gas and electricity supplier to your property". But I don't have a letting agent/landlord, I own the property! I was the tenant, but I bought it from the landlord two months ago. My landlord used a local letting agency, and during our tenancy they've been taken over by Countrywide. It's obvious what has happened - Countrywide have an agreement with Spark to refer as m
  8. Not heard a thing about this, I chased Spark today. The have the final meter readings that were provided electronically from my new supplier. But the gas reading is wrong. Not a bit wrong, but by about 5 years worth of gas usage! Spark are adamant that is the reading that came across through the system from GB Energy. I've also spoken to GB Energy and they are insistent that the reading I provided is the one they sent to Spark (it's also the one they've used on my first bill as the initial reading). Spark agree that the reading they've got can't possibly be
  9. I recently switched gas and electricity (together, dual fuel) suppliers. The switch completed a couple of weeks ago, on 13th May. I was on a fixed monthly DD tariff with my previous supplier, and my account had built up to be significantly in credit (should be over £400 after my final bill, going by my calculations). I provided meter readings to the new supplier on the switch over day, and I was told (by at least one of the suppliers) that the new supplier would forward these on to the old one, in order for the final bill to be raised. My online account with my previous
  10. Post number 10 above is the latest - they've issued my a Notice of Default. I tried to defer just over two years ago, and haven't been in contact with them since then. I realise I should have done, but couldn't face dealing with another sequence of being ignored and resent their forms. Is it too late to try an recommence deferment now they've issued the default notice? Do I need to handle it some other way? I can provide evidence of my income over the last two years if they'd consider a retrospective deferment, but I'm sure that's wishful thinking!
  11. I have old style student loans from the late 90's. I've always been under the income threshold and deferred every year without issue. Then Erudio came along. At first (about two years ago) they kept sending me their deferment forms, and I kept writing back refusing to complete and sign their form, but provided all the information they should have needed (payslips, P60, tax credits notifications, even part of my tax return). I got the occasional stroppy letter from them, but as far as I was concerned, I had deferred. I don't think I've been sent any further reque
  12. I run a small limited company, and in the past we've referred our clients onto another (much larger, huge international) company who supply products and services that accompany our own. Way back in 2011 we requested some loan/demo equipment from them to exhibit at a trade show. The other day I got a letter from them saying that the loan was for a period of 1 month, and they are going to charge me a daily penalty rate for the period since (over 5 years!), unless I can prove that it was returned. The letter states (potentially misleadingly) that the value of the equipment is £1000, but it
  13. That article (from 2013) says that the banks don't know who the retracted cash belongs to, so they can't automatically refund it. But that directly contradicts this one (2012): http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/news/banking/2012/12/hundreds-of-thousands-in-line-for-atm-refund, and others, that state that most banks (inlcuding Barclays)automatically credit customers for retracted cash. It also says that RBS were going back to 2005 to reimburse people who left cash at the machine , so they must have historical records of who's cash it was. From what I've now read
  14. Earlier today I withdrew some cash from an ATM outside Asda. Except, being a complete numpty, I forgot to actually take the cash! Realised when I got home and phoned the supermarket. No one has handed in the cash to the supermarket. Security bloke was very helpful, I gave him a description of myself and he reviewed the CCTV. He confirmed that I only took my card from the machine, and not any cash, and also that no one else used the machine for a good few minutes. The next person that tried to use it appeared to have some trouble with said machine and then went to t
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