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  1. helloo everyone just a quick update: received letter from court - case was strike out and claim dismissed. no one show up from lowell or BC , no papers or any form of documents provided. taday after case dismissed i received new letter from lowell solicitors with notice of change of acting solicitor in relation to case was already dismissed...??? how i can stop them to contact me and send another letters asking for more money? thank you all for help.
  2. Once again thank You all for help as soon as i will get my salary will donate some money to help you help others. it wont be much... but ill try my best ;-) thanks again
  3. posted to both parties. case on monday 21st will keep you updated. i had used as template WS i found in other forum hope it will be ok. thank you all for help. thanks raf
  4. Thanks DX - well as rep/member of TU i do have half an hour consultation with solicitor i already used that, then you can use help service they providing but this is via outside company and it will take time ( which i dont have) im doing it now will get that sorted today. does it mean i need to submit this to court and to other party as well? or just court? if both parties must submit theirs WS other party and i did not received claimant WS what can i do with it ? - should i apply to court to strike out their claim like other people sugesting in other posts? its not easy for me . i can go over employemnt law whole day long, or equality , of health and safety - but finansial side its a dark side for me ;-) thanks for understanding. thank you
  5. hello and Yes you are 100% right . please understand i do have so much problems around me self last time that each time i can run away from them i do( just dont think about brings lots of peace) . its just time running so quick. Im quite busy at work, also as trade union rep trying to help others with their problems at work - and this takes a lots of time as well after work writing letters or similar things. Andy i do understand your point and i do understand i do come when i need advice and you can trust me if i would have more knowledge i would spend more time to help others but i dont because im here to ask people like You for help and i do appreciate this. i really do. thanks for all your help. Hello again yes 14 days before hearing. yes cant hurt im working on it since last friday but im not good in this things because i dont know what exacly i can relay my defence or cant... i do belive (as i think i had chat with someone about this) the time, for SB runs from time that account went overdrawn and never returned to credit. - can be wrong ( but want to belive its right. i dont know if i can base my statement regarding SB based on my credit file - where showing since when account went bad. or it wont be strong enought...? also on 25thseptember i posted letter to BC saying about the fact debt is SB ( template you can use from forum ) i did not received any answer in mean time i received court http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?191-Reported-Postsclaim . i do remember i seen guidance from FSA saying in case You serve this kind of letter claimant should stop claim and provide all nessesary documents. i had not received any answer. i posted cpr request and cca just received answer from BC standard letter saying theres no need to provide documents as this will go to small claims. any sugestions? please thanks
  6. dx im quite sure i have done my DQ long time ago - if thats the document when you state what cause of action will you take regarding claim and agreeing for mediation - im quite sure thats the DQ is it? last corespondence as i mentioned above was about allocation, venue, time, and guidance about witness statement. and i have not done that in time . thanks
  7. 25th jan 2016 - notice of allocation to small claims track . about allocation to small claims court and set up date for 21st march 2016 - information about venue time and witness statement. i know its to late i was sure its 26th but couldnt find letter and yes i found it today and it says 21st - s....t
  8. Hello it has been a while since last post but nothing was happening. i got court date set up on 21st this month. unfortunately (i dnt know why i thought its 26) and i did not send out to court any documents ...? i hope i will have a chance to use them on court meeting, or shall i post them asap. got few questions and please if its possible i need quick reply. thanks in advance. 1. just received letter from bc saying they are no longer dealing with the case and case was returned to lowell - what that means? do i have to do anything...? 2. long time ago i posted 3 documents cca request to lowell (october 2015) till today no respond., same time cpr to bc - they responded with standard letter saying that they dont have to provide nothing. - should i inform court that lowell did not responded to my letter and bc refused provide information? 3. this is most importent for me - can i have comment on fact that time for staturatory barred runs from date that account went overdrawn and never came back to credit again instead of date of accual default? also can i use as proof copy of my credit file where clearly shows since when acc was not in credit. thanks for all help
  9. thanks slick will try to cook something tomorrow and send out. thanks
  10. Till today i have no respond from HSBC. instead when i moved account they added some more charges to account 80+ pounds. so atm my hsbc account has not been closed because of those charges and i do imagine they will record that sooner or later against my credit file. should i write another letter to hsbc, should i write letter that those charges are unfair and i wont pay tchem back till my dispute over charges wont be resolved? what should i do next? thanks
  11. Hello Quick update: 27 october - CPR to bryan carter 27 october -CCA to lowell both recorded first class So far received letter from Bryan Carter "we confirm that claim form was issued by the country court...Practise direction 7c point 1.4(3a) eliminates the requirement to attach the documents to the particulars of claim when issued by this court... it is the original creditor's policy to issue agreement at the start of the contract and statements throughout the duration of the agreement and, in this regard, we ask you to refer to your own records" till today have not received any answer from lowell. should i respond to this letter from BC, should i write something more to lowell? thanks guys
  12. Hello All "Your defence was submitted on xxxx at xxxxxx" two more questions: 1. sould i send additional letter to ask court for venue chenge ? if so any Chance you got some template handy? 2. in case they will go forward with case and if in magical way of appearing things they will produce something that will show this is not SB should i start to send them cpr requests and other to get me self ready for other options as well? thank you
  13. DX just before i received claim form i had posted letter to BC (template SB). Now if they would reply to letter saying no the case is not SB do i have a right to ask for document they based their decision on/? Thanks
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