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Found 17 results

  1. Hi, This is my first time on here so sorry if this is not in the correct thread. I took a loan out in my partners name in 2015 and he's only just found out. I had a massive gambling problem then, I have tried repaying some of it but my debt spiralled out of control due to the gambling issue and I've stopped paying it! I just need some advice on how to fix this? I know probably some people will judge me for what I did and I suppose it's fair enough but any advice is appreciated. The loan was for £2200 taken with AvantCredit, they did not ask me to prove my identity either, that might've perhaps put a stop to that (I'm not blaming them). Thank you in advance
  2. I have seperated from my partner ex partner just over a year ago and some how I'd allowed her too put all of our debts into my name. Shock horror when we split up she stopped paying for them and I today had a bailiff call from Andrew jones enforcement. They've apparently sent out 6/7 letters too my previous address but I have only received one at this address. today he visited and has told my partner if I don't phone him within the hour he is going too be back too arrest me. Firstly the debt is £410 from council tax. The original amount owed was £80. I have had bailiffs send back debts previously due too the fact I have ADHD and severely struggle too deal with such people. I accept the debt but am struggling financially as I have recently been through court to gain custody of my eldest child [removed - dx]. However I have not yet been able to start claiming for her child tax credits etc. I have sold my car, tv everything worth anything except my phone during this time. Everything in the house is owned by my partner. Firstly can the bailiff arrest me ? Secondly am I classed as a vulnerable person with ADHD as it is classed as a mental health disorder ? What's the best plan of action from here he is due back shortly an I have no idea what to do ? J
  3. Hello. Posting this on behalf of my friend. Sadly, a few weeks ago, his wife died due to cancer. They were a married couple. During the marriage, she took a loan from barclays and had a ISA with them too (roughly about 5 grand savings in there). My friend phoned them up to ask about what's going to happen with the loan after she passed. They said he will not have to pay this loan, but it turns out they've used the money from ISA account to settle some of it. My question is - is this a legal process ? Thanks in advance for your help guys.
  4. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/dwp-announces-extra-support-for-armed-forces-spouses-and-civil-partners-to-help-protect-their-state-pension
  5. I have seen this question come up on several forums. The bailiff can enforce and take control of goods belonging to anyone on the liability order. The council tax regulation state that a summons for a liability hearing may be addressed to two or more joint taxpayers in joint names. The TCE permits enforcement of more than one individual on a single enforcement power. So it is a matter of looking to see who the summons is addressed to, or alternatively whose name the bill is in. DB
  6. Hi Guys. I'd be grateful for some advise please. I split with my ex partner and the house was sold. Prior to completion I was advised by my solicitor that there was a Charging Order on the house for my ex-partners HFC credit card bill for £1330, and that this money must be deducted from the equity. I didn'teven know that my 'x' had the credit card and suspect that it dates back prior to our relationship or almost definitely prior to us buying the house seven years ago. I also suspect that he never bothered even going to court to try and sort out the problem (whenever the court case was?) - and I certainly couldn't fight for my own rights as I didn't know anything at all about it. Unfortunately, we still have some large outstanding utility bills on the house and now that the money for the charging order has been deducted, without my consent, involvement or even knowledge of the outstanding credit card bill, there will be insufficient funds to clear all of our debts. My 'x' is knowingly playing a very selfish game as he is quite aware that the electricity bill is solely in my name. Furthermore, I am at a greater loss as my 'x' is refusing to pay his half of the expenses that I incurred, which had previously been agreed, like Council Tax payments, plus decorating and doing up the house, which achieved a considerably higher selling price (which he has benefited from). As if this isn't enough, in the early stages of our break up, he stole my dog, and has since said that the only way he will give the dog back is if I pay for 'everything'. If I had the money - I would! - I love my dog and miss him so much that it has made me ill! - But, unfortunately, I haven't go the money and even if I did, he still wouldn't play straight. Somehow now, I have got to find a way of paying for the utility bills, which due to his Charging Order for his credit card bill, we will not have sufficient funds to pay. If he paid back to me half of the money taken for the Charging Order and also his half of the bills that I have paid out as mentioned above, it wouldn't be such a problem. But he is ignoring my solicitor letters and we are getting nowhere, and now the utility companies are chasing me. Lets face it, he's had it easy. He's had his house done up and sold for him, had his credit card bill paid and also has my dog. The legal system doesn't seem to have any substance for people who are just trying to do the right thing and it seems that people who don't care about others, the law, or anything for that matter seem to get away with it! So, sorry to ramble on! I'm wondering now if any one knows if there is any way that I can get my half of the money back from 'his' Charging Order - as it wasn't my debt - and there are other bills (which are in my name) that still must be paid. I will then be able to pay off the remaining bills. I know that he just wont bother, and I don't want them hanging over me for the rest of my life. I'd also be grateful for any advice any one has about getting my dog back - Officially. ( I've had enough offers off friends to go and get him back for me - but I want to have him back officially). Thank you to any one who takes the trouble to read this and has the knowledge and wisdom to offer me any advice. It will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello all, Firstly I would like to say what an amazing forum this is. I got out of debt, I've now got a mortgage and new house ready to move into. People need to realise there is no quick fix for credit files. Now, my partner. We are in no way financially linked by the way, no joint credit, accounts etc. She has a terrible mess of a creit report which I want to help her with to get back on track so she can get on the mortage. Debts with, amount owed etc are: Next Directory, £121 Defaulter on 18/04/14 Lowell (Very), £183 Defualted on 07/01/14 Lowell (Kay and Co), £365, Defaulted on 07/08/13 Lowell (Littlewoods), £762, defaulted on 23/08/13 Lowell (o2), £593 defaulted on 22/02/10 (removed this Febraury) Lowell (3), £602 defaulted on 06/11/09 (removed from file this Novemeber) CCJ for £382 02/07/14 not sure what that is for. As you can see, a mess but we want to start sorting it out so in 5/6 years time she will be debt free. Where would you start? Obviously dont want to stir the pot and awaken Lowell to the accounts that are nearly expired. Ideally she wants to pay a small sum to each one to start repaying, is this the best option or would you advise a different method?
  8. Hi, I have just found a website for the above company which looks interesting, does anyone know anything about this company please e.g. what is their reputation like and do you know anyone who has had any dealings with them? Thank you Maybe
  9. I paid a fine with the court for £145, albeit a few days late. For a speeding fine. My partner has his car clamped by the HCEO for an outstanding amount of £310. How can it be so high? He has to prove he is the owner for them to remove the clamp but say they will do so today. The car isn't mine but has been clamped because of the fact I owe £310. What can I do?
  10. Hi, I am posting this on a few of the Shop Direct posts as I have been working on 3 claims on behalf of a relative and want everybody who has been charged by them to reclaim their charges and all applicable interest as these are possibly the most arrogant of all the companies I have dealt with and will firstly refuse your requests and then as it goes on breach the court procedures and ignore the judges requests until they ultimately settle as of they have no defence and no desire to go in front of a judge. The final outcome on the claims is posted below as the e-mail sent to me for my relative. Shop Direct have still not paid the sums stated in the e-mails in full and have part paid so still looking to court. Please click the star if this is informative and feel free to contact or reply to this post for any assistance. I have just advised the defendant to make the following account credits, which I believe satisfy your *******'s claims: Claim No 1QT08206 re account ref ******** (Littlewoods) Credit to the account of £175.79 Claim No 1QT09646 re account ref ******** (Very) Credit to the account of £251.72 Claim No 1QT24916 re account ref ******** (Choice) Credit to the account of £137.12 - to include the charge of 30/4/11. I understand that the adjustments will take place on Monday. Regards
  11. Hello This is just a little warning for anyone searching for information on the following three companies.harrington jones limited, cobley johnson partners ( cjp) and consumer claims ( consumer-claims dot com) They are all sening letters to people fishing for work, they are not including their fees and cleaverly miss out vital pieces of paper work where these fees are contained Do not sign any letters of authority from any of these companies hopefully people searching will see this and be warned.
  12. Can someone help with this Today cash genie took out £170 from my partners bank account for an unpaid loan last year. The money was actually mine and was two weeks benefit money that I had asked the dwp put into her account as I do not have one and they will no longer pay by Giro Cheque. Natwest bank won't act and the loan company will not reply to my E-mails. Where legally do I stand ?. Thank you
  13. Hi, Starting separate thread for each debt per DX's advice:-D CCA request printed & being sent Monday, then need to get started to see if anything to reclaim.... This is being chased by KPR debt collection & have already made an offer for reduced full & final......
  14. Hi - thought I posted yesterday but seems to have disappeared.... Am currently self employed after losing my job a couple of years ago, things have been very slow & ive been unlucky with losing a big client that was 50% of my income. Have been robbing Peter to pay Paul, but things have come to a head & we need to take control before they really get out of control. My debt Nationwide - £4500 Capital One - £250 Wonga - £1000 Patner debt Nationwide - £2500 Virgin - £2900 Barclaycard - £2500 We cannot meet all the minimum payments each month, if I send reduced payment offers to mine, we could probably just about pay hers but again only minimums. Would we be better informing all creditors we are struggling, freeze interest & make offers or would it be better to keep her credit clear if we can ? I'm confident in 6 months to a year my income will increase again, and I don;t want to ruin both our credit files for what is only 6 months of reduced payments - any advice ? Also is it worth CCA these accounts ? Appreciate any help. Thanks Mark
  15. Hi, so just after some advice really~ My partner and his ex split up around 8years ago (she decided to kick him out and moved some other bloke in) They have 2 children together, daughter who was around 5 and the son around 2 at the time of the split. Since then my partner has paid money to her either cash into her bank account or bank transfer. When myself and my partner got together we continued to pay her money (usually paid in by me or transfer from my account to hers). Unfortunately along the way we became unemployed and the CSA took money from our benefits all the time we still paid additional money into her account. When we started working agin and our beenfits stopped we continued as usual to pay money to her account, a few occasions we have been unable to due to emergencies etc.. My partner started work in February and our benefits stopped (JSA etc) so we continued to pay money into her account every time my partner received his wages. Around 2weeks ago he had a call from the CSA saying there was a discrepancy in his income from a few years back, and they couldn't find any benefit claim for him (they were assuming he had been working and not paying her maintenance!) however we had been on a joint/couples claim for JSA where I had been the lead claimant (he was on my claim a such) which he told them and they said was fine. So today he gets a call and is told that he owes his ex nearly £1000 in CSA payments and that his ex had made a claim saying he owes her money right back from 2009, there was no other explanation as to how or why, or any advice given to him! He was then asked if he was in a position to pay the amount there and then, which as we are not in a position to do that, he said no. My partner asked why he had to pay it as he had been paying her money, and extra even when we were unemployed, and why they were just taking her side without even checking to see what had been paid to her. He was then basically fobbed off and told that's not how it works and that she had made the claim and they have to follow it up and make sure she gets the money owed. So she has made a claim saying he owes her this money from 3 or so years ago and they just believe her? What should we do next? Really don't know what to do, really appreciate any help
  16. Firstly my apologies if this is the wrong place to post this as i'm new and this is my first post. My partner has worked all his life and was in his last job for 8 years, around seven months ago he had to take time off due to sickness, severe anxiety/stress, so was on ssp for 3/4 months in around that time he started getting accused of stealing from his empolyer and they even came out to our home and inspected every part of it, but did not find anything !! a few days after they sent a letter saying that out kitchen looks like one of their kitchens and that they will be dealing with it when my partner returns back to work. ... now we live in a council house and the kitchens are all exactly the same, so my partner got in touch with our council and after a few phone calls found that the kitchen had been fitted 6 years ago. ...so he cleared his name.. ..nothing was ever said about it and we recieved no letter/phone call of an apology... .. this completely stressed my partner out and did not help with his current state of anxiety and felt that he couldnt go back to work for the same company because of the way they treated him. he stopped receiving ssp and went onto jsa and signed off sick from the doctor as he wanted to get back into work and start afresh, he did everything he had to do, went to sign on and was job hunting everyday.. ...he was claiming ssp for the both of us as i stay home and take care of the kids.. ...he has been on jsa for 3 months and now we have had a letter saying that he is no longer entitled for jsa as he volantary left his previuos job, he has told them repeatedly the circumstances that made him quite and how he felt and has sent all the forms off, he even told the jobcentre that he will be starting a job on the 21st january ( next month) as thats when work will be picking up( for his trade) we only needed the extra help for the next 3 weeks or so then he would no longer need jsa... . i also had a letter from housing benefit saying that jsa has stopped so housing/council tax will be stopped too..... i'm so upset by all this, we have struggled for so long and now with only a few days untill christmas we are left with no money, i dont know how we are going to manage, and what saddens me more is that my partner worked for 8 years and this is the only time he has ever claimed benefit and they treat us this way, we have nothing for our kids for christmas and im on the brink of depression, i just dont know what to do i really need some advice because i'm totally lost, thank you.
  17. Hi all, can anyone help me please as I am feeling slightly unfairly done..... My hubby is a fulltime student and he receives students grants,loans etc. We have 3 children aged 11, 9 and 9mths. We currently receive child tax credit and have been advised that the only help we can get benefit wise (apart from housing and council tax benefit) is if I was to make a claim for jsa- as I would have to be available and looking for fulltime work I have not claimed. I do not feel I want to go back to work yet and especially not fulltime. Now this is was narks me slightly...If I was a single parent I would be entitled to income support as my child is under 5yrs old and would not have a requirement to work yet. Now, my husband is at uni fulltime so this means I am in the same 'childcare' boat as a single parent would be so how come the rules are different for me!? I don't know if what we have been advised is gospel or if in fact I would be entitled to I.Support or even Jsa without all the requirements. Does anyone know if there are exceptions/exemptions to certain things in these circumstances?
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