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  1. Hello, I'm in a spot of bother with Erudio. Thought I was being clever/daring etc... by returning their letters over the last five years last week received a claim form through the post, at which point I (sensibly) lost my nerve and found CAG whilst searching the internet for help. Have followed the advice in the small claim thread, filed my AOS (today), and written CCA Request and CPR31.14 to post tomorrow. Details of claim below: Name of the Claimant:Erudio Student Loans Limited C/O Wilmington Trust Date of issue: 21 NOV 2018 Particulars of Claim: 1. The claimant's claim is for monies due from the defendant under the regulated agreement(s) between the defendant and Student Loans Company Limited under master reference xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, and assigned to the claimant on 22/11/2013, notice of which has been provided to the defendant. 2. The defendant has failed to make payments in accordance with the terms of the agreement(s) and default notice(s) have been served pursuant to the Consumer Credit Act 1974 3. The claimant claims the sum of £7116 4. The claimant has complied, as far as is necessary, with the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims Have you received prior notice of a claim being issued pursuant to paragraph 3 of the PAPDC (Pre Action Protocol) ?Possibly. However, any post relating to Erudio would have been returned to sender What is the total value of the claim?£7626 (including court fee & costs) Is the claim for - Mortgage style student loans taken out between 1995 and 1998 When did you enter into the original agreement before or after April 2007 ? Before Is the debt showing on your credit reference files (Experian/Equifax /Etc...) ? Don't think so. Experian rating was 999 as of 26/11/18 Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim Erudio Student Loans Limited Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? I was aware loans had been sold to Erudio, and was sent a notice of assignment, but returned it. Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? I don't know. (sorry) Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? I've been returning post about once a year. Why did you cease payments? My income has never been over the threshold for repayment. Whilst the loans were held by SLC, I deferred every year. I took an ideological stance when the loans were sold to Erudio and decided to return letters with a RTS label. I thought it was worth a try. (What a wally!) What was the date of your last payment? I last deferred 25/04/2013 Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? No Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan No I have written the CCA request and CPR31.14 and these will go in to the post, recorded delivery, tomorrow. I have also registered with MCOL and filed AOS, ticked 'defend all' and not ticked the 'juristiction' box. I'm following other threads concerning Erudio. Next step? Await response and start researching legal successes for suitable defence? Thank you (feeling very grateful to have found you!)
  2. Hi all, I am not the first to post on this issue but I wanted to get some advice about the appalling mess that Sallie Mae UK created when it went bust. They were a subsidiary of the American private loan company and they briefly funded postgraduate education in the UK for a year or two. I foolishly borrowed money in 2006-7. They folded and the debt was passed on to various companies: Eagle Consulting, Total Credit Financial Services and most recently, Capquest who I believe are a debt collection company. There has been the odd complicated statement with huge interest added over the years from each of the companies listed , but no attempts at contact, no paperwork or phone calls to arrange a schedule of payment and nobody checking when I actually finished my PhD studies. I haven't spoken to anybody from the company and I have only had one email exchange with them - in 2009, when they (Eagle consulting) sent me three letters saying I'd missed payments. I emailed to say I was still studying and they updated the system to show I would be finishing in 2010. If that had happened, my first payments would have been due after a nine month deferral, so autumn 2010. Due to dropping to part time status, I actually submitted my thesis in summer 2013 but they didn't know that since they never asked again! My question is this: how does one establish a cause of action for a private student loan? Is there any way of establishing this is a statute barred debt or not? If not, I will need to challenge them about the exorbitant interest they have levied over the years , as it was supposed to be interest free until nine months after graduation. To give you a clear picture, I had a letter from Capquest saying they would be managing my account on behalf of arrow global. They wanted all future payments to be paid to them and had set them in line with the last payment I made to total credit which they claimed was £899.99 per month. I've never made a payment or spoken to them. I sent them the standard statute barred Scotland letter in response, and I got a letter back saying 'we were informed you were due to finish your course of study on 22 May 2015. With your entitlement to a nine month payment holiday, this means you are not currently due to commence payments on the loan until February 2016.' I graduated from my PhD in July 2014, having finished fully by autumn 2013! They continue: 'The Limitations Act states that the time start to run from the 'cause of action' which for this type of account is when the creditor is able to take court action to recover the debt. This will usually be after one or two payments have been missed. Court action is not possible for this type of account unless the account has had a default notice (or been terminated). As no payments have actually fallen due this account cannot qualify as statute barred therefore the balance remains correct and due to be repaid by you as per the original conditions of the loan.' They say that - although they have added around 10k of interest to a 15k loan over the course of 8 years, when it should have been interest free! Any advice would be much appreciated.
  3. Hi, I've tried to have a good look through the website, which has always been a great help over the years (thank you so much!!) but I just need to clarify a few things before I end up doing something stupid. I had the old mortgage style student loans with the Student Loans Company back in 1993 and 1994, and deferred them over the years due to low income and poor mental health. I don't know if I'm remembering right but I think the last time I acknowledged the debt and tried to defer again was 2012 or 2013 (not a good year personally, don't remember much). Fast forward a few years, find out the account was sold to Erudio - never acknowledged any debt, but now in the past week, I've received a Letter Of Claim from DrydensFairfax to my current address which starts with the following: "This is a Letter of Claim sent to you in accordance with the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims...". They are trying to claim both 1993 and 1994 loans together under one account number and the account summary only states balance on 11th September 2018 (debits/credits/interest), along with adjustments for menial amounts between 6/9/2018 and 11/9/2018. So, how much of this is hot air or are they trying to get a backdoor CCJ? Should I send a CCA request to them (is it s.77 or s.78, sure its s.77 but better to be sure)? Do I send the new GDPR SAR request and if so, who do I send it to - SLC, Erudio or Drydens? Do I bother to fill in the Income and Expenditure form, repayment offer, or reply form they've sent? Apologies for the questions, need to make sure I don't screw it up. ta
  4. I took out a mortgage with the Money Store in 1999 and it was transferred by them to Platform Funding Limited later in 1999. Although I wasnt self employed then the Mortgage ppi was just added to the loan £1,825.80, I was never asked if I wanted it and it was an upfront payment. As a few months later I paid the mortgage off and subsequently the mortgage ppi. Is it too late to request the ppi back. I have the mortgage account number and I understand Platform is now owned by the coop? Who would you contact?
  5. Hello I am deaf and me and my wife took a loan out of £16,000 secured loan through igroup Ltd via loans.co.uk. We believe we have been misold with PPI. I wish to make a PPI complaint so can you please point me to the right direction to who I should make a PPI complaint to? The loan was taken out sometime between 2001-2003, not too sure and we have lost the original agreement, unfortunately. Please help? Many thanks Angus
  6. Hi All I have been trying to get my deferment debt which was applied to my student loan from 1993 ,even though I have contacted them many times as I was homeless in 1998 -2003 but still contacted them ,its now 2019 and they still insist I owe them even though I was assured by them in 2002 it was taken off . It now seems in the hands of Link financial and thesis loans with Honours trustee being the owner or something , As I am in University now for a PGCE there is a block with this deferment ,which I thought was resolved in 2006 when I had a personal apology from CEO of SLC , I dont have that letter to show as I never kept the correspondence If anybody has had the same expereince I would be grateful to hear them
  7. Afternoon all, I purchased a £300 car to use for a parts car whilst restoring another car. As it happens I didn't really need anything so sold it on 3 days ago for a little under what I paid. This morning I received one of those letters from Loans2go starting it's there property and they want it back. I was a little taken back as I HPI checked the car but realised after checking report this morning that it was the cheapo option which didn't include finance. Naturally I only use the more expensive hpi for expensive cars..... I called them up and explained I wasn't aware etc, lady was very nice and kept saying I have 10 days or I could make a offer to settle. I took great delight in winding her up as I won't be paying a penny I said well it's all very well saying I have ten days however you won't be getting anything and I have also sold the car. The irony that it's now being used as a stock car as it's worthless. So anyone know what happens next? V5 was filled in on the night of sale online, I have a receipt with all buyers info and sellers info. Loan was taken out against car in 2016........ I want to know if all my items & cars are safe from sticky hands. Cheers for the help
  8. I graduated back in 2002. I know after that, the Student Loans Company sent me deferment forms which were filled in and accepted. Erudio took these over years ago and I have never received any deferment forms from them, or any way of doing so. I've made no payments or, as far as I'm aware, acknowledged anything with them. The other day, 3 brown envelopes arrived from Northampton. Opened one and it was a County Court business centre claim form for £2400ish against me from Erudio / Drydens. (Letters from Drymens telling me that I would receive court papers arrived a few days later). I have no idea what to do here. I'm not fully clued up on the logistics of the loans and can't remember exactly when they were taken out but if I graduated in 2002, the 1998-2002 seems about right. I've never earned the required £2200 or so a month and this was fine with the SLC and I'm not exactly making enough to make the sort of payments they would probably be looking for. The last thing I want are CCJs against me for this. The forms seem to be giving me the options of: Admitting the amount and want time to pay Admitting part of the amount Disputing the claim 28 days needed to prepare a defence. The forms didn't go to the address I've generally living at (but to my parents I used to live at) so I've got maybe 6-7 days now to do something. Any ideas what I should do? Whilst I don't mind paying them back if I have the funds to do so over time, why have they waited 16 years after my graduation in order to do anything?
  9. Hello, i have had a loan with cash on go ltd peachy loans in August 2012, i didnt pay it back and they defaulted it on 07/11/2012 , this was showing on my credit file up until about a month ago when it just suddenly stopped showing on there. It has now reappeared in November but they have set the default date to one in 2016, when i have proof it was defaulted on 07/11/2012. Why would they do that? I have emailed the CRAs to tell them is there anything else i should be doing? Should i contact Peachy direct. I'm not 100 percent sure if it is it stat barred as i may have paid something in a payment plan but i am trying to find out yeh just to confirm its not stat barred- as i made payments in july 14
  10. Hello everyone. I'm getting anxious about my currently deferred student loan and seeking some advice/guidance/reassurance, please. I have four mortgage style student loans from the early 90s and as I’ve beenbelow the threshold I have been deferring them; every year since I graduated. It’s all been pretty straight forward and deferment granted promptly. Last year’s deferment letter from Honours Student Loans(and maybe several before that) said, if memory serves, I was in breach of theloan T&Cs as I no longer have a direct debit in place. It must have ‘timedout’, as I’m sure there used to be one. As I’m now within a few years of my loan being written off I’m keen not to do anything that could be used against me by placing me in breach of the T&Cs and put me in arrears during my final few years. I’m winding myself up by reading the entire internet on whether the T&Cs actually state I must have an active direct debit inplace, even if I’m currently in deferment. So my questions is, when I receive my next deferment letter should I give them my bank account details, or even call them to provide them now, or shouldn’t I? On the subject of the deferment paperwork – have HSL changed it this year (2018)? Will my paperwork be different in 2019? If so, should I approach it differently? The next issue is difficult for me, as I think I may have been filling the deferment form out incorrectly. I haven’t been including Child Tax Credits as income as the advice I received at the time was that it didn’t count as taxable income and therefore didn’t need to be included on the form. But now I’m reading that I should have been declaring it? If so, then would your advice be to start putting it on the form from next year? The tax credits would place me close to, but I think still under, the threshold. As I haven’t been declaring child tax credits and probably should have been, would this be grounds for me to be regarded as in breach of the T&Cs and effect future deferment/write-off? If I should declare it, do I need to declare 100% or canI declare 50% as it’s in joint names with my wife and her income doesn’t count? Many thanks for your help.
  11. Hi I'm so glad to have found this forum. I hold 5 student loans from years 1996 - 2000. The 1996 & 1997 loans are with Thesis The 1998, 1999 and 2000 loan are with Erudio I have never received a DAF from Erudio or signed any document with them. My loans have always been deferred thorugh the Student Loans Company, who now seem to have rebranded as SLC. Historially I've occasionally been late submitting deferment but it's never been an issue. I did not receive a DAF from anyone in 2017. Erudio have sent me a default notice letter saying I had to pay my arrears of £1254 to "remedy the breach of Agreement" by 21st Oct. For personal reasons I didn't open this letter until after that date. I rang them (sorry! - I won't make that mistake again, it was before I found this forum) to see what could be done. I've been told that I'm no longer eligible for deferment. I was explicitly told that the agreement has been cancelled and that I'm no longer entitleld to have the loan written off in 2025 and that I need to enter into a repayment plan. When I started receiving letters I spoke with SLC (last month) and they have sent me a replacement DAF, however it only lists the 2 Thesis loan account numbers, not the 3 Erudio ones. I'd greatly appreciate advice on where I stand legally and what my next step should be. Thesis are also now calling, emailing and texting but I haven't yet responded to them. Many thanks DJ
  12. Hi all, I just wondered if anyone had gone up against Amigo Loans in irresponsible lending cases. i have had a few loans from 2015-2017 with various top ups just wondering if i might have a case? just checked what i had 3250 16/05/2012 2250 11/09/2014 4250 03/04/2015 5000 29/04/2016 was in a DMP with payplan during the first two loans started missing payments around 03/09/2015 for a few months as was in financial difficulty
  13. Hi all, I was posting about CCA request which led to unearthing my other accounts and I was advised to start another thread in this forum as I may be able to get my PDL wiped under the irresponsible lending rules. I have the following to my name: EuroCashNet (Quick Quid) £770 Instant Cash Loans (Month End Money/ Payday UK) £300 I have been paying towards these on a DMP and i'm due to make a payment in the next couple of days. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks in advance.
  14. had a letter come through the door from the land registry. this was telling me that amigo loans had applied to have a charge put onto my property due to my wife standing as a guarantor for her cousin. you can imagine this has come has a major shock to me as i was not made aware of this by my wife. my permission would never been granted. i have until noon on thursday to reply to the land registry as my wife is a bit simple she said she did not know what she was entering into and the consequences. can i add this was the first time we have heard about this the land registry letter. no letters have been sent to us or court orders or told the debtor had stopped paying . when i rang amigo up i asked them why we had not been informed of your actions and the debtors non payment he replied you have now. why have you not sent bailiffs in to recover your cash he replied we dont do that we have your house. i find myself dragged into someone elses non payment. the debtor has no worries sorry pal i cant afford to pay. need urgent assistance on what to do here im in panic mode.
  15. Hi...I am hoping someone can give me some advice regarding Amigo Loans. I 'stupidly' went guarantor for a relative with Amigo loans about 2 years ago. They paid their payments on time every month up until May 2018. At this time, their partner lost their job and they could no longer afford the repayments. Knowing this, they contacted Stepchange and went on a DMP straight away. Amigo will not accept the payment that was offered by Stepchange and have started to chase me for the money which is expected. I unfortunately am in the same situation as my husband lost his job last year and I went on a DMP 8 months ago. We have both contacted Amigo and explained the situation but no matter what we offer it is not enough for them. They have told us that due to our circumstances they can not tell us to make any additional payments as this would put is in financial strain, but the amount offered is not enough to keep the account on hold and that it would be passed to their litigation team on the 19th of this month to pursue a county court judgement. We have repeatedly asked them what they would accept as a reasonable repayment as we would try and get help and support from relatives but they keep stating it is not enough to repay it in an acceptable time frame. The debt stands at around £10.1k from a loan of £9.5k with £345 a month interest and a normal monthly payment of £375. We are offering them £175 between us. We do not want this to go to court but unfortunately can not afford to pay any more. Can anyone give me advice on how to avoid legal proceedings or is this inevitable?
  16. Dear Forum Members, I used to be in a mess getting by on PD loans and had up to three concurrent ones Thankfully with the help of family members I managed to pay them off. At least I now pay off my debts with no interest ... I recently found out out about your website and decided to make a claim for irresponsible lending. Both QQ and Wonga rejected by claim so I went to the ombudsman. As some of my loans were more than six years old, QQ replied that they will not deal with them. The ombudsman has offered me two options: Continue claiming for all loans which will take more time and may fail or progress only with the loans I took within the last 6 years. So my question is if its worth pursuing the old loans? Do I have any chances of success? Or should I pursue the rest of them and get what i can ? Any advice would be appreciated. Andy G
  17. https://www.gov.uk/budgeting-help-benefits/how-to-claim Swift process took less than a minute to complete be aware it is still beta testing You’ll get a decision by post within 15 working days.
  18. I`ll be brief because I suspect this subject has been discussed elsewhere, however I have trawled through pages of threads without success. I have received my SAR from Welcome Finance for the five loans and HP I had with them from 1999 through to 2002. Aviva have paid up £1700 PPI redress for one of the post 2000 loans but are refusing to pay for the other post 2000 HP Loan as they say the PPI was clearly evident on the form. What they have done in error is state that I was in full time employment. I was working full time, but I was self-employed as a trade plate driver for United Fleet Distribution. That was why I went to Welcome in the first place because they were the only loan company who would lend to me because of my employment status. they gerrymandered the forms saying that I was working full time, without saying I was self-employed. I am going to challenge Aviva on this second PPI refusal. However, my question refers to the other 3 loans which were taken out prior to 2000. Aviva say they were not the underwriters at that time. Other threads on here suggest that the FSCS are only taking responsibility for post 2005 Welcome loans. So who do I claim against for the 3 pre-2000 loans? I know from the SAR documents that PPI was charged and the amounts involved. However, I do not know who was the underwriter. Furthermore, I actually signed the documents at the Welcome Finance offices in Stockport and not at any brokers or loan brokers offices. I am hoping someone on here might save me the time and trouble and point me in the right direction. If it cannot be done, well I will have to lump it, but I now have the proof that PPI was charged on all 3 of the pre-2000 loans.
  19. Hello, I have been following this intermittently since I joined last October 2015. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?452513-Sallie-Mae-UK-loans-statute-barred-or-not-scotland&p=4934734#post4934734 I am sort of the same situation, though I moved from Scotland to England in 2012. I am not sure which year Capquest via Sallie Mae, are referring to, but I received nothing after 2007-2008 when the loan was started until 2015, from the annoying letters they started sending me that year. I also had something from Arrow, but I have answered nothing for either Capquest nor Arrow. I tried to contact Sallie Mae UK in 2009 I believe but got bounced emails and nothing except something from an address in Canada, which was dead upon my response. So, seeing as how I am now in England, it is 2016, and theoretically the loan would have been statue barred in 2012 whilst I was still in Scotland, what would the advice be from the forum?
  20. I am on the new style loan and after moving repeatedly I haven't had any contact since 2015. I now live in France and was wondering if anyone has ever successfully lost student loans? Would I be unable to return to the U.K if they have lost me?
  21. Hi I.m new here and need help . Over the yrs me and the wife have had provident loans we have defaulted 3 times on them for thousands over the yrs. They still lent to us mind. Over last few yrs we have never missed a payment but got our self in debt with them. To the point we paying £200 a wk in repayments over long term. We kept renewing loans for more to keep money in our pockets it would last us a fee wks until next renewal to the point that we are at the limit. We did pay it off once to lower payments and renewed straight away then to get more money back but this is how we got to the limit . We paid off with our Christmas no ey borrowed 2 wks later to get our money back but borrowed even more . My wife as aspergers and she hates not paying it especially as we know the agent as live locally. We on benefits which as been stopped at moment due to change over from was to income support not had money for nearly 3wks andooking at another fee wks before it's sorted. We missed last wks payment they been fine with it and going to try and help but can't afford to pay it back at all. My son and daughter been helping is out for so long even my son's boss giving is money to lend . CAB just told us to contact them to make arrangement to lower payment but we been told it looks like we been irresponsible lending and between defaults and constantly renewing for more shows we couldn't really afford them they never looked at our money coming in and cause we needed the money for Christmas we lied what we had coming in I know it's wrong but was desperate.
  22. Hello all, I've tried to read as many posts as possible but cant pin down the best course of action for my exact circumstances, I have several mortgage style student loans from 94-98 period that were sold to Honours (HSL/Link outsourcing) back in 1998 but SLC still do the deferment processing. I have always got my deferment forms in on time and have never earned anywhere near the threshold so was looking forward to getting the rolled up "package" of loans cancelled in 2023. But this year SLC never posted the deferment form and like a fool I didnt get around to chasing them. Just received on Thusday 18th April a letter dated the 11th from HSL warning of needing to start paying £185 a month when my deferment period runs out on April 24th. Being naive I phoned SLC who told me to phone HSL phoned HSL wanted NI number DD etc setup I reluctantly agreed! They told me SLC deal with Deferments Phoned them Got to a "supervisor" they won't resend deferment form but gave me code to log-on to SLC My account type thing which I have never used because have always Dealt with them by post. I have downloaded the deferment "pack" they never posted to me which and returned it complete with all evidence etc on the 18th and another copy by Signed for post today the 20th. Obviously this will not be processed before my current deferment period ends. If possible I do not want to give HSL any reason to say that I have any arrears or have broken the contract in any way. but I am loath to make payment By DD or with a card to HSL as I am carer to my spouse and we live on Pension credit and disability benefits So really we cant afford to pay. I would like to keep trying to engage with SLC and doing the deferment routine for another 5 years until the loans are wiped but I am sure HSL will insist i have defaulted because the deferment cover will have slipped for a few weeks and I will be stuck on the pointless chasing merry-go-round pass the debt to the link financial people etc and I do fear the risk of future CCJ even though I have decades of paperwork proving a right to deferment. I think I have been Deliberately engineered into this situation just wish I had chased SLC for deferment form earlier. can I cancel the DD with my bank ignore HSL and hope the 3 month rule means they have to backdate the deferment or reluctantly pay HSL sounds bonkers I know and try to claim back?? Fat chance.. The irony is SLC Know of my circumstances because I also have a Plan 1 type loan from 99-200 so I have to fill in an SLC form about that every December because they cant find me through PAYE system for the last few years. BTW yes I did graduate eventually please help many thanks in advance
  23. Please help, First time I received my salary and my outgoings monthly payments are bigger than amount received. I have unsecured loans and pay day loans and this Month I won’t be able to pay 3 of them, I read all the 10 steps but I am still panicking, I have more payments than my salary and I need at least 3 Month to back to "normal" when my paY day loans will be paid in full but this Month and next one I have to stop some payments. Please help and let me know how to go the creditors and what I can ask TO HELP ME, WHAT should I tell them? Can I ask to freeze 2 Month instalments or just offer pay a little? Many thanks
  24. Same old story I'm afraid..... We had a loan via GE Money/Home lending for £5500 and had only managed to make a few payments on the account when i lost my job. We spoke to GE and advised them of the situation, that the problems were only temporary and that we would make arrangements for the arrears to be cleared as soon as possible. The call taker insisted we make a payment arrangement but as we were living off thin air I was unable to do this. I offered £5 a month token payment which was refused and advised i couldnt do anymore at the present time. The debt was subsequently sold to Link Financial and shortly after recieving a letter from them we received a very rude call from someone at link who advised me "We own the debt, you owe us £6600 (or thereabouts) can you make full payment now?" I advised that I didnt have £6600 knocking about and that we would be able to make a payment offer but was just advised "we'll be sending you court forms" and the call was ended by them. Duly the court forms arrived and unfortunately due to fighting repossession we did not attend the hearing. CCJ granted and now they are going for charging order THIS FRIDAY 12th (in a court 60 miles from our nearest court!) . How can i avoid a charging order? Postpone the hearing?? It is in our mortgage terms that if someone applies for second charge they can cancel the mortgage/sell our house!!! I have just started a new job and could not get the time off to attend. Any payment would have to be small due to arrears on water/elec/gas etc and we do not currently have the money to pay court fees to have set aside???
  25. Hi, I had various loans from wonga in 2011 date - 11/07/2011 amount - £135 interest+fees - £29 date - 03/08/2011 amount - £280 interest+fees - £60 date - 29/08/2011 amount - £523 interest+fees - £172 date - 30/09/2011 amount - £660 interest+fees - £189 date - 28/10/2011 amount - £780 interest+fees - £223 date - 30/11/2011 amount - £973 interest+fees - £179 I made a complaint of irresponsible lending as i regularly was unable to pay bills etc. they have offered me £159.91 plus 8% interest which totals £222.58. Should i take this further to the fos or should i accept the money and forget about it. Just wondered if anyone has similar previous experiences or if anyone has any ideas if it would be beneficial going to the fos. thank you
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