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  1. Hello, I'm in a spot of bother with Erudio. Thought I was being clever/daring etc... by returning their letters over the last five years last week received a claim form through the post, at which point I (sensibly) lost my nerve and found CAG whilst searching the internet for help. Have followed the advice in the small claim thread, filed my AOS (today), and written CCA Request and CPR31.14 to post tomorrow. Details of claim below: Name of the Claimant:Erudio Student Loans Limited C/O Wilmington Trust Date of issue: 21 NOV 2018 Particulars of Claim: 1
  2. name the issuing court: Kirkcaldy Who Is The Claimant: Cabot Financial (UK) Limited, Marlin House, 16-22 Grafton Road, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1QP Who Are the Solicitors: Simon Nolan (Nolan’s Solicitors) What type of action? : Simple What is the claim for – 1. on 21/09/2015 the Respondent entered a credit card agreement with NEW DAY LTD under which the respondent borrowed from them a sum of money repayable on demand. The said agreement was an agreement regulated under the consumer credit act 1974.. 2.The Respondent failed to pay as agreed o
  3. Hi, Please could someone help. i have received court papers from Lowell Solicitors and have borrowed the money and paid it off, but do i still have to fill in the forms from the court? all it says is, 'if you admit the debt, either pay in full to Lowell or ask to pay in instalments' if i have paid is that an end to it or does it still go to court? sorry if I sound a bit stupid, but it just isnt clear! Tia
  4. There has been some thug called Carl going around, breaking into people properties near me for months, but the Police couldn’t catch him The weirdest thing about it all is he was breaking in just to ruin their washing machines by putting house bricks in them and then turning them on! really weird if you ask me.... Anyway, just read that he has been caught by the police drugged out of his mind in the local park and has been jailed for 10 years it’s nice on two fronts, first a criminal has been brought to justice and the second is that washing machines live longer with Carl gone.
  5. I made a complaint against a county court which was uphold by the Ministry of Justice. As a consequence I issued a claim for compensation. I sent my claim to the County Court Money Claims Centrer requesting that the claim form was sent back to me so that I serve it myself on the defendant along with my particulars of claim within four months what I did. However I have received a letter from the solicitor of the defendant telling me that my service of the claim form is defective because according to CPR 6.10 I should have sent my claim form to the solicitor acting for the Government
  6. Hi I have just received a change to my credit file alert and when I checked it is a CCJ added by County Court business centre. I do not know who has issued it it just says the amount. It was served at an address I moved from 18 months ago. Can I get this set aside and find out who has issued this? thanks
  7. I have just been reading through this thread and found, it is a very similar situation as I have. I entered a dmp in March 2009 and one of the accounts included was an MBNA CC. The account was never defaulted but marked with a dmp marker. The account was paid in full and closed in June 2013, so consequently as no default notice was served the account is still being reported on my credit file. I have contacted Moorgate as they purchased the debt to request the removal of the account and they referred to MBNA who refused to do so. I then raised a complain
  8. Hello, I am not entirely new to the CAG forum, but forgot my old login, today I had a horrible surprise, and I hope someone might offer some assistance as to what the best practice would be to go forward. This morning I opened a letter that said a company has obtained a judgment against me and require payment of £1300 I did not receive a letter from any courts regarding the companies claim, but it seems they have me in a rather unhappy position. I am supposed to pay by the 29th of this month, this was for a bill that was £50. Had I been informed of court action, of cou
  9. We've been served our Section 21 notice, 4 months into a 6 month contract. The reason ... they claim we're "not happy in the property". However, we found several leaks through the roof, one through a ceiling in a bedroom and the main bedroom had mold growing on the ceiling. I informed the landlord of this, they got a professional roofer out and he told them it needs a new roof. They get 3 other quotes and get told the same thing by each of them. During a phone call, she claims the roof didn't need replacing and it was my fault! I had used a brush to brush off the moss from the roof, the
  10. I am in credit card debt with the Nationwide of £5400, through illness, too many priority bills to pay. I asked Nationwide for CCA and they couldn't provide it several times. they sent me the application form. I put in a complaint to FOS and informed Nationwide that I wanted to pay the debt, but on condition that the interest was frozen. Also got a letter from FOS to say it will take 12 weeks and to let them know if any legal claims were made to me from Nationwide. I have just received today by post, an ordinary civil bill, from a solicitor, who also informs me that i
  11. Hi looking for some advice, I have been served with a N39 to attend for questioning over a debt with Welcome Finance on November 6th, however, I will be attending the same court on November 11th for a bankruptcy hearing for which the Welcome Finance Debt will be part of.. .question is will I still have to attend the N39 hearing if i am going to be made bankrupt 5 days later??
  12. 1st Credit have replied stating they do not have my cca and that at present they cannot enforce the debt:). A paragraph from the letter says "you have not specified upon which ground you rely for your notice under s10 of the Data Protection Act and therefore we do not consider this valid: furthermore this is not a valid request as it falls under the exemption in Schedule 2 section 2(a) of the Act" could someone kindly decipher that paragraph for me!!!:-|
  13. I feel bad coming here for help but please bare with me About 20 years ago I was taken into my local DSS office where I admitted claiming benefits while I started a new business. I was given the option of paying back the amount I owed or go to court. I agreed, of course that I should pay this back and as I did, I also received a summons and was sentenced to prison time. At this point It felt unfair as we had agreed to pay and not face court. However, I had taken the benefits. I stopped paying the money because of this. I felt the prison time
  14. Hi, I've followed the previous threads on erudio from earlier in the year. I received the same letters as many others between July and August, except mine were from shoosmiths solicitors rather than drysdens. After reading the advice on these pages, I decided to ignore the letters, they stopped after three. I have just had sheriff officers at my door serving me with a charge for payment of money within 14 days. My student loans were from 96,97 and 98. All old style loans. I deferred for a couple of years and then moved house and forgot about t
  15. Just to clarify - I'm the tenant here! Here's the situation - we have a fixed term contract with a private landlord and we served a notice to leave, which was accepted by the landlord and their letting agents, who in turn served us with notice 21(1)(b) expiring on 30 December. We are due to move out on 10 November (the expiration date of our own notice) into a new flat . However, we were just told by the new landlord that there's been a leak in the new flat, which might prevent us from moving in on 10 November - he's not sure when we could move in since some of the electrics might h
  16. Hi, Really hope for some advise here, I have today when I was working from home very unexpectedly been served with an N39 form. I had taken a loan from Welcome Finance in 2008 as a much younger man, then through a series of circumstances moved away and failed to keep up repayments on the unsecured loan. It had not even crossed my mind until last year when (this is important as i would like to have had the judgement set aside) I was served totally out of the blue with a CCJ, the hearing had been and gone and I had no and I mean no awareness of it what so ever. Then
  17. Hi All, Just looking for a little advice with this one. I have an oustanding Payday loan with a well known PDL company. Needless to say I got into financial difficulty and was unable to pay the full amount; they refused to accept any proposal, so I sent the letter offering and ignore everything else. I went through a period of about two months where I was getting up to 10 calls per day on my mobile and home phone line from them with just a recorded message. Some as late as 9pm. Complained regarding telephone harassement, still continued, threatened OFT and Trading standards complaints. Ca
  18. Hi, I was not really sure where to post this and I'm in a bit of a flap so please forgive me and point me in the right direction if necessary. I sub-let a small workshop for my business and have been in there almost 18 months. The lease states a start date and then goes on goes to say it continues on a year to year basis until the tenant or landlord terminates. Today the landlord served me notice and wants me out by sept 14th the lease does have what I believe is called a break clause which is worded as this 10.Upon 1 months notice , the landlord may terminate the tenancy under
  19. Hi there, I was parked on a single yellow line on a sunday not realising it was a CPZ. The car was in my full view and I saw an officer approaching. I ran out and by the time I got to the car I said to him "I don't see any signs?" and he ignored me and started punching in on his machine. I quickly got in the car and proceeded to drive away. He took a picture as I was doing this. I received the PCN in the post and it states that the officer was prevented from giving me the PCN. When I clicked to view the evidence online, there is only one photo of the front of the
  20. I have another niece who unfortunately has got into trouble Lloyd bank loan taken out circa 2007 Last payment 2009 SD served on her in person in around October last year, by the time I found out about it, the 18 days had long since passed. I emailed Lowell's to buy time really, just saying I/she didn't think the SD had been served correctly, and need a bit more info, so intended to submit a SAR, also mentioned she had recently given birth to a prem baby, so tread carefully, and only write. Lowell's wrote, giving the address to send SAR was them, we duly did that and enclosed t
  21. Hi all - sorry in advance for the essay, but I'd be grateful for any advice. We forgot to pay the rent at the beginning of this month - my wife handles the bills as I have a mental health problem which affects my memory, and we had worked out the stress of bills makes it worse, but as she now handles most of the household I really can't blame her for a solitary mistake. I have been in quite poor health recently, and she has been particularly badly treated by our employer, so it's been quite stressful for some time. She hadn't realised that she had forgotten, but today we received an
  22. before Christmas we had some financial issues the monthly payment for UU couldn't be paid -I actually cancelled it to avoid charges. After Christmas I got a single reminder letter for the bill -about £180 pound left. at the start of Jan I logged onto the online service and set up the direct debit, this would clear the full balance via 3 higher direct debits before the end of March ready for the next bill to start as normal. This was accepted online and I also received a email confirmation a few days later. last week I got court papers from UU for the bill.
  23. Hello anyone. I have posted on another thread under message header NRAM & Wallers as I hadn't seen this thread. Don't know if it is possible for admin bods to move and merge threads please. Anyway latest news now is that we have been sent an eviction notice, N54, with date of just under 4 weeks from today. Any ideas of how to overcome this. Having read other threads I have already printed out the N244 and advice sheet. I know we can't do anything courtwise until Monday but at least we will have the weekend to get the rude names for NRAm off our chest. Thanks in advance.
  24. Hi All, I'm hoping someone can help. I am a Council Tenant and have recently been served the above. I have been served this on the grounds that I breached the tenancy on subletting and sublet the whole of the property with a sub heading of instructing letting agents to let the property. The first gripe I have with this was how it was done as I don't feel this process was correctly followed. I called the Council about an ongoing issue with my garden fence as I have been having issues for the last year with neighbours wandering into my garden, threatening me and generally just n
  25. Hi There... I have a really abusive tenant who is on a AST in my property.She is now over 4 months in arrears and is incredibly abusive when i try to chat to her to sort out her issues. In the end Ive had enough and issued her with a section 8 notice. I need some advice relating to how I need to proceed with court papers now. Any help would hopefully put an end to all this stress this horrible person is causing my family. MJack
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