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  1. Haha ok great thanks guys. Yes I'm not sure why they keep sending these letters, it's probably cost them close to the amount they allege I owe already
  2. it would seem for the past year Robinson Way have been content in sending me the same letter all of which I have not responded too. Due to the fact they have not correctly satisfied my CCA Request because the copy CCA sent does not match the account number they refer to. I have today however just received a letter advising that the matter has been referred to their re-connection team who are going to review the matter with a view to a home visit. Just wondering if anyone could let me know the correct approach to take?
  3. Ok thanks good to know, I don’t think I’ll raise it though at the moment, I’ll just see what happens, from as far as you can tell it can’t be enforced as things stand.
  4. Re contacting work - it is in writing.
  5. Yes that’s right the account numbers don’t match. The CCA returned is from 2000 where as the transaction list starts from 2005. The transaction list is for the account number on the CCA request but the CCA is not.
  6. It was an account that was on a DMP for years but I started self managing it, so sent off the CCA request & stopped making payments at the same time.
  7. Haha thanks Bazooka Boo Ignore them I will then. I've already blocked their phone number and their threat to call me at work is pretty empty considering they don't know my place of work. Both the accounts are no longer showing on my CRF file so there is nothing to worry about there. How long would you say before it's harrasment? I've had an e-mail & a letter in the past week or so, so I don't think it's that bad at present.
  8. I have recently had a CCA response from Robinson Way, regarding an old Burton card account. The CCA they have sent however relates to another older and closed account in my name, as the account numbers are different. Just wondering what the best approach is now. They have resumed collection activities but at present just threatening to send e-mails, letters & phone calls. Is it worth responding at the moment to point out the error or should I just let it run it's course for a while and see where it goes? Any advice would be appricated. Many thanks.
  9. OK great thanks, in the Defence they have filed they have acknowledged that I have held three accounts with them in the past so there is no issue here in regards to identification. I'll make sure the account number is in the Witness Statement, I'll also put it in my letter when I serve a copy of the Directions Questionaire on them.
  10. OK thanks the Court papers say mediation is volunatary - I'll go through that first though to demonstrate that I am co-operative I think. I will go ahead and get the claim amended too - thanks for your help.
  11. Hi all - I have had a claim issued now however I forgot to put the account number in the Particulars of Claim SD have raised issue with that. I have spoken to the Court and they have advised it will be £100 to apply to have the POC amended. Just wondering if there is any need to do so though as it is clear from all the evidence I have which account number this case is relating too, if I supply all that it will satisfy the Court. The Court has also suggested mediation is it worthwhile doing that or should I just go stright to a hearing?
  12. I have not heard anything back from Shop Direct even after allowing an additional weeks grace period. I need to go ahead and issue proceedings, is there any guidance anywhere on how this should be done?
  13. OK thanks I have sent something off together with a reminder that if I do not have a satisfactory response by Tuesday I will be issuing proceedings.
  14. I think I'll have to send my driving licence as I don't have a ctax bill. Yes to do with the charges although they have been refunded so I just want the account removed from my record.
  15. I have finally heard back from SD with a letter dated 3 March 2017 to my latest address (curious considering I didn't advise them of a change of address until my letter of 14 March 2017!). It appears that it is an attempt to delay matters, they are asking for identification from me in order that they can correspond with my at my new address. As mentioned above I sent them a signed letter on 14 March confirming that I have changed my address so I do not beleive any further evidence is required. Just wondering what my next steps should be?
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