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  1. Hello, I wonder if you can assist, this evening I parked in a "PPS" pay and display car park, I paid for my ticket and put it on the dashboard, however it was particularly windy. Upon my return I have a parking ticket and look through to see the ticket facedown on the dashboard, I filled in an initial appeals form attaching a picture of my ticket showing I paid to park there, however after reviewing their website it says the following: Appeals will NOT be considered for the following reasons: Your ticket fell down/was blown off the dashboard/on the seat etc. Your ticket was not displayed clearly, face up, on the dashboard of your vehicle You forgot to display your ticket You went to get some change You did not know it was a Pay & Display car park You were only a few minutes overdue You only stopped for a few minutes This seems backwards to me as they're making a claim for loss, but there's no loss? I paid to park there, the ticket was just incorrectly displayed. Is there anyway I can fight this? Any advice on how to proceed would be much appreciated!
  2. Hi, I believe I've been incorrectly claiming Tax Credits for the past several years. I'm in the process of 'officially' moving in with my partner (we're getting married in a few weeks), changing my electoral role, bank details etc from my parents house. I looked at how I notify HMRC of my change in status (I'm self employed) and actually for the first time read the definition of 'living together as married' - which was a bit of a shock. Through total ignorance I should have been making a joint claim, not a single claim. I have stayed at my partners property varying amounts/increasingly over the last 2 or 3 years depending on our work, from not at all to just weekends to full weeks. She owns the property outright and I pay her no rent, but I have helped with over the last 2 years, bills, food etc. After reading the definition and other information I'm sure my claim is incorrect - I actually even have my single claim registered to her address (it's the only thing I have registered there funnily enough) so I'm amazed they haven't picked up on it after reading other posts on this forum - I was totally clueless I was in the wrong. HMRC have not contacted me about this, and have no idea my claim is incorrect, but I'd like to resolve the issue and pay back any overpayments which I shouldn't have received, I imagine it will be about 7-8k max. off the top of my head depending on what they would class as crossing over from single to joint, I don't really have a definitive date of when it should have been a joint claim as their definition is a bit vague. What should my first course of action be? Thanks
  3. Has anyone else received a letter from Redstone (alias Melanite) Mortgages stating that the FCA has ruled that they have calculated some customers' monthly payments incorrectly since 2010 and that those customers are due compensation? If so, has anyone received compensation or a refund yet? I received such a letter stating that I was one of those who had previously been overcharged, but with no details of how much I would be refunded or when. It stated that my account has now been recalculated and my new payment will be £6 per month higher! I rang them for more information and was told yes, I would receive a refund by cheque, but they could not tell me the amount. Then, after being put on hold for a long time, I was told that actually I will not be getting any refund as my account is in arrears. Instead, they might adjust my arrears, again no idea how much. All completely vague. I then demanded a letter from them giving a complete breakdown of figures showing how much I have been overcharged and how much will be refunded, including interest. The employee agreed to but seemed clueless and uninterested. I also stated that if I do not receive this information within 2 weeks I shall contact the FCA and let them know that Redstone/Melanite has not complied with their ruling. It also seems suspicious that Redstone changed their name to Melanite, and sent out letters telling customers that their mortgage had been transferred to this new company, at the same time that the FCA ruled they were in breach. They are pretending Melanite is a new company, yet their address is the same, the employees who answer the phone are the same people, and even the recorded message is identical.
  4. I am writing this on behalf of someone else. Where i use the words me i or us means the person involved. Not me. I was employed as a mobile with a well known security company. My main job was to respond to alarms and deal with them. When i started my job off i was told that i was on a gauranteed 24 hour contract (weekly). I was not given any paperwork apart from some paperwork to show how and what i should be doing. I was told be my manager that i would recieve my contract in the post during the next 4-6 weeks. I also emailed my manager and he confirmed that i had indeed signed upto a 24 hr gauranteed contract that gauranteed me work of at least 24 hours a week. This manager left and work was going on well until october when my vetting was complete and i was sent a 0 hours contract by Human resources. I immediately phoned up and was told to query this with my manager. 2 emails were sent and nothing happened. Again in january this year my manager changed and i raised this again with hr. The new manager said he would investigate this. He came back to me and told me that the email i had was worthless and that i was on a 0 hours contract. Worst bit my days have been cut where i was without any income for 6 weeks. Since august last year i have put in several uniform requests and have had 0 back as manager keeps on claiming he has lost paperwork. This is despite sending 2 emails to him. I now come to the part After having nearly 6 weeks without work i started back a few weeks ago. The first night back i was pulled by traffic police and asked why i was watching a video playing while driving. The mobile is on a stand. I told the officer i was not watching i was only listening to the music and mobile was facing other way. Officer gave me words of advice and then took my details and after a few minutes told me i could go. No probs so far. He then phoned my employers and told them he was concerned for my safety. I only found out when a fellow officer came looking for me. As far as i was concerned the matter was finished. I did not log it either. Fellow officer told me that a call had been recieved and that the matter had been escalated to the manager. No probs here. The manager phoned me the follwoing day and told me i was suspended pending a investigation and that suspension would be unpaid. I have been to the investigation meeting and i was shown a picture of me sitting in my van with the mibile facing me. I was told this was taken by the other officer and he was allowed to do this. I have now been told that a decision will be taken and if needed a disciplinary will be held. I have been told not to contact any of my fellow workers. What do i do ?
  5. Hi me again! SI had a copyright claim against a company last year which was transferred into my local county court on the small claims track. The judge ruled he couldnt hear the case as he knew nothing about copyright. It took him several months but he transferred it to IPEC (intellectual property court) in London. Now the problem is he didnt transfer it into the small claims part of IPEC , he wrongly transferred it into the main court and I am now facing costs of £10,000 against me instead of £120 maximum from small claims I have only just become aware of whats going on regarding the notice of transfer although it has been withIPEC for about 5 months now is it too late to challenge the county courts trasnfer to the wrong track?
  6. I made a complaint against a county court which was uphold by the Ministry of Justice. As a consequence I issued a claim for compensation. I sent my claim to the County Court Money Claims Centrer requesting that the claim form was sent back to me so that I serve it myself on the defendant along with my particulars of claim within four months what I did. However I have received a letter from the solicitor of the defendant telling me that my service of the claim form is defective because according to CPR 6.10 I should have sent my claim form to the solicitor acting for the Government Department and not to the Ministry of Justice because it is a claim against the Crown. This letter invites me to serve again my claim but this time on the defendant’s solicitor. However I am reluctant to do this because it is now more than four months that I issued this claim and it could be struck out at a hearing because of the limitation issue and I could be ordered to pay the cost of the hearing. I cannot also issue another claim because it will be outside the six years limitation period. I would like to know what to do to save my claim. I would like to know if I can write a letter or make an application to the court asking that it order the defendant to accept that the claim form was properly served on it and to order the defendant to respond to it even though I did not sent it to its representative contrary to CPR 6.10? Maybe I can put forward the following explanations a) I am a litigant in person and I did not know the CPR contrary to a professional lawyer b) I was not aware that the Ministry of Justice was the Crown c) The address that I used when I made my complaint was always this of the Ministry of Justice so it was difficult for me to imagine that the claim form should be sent to another address d) Maybe I can say that CPR 6.10 is confusing and when it says that we have to serve the claim form on the defendant’s representative this could be interpreted also as being served on the defendant who will pass it to its representative as usually it happens. We think that we can serve directly on the defendant’s representative or indirectly by sending it to the defendant who will pass it to its representative e) I can maybe say also in this simple letter that anyway the defendant has received my claim and it should have sent it to its representative because its representative replied to me and as a consequence finally my claim has been served on its representative because he has finally received it. I can maybe say that if I have not served myself my claim form on the defendant's representative the defendant has served it itself on its representative. And that the defendant want to take advantage of a technicality not to respond to my claim f) Another issue is that the defendant has waiting more than one month after receiving my claim form before its representative informs me that the service of my claim form was defective. I would like to know if I can advantage of this if my claim was really defective he should have tell me before or respond to my claim within 14 days of receiving it as required by the CPRs? g) I would like to know also if the fact that I have not complied with CPR 6.10 because I have sent my claim form to the defendant instead of having sent it to its representative is a reason for the defendant to ignore my claim form and not to respond to it because after all its representative has finally been given my claim form by the defendant itself? Or this gives the right to the defendant only to make an application to have my claim struck out for this reason or to ask for more costs? The question is whether I have enough grounds to save my claim or it is better that I simply abandon it?
  7. Hi, I visited my dentist last year on a requested appointment as I had tooth pain following a root canal procedure. The dentist didn't actually carry out any treatment on me as I just had inflamed gums from lack of flossing. When I paid for the appointment the receptionist charged me £18.80 for a checkup rather than £32.50 for "Urgent Treatment" which they believe should have been charged. Following this I received numerous letters requesting payment on the outstanding balance which I responded with via numerous phone calls and a letter requesting explanation for the shortfall which no one could actually explain (the above only became clear recently). This has now been passed to a debt collection agency who are hounding me for payment. What action can I take to put an end to this? Firstly, why should I have to pay for the receptionists incompetence to charge me the correct amount in the first place? They have applied an "urgent treatment" charge when no treatment was actually carried out? And finally, I believe root canal procedures come with a 1 year warranty so technically should I have had any charge for this checkup anyway? Help!
  8. Hi, just a little quibble about the Form 4 I have received from my landlord. LL has filled in the form but has put that the first increase after 11th February 2003 was January 1st last year, but the rent has increased every year since i moved in to the property at the end of December 2004. I have to send a copy of the form to HB... is it important to have the correct dates? Hope someone can advise. I don't want to get in trouble with HB for submitting incorrect information to Council if it's important - they will be aware of previous (Jan 2016) rise as I was claiming HB at that time. Thanks for any help Mac
  9. Hi I feel as if I should know how to do this by myself but age is catching up with me & the brain's not as sharp as it once was so any help will be greatly appreciated. I went bankrupt in 2010 & was discharged in 2011. When checking my credit file with Equifax - all ok but Experian have a default with Provident marked against me, dated 2011 ! Prov were definitely included in the BR & I know they are wrong to have marked the default after the date of the BR so I wrote to them demanding they rectify the information they provide to Experian, posted recorded delivery & good old RM didn't get a signature to show whether it had been delivered ! What do I do now ? Do I send the same letter, this time by Special Delivery ? Do I do nothing & wait for 28 days then if no response from Prov, complain to the ICO stating s7 Interpretation Act ? Do I send the same letter, this time by Special Delivery but pointing out the 28 days started from the date of the original letter ? As I said, any help will be greatly appreciated. After 6 years of waiting, it's a pain in the proverbial not to have a shiny clean credit file
  10. Hi CAG I served a claim on a company through MCOL I then sent my Particulars of Claim within the statutory 14 days but Unfortunately i messed it up. I did not send the particulars of clam in the proper format .... with numbered paragraphs, statement of the case and statement of truth. I sent two invoices which were outstanding and a covering letter as my particulars of claim. I have just realised my error, but i am out side of the 14 day time limit. Claim was served on 25 July and I sent the incorrect particulars of claim on 05 Aug. Can i send another Particulars of Claim in the required format? OR - as " Supplementary Particulars of Claim" or " Detailed Particulars of Claim" - all in proper format? I need help and advice. How do i get around this pls? How can I Now issue my Particulars of Claim please get back to me as fast as possible. thank you and regards Burmafriday
  11. I recently (again) applied for a credit card to do a balance transfer. I was knocked back, which I found surprising so I decided to signed up to checkmyfile to see what had happened. I had applied for some credit cards a year or so back and thought perhaps it was my credit rating, so I did various things to improve it. I have not had any defaults ever or any late payments ever. It turns out Wonga had wrongly report on 25th of Jan 2014 that I had defaulted. Ironically when Wonga had their issues with sending threatening letters from fake lawyers I didn't think this would affect me. Furious I got in touch with them and they have now accepted it was a mistake on their behalf, I am however also chasing for compensation as this blemish has directly affected numerous applications. They replied with this The amount I borrowed £1096 which was paid in full by direct debit at the end of the month with the ridiculous interest (around £1337). Our report to the credit reference agencies Dear Mr Sl***, I am writing to you in response to a query about your credit file. We are sorry that the default was added in error for loan number 00009509****. We can confirm that a request has been issued to Callcredit and Equifax to update your credit file and show the account as settled on 27/07/2013. Any default related to this loan will be removed. Please allow 10 - 30 days to reflect on your credit file. Please be advised that we are not responsible for how lenders who use the reported data make decisions in relation to credit scoring. Other lenders set their own credit policy that we cannot influence. Should you have any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact our customer care team on 0207 138 8330. Kind regards, Customer Care 0207 138 8330 Wonga.com Wonga.com is a trading style of WDFC UK Limited. Registered in England and Wales. Registered Number: 6374235. Registered Address: 88 Crawford Street, London, W1H 2EJ. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 671454. You can contact us in relation to all queries at To me it seems like they are trying to weasel out of the dues I am owned. I read another thread on here which lead me to believe that highlighting the following points is a good place to start? 1. Failure to inform me (via a Default Notice*) and provide me with a means of correcting the decision; 2. Failure to ensure the accuracy of their data, per one of the Information Commissioners principles; I am grateful for any advice. Thanks, Ryan
  12. I recently agreed a payment plan with Rossendales to pay an outstanding Vodafone bill of £49. Two days ago I received a letter from All Pay confirming the first payment of £10 and a schedule for the payment of the balance. However the letter was addressed using only my surname with no title or initial and it could have been opened by either my mum or dad with whom I live. Had this been the case there would have been upset and in all honesty hell to play! All Pay are saying it is not their fault and are blaming Rossendales and/or Vodafone. Is this a breach of confidentiality?
  13. Hello, Yesterday I had my timing belt changed at Trust group. Today I was driving to work with about 3 miles to go when the car lost all power. I managed to get the car into a lay-by and waited for recovery. When the roadside assistance arrived I told him what happened and he thought my alternator had gone (I thought this at the time too), when he tried to start the car he said it does not sound good, it sounds like the timing belt. He moved the engine cover and we both could see that the timing belt cover was not installed correctly. The belt was not even attached anymore. I called the garage to tell them what happened and that I was bringing the back. When I got back to the garage and they were more than apologetic. They gave me a courtesy car while they investigate what has happened. I have not been told how long they will have the car for, I am guessing that they will do an investigation and check for any damage to the engine which they have said they will fix. If the engine is damaged, will they rebuild it or will they put a replacement engine in? Also should I push for compensation, as you know it is not cheap to maintain and service a car, I took it to a VAG group expecting work to be carried out to the highest standard and I have been left very disappointed.
  14. Hi Not been back on this website for a good couple of years (which is obviously a good thing) but recently encountered an issue which has\will threaten to undo all the good work of getting all blemishes issue's of my Credit history... I have a perfect credit score for the past 4-5 years till today. I had a lease car for 3 years (Banque PSA Finance), no payments missed including the last payment, when the car was returned that there was excess mileage and damage to an alloy....for which they then forwarded me an invoiced ..which I assumed could not be added onto the end Agreement and treated like it was an additional Payment. I sent two letters asking to set up an Payment plan (one on the 22/02/16 and one 18/04/16) to which I have had no response After finding that my next account has been suspended due to a change in Credit Circumstances, I logged on to find that on March this year they have registered the account as being defaulted (see image) My issue with this is that my contract was for 35 months from 28/08/12 which means the last payment is on the 27 July 2015 which was paid and from my point of the contract was completed and the Invoice for Damage\mileage they have added onto the account and then saying I have defaulted which I believe should be separate ? therefore negating the Default on my Account ? I know previously with help from this forum I have involved the ICO aa few times that have found in my favor and was wondering if it would be worth contacting them again docs1.pdf
  15. Hi, I have received a letter today from Npower. "Your Payment scheme hasnt been set up correctly. We've tried to call you to explain an issue with your account setup. Unfortunately, due to a system issue, we were unable to set up your payment scheme correctly, so you've only been paying for usage on one fuel." I phoned the customer number, on hold for 30mins. She has said I have not payed for gas from 01/01/2014 - 25/01/16. I'm afraid I wasn't brilliant on the phone and wasn't sure what to ask. I am on a Price Protector December 2017 dual fuel setup which is paid via DD. They are currently going to increase my DD by £54 over the next 16 months? My bill has effectively trebled as now ill be paying the correct dual bill and the increase. Is there anything I can do? I'm assuming I have to pay for all the used gas? Many Thanks
  16. A Double Yellow Line Traffic Management Order has been recently implemented outside of our house. We live on a corner at the end of a side turning. The order states that the original lines should be extended by 15 metres both sides of the road and go around into the 'main' road and be 10 metres along each side. The lines that have been laid are of incorrect lengths in all four sections. We have informed the Council Highways dept. and the CEO, and we are kept being told that they are correct. The TMO was changed from a previous one and it appears that they have laid the lines to the previous order by mistake but they will not admit this. Could somebody please advise us where to go next as nobody is listening to us? Any idea's will be most welcome. Cheers John
  17. Hey all, Sorry if this is the wrong place to post this but I wasn't sure. I work for [removed]) and have done for 7 months. Since working there my name is spelled incorrectly everywhere I log into - even my name badge up until a few weeks ago. It's not a huge misspell - My surname is [removed]) but they have spelled it [removed]) everywhere. I brought this to my Team Leaders attention when I joined and they said it's not on - it's not my name and they will get it changed HR have refused to correct the mistake they made as they "would have to change it everywhere" and they aren't prepared to do that. I pay invoices suppliers send in on behalf of disabled students and wonder if it is legal to have my name incorrectly spelled everywhere - even on my works email address I use to contact suppliers and clients or if it is unreasonable of employer to refuse the name correction? As I said, I know it's not a huge misspell but it is the principle that it is just not my name and I have to spell my name incorrectly on purpose with certain applications so I can log in a nd it's taking me extra time to do my work as I often get it incorrect as I'm not used to spelling my name wrong. My TL has been made aware of this but HR won't budge even though they change employees name instantly if they get married etc I know this probably sounds very trivial but it is a huge annoyance to me. Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi Guys I desperately need your help. I'm in a massive battle with Npower over inflated bills and they are being useless as ever. The problems started 2 years ago when they decided to change our meters. I was told this was a legal requirement (very rudely I might add) by npower. Once the new meters were installed, we started seeing problems straight away. I've been with npower for nearly 5 years and have always paid a direct debit to make sure that we didnt have a huge bill every 6 months to pay. However, once the new meters were installed, we didnt get a bill for a year down to issues with their new billing system. I was then sent a bill which made no sense saying that I owed them £400. So, I set up my direct debit to increase payments to £100. I then get a bill in Feb 2015 saying that they were increasing my direct debits to £125 per month even though I had called them with the correct meter readings. They asked me to do a load test which I did, however, they were saying the numbers were correct. I suuplied them with these load test readings in March - I got a call from them in July saying they had only just processed them. I then complained to Npower which turns out, is pointless and then I received 4 bills over a space of one week with various different amounts. All of which were completely inflated and were back dated to 2012. (when we had old meters). I then recieve a 'final' bill in August (at this point, we have changed provider as npower were becoming impossible to deal with) of £643 - again, a completely inflated number and totally different to the last bill I had recieved. In between all this, I have submitted a complaint to Ofgem who have turned out to be just as useless to which they then spotted that Npower had submitted the incorrect meter readings and that i was to expect an even higher bill. I then recieved a bill for £747 (now inflated from their 'final' bill) saying I had to have this paid by the 2nd October (i recieved the bill on the 1st Oct). Again, this bill is dated from sept 2012 - May 2015. Why am I being back billed? This isnt allowed right? In a nutshell, I've been paying a direct debt of £75 a month for over a year. The are now demanding a further £737 on top of that. I have a tiny 2 bed flat and we are only using them for electricity. My consumption has not changed AT ALL and my bills have just gone through the roof with no explantion and numbers I just cant make sense of. I dont believe that in one year my bill can be £1,637 when it used to be approx £750 a year. I really dont know what to do - I dont want to waste money on legal fees but I do believe that npower have completely messed up my bills and therefor over charging me. I'm completely stressed out and suffering major anxiety over this. I've been told to send a DSAR form - what form of payment am I able to send? Can anyone advise me? Thanks Ange
  19. I have today received a letter from GE stating that the interest on my interest only mortgage has been calculated incorrectly It states that the interest should be calculated daily and charged monthly , however it has been calculated monthly and charged monthly This has come out of the blue and contains no actual calculation and a credit has been charged to my account I recently had an experience with Royscott Finance , and because they had not supplied annual statements I received the full amount of interest charged over a 2/3 year period. Have I got any rights to get the interest back or any form of compensation in relation to this ? Any advise would be greatly received Thank you in advance
  20. 1st Credit have replied stating they do not have my cca and that at present they cannot enforce the debt:). A paragraph from the letter says "you have not specified upon which ground you rely for your notice under s10 of the Data Protection Act and therefore we do not consider this valid: furthermore this is not a valid request as it falls under the exemption in Schedule 2 section 2(a) of the Act" could someone kindly decipher that paragraph for me!!!:-|
  21. Hello, I am new here but have referred to the site quite often for advice. Unfortunately I now have my own problem. I have a Fashion World Online Account and have ordered without problem since 2013. Recently I ordered a Tutti Bambini Cot Bed for my new grandson. I have copies (screenshots) of all details in the advert and do this as a matter of course now. My son advised me that the bed was delivered this morning but without a mattress. This cotbed was £199 plus a delivery charge from FW of another £10 plus their £3.50 on top......fine. I looked at the advert again and nowhere does it state that the cotbed doesn't come with a mattress. I started live chat with a chap called Samuel who, after I told of the problem, advised me that the cotbed doesn't come with a mattress. I asked him whereabouts in the ad it stated that and he advised me, for the price, it's not included. That's all well and good but that was not stated anywhere in the ad. Do I have any recourse with this situation at all? Do I just take Samuel's word that it's not included in the price and buy another? I can post attachments of the ads description if anyone needs this. Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you May
  22. Hi all, I'm not sure if there is anything that can be done, but I thought I'd check. My wife does our weekly shop in Tesco's using their scan and shop service, where you scan your items and pack them into bags and then pay at the till at the end. She has done this for over a year with no issues at all until last Friday (23/01/15). My wife did the shopping as normal but put a pack of Pampers Night Pants (£5.97) into a bag which she ended up not using otherwise. As a result, she inadvertently failed to pay for them. She left the store but didn't even reach the car before she realised her mistake. Turning around, she walked back into the store to pay for them. As soon as she stepped inside, a security guard took her aside and asked to check her shopping. She tried to explain her mistake, but the guard led her into a back office and called the police. Upon their arrival the police viewed the CCTV and even the police officer admitted that she looked as though she was coming back into to pay for the item. Unfortunately, because the item was over £5 Tesco policy was to involve the police, so my wife has ended up receiving a police caution and a Fixed Penalty Notice for £90, over a £6 item that my wife was coming back in to pay for! We've paid the Penalty Notice, but I was wondering if this is something we should have (or even still could) challenged? I mean, they say crime doesn't pay, but it seems in this case, neither does honesty! Any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, as I am unable to work and recieve medical benefits and my wife is my carer, so £90 is a lot to lose for an honest mistake. Thanks in advance!
  23. At my wits end with Santander. Back in early 2012 a transaction was processed on my account out of hours by my local branch. £200 was withdrawn manually this was not authorized by myself. After noticing my balance had been taken into the red, i contacted the bank who said go into branch to resolve, i attempted this three times and waited over 30 mins each time. In April 2012 after numerous collection calls and each advisor being told read the notes this is your error so please don't call again a default was registered on my credit file. Once this default was registered I registered a complaint that until now 2015 has always been routed to the collections manager. After much hassle I managed to get my complaint investigated by an executive complaint manager - media and esecutive complaints. His findings- The bank made an error. Apparently updated my credit file although default still showing £145 compensation Final response refer to ombudsman Upon receiving this letter I contacted him and he is unable to confirm if my details have been compromised as the staff member who completed the "transaction" no longer works in the business. I remain unhappy with the banks response and the duration this has gone on for and the impact this default has had on my character when obtaining credit. I seek case study and legislation from fellow caggers. I wont be shut up with £145. I have posted on their social media channels and have been promised a call back tomorrow, that's because they don't want there tactics exposed. If my complaint had not been routed to the collection team for nearly 3 years this could have been resolved a lot quicker even when i emailed the CEO the response came from the collection team. ( my account should never have been in collections) £140 does not cover the calls i have made to Santander over the period of time. My account has not been reopened and restored to how it was before all this either.
  24. Hi all. I received a PCN yesterday 21/12/14 for "parked with one or more wheels on or over a footpath or any part of a road other than a carriageway (partly on footway) code 62 2" This PCN was issued at osborne grove E17 by Waltham forest council. I had just entered a shop for about 3 minutes, and as I returned the civil enforcement officer was starting to get the ticket ready. I explained my situation to him, that I had just run in to get some calpol for my niece, and that I was able to park here as there are no restrictions and he told me that a tiny bit of my wheel was on the pavement. He said that he is sorry, and carried on writing the PCN. I contested this as my wheel was on the road and not on the pavement. Now he had no time to take pictures of anything and there are no camera's around there. How can I go about appealing this, as I really cannot afford to pay it. Also I'd like to add that I appreciate all the help you guys have given everybody else, and would like to say thank you for all replies. Have a good Christmas!
  25. This is a long and messy story, so I'll try and stick to the short version to begin with. Fifteen years ago I moved from my previous address to my current address, I informed my local Council (Shetland, for both addresses) that I was taking over responsibility for my current address, that I was no longer responsible for my previous address, and gave them details of whom I was given to understand was taking over responsibility for my previous address. All seemed to be good, and in order, until February/March 2013, when out of the blue I received two letters at my current address, from my local Council advising me that they were now at the stage of applying to the Court for Summary Warrants against me for sums of Council Tax supposedly due for periods sometime between 2011 and 2013 at my previous address, followed shortly after, also to me at my current address by a Council Tax bill for my previous address for the whole of the 2013/14 tax year. I wrote to the local Council at that time advising them I was not responsible for Council Tax at the address stated, and I had not been responsible for Council Tax at that address since relocating from it in '99. They did not reply, and I have never heard anything from them on the subject since. So, after a month or two of silence, I presumed (as you do) that they'd accepted billing me for Council Tax at my previous address had been some sort of error on their part and the issue was closed. However in July this year I started receiving the usual computer generated threats from the vultures at Scott & Co. demanding I pay them the two sums of alleged overdue Council Tax for my previous address my local Council had written to me about in February 2013. I wrote to S & Co. restating I did not believe I was responsible or liable for the sums they were demanding, that I had already disputed my responsibility and liability with the Council concerned, and having not received any response from them to the contrary I believed they considered the matter closed, and consequently so did I. They replied, quite curtly making it very clear they had no interest or intentions in entering in to any discussion with me on the issue, they had full intentions of proceeding forward until or unless instructed otherwise by their client, and that if I had anything to say, to take it up with their client, not them. I wrote back pointing out that I believed they had a responsibility to inform their client that I disputed the charge(s) they had been engaged to pursue, that any disagreement was between their client and myself, and that if their client disputed my stance the onus was on their client to contact me, not vice versa, as I had already contacted their client concerning the matter over one year previously, and they had chosen not to address the issues I'd raised with them. Predictably I have received no reply to this However, as I had no faith or trust in S & Co. actually doing anything as a result of receiving my letter, a few days later I again wrote to my local Council, restating I did not accept I had any responsibility or liability for any Council Tax at my previous address which they believed may be due for any period after 1999, and this time providing them with a timeline of events for the last fifteen years for the address, as they are known to me, as backup. Finally I requested that I would be very interested in learning how they came to believe that I was responsible and liable for any such charges, especially taking in to consideration the timeline I had just provided them with. Unsurprisingly I have received no reply to that letter either. Meantime S & Co. equally predictably have been racking up the anti, and churning out steadily escalating dire threats as regular as clockwork. Last week, one month after last writing to both S & Co. and my local Council, I emailed both the front desk at my local Council's finance dept. and direct to the Debt Recovery person within the same finance dept. demanding an explanation of just what they thought they were trying to achive, and what on earth did they think they were trying to do - again predictably, neither email has been replied to. So, where do I go from here? From what I can gather legally disputing a Summary Warrant is effectively a non-starter (despite IMHO that being completely contrary to the principles of justice). Is this actually the case? Do we really have a system in place where a local Council can bill just about anyone they choose to for Council Tax, and then hide behind a wall of silence and hired guns to steal whatever sum of money they choose to off that individual, and that individual has absolutely no legal comeback whatsoever to dispute or challenge either their liability to pay, or the sum demanded? Is there any viable avenue of challenge and redress in this situation, or am I simply going to have to sit back and wait until they decide to make me bankrupt, and let the argument as to whether this bill legally constitutes one of my liabilities or not, be settled in that Court? If there isn't, I can't see what's going on here as being anything other than legalised extortion/theft etc.
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