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  1. I think it was online. Three are not saying anything apart from is the account holder there when last contacted by the parents.The contract is in the young person's own name.
  2. Is it possible for a 15 year to have a sim only contract ? If it is not possible how has a 15 year old I know got this ? The parents do not know how it's managed to do this. It's with Three Mobile and Three are not interested in doing anything about it.
  3. Thanks for replying . These are the answers : 1. Solicitors had decided not to proceed on the first one as they said due to legal costs involved i should issue the claim. 2. I was taking a delivery on behalf of a well name brand. Employer was contracted to them. Injury was due to moving heavy goods. I sustained Rotor cuff injuries but cannot confirm as only have had a Basic Scan. I did not have any training by employer for handling heavy goods and from what i know no risk assessment has been carried out. 3.The claim was dismissed
  4. I was involved in a legal spat against my previous employers for a injury. However I had had one of these no win no fee companies acting. After preparing the paperwork they told me they could not issue and sent me the paperwork. I issued it but did not include a particulars of claim . This claim got dismissed and summary judgment for costs was given against me. This was not to be enforced without permission of the court. I had a second injury which happened in 2016 which I issued a claim my self after letting 2 specialist companies handle it. T
  5. First defendant has filed acknowledgement and also has applied in a similar way to the other defendant for a strike out. However a request for judgement has been submitted for this pre the acknowledgement.
  6. I have been served a copy . No hearing date as only happened in the last few days.
  7. So what do i do with the application to strike out the claim ?
  8. This has now been going on for some time. I was injured at work a few years ago. That night was my last night at work. The following morning i did not go back. However i was never able to report the accident. I did try to twice via email and several times via phone but each time i was turned back. This claim went to three no fee no win companies who all eventually said no chance to me. I was never medically checked over by a expert. I was however assessed by a Physio and had the injured area scanned (sonar) via gp. However before the
  9. Well after starting this thread and giving it a good once over (paperwork). It has now come to our attention that other things are a miss as well. Which this report highlights. I would really not take the website as being rock hard proof. As it does not cover every scenario.
  10. This directly points to exactly that. Witholding evidence from the defence and not investigating either .
  11. Re My previous comment. Found this article : https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/police-crown-prosecution-service-disclosure-lawyers-trial-a7846021.html
  12. According to recent reports. Police are witholding vital evidence from the defence. which results in defendants being told to admit the charge for a higher percentage off towards their sentence. More here : https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/police-crown-prosecution-service-disclosure-lawyers-trial-a7846021.html Here as well : https://www.theguardian.com/law/2018/jan/24/more-than-900-criminal-cases-collapse-undisclosed-evidence-cps-police
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