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  1. Well after starting this thread and giving it a good once over (paperwork). It has now come to our attention that other things are a miss as well. Which this report highlights. I would really not take the website as being rock hard proof. As it does not cover every scenario.
  2. This directly points to exactly that. Witholding evidence from the defence and not investigating either .
  3. Re My previous comment. Found this article : https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/police-crown-prosecution-service-disclosure-lawyers-trial-a7846021.html
  4. According to recent reports. Police are witholding vital evidence from the defence. which results in defendants being told to admit the charge for a higher percentage off towards their sentence. More here : https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/police-crown-prosecution-service-disclosure-lawyers-trial-a7846021.html Here as well : https://www.theguardian.com/law/2018/jan/24/more-than-900-criminal-cases-collapse-undisclosed-evidence-cps-police
  5. when you filled the forms in did you tell them that you would have problems climbing stairs etc ? If so then you need to contact the office that will be doing your assessment and tell them. Also tell them about the problems you are going to face when attending for a assessment. Once they have been told they should move your appointment to another office nearer to you. I dont think your pension is affected but if you have a pip award till 2021 then this shouldnt be affected. This assessment is for your ESA.
  6. If the money was transferred due to fraud you can claim it back but need to go through the fraud people at Lloyds bank.
  7. I am sorry about your loss. It looks like the other part of the family probably think good riddance. However don't let this take you down. Do what ever you think is right for your mum. As later on you do not really want to think why didn't I do this ?
  8. This I what I cant get. However I am sure that the barrister only did this avoid dragging the case off as no major proof was expected.
  9. Didn't get that far. Admitted this before trial etc. Again on advice of barrister.
  10. Renegadeimp - Yes admitted as barrister told them they would get a higher sentence as Preet and witnesses against them. Sgtbush- How is the court notified ?
  11. Also worth blocking the card. Santander are a law onto themselves and can be a real pain in the back.
  12. The only reason the offence was admitted was because there was no specific proof proving otherwise. It is now that the proof is being provided via Subject access requests and also the new data regs.
  13. I am trying to help someone who nobody really wants to help. There was a case of criminal damage Where this person involved was arrested for criminal damage to a house. On his barristers advice he admitted the damage and was sentenced. It now turns out that the complainant misled the police and also the star witness's known personally by the complainant has also pulled a fast one by misleading the police. How can this be brought to the polices attention as the person prosecuted is sure damage was caused on purpose and blamed on them. How do they go about notifying the police about this ? Spelling and punctuation mistakes have been caused by Auto correct on my my mobile.
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